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In 2007, Oprah Winfrey made this demand known:

"No home until he commits adultery."



These numbers can be changed in my cellphone computer. So if they don't match the subject we're on consider sabotage.

Verifying anything Debbie does is a stalking charge on this one! She racketeers around Debbie to prevent people from having feelings for Debbie. The more real Debbie is, the worse it gets on her because Oprah is jealous and so is her Klan. That's EVIL.

EXTREME RACISM is Oprah Winfrey - the Grandiose Self - punishing Debbie for going to EEOC in 1990 and is now the portal to hell called the THOUGHT POLICE"

This is cruel and unusual on you in violation of the Constitution.

It gets worse on Debbie as more people go along with her. That's what we call games. A Stazi Network using ELF communications unauthorized"

1. Sex in marriage is lust and must be for procreation only (PCO).

  • "No yellow fever with your whole"
  • "I will punish you."
  • "I want her to be a corpse under him."
  • "No processing him married."
  • "No heart heaven." [Genocide]

2. Sexual intercourse is allowed only when she says so, otherwise

  • No habit [Catholic marriages] or I'll whore [him].
  • I am no sacred anymore.
  • No your T up or I'll get in your business and britches!
  • No sacred xcept speaking the names of certain people which will get you tortured all night with the pin proicks all over your body.
  • #309

3. She owns the lasers and everyone she corrupts with echelon, so don't try to get close to any of them, including the children..

  • Still trying gets me into a storm of lasers or electronic terror

4. Christianty will not be allowed to influence or run the United States without my fabrications..

  • Be careful that you don't sell out your rights under the "Free Exercise" clause!
  • Remember the first commandment: " other Gods before me"?

5. Out of wedlock are precious and everyone is responsible for their care " is not a legal statement.

  • If whites suffer it's a violation of the law and very definitely is violating the Smith Act of 1940."
  • This is for only out of wedlock.
  • 154 U.S. 298 looks odd to me. do

6. Orientals welfare and happiness always comes before Debbie.

7. Jesus Christ is a myth.

  • "There is no Jesus."

8. Orientals married to white females are racism

9. White helping white is racism.

  • This is the tyranny under which I live and she loves to show off the power she has"

10. Everything must be viewed as "black-friendly" or torn apart.

  • Attacks me at libraries and internet to obstruct imput."
  • This includes how you set up your check register.
  • Nothing will be allowed your way!

11. Do not go to the same library more than once a week or there'll be consequences for making me look like a liar. (You have to live her slander or you'll be causing doubt in her people).

  • When DoD says to tamper with the computers or put up signs saying something is broke, these librarians comply for favors.
  • This is called GOOSE
  • "Heel!"
  • Loss of internet and easy access to printer were Bachman
  • Park Forest likes to make comments, walk around...
  • Don't forget how they punished you for a few pieces of scrap paper laid out for that reason! I mean they lay out tons of it"
  • See #41

12. No family until you obey me!

  • Someone has to give a lot of $ to Oprah for the release of Debbie's family for a couple of hours to visit. This doesn't happen often"
  • Lynch: "I could ruin you with these things." 47

13. Lightspeed belongs to me.

  • President of NASA as it pertains to Cape Canaveral. This is the jurisdiction of the vice president.
  • Advancement of blacks through violence and stalking"
  • Kellyanne Conway: "I'll kill her for Pence"
  • "You're not precious anymore"

14. If you complain about my treatment of you in the internet, I will esculate it"

15. I'll let you win once in awhile, if I can beat you up. [If she can turn something you want into a Fright Fest, she'll allow it!. This makes people into basket cases and assassins].

16. No broom handle on the cart. I don't care about her gait or balance.

  • It wasn't brown; it was wood.

17. I will break you! and all of your stuff!

  • Lists on COMMUNISM and
  • UGLINESS for starters
  • Communist regime
  • Includes the breaking of one's marriage vows to get along with them"

18. I see another plane crash coming.

  • Often phrased as "Let me at Debbie or this..."
  • "I want Debbie dead or another explosion." OHIO

19. She's too old to want sex with them.

20. Think! Because I can see you

  • Terrorism

21. Everyone marrying white females makes black females look bad. These will be engineered to balance the beam. What beam?

  • Did this one in my face with a Black Female stalking my nephew into marrying her after she threatens to kill me.
  • The purpose for this is to Bo-Peep our families against the targeted white member, such as moi.
  • Since this marriage, my nephew has had tremendous successes in his life and I'm no longer invited to any family functions.PARANOID
  • Read AMAZING for more examples of getting her way!
  • All white families must have a black married into it to end white blood purity.

22. All second things belong to me (First Marriages Only).

  • "I know how to make him mental with her thing."
  • Stop ...Casey.
  • "I know how to make him mental with her thing."
  • "I said no fever for her thing."
  • I know how twice.

23. Block all first attempts she makes in everything

  • Block access with with laser tech

24. No success for her!

  • Genocide
  • No success for hard work or merit.
  • Violations of the 5th amendment to deprive her of liberty:
  • So hateful they spoil food I cook
  • Laser ice in my cup
  • Disturb me falling asleep
  • Alters my reality with games
  • This continues in IDOLATRY #610
  • "Nothing you do prospers. And I said no Jesus Christ!" 12/4/17
  • "I said no phenom on the streets!" 27
  • "Never let her win. She's a spot on my cloth"
  • Sabotages tablets and cellphones etc.
  • Introduced Myo Kim to my inlaws to replace me"
  • "All the money she sends to Dallas City Council will be wasted"
  • "Nothing you do will prosper"
  • Has 5G technological weaponry to make sure)

25. Hand-foot-teeth terminology and signals started here

26. Married women are just [vaginas was not her word] to their husbands

27. Account to me everything when I ask/demand or my fist!.

  • Doesn't care if answering her compromises them.
  • I am your protector is MKULTRA
  • Disrupts Debbie's emails to the police
  • See 543 on IDOLATRY

28. Only prostitutes marry American soldiers.

  • You will be forced to live in her version of your life or she'll spit your teeth out...

29. "I get to hound you till the day you die for going to EEOC when it belongs to me.

  • "You win, you die. You didn't win, so this [above]."
  • In 1999, Colin Powell put laser capability on all satellite observation consoles.
  • Most all subsequent rules on these pages, and elsewhere, originates from this early edict.
  • "I'm always first."
  • Blacks extort government employees with espionage (magic) and use black employees in place make sure whites adhere to the demands of this one.
  • Everytime I make a "mistake" (and they do invent them), "you will be punished."
  • "This is a life sentence. It cannot be revoked"
  • None could be near me unless they accused me of some wrongdoing (falsely) under the satellites Oprah monitors or they had to come up mean to me. Sometimes, they boldly lied to scare me, to get along with Oprah who always wants to see me hurting or suffering for going to EEOC.
  • This shit she's been doing to Debbie since 1990 is an obsession.

30. Espionage will be used to make movies, commercials and TV programs/shows to poke at a Target that doesn't believe in her garbage.


32. The black member decides who can come to parties and who can't. Also, the black member will always have first say and can have anything it wants in the white family or we'll scream racism. (see #312)

  • You'll be trapped in an "either or situation" and "damned if you do and damned if you don't" brow beating sessions. For me there is always lasers accentuating the negatives they speak.
  • "Everything's racism so they can claim it for ruin, isn't "play", Mam!"
  • See #126

33. I create happiness and luck, not God or other superstitions.

  • Anotherwords, this one is your protector - MKULTRA

34. I only control the government, police and Senate. They communicate with me (and her groups)..

  • "She needs to see a doctor. She's crazy."
  • Practicing medicine without a license and talking to doctors about Debbie without a release form.
  • "She gets too close to them."
  • "She makes too many tapes."
  • "No more Bless her heart."
  • "I'll show you my ice."
  • If I say she's a racist, she is. Make up proof."
  • "I own the [FBI]."
  • "I'm going to put you in county. The police said to me..."
  • "I'll use Steve [US Secret Service]."
  • "All treaties are void unless I say." 8
  • "No popular with the police or I'll make special [means send out BF FBI to sabotage or abduct her]."
  • Racketeering/55
  • This is a commu8nist dictatorship and I don't want to play.
  • "Now I'm the police and I own you."
  • "No wearing them" as its a fist (ODMP ) bracelet.
  • ODMP is a DOJ grant project not Bush and Oprah's crap.
  • "I make sure nothing happens in regards to your situation in the police."
  • Donald Trump: "[Kellyanne Conway] is suppose to do things for me the legal way. Save me time by doing it for me, not to attack or terrorize them. If I said to attack Debbie, I apologize, but I have been told I'd be harmed if I didn't attack her, so I may have done it while under attack. I apologize to Los Angeles. You were right.....I am afraid to turn the lights back on because Kellyanne is Oprah. She doesn't want to be nice to me. That kid in Facebook is me too. Not as bad as Debbie, but I don't think I should be messed with. Seeins how I am the president. You know. I'm not glass."

35. If you don't pass mine, you're a racist.

  • No!"

36. All things that start with the letter O pertains to me and includes the colors purple and black!

  • Purple means this entity has been subverted.
  • Her special number is 29.

37. The people she has in high places make these things happen for her. Believe me I have complained.

38. Every space will be shared with mine (which includes every space I'm in except my apartment, but they do come in when I leave for a special tour of my life and things).

  • This she calls "exploring."
  • This includes sharing your money with her. She'll tell you what you can save and punish you if you spend it in ways she doesn't approve of.
  • She will find ways of extracting it from you or she'll steal it right out of your bank accounts.
  • Banks charge huge fees to hunt down where your money went missing.
  • Races me to check out counters, corners, entranceways and crosswalks. Forces me to share corners with her.
  • Must always be first before me.

39. I'll raise your rent and put you on the street again (by this and other means).

  • 1/2002 - 5/2006 $350.00 a month
  • 5/2006 - 10/2009 $400. a month
  • 11/2009 - $450.00 a month
  • 06/2014 - $480.00 as fee to get something else
  • 10/2015 - $530.00
  • 05/2016 - $580.00
  • 07/2017 - $630.00
  • 12/2017 - $800.00 (in increments of $200 a week) Certificate of Occupancy.
  • This will become $1000. per month in January, a place where I use pliers to turn on the tub faucet.
  • Go to 213 to see what has been taken from us"
  • I secured the present residence in March 2006 and moved in April 1, 2006. On this day, the landlord notified everyone of the first increase ever.
  • She carries out her threats!
  • Recently said again (February 2015) "I want her rent up."
  • See X213 for what has been done since I moved here"

40. Keep raising the bus fares until she's out!

  • DART spends $ they don't have to increase fares, is stalking.
  • Thanks for Plano.

41. She's here now, criticizing me through the librarians. I have to do my stuff her way, or problems will occur. This may include:

  • False reports, the making of false police records
  • Erasure of records
  • "I don't want her to scream in my library [means report crimes on the internet at those places].
  • I'll show you a coup"
  • See X11 (#11)

43. No moral codes. Your soul will be deleted to attain this one. And don't try to fake it.

Check out X157.

44. I have your address. Obey me!"

"It's going to be very expensive to say No to us." 89-58

45. Gets my bank statement sent to her so she can make sure I never have a job again and to make sure the apartment punishes me by raising the rent unexpectedly.

If she gives an order to someone to hurt me, it better be seen on this statement.

46. Listening to Debbie is not separation of Church and state. [Nonetheless, she fights to get hers access to my privacy on the tapes].

Protecting Christians is establishment to this crowd.


47. Reads things into everything Debbie does to enable her to poke others into intimidating Debbie!

48. Stop illegals immigrations to this country.

49. "I see. I spray."


"I'll make stink."



50. I want no two hearts beating as one.

Targets are anyone who loves or admires Debbie

51. "Go slow" so I can torture her to death.

52. All people of color belong to me, which includes the Koreans

Congressional Re-Districting took place some years ago so blacks could "own" areas pertaining to Debbie. This is subversion!

Stalking and Intimidations

Borrowed from the KKK

53. He can have sex with her as long as he doesn't love her. (Hate crime)

Sexual terrorism of an Oriental male.

No love stories or I'll get up.

54. You have to accept this: You can only have a spouse without us in him if you are declared mentally ill or have a fatal disease. I will not accept a criminal record!" [She drops the y because it's the 25th letter and the middle number in my Dob. Look for these kinds of things.]

Illegal messages are Intimidation

"He married Myo Kim."

"That made him cuckoo to say that to Debbie."

"I'm on top of him!"

55. Only look away and I'll come (to retaliate for you).

"You're not going to get him until you obey me."

"May hell freeze over on both of you for making us wait!"

"I don't like her being playful on my stuff."

Gee, the victims don't get to say anything when she makes them suffer.

This is a felony to do.

56. "I giveth and I taketh away."

57. No famous sueing her. We must prevent her from being known with that name.

No recognition for any of her work is an overthrow.


No famous name was not found on her own. It was Eleanor Roosevelt's idea passed to the NAACP by her Service that snitched FDR and Debbie's family out"

So, if you make this happen, you're not presidential"

58. "She's a snitch." (Misapplication of terms to subvert)

Eric is not for play You have to stop this game on Debbie. There is no other way.

Eric requires fortitude and that doesn't come out of a bottle.

Her definition implies I'm with her in someway and that's deceit.

59. She has to let go of him completely or I won't let him go home. [If this is how it goes to get to high places, it's gotta change.]

We'll pull you down for this. Rest assured on that one.

Hate crimes

"Imitation of what, Mam?"

60. I said no twice to Debbie in 1997 (and she rubs this in everywhere)!

She took him from Debbie six times since EEOC, twice in a twelve month period occurred in 1992-3 and 1997.

Starting something a second time fits here.

Also see #72, 205 and 266

61. If you tell on the FBI, you're not the FBI. [Huh?]

The FBI needs to take a flying leap into the frying pan out of the fire."

62. Never touch or stop mine from doing crime/evil/wrong in the world.

"I'm going to kill you for trying to stop mine."

#318, Index 105

Allows blacks to get at her stuff and life, but forbids such from being restricted.

This is sadism.

If they touch and look at your stuff, it means it will stop wor5king, not work for you or it will be broken soon.

63. No 7/12 on the webpage. Make her take it off! Warning as a command is a dictatorship!

Her general warm demand

64. Byong Dong's "5 years no husband" rule for "moving to DC" is going on 15 years now.

"He's my john" means my husband is her bathroom and she can sh*t and pe* all over him and I can't stop it because communists have to debase themselves to get along...

GEMS: Lord Have Mercy on Us!

65. Using espionage, she tells my family what to say near a telephone that she can agree with and put violence in my life. Latest admission by B.D. was to have me "mugged for telling on my son" in the nearest future.

66. Uses these dates in commercials to scare me: 7-12, 11-12, and 12-21 (All anniversaries in 1975).

Go to AVODAT ELOHIM for dating games. This is a fun hobby"

67. Likes to remove/steal or break things that begin with the letter R

68. You cannot visit your mother or wife on the holidays. You can only be together as a family on the day after. This was challenged in 1993 and caused an accident on Westmoreland & Kiest which almost resulted in the death of my husband and son as hatemail again!!!

69.A through E has been moved to Amazing #18.

70. If you can't do something more than once, you're being stalked. Please tell someone ASAP, preferably not this one


Oprah Winfrey demands everyone give her something in order to get something they are legally entitled to without her presence. This is an abomination" and an excuse for sabotaging us" Screaming "REPRISALS" is communism" conquering us"

At the very least, X71 is terrorism"

"I give more problems if I don't get my way,." See 392 also


The catch, the strings attached, the old ball and chain.

Always something for something


Vandalisms and sabotage - Hate crimes

"Rape or no cellphone." 1/31/17

442: "No cellphone."

Made many rules regarding having one such as no hooking it up to a network, no taking pictures of black people, no wifi access at my residence and no using it to listen to music. Latest is no KOBARS which can be found in IDOLATRY

537: DVD or the cellphone: Lost DVD

476: Cable TV or cellphone: Lost Cable TV

526: No Color Notes lists (organizing my stuff)

See #591 : You have to give up something she wants and she will pretend to give you something. Right! Huh?


Violent retaliation for non-criminal activity (usu. learned about by using espionage satellites) just to show off who is the boss!!

72. The second time something is done, you will be kept waiting on purpose.

Obsessed with Obstructions of Debbie's life.

Aiding and Abetting this sickness is terrorism.

Update in #279.

Makes trouble on second attempts, if you "dare defy" her and proceed.

73. "Prevent things I don't like!" is a command and believe me if you like it, she won't!

Because of #170 and 101, this is constant sabotage.


"I like to break cellphones."

74. "One weak" is a request to harass one marital partner into adultery or into harassing and playing mind games on the other while her satellites sit in as an audience! This often leads to extortion and sometimes murder-suicides.

The marital partner who believes in Jesus Christ will suffer the sins of the one who least believes. This is usu. applied to the husband as seen in Ephesians 5.25.

Hate crime

Sabotage of Mark 9.40

75. She's just stink.

76. The orientals belong to me for mind control and cornering of their wealth!

77. Helping his wife is racism still applies. 5/16/10" Prevention of his sex life with her is a hate crime.

78. There's a lot of stuff she says about controling the FBI I can't put in here. She's very mean despite the defenseless image she projects" to people on TV.

79. Women should use their sexual orientation to keep men in place. Men should honor women without wanting sex. See #1

80. I will always be acquitted.

81. "I require death" was Bush Sr. too!! means someone has to pay for upsetting her!

Every corner of the globe must have a black in it or it's racist is

"I can make stink on it."

This includes families.

82. I said Debbie's a racist and that's it."

83. Natural gas buses = smaller buses = more buses and more busdriver jobs!!

A plan

Waste and fraud to hike fares

See #40

84. She'll put the rubber industry out of business promoting sterilization in marriages.

No sterility in women as birth control

Vulgar Entertainment

85. Don't let Debbie relax. [Sabotages all leisure activities with stalkers called LYNCH MOBS]

Breaks the TV cable and other equipment to terrorize me.

Harassment meant sadism.

Why were you so eager to change back into Oprah?

"I'll be gentle" was first said by this one and re-voiced numerous times by Det. Regina Smith of Dallas Police.

Robert Mueller: "Never do that again!...

86. If you help a man, you're a lusty woman.

87. Let the pregnant ones cross the border illegally.

88. She doesn't have problems with her joints until Oprah comes along with that laser. "Do not take this one out of context"

89. If you help me, I'll make life good for you.

90. I own all money and power in the world and there is nothing that I don't own.

"Debbie has to face it, I own everything!"

Forces everyone to conform to what she says. This is MKULTRA!

91. I decide what the truth is, not you.

School shootings

No politics, Red"

92. Never trust me.


If she can make it happen, it's not "pollution."

Makes people seem paranoid when they're being terrified.

93. Obey me and I'll let you up.

Give $ to hers when they ask for it or something will be taken from you.

Busdrivers won't show up or be on time

Vandalism will occur or

You could lose something via stciky laser fingers...

You will be ignored.

People will call you "crazy" and make threats.

All your achievements will be nominalized or defamed. Your work could be stolen and given to others. You will be ignored until you agree to communism, which is really fascism in disguise..

94. I can make things worse if I want to. I am the master manipulator.

See the one above!

Forces InKwon to flirt with Myo Kim to get even for her. This is MKULTRA on him. All isolations from Debbie and psych ter/62 is MKULTRA"

She deliberately makes people psychotic to be used against those who resist them"..

"That's why they lie about you, Honey - fear of the terrorism when she skitz""

95. I am stink!

96. I say what is lust and what isn't.