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Knowing what to say and when to say it requires 


This is what they sound like. A whole bunch of them together is a Lynch Mob.

It's against the law for anyone to judge Debbie without a warrant. Unlawful actions based on blacks' doing espionage is a coup d'etat. 10-12-12

NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

Roaming Neighbor: "I don't want your hot txot on him. I don't want you throwing your poopin my bathroom."

President Obama: "She can throw her poop in my room anytime she wants."

Debbie: "Thank you."

Another crazy relay: "Shoot, Mam, why do you mwant to use your puxxy? They're going to take you to a hospital if you keep changing that template."

Oprah Winfrey: "I could buy Texas and make everyone dead." 47, 7

Ann Romney: "I tell everyone you're not real." 18, 33 "I want her off."

Debbie: "Do you really talk to that many people about me?"

Myo Kim: "You can have my son [Jimmy] and I get your huh [InKwon]." 55, 74, 33

BF on Bus 486W: "You better listen to me" when I boarded in obvious pain from retaliatory torture. 28

Ann Romney: "I want no police." 92-28 and 16

Oprah Winfrey: "I own Houston [Bush or NASA, maybe both"]. No box to Greg. No real." 4

Officer Smith: "No police... I'll use Shupe again." 92-16

Debbie: "Everytime I contact the police, Romeny and the above two persons tortures me on the right side of my upper body. That means they are spying on me and Winston [Goose] is aiding them by snitching on me. He doesn't have a warrant, which makes him Black Tyranny."

Phil Donahue: "I told you they would overthrow us if they had a chance."

Debbie: "Do you still want a fax? No, the number I usu. use is not in the website. I will put it on the cart. Thank you."

350: "I thought I could help Debbie with that thing." 9,4

BF USO: "I'm not going to call the police for her."

Oprah Winfrey: "I have to pay you back for the pot [USO]." 92-28 "Keep it real" is a total contradiction for her.

Ann Romney: "I didn't say you could go to the USO." 27-84, 92

Secret Service: "Who gave you permission to tell Debbie anything?"

Winston: "I said no libidio in married life." [9/22/12]

Oprah Winfrey: "Now, they'll see how koo-koo she is when I add my foot [two-cents]." 84-27

Winston: "Debbie thinks she can win against me when I have the weapon system. 92-28 "Tell me what it means [Amos 2.13]. That's why I turned the fax machine [telephone] off." 53 "No emails."

Bush Sr.: "I don't care if she's the Secret Service, I want no emails or faxes sent." 27 "....."

Oprah Winfrey: "No friends." 20, 27

Barry: "There they go again...."

Condi Rice: "I inflicted Greg. I put him in a wheelchair because he wouldn't obey."

Bush Jr.: "Give up, Mam."

Winston: "If Condi Rice wants to poison, you better not say anything."

MF Farmer's Branch Kroger: "F... you."

FB Mayor: "We hope Misooki wins, so we can get stuff." 55

BF Car Blue 531N: "I can't put him back because you're not a special agent."

Relay: "What does that have to do with it, Stalker?"

Debbie: "Have you noticed 'car blue' is getting very popular out here with blacks?"

Oprah Winfrey: "Debbie doesn't have any rank because we won't let her win at anything." 92-45 "Your chaj is pushing my martinis. Debbie needs to behave herself with the police."

Bush Sr.: "I can't stay with you because you're a"

Winston: "Mueller said I could do cruel and unsuaul to [Debbie] until you obey me [Oprah]."

Debbie: "Eric is the boss, not him when and if the law is broken in the Justice chain of command. Not you, George or Romney."

Relay: "That's the end of Dallas Police stalking you for Smith. It was Romney, too."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'm WHAM! when I don't get my way."

Winston: "I'll just call her a racist and they all listen to me. Just pull her. She's making more problems for the police!"

Relay: "Goose can't be trusted. Bones shouldn't have access to the police."

Debbie: "Revelation 4.11 is not for Oprah, Bush, Rice, Romney or Smith. For those waiting on me, I ask for Hebrews 11.6 as I ercover from injuries due to torture which I suspect will not be allowed by sadists. Thank you."

Relay: "Who do these 'people' think they are crawling on us day and night with those lasers?"

Winston: "She's just poisoning people with this website."

Debbie: "Then why are you getting on me with the lasers, seeing how this activity is so uncsuccessful?" 16

FBI: Bush is a felony stalking Debbie all the time. One minute he says he'll leave her alone and the next minute he's all over her with those lasers and sabotage. He's the racist conditioning us to obey them. They almost never have legal access to any of the people they talk about! Tell lies to get $ out of Congress is a felony and some of them have been doing it since 1950."

Condi Rice: "Now, I can use my might on her."

Clinton's: "I hear it could go back further than that. Say, 1941?"

Debbie: "I heard as far back as 1812."

Officer Smith: "I'm not going to let her get up for telling on me again." 16, 84-27, 16 "Lame her."

Relay: "We're too weak in the face of the fierce and condemning press, who like so many others have been listening to espionage and they think they're better than us. That look is a dead giveway. They should have investigated this stuff, not Debbie. Do you know why?"

DCTA: "At 80 tons, a train hitting your car is like stomping on a soda can."

Relay: "That ought to be the police on this scourge."

The Indian: "How much of the feds impudence is fear and how much of it is calculated?"

Debbie: "80-40"

Indian: "Seriously."

Debbie: "60-40. There's an awful lot of corruption in those departments. Supervisors need supervisors. Personnel have forgotten their mission is to provide a service for the best possible price, not how much trouble ["stink"] you can put on others."

Oprah Winfrey: "I want a child with Myo Kim."

Debbie: "Belly-up fears this thing because 15 years in Quayle Irving gave them extortion powers. Read 'Murder and Mayhem' in Gems."

Relay: "Keep silent, George! Judges 5.12, Ephesians 5.14 And I don't want to hear aboput the little babies anymore."

Indian: "Godspeed."

Bush Sr.: "She's just pussy."

Debbie: "He just assessed us."

Annonymous: "They use espionage to take your stuff instead of a warrant. How can they get into court? It can't, unless everyone is corrupted into lying. In the meantime,, they'll terrorize a victim into thinking he's guilty and any day now, he/she can be swept away by the feds (or police) they own. Be sure to read Terrell."

Bush Sr: "I want him to be Little Sisdter's [Oprah's] hand [husband/protection]."

Relay: "Oprah wanting our spouses to be a weapon on us is fascism.

Bush Sr: "I don't want you to get a habit with his thing again."

Relay: "Where is any of this your business, George?"

Fidel Castro: "Don't listen to Oprah. If I acted like them, they would've took me out by now. Condi Rice hates me."

Bush Sr: "I could ruin you for talking to Castro."

Debbie: "I fail to see where it's your business."

Relay: "Bush snitches on everything Debbie says and most vtimes, they omit information thereby twisting the truth or the ones speaking."

OM on TV: "We're not hotties."

Smith's kid in "Legend": "I'm Anti-Christ."

Bush Sr.: "Mueller is a big problem."

BF on FX: "I don't like her feet on my hand [InKwon]."

Oprah Winfrey: "I lopped it off because you wouldn't fall."

Danny: "Debbie's winter, not fall."

Oprah Winfrey: "I could collapse a man's seed in the moonlight."

Condi Rice: I can't put up with her puss in him." 47

Oprah Winfrey: "I'll kill her."

Bush: "So she can never see him again."

350: "They said she's not real so I say stuff. I don't like her being honest ... All I have to say is she's mental and their [the Dallas Police] are my fur again." 89

Relay: "She's made several false police reports and still returns to Debbie's area to live. Don't you think she should move to another place?"

A Child of Officer Smith: "When I get big, I'll discover her." 18, 28

Bill Clinton: "That's none of your business where she is."

Debbie: "I think 350 lives somewhere else in the building and just moves in late at night and appears on command."

350 male: "I can't roll your male, but you still have to [obey]."

350 Female: "He wants to be Condi's... I like to play. That's why I'm with them [in Irving]. I have to go again.... I'm your erection. I'm not really tired of this place." 33, 7, 7

Debbie: "Are they threatening Mike?"

Condi Rice: "Don't hide anything" [from us was implied].

Vivian C. Weather: "All I know is I can test her." 33

Oprah: 89 for website coverage on 10/1 - 92-33, 20, 35, 84

Ann Romney: Ditto 89 - 92-28, 92-18, 73

Officer Smith: Ditto 89 - 92-16

Relay: "It's zits for using espionage on [Debbie]."

Condi Rice: "I said no pleasure for her for telling on us." 10

350 Female: "No more police, Baby." 33 "I didn't like you being a mare with him [InKwon]." 33

Oprah Winfrey and Ann Romney: "I don't like what you said about India." 28, 47, 47, 2

Debbie: "Thanks for showing us all the areas in India's government where you're playing."

Ann Romney: "Quid doesn't mean queen" on a leak in Dante's Inferno.

Debbie: "It means England." Dearly Beloved "Don't you just love experts who never learned a thing on their own pushing you around?"

Mitt Romney: "They said I almost killed ya." 16, 92-47, 33

Oprah Winfrey: "Debbie's white trash. No one's going to put her before me."

350 Female: "I can't wait to kill every Anglo."

350 Male: "I'll cut up the good book if you don't let us stay. I'll go to Los Angeles and start stuff....."

350 Female (0302 hrs): I'm gonna call the police about what you say and then riot. All I have to do is call you a crazy twxt and they'll do whatever I want them to do. I know Romney will be there." 74

350 Male: "I can't even take a shit without someone taking a picture." 74-84

Relay: "Didn't your mother teach you to flush? Spare us your stinky hatemail."

Condi Rice to the NH Police: "Telling police officers what to do is modernization." 28-16

Bush Sr.: "Make her suffer for telling on us."

Officer Smith: "I hit you ahead of time to remind you." 28

Relay: "Bush Sr. is sadism, not frugal."

Bush Sr.: "It's amazing how torture can change behavior. I thought it was a joke telling the police."

Oprah Winfrey: "Don't be." 26, 16, 16

MM at Urban Center Station: "I said no middle thing."

BM at same station: "I don't want to shoot you in the puss because you want him that way. I have a Vatican hat and a suit like Quayle [Paul Ryan]." 16, 16

BF Orange train pointing to her heart at Medical Market Center: "No tab or I'll leave. I have to secure everything (every mind) or they might go mental on my skin. I don't believe in freedom of speech." 92-16

BF on the corner at West End Station: "Debbie better watch out!"

MM on 532 East: "We got the laser so,, you can't be [so you can say no to amnesty] Hitler."

Relay: "Those two terrorism."

Oprah Winfrey: "I want her unhealthy again."

350 Female: "That's why I used no Debbie. I said give her a heart attack. I said no nice stay." [Her husband can only stay with her if he's mean to her, so Oprah won't fear racism occuring out of their togetherness].

Danny: "What does he want to see? What his father and those Oprah devils did to her with the lasers?"

Oprah Winfrey: 89 for 10/5 Email - 92-16 (1435 hrs)

Ann Romney: 89 for 10/5 Email to NDAA - 18, 16 (1449 hrs)

Goldie Hawn: "I told them to do your arm [is torture, Honey]."

Oprah Winfrey on 10/3): "Misooki only wants him a shell (of a man). Can you see that's what this is about?" 4, 4

Debbie: "Since when did sister's get to rule over marriages of their brother in Korean culture?"

The Jewish Network: "Oprah's magic is a hate crime on Debbie. Stop throwing pooh at her."

Oprah Winfrey: "Make every everything painful on Debbie until she stops going to the police, until she stops resisting us, until she stops telling on us. And no Taco Bell [Korean American hubby]." 10/3 Injuries: Right hand, wrist and shoulder, Left wrist and hand, Left Knee

Debbie: "Oprah keeps saying 'I own the police.' What does that mean?"

Wolfe Blitzer: "I didn't want Debbie up. Now I know who to call (Ann Romney)."

Anderson Cooper: "I wanted to stay a lion (I wanted to be a liar)."

Ann Romney: "We don't want to hear about Myo." 28 "I'm a death trap on her because she wouldn't let go of the bread [Vatican]."

Mueller: "Drop dead."

Cooper: "I didn't know you ran for Little Miss Universe [cryptic for no husband]."

Police Psychologist (used to scare me much more these days): "I think 343 looks psychotic. .... I don't like her play..."

Relay: "Dallas Police should have fired her a long time ago! Oprah doesn't want your husband marriage minded. She monkey wrenches his mind everytime Debbie tries to contact him! which makes her a sorry sack of shit in my book and that demoralizes us."

Condi Rice: "No famous for telling on us." 89

Misook Park: "Her fur made my brother sick. Debbie's just his first snatch."

Relay: "Marriage doesn't make men sick, Jealousy."

Relay: "Normal doesn't play with this weapon system."

Romney: "No scooter." 84-89, 13, 16

Subversive witch in the hall: "I could give you a heart attack for making a change." 16, 33

Landlord: "I pulled out your orders." 99-89

Mueller: "I don't care what it means to superstitious trash stalking us."

Relay: "Changing Debbie's regular routine is terrorism. And stop calling her snatch!"

A Regular: "Thank you for helping us survive tyranny."

Condi Rice: "I want that knee knocked out from under her and her head to hit the concrete."

Oprah Winfrey: "I want no action taken on her cases."

Relay: "Bossy fxcking racism thinkin themselves to be God."

BF in pink at Trinity Mills Station: "Your finger is my black toe." [Absurd, but forced on people]

BF in B&W next to the above: "I said no more inside. He wants my stink [treachery and espionage to win]."

Pink continues on the train: "You have to please me or I'll stpe on your turf. Two months [of living hell and torture] for telling on us. I'll show you vicious." 28 "You're my stick or I'll stink and I'm a pulitzer."

BF in white shoes on the 486: "I made you bed, so sue me."

BF Busdriver very loudly: "I like to breach her stuff...."

Oprah Winfrey: "I said no Isaiah Mrs or I'll twenty-three." 16

Relay: "And through all this, Debbie never smoked."

Relay: "All of this on Debbie is called the 'craziness'. Read about it in Definitions."

BF carrying a Burlington Coat Factory bag onto the bus: "Now I want her thing [husband]."

Ann Romney when I deboarded: "Two weeks [months of torture] for telling on them [stalkers harassing her and usu. in a sexual way]" 33


Mitt Romney: "Knock her hair out!"

Donald Trump: "You sick son of a xitch."

Oprah: "I wanted you top be Nicole [Simpson]." 33

Ann Romney for Condi Rice: "You better listen to me." 2, 28

Alex Trebek: "I'll take her down for no lady." 13, 13, 18

Relay: "Tell Michael Douglas no."

Oprah: "Misooki is going to put you in custody." 18, 47, 16

WM in VR library: "You sound like a screaming demon typing." 33

Oprah: "We have 4 months to beat you up like this until Romney swears in. You're too down low." 6

John McCain: "You need to hear us or my knee...."

Oprah Winfrey: "You have to listen to Rice. She's the secretary of defense." 16, 16, 28, 33, 47

BF in #349: "I'm a baby. You have to take care of me. You have to be my feel or I'll scream racism again."

Ann Romney: "Six months [of torture] for doublecrossing the police."

Relay: "Is that what you call pursuit of evidence?"

Oprah Winfrey: "Off with your knee, Mam"

Condi Rice: "I have to make sure the thrill is gone in their marriage before they see" 92-33

Smith: "I got Romney to end her Dissassociation Disease." 42, 28, 2, 28, 4

Relay: "Prison for them making up stuff and attacking citizens without warrants!."

Attorney General Greg Abbott: "I'm tired of communism on Debbie!."

Oprah Winfrey: Beat her up (peine forte et dure) until she obeys us."

Wolf Blitzer: "You're a mutineer on Casey."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'm getting even through Debbie [the witness's daughter]." Aty Gen

Relay: "This one won't let Debbie have a relationship with her children."

BF on the corner in Suits: "I'm his secret [mistress in the head]." 94

Dan Quayle: "Take my name out or I'll sue [use lasers to get my way]." 50

WF on Western Skies: "Do you feel my pain?" 47, 92-2, 99

Relay: "Most people on computers in the library, type very little, so typing this kind of thing up sounds loud to an arrogant crank."

BM Echo: "Mueller said [blacks] can turn orientals against whites to get along with me. I'll do Thursday if you put me in." 50-89, 16, 28

Relay: "He tortures Debbie for Bush. His powers of comprehension are not very good, so he tends to accuse her more often even though he suspects he's wrong!. Robert Casey is not the FBI for saying that."

BF in 349: "Pain! Pain! Pain!"

Oprah Winfrey: "She needs to lose a kidney for telling on us."

Bush Sr.: "I just wanted you and your husband to be friends without sex." 74, 89-EEOC

Black male child in the children's section: "I have a heavy weapon against lust." 47, 15

BF Echo for Oprah Winfrey: "Soon I'll be able to hit you as hard as I can. No bank."

Relay: "That's a dictatorship. Roving eyes isn't a marriage. Dallas is too expensive. FB hears communists and then her work gets sabotaged. Your claim is without merit and stalking people into making your claim credible is the disease."

Ann Romney: "If you don't want my sorry, you get my ice [lasers]."

Relay: "Debbie doesn't have to accept sorry from a terrorist."

Mitt Romney: "Cancer doesn't want your oleh. I made sure."

Ann Romney: "No police." 28, 16, 47, 33, 2 "I want high." 92-13 "I think she's thinking about the police." 28, 16, 16

Oprah Winfrey: "We can't let you rule" 47 "You're too much like them [lawful]."

Mitt Romney: 92-13

Oprah Winfrey: "I want her to always remember EEOC is mine." 92-16, 28 "I must steel you [torture]. You told too much to the police." 13

Winston for Mitt Romney and Rice: "Rice said to keep you awake alday (too)." 92-33 "I said she's a hole with a husband. No zoom for telling on us."

Mitt Romney: "Keep her awake alday for going to the police. Greg [Abbott, AG] is the police!" 92-16, 92-28, 2

Oprah Winfrey through a BM rapper: "No Texas or I'll power your tower." 28

Debbie: "How could you voice the fascist who killed Tupac?"

Oprah Winfrey: "I think the Christmas story is too Colonel Sanders?"

Relay: "Why? Because you didn't think it up??"

Ann Romney: "I don't want you like before." 28

Oprah Winfrey: "I'll have to clip her optic nerve.... I said no whitie. They're too violent."

Condi Rice: "You better call your Bro [Mark Dodge] before I kill him." 92-16, 13, 13 "I'll let your brother live if I can steal."

Dan Quayle: "I thought I coulkd take you down because you're a sheet. Everyone from the south is a Klansman."

Condi Rice: "That's to make sure no real [Christmas people] in the world or I'll make stink."

WM Child Fund: "Stay out of my turf." 25

Ann Romney: "You are our problem and you are crazy." 92-28, 47, 73-Olympic trash on Evil page.

WM "Your hole is too old."

WM TCM: "Nobody likes your pollution. What's the matter? You don't like my terror?" 92-28

Another WM: "I didn't want to leave her."

On the Bus an echo: "Alright, I did it with Myo Kim."

Relay: "One minute it's this way and the next minute it's that way. No fascists on Debbie because she's mixed married."

Smith: "I'll be gentle. Please?" 28, 16,33

Oprah Winfrey: "He's detached from her thing and that's what I want. That's how he stays. I'm vicious." 33

Bush Sr.: "Nobody wants your knee high because you were born a untc." 28, 33

Debbie: "They make stuff up about me out of thin air just vso they could hit me."

Steve Rexar: "[Debbie] Denmon called your daughter and said to one of your granddaughters, 'I'm going to kill your grandmother.' Your daughter tried to make a stink, but blacks repelled her."

Mitt Romney: "I thought I could kill you." 92-28 elbow and 92-16

Relay: "Romney is lust and a racist."

Queen Elizabeth II: "Condi Rice is insane."

Oprah Winfrey: "No real unless I can get up that way, too. I'll be just a thing to get even with you. I said to clobber her." 28, 16, 16, 47, 28

Condi Rice: "Don't use Mitt or I'll call McCain."

Debbie Demon: "No Los Angeles for Debbie or my foot in her eye. He's my penis." 92-28, 47, 25

Condi Rice: "I made you look like a hole by taking him away." 47

Oprah Winfrey: "The police are my sticks." 92-47 "No undercovers." 57-Police investigations, 16

BF at Union Train Station: "You're not going to get my network [Facebook, Twitter, Google Bing]." 74-99-27

BF on the Train going south sitting with a WM: "I can put her in Parkland. I'm sure or no legs. I own the police. I don't let true love up unless it belongs to me..... I'm in there [near a cipher for Irving, Texas]." 4 "I own the market [exchange]."

Obese WM with her: "No voice with her."

BF: "I can make everyone see your stink down there."

WM: "That's why I said no Quayle [Indiana/sex in marriage]. You'll need a pathologist."

Relay: "He's talking about sexual torture here."

Bush Sr.: "Don't up her for telling on Misooi!" 27-Using Korean women to scare Debbie

Landlord: "I don't want Debbie here or I'll give her a heart attack."

WF Librarian VR: "No A-O." When she walked by she looked down at me. 28

Bush Sr.: "Keep hitting her down there until you tame her." 92-33

Relay: "Read how they train us to behave in Forever Shoestrings.

Danny: "Our transcipts tell us who she's voicing. She doesn't have to say quote unquote or explain."

Smith: "I used to be afraid of her, but not anymore since she's being tracked" which is a conflict of interest by this one.

Romney: "I can't use you. That's why I didn't choose you for my veep." 47, 16, 28, 74

Miss Ludie May: "The moody kind always makes trouble."

Oprah Winfrey: "If she's not using the lift, hit her" and up came Ann Romney to second the motion. "I own downtown [Dallas]." 33, 28, 16, 4 "When you complain, I feel threatened."

Debbie: "Your decision to change shouldn't rely on me. I have a right to my life without worrying about how you'll take it."

Ann Romney: "You think it's funny going to the police when I said no police." 92-16, 92-28, 33, 33A

Oprah Winfrey: I wanted to do this to you in front of everyone." 66-16, 92-28 "No brother or I'll satisfy them." 33 "You're not as precious as you think you are. Just amusing. I hold your oleh because you're weak with him."

George Bush Sr.: You spoiled it for the FBI." 84,92-33A

Charles Schwab: "You sleep in your own urine."

Debbie: "Huh?"

Oprah Winfrey: "You're chronical. That's why no one listens to what you say. You need to go away or use my voodoo." 28 "You'll never go to Washington for telling on me. ...."

Debbie: "They spend days thinking up cruel ways to turn people against me, in ways under normal circumstances wouldn't seem so. If you hear them talking about me, they're stalking you, too. This is to discover what you don't like so they can color me that tune. That's Oprah scheming with our tax dollars. If you don't speak up, she'll always get away and she'll know you're interested in gaining something illegally. Thanks for talking to your children."

Jared Bernstein: "You're corrupt if up and a whole."

FOP: "Don't throw a fit about "air trials" when you said no scriptures. Well, tough!"

Relay: "Honda's 'Fit' model is terrorism and brainwashing. Debbie caught the New York Stock Exchange racketeering with Oprah." 92-33B

Debbie: "Smith stalks my emails. Why didn't she go to the NYSE? She went to California and started troubles."

Oprah Winfrey: "Now, I can never hope you two together."

Bush Sr.: "You have to be tough to be vice president." 13, 4

Ann Romney: "I don't like what she said about Defenbaugh." 16

Male in 350: "I'd take your tickle away even if you don't have him. Always remember, I did my homework. No push."

Female in 350: "You have to mind me." 4 "Bush said I could come here." 4, 4, 16, 18, 16 "I want her really down. My mom is going to take them off, but it costs." 4 "When everyone is in derision I can play. I'm Misooki. You better forget that zuit suit. I make them all up when they want my fur...." 18, 47

Oprah Winfrey: "I said no fingers. I'll show you vicious." 33A, 92-16, 92-33L

Ann Romney: "Take the police out or I'll use [violence]." 92-28, 16, 70, 74, 89, 92-33B

Mitt Romney: "I can always say they lied to me." 16, 18, 20-44, 33B, 16‚Äč

Ann Romney: "Dallas Police say she's not with them. I want her to play with [a DA's name] only." 16, 28

Debbie: "Winston tortures me again if I call out the wrong number when he's torturing me. Did you call them, Ann, or are you listening to lies in the air again? They call that nonsense MK-CHATTER."

Oprah Winfrey: "All I see is crazy running around with them." 92-33L, 28, 74 "I made your virgin evil." 10 "Use the bees, so we can make her mental." 33B, 33L

Relay: "Troublemakers hit first. That's ugliness bragging about destroying good people just because you can't compete against their lifestyle."

Ann Romney: "JUST LET GO OF THE POLICE!" 28, 18, 33L

Mitt Romney: "Now I got the police because you wouldn't let go." 16

Relay: "How unfortuante you feel you gotta hurt someone to win."

Ann Romney: " I SAID NO POLICE!" 18, 70-74

Oprah Winfrey: "I said hit her hard and his name is next."

Ann Romney: "I'll blow the White House up if you don't do what I say. The police belong to the Romneys."

Debbie: "The day Bush Jr was elected (2000), those devils tried to kill me. I sent blood evidence to the FBI. Now they're dragging it out in the form of torture for this one's cost to win."

Mueller: "I run Debbie's website, not her black ass."

Dallas Police: "We never talked to Romney about you and the website. She didn't get that from us."

Debbie: "They hear lies and fail to verify. They just strike, as if they were puppets of Israel and often, it's a set-up."

George Bush Sr. via radio: "You can go to the police again."

Debbie: "Verify source. They go off on me for the least little thing."

Mueller: "She's 50% Police and 50% Mueller and she's not a racist or your hand!."

Relay: "Bush Sr."

Ann Romney: "I SAID NO POLICE!" 28, 28 "Or I'll tell everyone you're crazy." 16, 16 "She didn't answer me." 92-28

Winston: "If you know there is an answer, you already got it through espionage. She doesn't want to get beat up again."

Oprah Winfrey: "Now I can take her off the internet with my police or I'll hold them. No peach [Patterson, CA]." 1720 hrs 10/24/12

Valley Ranch Library BF in car blue on the corner is playing with Mexicans and their child in car blue on aisle JA6. Time 1500 hrs 10/26/12 94

Mitt Romney: "I'll knock out all your teeth for [Halle Berry]."

Mueller: "BFs saying they're your husband's wife is fascist. No calling criminal assault weak. They rub that in her face everywhere. That cart isn't flexible anymore."

Halle Berry: "I'll use my feet." 92-16, 73-Oprah for 84 and laser.

Relay: "This one has always been on Debbie's case."

BF in 350 used to be in 349: "I told you to mind me or I'll go south. I don't want her first with them. He's my defense or this [torture]. Don't scream when I do that [aggravated assaults]."

BF on the train with a ponytail: ""I'd rather ail her than see her sticks."

Relay: "Another trial, Julius? Ephesians 2.2 You knew that one."

BF DART Police at LBJ/Central Station: "I get everything I want. You haven't got a prayer if I get up" is jealousy. "You can't get up" was said as she moved closer towards me. Then the BF voice on the radio said: "12" as she moved in a northerly direction. At that station on 10/25 a freak storm blew up! This is Goose.

BF on the train with a salad: "I think she overstepped her authority ... I'm not going to let him inside. That's why I said no 25 .... I told everybody she's just a crank wiith that sign and card. Most of them beliueve me. I said no notice[ing her]. Don't put me on. I own the DSART Police. I get my way or another plane crash. She's crank. That's what I told the DART Police. I get people to complain and you're gone. No heavy [a cipher decoded: tons-elephant-republican-R words mean real-thus no heavy means no real]." 62

WM in front of me with a blindman's cane: "I'm so embaressed she used them [in a private one-on-one conversation in which he wasn't there]. I'll knock you down [with black females opening false cases on you (was a physical assistant)]."

BF in a brown sweater isn't him: "They know you're an imitation of them."

Relay: "Nothing new in 2 Peter 2.10 land."

Jilted: "Don't start with me."

350F: "This is my hotel, too. He likes my sticks. That's why he left."

350M: "I'm glad I did."

Debbie: "No! You can't have my rabbit!"

Bush: "No breakin up Misook. This is Los Angeles. You'll see my foot."

Relay: "To Bush LA is a cipher for black females that reproduce out of wedlock for attention that are damn mean about it, especially to those of us who couple."

Condi Rice: "I'll chill her before noon." 10, 25, 47

Winston: "Take Condi Rice out!" 92-28, 92-16

Bush: "I can't call Debbie."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'm stirring up trouble in LAPD, so I can take Steve. I said no protecting her skin or soft." 28

Clown: "All I have to do is talk about your oleh and he comes right to me." 28,47

Danny: "Why are good people being tortured so this filth can get up?"

Me: "Little Sister is a crook."

350F: "I'm going to kill you. Oxygen will take care of you ...I'll tell the police you called me a n...." 28

350M: "Never 7 if you don't sdhare witn me. I don't think she's the White House."

350F: "Don't let her up until tomorrow morning for calling the DART Police." 47, 92-16

Racist: "I have to get her back for telling on Mozambique. See Definitions.

308: "That's why we don't want them, Mam. Our lives are put on hold while devilry rampages through ours is terrorism and all that eventually becomes a monopoly, hence this coup."

Librarian VR: "I'll kill her tomorrow."



To be continued in Gestapo. Oh, I mean Disgruntled"