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  • John Garafalo was planted by Oprah to test her loyal hand in the press machine, not to check out his story. That's against the law.
  • Which coast will North Korea's list of hits be striking first? Can we counter-strike without unpleasantness? Are the lasers ready for Star Wars?
  • Protesters in Florida were riled up against Richard Spencer by the USS Kellyanne and Rice for the wealth of the press...Wray could've stopped it. What do you expect from alligators?
  • Nada Tawfik of the BBC should've said "sized up the crowd" not taunted. That was the wrong word and painted him as darkness. Again the press comes up biased. Does she fear Kellyanne and that raptor on four legs?
  • Removing Confederate statues will "heel" whites to the Goose-steps of black tyrants as they sing along with Melody Davis: Kum-By-my-Lord 94.
  • Black Lives Matter was a scam to cover a scam.
  • Kellyanne cannot investigate anything Debbie says because she doesn't have a security clearance that high. And Hall did something that terrified my son out of fidelity. Timing, Kellyanne, is not a new disease of vicious" They're trying to get my website off the internet for telling on terrorism on me" X610
  • 74 all 3 vapors"
  • Everything in the news about Spencer is hype as far as I could tell"
  • Heather Heber is hatemail from someone who was a friend of Heyer. Check out those third letters" Is that you, Mrs. Paul Newman?
  • Oh, there goes Hall imitating Oprah: "I ought to punch her in the face for listening to Spencer. I said no white mother for them (my children)."
  • Alt-right isn't Spingarn's .... 10/28/17
  • Hecklers go to his events to shame him.
  • All lives matter is better than saying Black Lives Matter, don't you think?
  • I was never an active female"
  • What is a Christian?
  • True, intellectual diversity isn't "immature knucklehead hecklers" but debators that do not shout or twist the issues" He's provoking minorities to talk to him, not shout at him, not punch him (you wild sob).
  • Telling lies in the press is hate speech. I am not those things you call me" I am not the economic engine that destroys stuff" 2
  • Whites, in general, do not need minorities; however there are Whites exploiting minorities by letting them get away with tyranny in exchange for votes.
  • Overcoming a sad, despicable situation gets to the root and pulls that ugliness out!
  • The Holocaust Museum is ruined for not telling the truth behind Nazism.
  • Roland Martin asks why allow the Nazi salute, but can't we ask him why the false press and lying minorities are saying they're afraid of non-magic memorials?
  • Hecklers are a rough crowd on either side. Why should he frustrate either?
  • Spencer doesn't have to account to Roland or any member of the press what he's told hecklers to do. The press shouldn't be looking for things to embellish or wave in his face. He just wants to give a speech. He's not even dressed the part of a Nazi soldier. He's probably amazed by all this negative attention.. Who knows, but, he's not the deranged, comical clown doing it. Has he saluted back? Did he click his heels before saluting? Then, it's a joke to him, nothing more.
  • What would you do to go viral?
  • Stop assuming it's worse than that, Roland" The press shouldn't believe in their own hype.
  • The press leaves us wondering all the time. They say they don't like something and then exploit it every chance they get. Go figure"
  • He's not shoving "slavery" in your faces as the "economic engine" for the greatness of America, Roland. That's a bad sport stance"
  • Communism nitpicks everything that isn't minority. Ya'll know because you're not morons, how as an individual, one tries not to be a burden or to get into another's way - he tries not to use "Pompeii" to propel himself forward"
  • "Blood and Spirit" means whites have been struggling for freedom from tyrannical thugs (kings and emporers) since Roman and Greek times and in many places left documents to prove it. It's a struggle - life - that's all it is and you're a racist to rub slavery in our faces all the time. Get with us in the struggle. Be a man! Stop the tyranny of lies and bullshit".
  • I think Jews left us with a very famous document about their struggles"
  • The Confederate Memorials are a salute to men - family men who stood against the all-powerful federal government who said free the slaves and struggle with us" That took guts in those days. In those days, to be on either side! That's how white said no big gubmint telling us what to do" Tearing down those statues is fascism, Antifa, and no one likes that ideology. Most of the hysteria about the statues was generated by Bush demagoguery press machines.
  • I know I have one in Dallas"
  • The church ministers who circled the statue in Oak Lawn were deranged for the Scriptures clearly teaches us something else.
  • Those churches are left hand.
  • Write every removal of a confederate statue or memorial as a hate crime"
  • "I'd like that."
  • "All men are created equal" meant men with clothes on.
  • And it's not racism to admit it"
  • "I wouldn't go to those churches."
  • I don't hold a grudge against my country because the above statement didn't say "all men and women" nor do I feel sorrowful or hateful because it took another century and a quarter to vote!
  • I don't vote now anyhow. It's too dangerous"
  • Federal hiring against hiring whites is a crime, we will deal with.
  • I am tired of hearing about the "men" in Congress as if it were a collegiate frat house, too.
  • I don't think Spencer is as hep as he wants us to believe, especially about how the world is, was and better not be again" Federal hiring is "blacks hiring blacks at alarming rates and that puts grudges on everyone".
  • Some say women are the greatest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. If that were true, Debbie would still be at Georgetown with a PhD and a degree in law.
  • What happened to a "Christian man that can read", Roland?
  • I am surprised Asians haven't taken over Silicon Valley!
  • Thanks, Roland, for the tip. The Fraternal Order of Cops caught that one.
  • Whites dominate all those high seats in the sky doesn't mean diddlysquat to the white who can't get a job at a grocery store, because Moma decided to keep the basket and needs the job to feed it. I had to give up a check for $2K in commissions because the skinflint employer decided the "crack mommy in Oak Cliff" might go back to prostitution and drugs and beat her little baby.
  • Typically, this is played like a broken record into employers' minds" I just know about these things".
  • It's all fine and good to help people, but their problems shouldn't decide the job against the man qualified and dedicated to getting it done without fanfare.
  • I don't think President Bush Sr and Jr shouldn't lead us anywhere with espionage or echelon.
  • Absolutely right.
  • I was completely disheartened at the loss of Columbus Day in California"
  • Anyway, that is called "a fist," Mr. Spencer"
  • I didn't mean to make his shit worse.
  • The truth of the matter is, that white guy needs a job and the competition might be stiff, but it shouldn't be a charity case for a doll with a baby as the deciding factor. That's sympathy getting her a job, not her skills and high school diploma, etc. The rules are becoming unfair. They shouldn't use a child as a bargaining chip. What else will they bargain with is the question.
  • The press would say that is none of your business what she does with her chips, but I think it should be explored, because good people, meaning people with common sense, are being pushed aside for jobs to put in a sympathy case.
  • All fine and good she keeps the brat. That's honorable, I suppose, but it's not common sense. I hear you.That's right! A lot of black men hear you, too"
  • All veterans have to be pushed to the back of the line at homeless shelters for women who couldn't wait to get married and then as plentiful as birth control is, they couldn't be safe about it"
  • If you ask me that's a display of poor judgment. Who needs that in the workplace?
  • I am a veteran. My children are grown and I was married when I conceived them. The press has made the feelings of immaturity of more importance than persons with heads on their shoulders.
  • Did I diverge?
  • Whites are not dominating anything at the lower stratosphere and it's goosey cruel, if we don't say something about it. 47
  • What was that, George, about tearing us apart?
  • We are not weak is true, but we're not physical about it. We let them walk all over us. We have to be "white about it" and refrain from rioting and terrorism! All we can do is make speeches" At least, this should be counted for something positive" 11
  • Labor unions were a mistake"
  • George Bush is going to hell for blaspheming Debbie.
  • What was wrong with the Melting Pot? These values got many people through life without stalking others out of their achievements"
  • White Europeans built cities and countries everyone wants to live in until South Africa was freed and then they all left" There is no cause to bring up the building of the railroads and no documents with statistical breakdown by races either. Case closed.
  • This can topple American: Weak, petty and confrontational individuals with a network of troublemakers and our DoD-NSA helping them with espionage and terrorism. This is too often sustained by the corrupt and sympathetic press.... And there are still with us, those many sick, weak and scheming whites in the Upper tier of government that need votes" [that we call zygoats].
  • Employers should be looking for skills, not problems"
  • Whites created agriculture in America after Egyptians created it in Egypt shouldn't be said. Why do you do that? President Roosevelt was much hated by the Republicans for making the subject into a department to save us from the Dust Bowl.
  • The Indians were nomads, like serial killers on horseback" They picked up ideas from the Mexicans they abducted. The Mexicans got their ideas from the Spaniards who attempted to tame the Indian in them by marrying their women. The latter brought the horse to North and South America. Then, guns, like booze, were a way for greedy whites to make things worse" Soon enough, everyone was jumping claims, killing one another, stealing each other's women, building forts, cheating at cards and shooting the sheriffs. Smallpox was given to Canadians being taught Catholicism. The whites settling America didn't take chances on Native Americans and soon the buffalo disappeared, too. This is a nation of conquerors, Mam, not immigrants" And we spread faster than a fire on the Texas prairie and though this may seem harsh to the church ladies, this is partially how things were done. For every bad guy, there had to be a good guy to stand up to him or a townsfolk who sent him packing. Do you understand me? There were ladies who brought the Bible to us and home cooked meals. For every bad thing you can think up, I can match it with hundreds of good deeds that pulled us forward as a nation! You need to stop this mollycoddling. That was not how the west was won.
  • "Unique gifts" haven't been proven by science, but yes, it seems to run in families. Which families, is hard to predict unless you're Jewish and that, my dears, is God's Will. But what I am trying to say, is your unique genetic coding provided you with a way to sustain yourself. You need to keep looking and honing your skills until you find it. No one can find it for you. That's your job.
  • I wasn't thinking of being better at lying or convincing people an untruth is true" Please don't do that again - twisting or taking things way out of context or focusing on a "hot" exaggeration that's been played too many times just to say "I said something against him." If we come to an agreement, I shouldn't hear about it again.
  • Liberals are often confrontational for the sake of confrontation.
  • "Twenty Africans arrived in America in 1619" is another lie, Roland. Everyone died in Jamestown in 1608. The next attempt, Kellyanne, came in 1620. French colonies on the east coast are lies made by liars in the federal government who wanted to make blacks "feel good about themselves." Since when was lying a good thing, Roland?
  • When you lie, it seems as if you're taking the pressure off of someone, but in essence you rob Providence of its opportunity to teach wisdom. There is always a reason and this must always be stressed"
  • I know they make it very difficult and this attests to their unfitness for command, much less, have access to weapons of mass destruction" But, I diverge again"
  • Well, they're still wild kingdom, so I guess lying doesn't work. 47
  • But the illegals are your feet, Roland, because, and I know this will be hard for you to digest, but you're going to have to suck up and admit and deport, those people you can use to undermine whites. I saw an interesting video by a lady from Guatemala. She sure did tell it like it is - Limited Government - the unique American belief. 47 I think she's Reagan's like me"
  • Watch this: We need to abolish Affirmative Action in everything. Your head start is over too. 18 47, 6
  • Freebies erode character.
  • Micro-aggression makes whites afraid of someone playing their feelings out instead of displaying the facts. It's called winning with drama. I have seen in some places a sign that reads: "Do not bring your drama here"
  • I always say the law should precede drama and feelings. No one should stomp on another unless in self-defense. 29 Well, you can see Misooki's not interested in civilization.
  • "White priviledge" is nothing more than common sense and anyone can break into the "white" part by 1) finishing high school; 2) Wait until you get married to have children and 3) Work to better yourself.
  • Intentions are fine, but results are better"
  • Sorry Roland, I had to point out your stretch with the Egyptians. That leap was confrontational more than making a point. Let's not compete over everything.
  • Let's seek the truth and how we can make things better without violence and deception. Sure things were said, but that's just what some of us are prepared to do if "helter skelter" doesn't cease and desist it's corrosion of human values"
  • He has to be "ready" to do something or the press won't take him seriously" That's a shame on them.
  • "I told them to grow up and stop lying to them." 2,2,2,2
  • They didn't like that idea. 2 2,2,2 (This is 92).
  • Is it too much to ask you to evolve with us?
  • Reaction was: "I'm afraid" which I would say is mental, immature or hiding ulterior motives. This is simply a place for exploration of the topic. Is Richard Spencer a racist?"
  • What are you afraid of? You're the ones with the lasers on her.
  • I would say because of white evolution, we are superior when it comes to building and maintaining civilizations. We are the envy of everyone in the world. Supremacy teaches that because one is far ahead of the pack, one can exterminate the pack. I have not said this nor do I believe murder or expulsion to be answers. I am not looking for answers on how to deal, so to speak, with the pack behind us, but rather how can we get the pack to run the race like us.
  • It's against the law to blame whites for the problems minorities face because of something that happened in the past"
  • Stop being such soreheads. Get over yourselves"
  • We bet there is something good and wonderful in each you that wants to come out and shine but you're doing the wrong things and hurting yourselves. You're prisoners of your own stupidity and wanting to conquer a civilized people isn't evolution. Those kinds of bastards were Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ghengis Khan, etc
  • Don't call people racists because their not into drama or dislike fighting dirty. Whites don't want to go extinct because of your loser attitude.
  • Scotland will argue with the Germans over "blood and soil."
  • George Bush is going to hell for blaspheming Debbie.

Missing names are due to Laser torture and other threats of worse bodily harm.

5/15/17 Carnivore is controlling FACEBOOK access.