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How to make $ using or killing your children or other family members



DoD/Bush engineering wealth for Blacks to appease and stop all out war on whites.

Is this a bribe not to abort them?

We caught her praying to Pie.


How many of these were "no happiness"?

Go to North Carolina and enter this code: dN9EfauHxow


is an attempt to overthrow us!

The cops are targets because of Debbie's background.

They have to spoil everything. Is that crystal clear enough for you?

Name Games (NG) are Bones raising blacks outside the law!

Protests are veiled terrorism like Elian Gonzales, a show of strength as an intimidation tool

[standing troops/Article 1, Section 10/110th Street Harlem]

Narcisstic mothers often have male children that feel compelled to try to commit and some succeed at suicide by cop to finally get their mother's love/approval" It's a sick thing many whites and orientals suffer from too.

All these families are racketeering with Defense.

(mainly because it's a strain to raise a mentally ill child*)

Cities will follow the names and then the amounts


Aaron Campbell-Portland: $1.2 million*


Another date came up on this one: 1-29-10

Abraham Ortiz-Palm Springs, CA


Age 26


1330 hrs

Extremely obnoxious behaviors outside

a Rite Aid store.

Struggle ensued with police and man shot.

It was reported he had a weapon, but

not confirmed by PD.

Adam Toledo - Chicago, IL


13 year old with bad timing

Robin Reuben

Eric Stillman, Police officer who shot him

Adeema Ortiz

Lori Lightfoot dubbed

7th grader

Verify both for timing like FBI sniper on Mrs. Weaver


Aiyana Stanley Jones-Detroit

Right place wrong time, timing is a knack with DIA!


Akai Gurley-New York


Albert Davis-Orlando, FL

Police called to break up 5 men brawling

When taser didn't work, someone was shot.

That stopped the wild.

Alfred Olango-El Cajon, CA


Age 28


Ugandan Refugee

PD called about a mentally ill person walking in traffic looking for a police officer to do him in.

Failure to obey police commands to remove hand from pocket.

He was taking his last breaths, knowing to do so with the E-cigarette would make his family rich. Imagine his last thoughts or was he just obedient to the satellite?

Quick Draw beat him to the pretend

Unruly crowds protest and want the police to be shrinks when it comes to pre-diagnosing these loose, wandering about the city persons.

Officer will not be charged.

Allen Craig Williams-Greenville, SC


Struck from behind by a Greenville County Moke

Not a true story"

Alonzo Ashley-Denver


Alonzo Smith-Washington D.C.


Handcuffed and died: Lasers?

Alton Sterling-Baton Rouge, LA


Age 37

This is a hate crime to New Jersey Debbie.


Alvin Hayes-San Bruno, CA


Died in jail during a search.

Refused to give over an envelope and confrontation ensued.

Died on 2-5-15


Amadou Diallo-New York: $3.0*



Andre Larone Murphy Sr.-Norfolk, NE



Police called to Super 8 Motel on Andre

There was a struggle, naturally"

Tased and then died shortly thereafter.


Andrew Brown Jr. - Elizabeth City, NC


42 year old felon being served with a warrant

Body cam clandestine (means not dead)


Brown after his pretend death: "I don't want the money. I don't want anything."

5/3/21 Funeral

Now its a big deal killing unlawful black men resisting arrest!

Look for this next big wave of protest.

Monte Freeman - Purple tie

Andy Lopez-Santa Rosa CA


Family racketeering

Angel Torres, Jr. - Phoenix, AZ


Age 25

Refused to leave ex-girlfriend's home and was "armed"

with a fake BB gun.

Shot by police.

Anthony Ashford-San Diego, CA


Got caught

Age 29

Seen by police looking into cars on Nimitz Blvd.

Escorted by security from Holiday Inn.

Tasered by cops and when he reached game"

Point Loma

Anthony Cowart - was Omar Shariff

Anthony Harris - Daytona Beach, FL


Hit in chest, yet screams as if not hit.

Needs to be taught how to scream as if dying.

Another stupid kid.

Anthony Hill-Atlanta (Chamblee)

3-10-15** 3-09-15

This guy stripped naked and knocked on doors at an apt. complex.

He ignored the cops command to stop when he ran towards them.


Robert Olson charged for murder.

Anthony Nunez-San Jose, CA


Age 18

1651 hrs


Family member calls the police about "teen despondent."

He grazed his head during attempted suicide.

Police try to talk him into surrendering - 14 min.

When he turns gun towards the officers, two officers with rifles

across the street take him out.

No prayer meetings after-the-fact when you could've stopped him.

Antoinette Brown -


Rigged to her family's favor using sonar dogs"

Antwon Whitlock - Clifton NJ

Antwon Whitlock - Clifton NJ


35 years old

Slashed police officer in the face at a

Howard Johnson's on Route 3

SWAT swarms like press

Clothing changes color

Askari Roberts-Roma, GA


Wife fears for sons life as this man exhibits paranoid delusions.

However, in all fairness, his fears may be true.

The police come and taser him 2-3 times.

Then he died.


Asshams Manley-Spauldings, MD

8-6-15** also 8-14-15

Age 30

Fled a car crash.

Three cops try to take him in:

1) Tasered him

2) Shot him.

3) Finally restrained him.

Died later. Not at the scene.

Charges possible.

Bernard Moore-Atlanta, GA

This guy decided to take a short-cut to work.

He crossed the highway and was hit by a police car.

Officer charged.

Echelon told deceased where to be to get hit/killed"

Bernard Wells III - San Diego, CA


Age 31

Brandished a gun


Billy Ray Davis-Houston, TX


Threatened the police, thus restrained.

Suddenly went unconscious, and then died.

Laser was from Clarence Thomas who wanted to help his family get lawsuit $.

Brandon D. Coles-Dimwiddie County, VA


Age 25

Got into an altercation with his brother, a sheriff's deputy.

Terrell L. Coles charged with 2nd degree murder and is

in jail without bond for conducting a deadly family feud.

Brandon Glen-Venice/Los Angeles, CA


Scuffling your ways to a lawsuit is only going to get yourselves shot.

Happy Hour is over, Sweethearts"

Brandon Jones-Cleveland, OH


The police catch this dear robbing a closed Parkwood store.


A scuffle ensued with the man holding a bag.

When he dropped it, they shot him.

Breonna Taylor - Louisville, KY

This one isn't dead either.


Search warrant #4

Orange dress 3x and O Magazine

Target: No Knock drug warrants

Kenneth Walker NG

Took 3 hits to open the door.

Bullets in Breonna not identified means not shot.

Walker calls his Mom? During a police event?

Springhill Drive NG

Brian Acton-Columbia, TN


Reported drunk, naked and att'd assault on a friend when the police captured him.


They subdued him and put him in cuffs.

He stopped breathing sounds like the tech knows how to do this one with the lasers"

Who made this one up?

Brian Day-Las Vegas, NV


Toy gun game 74

Bryan Overstreet-Sylvester, GA


Hit by a prepper from behind while waiting in the middle of the street for the cops to make him dead, famous and rich, in that order.

Brian Pickett-Los Angeles, CA


This guy's Mom calls the police after he makes a threat.

He charges them and gets what he wants.

Taser stopped his breathing.

EMT arrived and pronounced him dead at the scene.

74 Pix

Calvin Reid-Coconut Creek, FL



Found "injured" by the police in a gated retirement community (?)

He appeared to be "agitated and combative"

Hit 3 times with taser and went into cardiac arrest.

M.E. said died from electrocution.

Police chief retired.

Why was he there?

Carlos Alcis-New York: $10


Carnell Snell - Los Angeles, CA


Age 18

This dear jumped from the backseat and made a run for it.

Armed and dangerous, he had second thoughts.

Turned towards police with a semi-automatic pistol.

Video verifies it.

Quick Draw sees your tax dollars working.

Vehicle he ran from was a possible stolen car.

Cedrick Chatman - Cincinnatti, OH


1346 hrs.

Age 17

75th Street near Jeffrey

Silver Dodge Charger (pre-med)


Turned with black IPhone box in hand"

"It's a terrible thing they are doing to our police officers."

Cesar Garcia-Los Angeles, CA


Age 20

Location of shooting 74

Shot in head while riding his bike.

Shooter ran down an alley and was never caught.

Chandra Weaver-Kansas City, MO


Looked for a crash and got it"

Very violent some of these playas

Charly Leundeu "Africa" Keunang-Los Angeles, CA

This man was shot five times after 4-5 police officers tried to subdue him.

When he grabbed for one of their guns, it got ugly.

Usu. does!

Background of pix 74

Chavis Carter-Jonesboro, AR



Christian Taylor-Yeah right!.


[My brother's birthday].

Bush Sr.'s machine

Christopher Kimble-E. Cleveland

10-3-15 [Carson marker on him]

Kimble/Kimball HS or a Fugitive message on 22 years"

Described as a dufus for walking in front of a police car


Clint Corvinus-Alamogordo, NM


Shot and killed during a police pursuit following a traffic stop"

Clinton Allen-Dallas


Colby Friday-Stockton, CA


Age 30

Wanted for an armed robbery. Seen running with a pistol in hand.

When the chase ended, he refused to comply with Police officer's orders, he was shot.

Some press say the story changed 3 times.

Encoded in the story, it seems satellites and lasers, force people to change.

Also leaked was it had a Bush Sr. Ultra connection.

Possibly another suicide by cop for $.

Cornelius Brown-Opa-Locka, FL


Looking for a way to collect $ after death"

Terrorized the police and ignored their commands

Dahir Ahmed Adan-St. Cloud, MN


Age 20-22

Went to the mall and stabbed 10 people before shot and killed

by an off-duty police officer. How convenient!


FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation

Crossroads Center is 74

Bush Sr. echelon"

Dalvin Hollins-Tempe, AZ


Age 19

Another one"

This one has repetitive Oprah echo, keyboard sabo and face lasers.

While in pursuit of a robbery suspect, this kid magically appears.

You can find this tactic in here.

Pix given to the press "Rainers" is hatemail"


Family 55"

Daniel Enrique Perez-Los Angeles, CA


Age 16

This is a sad story of a teen who didn't want to traumatize his family anymore.

So, he calls the PD and reports a "man with a gun" that fits his description.

Then he goes to where he said that man was.

Waits for the PD and after covering the orange tip of a

Replica gun turns and points at the police who responded.

Twenty minutes later, he's dead. 48th and Ascot is that one"

Police identified him by the cellphone he called from.

He left a "farewell" note to his family.

Danroy Henry-Mount Pleasant, NY

Killed him specifically to get $ for his family.

Many are doing that!

Another location on him: Thornwood, NY

on 10-17-10 [means no Genesis 2.25 or no 2 Timothy 2.5 is

hatemail from Oprah Winfrey"

Dante Parker-Riverside County, CA

8-12-14 [FMO]

Dante Price-Dayton


Darnell Thomas Wicker-Louisville, KY Lawsuit filed


Age 57 (Ready to go)

Girlie friend calls the police: Lights! Camera! Action!

Lawnmower Beagle

Refused to drop a tree saw and knife on command.

Bad beagle.


Darnell Army Hospital

Darius Wimberly- Benton Harbor, MI


Age 28

0215 hrs

PD called in about gun pointed in a home.


Shoots at responders"

The rest is fatal"

Darrell Brown-Hagerstown, MD


Police called in about a break-in.

Suspect approached and he took an "aggressive stance moving toward them."

Taser used until he was stopped.

Now, unresponsive.

Died in hospital the next morning.


Darrell Gatewood-OKC, OK


Black Lives Matter marched here in July 2016

Another case of "I wanna die. Please shoot me."

This man was seen breaking things and fighting with the "air."

Then he fought the police.

Tasers caused a heart attack.

Died at the hospital.

Did someone step forward to file a suit?

Lasers can stop your heart and breathing.

Darrien Hunt-Saratoga Springs, FL

Darrius Pinex-Chicago, IL $2.4 million


Age 27

1100 Wesy Marquette Road


0130 hrs

Description of a previous vehicle match could have been pre-med to set this up"

Darrius Stewart-Memphis, TN


Pulled over for a busted tail light

Outstanding warrants made him nervous and he fought the police when the handcuffs came out.Hit the police officer with cuffs.

This is called "playful" by ONI techie lingo

Darius Wimberly-Benton Harbor, MI


Age 28

0215 hrs

74, 55"

Michigan State Police investigating

Police dispatched to Pavone Street.

Family says "no one called the police."

The let police come and check out the home.

Cops turn and begin to leave when Darius comes up shooting.

And so...

David Felix-New York, NY


This resident of a group home struggled with police and was shot;

however no news exists on him.

It must be a false flag"

See same name in Felix Kumi

Dayten Ernest Harper-Baltimore MD


Age 33

2115 hrs

An AR-15-Style gun can pierce police armor

Police called out for "shots fired"

Another one shot at plainclothed officers.

Of course he knew - Repeats offences"

He didn't follow police procedures. We cannot cheat the ones who do"

De'Angelo Stallworth-Jacksonville, FL


Very successful at getting himself killed, but Happy Hour is over (74). And unsuccessful for that hatemail you sent to Debbie"

DeAunta Terrell Farrow-West Memphis, AR: $250

12 year old that just graduated from 6th grade



Carrying a toy gun

Deborah Danner-New York


Age 66


Engineered by Bush and Oprah to get at his initials.

Deion Fludd-New York

7-12-13 died from injuries

5-5-13 hit by subway train running from NYPD

DeJuan Graham-Silver Spring, MD


Unsuccessful lawsuit"

Stop wasting desperate jerks, George.

Thanks for assaulting a police officer. He was a bad guy, too.

Demarco Newman-Palm Bay, FL


Age 43

Husband and wife duke it out and she calls PD.

She barricades herself in bathroom as he tries to break in and get at her.

Three hours later she's shot multiple times and fading out.

Using a robot, the police make a rescue.

Needless to say, saving the hubby was not achieved.

I was told it was Bush Sr.Loki in him!

Demetrius Mac & Daniel Lee Moore (brothers)-Colorado Springs, CO


Ages 40 and 32

2300 hrs


Shot and killed a woman and caught by PD

Didn't want to give up, so...

Both dead because of Bush Sr. Loki

Another account says Daniel Lee in jail.


Denzel Brown-Bayshore, NY


Age 21

Caught shoplifting in a Best Buy 74

Fled and hid in a parking lot.

Tried to steal a car to escape.

Chose one with children in the back.

Shot by the police.

Deontre Dorsey-White Plains, MD

This man hit a tree with his car on the medium.

Witnesses called 911 because he was "flopping like a fish."

Apparantly, having a seizure, the EMT arrived.

Apparantly, not.

The police told him to put his hands behind his back.

Instead he grabbed for the EMT's leg, stood up and ignored the police.

They tasered him, handcuffed him and put him in police car.

Then he died.

Derek Love-Chicago, IL


Age 50

Walking home through a park after visiting with his Mom.

PD got a call about an "erratic" man in the park.

When found he was on the cellphone talking to Fee"

They asked him to speak to them.

He pulled a gun out of his backpack and started firing.

One of the officers, a 17 year veteran, was shot and returned fire.

Derrick Jones-Oakland, CA-$225K*


[Travis AFB]

Derek Williams-Milwaukee

Different names: Also under Derek Walker


Devon Martes-New Orleans, LA


Age 17

This young man left us a hint as to his motive:

"My momma, oh, how I love my momma."

2300 hrs

PD called into an area where "shiny objects being rolled near a warehouse."

(Decided by police not involved)

They observed above teen running around the building.

He pulled a 9mm handgun out twice towards one of the officers.

That's when he was shot.


I think Devon was saying this is our spirit (shiny) saving our poor mothers"

Dominic Rollice-Tahlequah, OK


Age 49


Dominick Wise-Culpeper, VA


Got what he wanted

Seen by police walking in circles in middle of street, erractically.

Police chase him in an effort to find out his problem.

Got to the point he was tased a number of times.

Dying stopped him.

Donald Ivy-Albany, NY


Officers questioning a paranoid schizophrenic with a heart condition.

He fled them down Second Street

The taser didn't stop him?

They caught up with him and cuffed him.

CPR attempted when he stopped breathing.

Died in the hospital.

Donnell Thompson, Jr.-Los Angeles, CA Lawsuit penalty


Age 27

This was a pre-meditated echelon kill by Loki.


Young man did not respond to officer's commands, isn't innocent.

Maybe he's innocent of carjacking, but Opportune takes advantage of

other situations and plays the fears of the police. This time is was

fears of sheriff's deputies"

Hiding his hands from the view is also suspicious of "suicides by cop"

No games, Fee. Why don't you work on getting my rent down?

Duante Wright - Brooklyn Center, MN


Accidentally killed during a traffic stop by po Kim Potter

Tim Gannon

Diamond Write in purple

Victim looks like my brother-in-law

Aubrey Wright

Donta Gurrell Taylor-Compton, CA


Age 31

Shot by sheriff's deputies during a chase which they believed

he pointed a gun at them.

No gun has been found, but others were in the area.

Dontre Hamilton-Milwaukee


Shot 14 times

Dwayne Jeune - Brooklyn NY Lawsuit for $20 million pending


Mother made the 911 call from her 5th floor apartment in Flatbush.

Schizophrenic child in his thirties charged police officer with a 14" knife

and got himself killed after two stun guns shots failed to stop him.


12:20 is four o'clock marker

Family using Hank Newsome BLM/55

Earl Murray-Berkeley


A small time hustler palsie walsie with Ramarley

Earl Shaleek Pickney-Harisburg, PA


Bush is a monster to do this to them!..

Age 20

Kim Thomas is going to prison.


Stupid kid set himself up in courts.

Edward Strother- Fort Myers, FL


Age 53

This poor fool nearly hit a deputy working an accident.

Pursuit follows. Then, fool attempts an attack on deputy.

When he fails to stop, bystander shoots him.

I think this one was being psyched up for a "suicide by cop."

Elias Portillo-


Age 36

Ran from a traffic stop: License plates didn't match

Pointed a gun at the officer and BAM!.


Police officer is a 19 year veteran.

Bush Sr. admits to this one.

Eric Garner/Gardener isn't dead!!

But they say he is: 7-17-14

7-17 is a common date in my life and that of Reagan's

Eric Harris-Tulsa, OK


Age 44

Not related to Dillion Klebold of Colmubine fame.

This clever fella sold a gun to an undercover police officer working a sting.

So, he took off a runnin' and was shot by a part-time deputy.

Deputy Bates was charged and convicted of 2nd degree murder

and sentenced to 4 years in prison.

He might have been set up - 27

Details espionage to research authority

Erickson Gomez Brito-New York


Age 21

1330 hrs

89 and 84

Eric Ortega Soto-Hayward, CA


Age 36

Ervin Jefferson-DeKalb County, GA (Atlanta) $2m

Security guards


Ezel Ford-Florence section of Los Angeles

8-11-14 and 8-12-14 [55]

Two police officers will not be charged 1/25/17

Felix Kumi-NYC

8/28/15 (I have a Dream speech)

Age 61 was ready to find $ for his fam, so he stood

behind a suspect during a sting and ...74"

Have another name for him: Kumani

Newsday reports: 45 cal. replica used by BM in front of him.

Not luck of the Irish his timing.

"Just happened to be behind the wrong one is a felony"

Francisco Villareal-Bakersfield, CA


Age 37

Killed by police after shooting at them on

Felix Drive.

The chase began when he refused to comply with a traffic stop"

Pronounced dead at the scene" 3 others captured"

Frank Shephard III-Houston, TX


Age 41

Police tried to stop his vehicle for "suspicious activity."

He exited the vehicle and then went back in by bending over and reaching inside.

This was too scary, so the police fired on him and killed him.

They're teaching each other how to die.

Fred Bradford, Jr. - Dallas, TX


2245 hrs this dear was observed by police reaching into parked cars

I wonder who would leave their car windows down in this area (1600 block of MLK)?

Was this a set-up?

Two police officers give him chase: one on foot and one in squad car.

Bradford tries to peddle an escape on a bike.

Bryan Burgess, 27 years old at the time, (a moke) the officer that hit him when Fred pulled in front of pc was charged, fired and recently acquitted.

"All he had to do is stop fleeing."

I think what Investigator Lahoda said was right, but he wasn't there.

What's 8 minutes compared to two hours for Graham Dyer?

I think he used poor judgment and shouldn't get his job back. That was tailgaiting"

And I think bringing charges may have been showboating. Giving him back pay to the moment he was acquitted and cut him loose.

A lot depends on his record with Dallas Police.

Freddie Gray (Kelley)-Baltimore: (27-FMO) $6.4

Had to wait on the right name to come before it could work"

DOJ imposes more oversight and training for police


This means a run on our cities!

After a death is engineered, the city must pay out huge sums of $ and this becomes protection from future incidences being engineered, unless you're a big stubborn city like New York"

Gavin Cato (and cousin Angela Cato)


He could be innocent. That happens too.

George Floyd - Minneapolis MN


Was not killed. He did not die.

His real name is Floyd Jones

The whole thing was a joke to get at "qualified immunity and use of force without killing their own.

George Mann-Stonewall, GA


Was locked up in a garage to hold him until the police came

by a Stone Mountain home owner.

When he was tasered, he died.

I think this is fake.

Gilbert Vega-Palm Springs, CA


Age 63


Gold Spa - Atlanta, GA

A Kamala Harris and Bottoms Production"


Fake as filth can be".


Graham Dyer - Mesquite TX


Age 18

High on LSD making trouble at a middle school.

Parents lived in Paris, TX

5 officers unable to subdue him.

Witness says he ran himself head-on into a door.

Taser used repeatedly to calm his wild behavior in back of police car.

Police waited two hours before calling ambulance.

Parents sued to get police records instead of calling their congressman. I suspect this is fake news.

He was 5'4" tall, seems a little small for a boy that age.

Died the next day of brain injury.

Gregory Frazier-Pompano Beach, FL


Age 56

This bad boy pulled a knife of deputies called in by

Deborah Frazier during a domestic disturbance.

He was not sitting in his backyard eating chicken wings when killed"

He was in lunging distance when quick draw beat him to it"


Heather H. - Charlottesville VA


Murderer was FUBU ULTRA GEMS #4

Messenging with Ferguson Riot date

Black 74

Jai "Jerry" Lateef Solveig Williams - Asheville, NC


Age 35

Failed to honor a police request.

Shot on the way into Deaverview Apartments .

What did this punk expect from an AR-15 rifle?

74 and NGs in news story

Jamar Clark-Minneapolis, MN


Age 24

The wiggle, wiggle grab"

James Brisette-New Orleans


Six days after Hurricane Katrina

on Danziger Bridge

James Carney III-Cinn, OH


Killed by the police during an assault of a woman in a car at ATM

Good timing on the cop's part"

Jaqwan J. Terry-Raleigh, NC


Age 24

Exchange of gunfire resulted in his death.


Under investigation

Jawari Porter-Cinn, OH


Age 25

Appears to have had serious echelon intrusions in his life

Indecency in public is Bush Sr. loki

Robbed a Kroger and attacked an officer with a knife. He fired in self-defense"


Sometimes they think they don't deserve the breaks they get and hear Oprah, the consoler and maker of weak ways of getting out of life"..

)In case you were wondering

Jason Brooks-E. St. Louis, IL


Age 41

Another one"


Jason Moland-Ceres, CA


Pix left hand 74

Approached a couple in a park with a BB gun.

Male in couple off-duty police.

Guess what happened.

Jason Scott Ramirez-Douglas, WY


Age 44

US Marshalls attempted to arrest "fugitive" at a funeral.

He failed to cooperate, and so...

Dates and times don't match. Maybe fake"


Jeffrey Cornell Tyson-Indianapolis, IN

Not a true story

Jeremy "Antwan" Tallahassee, FL


Age 28

Police called to a burglary at an apt. complex

Physical confrontation ensued in a rainstorm

Officer says taser shocked him, not Jeremy and when latter pins him down, officer shoots him.

The deceased's pastor's name is Calvin Hawkins.


Jermaine Benjamin-Vero Beach, FL


Same place the pilots were trained for 9-Eleven.

Officer put his knee on back of neck while cuffing.

Died at the scene.

Most people would stop struggling!!! Still dangerous to do to someone.

74 My cousin lives here

Jersey Green-No listing

Jesse James Romero-Los Angeles, CA


Age 14 and already a loser said Michael"

Chavez's corner" 74

Police called about vandalism suspects in area

The chase was on and a witness saw one shoot at officers"

North Breed Street is none of my business"

Handgun found loaded after the shooting"

Jessica Hernandez-Denver, CO


Age 17

Shot by police for hitting one in the leg with a car

Persons in car varies per story

6/6/15 District Attorney clears police of wrongdoing.

      Ryan Ronquillo-Denver, CO

      Age 20

      Dates don't match, but supposedly tried to hit police during her funeral.

      And was killed.

Jesus Armando Carillo-Mesa, AZ


Age 22

Shot when believed to be reaching.


Jesus Rael-Tucson, AZ


Age 31

What a blaze this one left, but I doubt its authenticity"


John Campbell-Sparta, NJ

No photo to verify

Johnnie Kmahi Warren-Dothan, AL

Found 2-15-12 and 12-10-12

Randall Kerrick shot him 10 times and it took 2 juries to


Jon McDonald-Dallas, TX $615K


34 years old

Held down too hard by Dallas Police

Mentally ill cowboy from car accident

Jonathan Ferrell-Bradfield Farms, NC


Jordan Baker-Houston-Suit filed by mother


Age 26

Mother Janet says police profiled him as a criminal in a hoodie, while profiling the white police officer that dealt with his games.

Police found this college student looking into car windows.

Stopped for questions, struggled and ran. Then he did a scary thing with his pants.

No indictments handed down on 12/23/14.

Jordan Edwards - Balch Springs, TX


Age 15

In a car that was shot at by a police officer when the driver refused to stop.

Officer Roy Oliver,38, was fired and charged in May and recently indicted by a grand jury.

A backfiring car in a nursing home nearby (Timing) led him to believe shots were fired at a party they were called to investigate.


Very wrong to fire into a vehicle like that!

Oliver found guilty of murder - Sentenced to 15 years prison and $10K fine - 8/28/18

At least it wasn't for kicks like you bastards do to them"

Jordan Gonzales-Corpus Christie, TX


Age 23


Bush echelon pushed him"

Witnesses said he was randomly shooting at cars and hotel rooms.

Jorge Ceniceros-Phoenix, AZ


Age 22

Police spotted a suspicious vehicle at a park.

While checking it out, a man appeared out of the bushes,

apparently distraught and began punching one of the officers.

Broke his nose and tried to grab his gun.

With the aid of a detective, this bad boy was mortally wounded

leaving the scene in a downward, quick manner.


Wounded officer had 19 years experience as a p.o.

Jorge Moreno-Aguirre-Sparks, NV


Age 41

He didn't want to take his medicine."

Jose Raul Cruz-Farmer's Branch, TX


Age 16

Shot by off-duty, out of uniform Kenneth Johnson


Joseph Mann-Sacramento, CA Lawsuit filed


Age 50


Shot 14 times and police spoke on other ways to stop him.

Said to be mentally ill. Where was his family?

0925 hrs two calls came into PD about street behaviors

Found meth in bloodstream

Had a knife in his hand and as usual was in the mood to stop cops

Joseph Moreno-Alamagordo, NM


Age 38

Led two police officers on a foot pursuit. Shot and killed one of them.

Three active warrants on him.

His mouth is tattooed over with a skeleton's mouth!

In and out of jail since 2001.

Charles found him for us"

Joshua Beal-Greenwood/Chicago, IL


Age 25

1500 hrs

Troublemaker trying to start something by refusing to unblock an emergency lane

Looks planned to incite rioting

Refused to drop his gun when told"

They talk them into these things, Mam.

Joshua Quintero-Los Angeles, CA


Age 23

Reports of a shooting victim in Florence brought the police.


Police chase him down an alley where Quick Draw

beat him to the punch when he pulled a gun from his waistband..

Jovany Martinez-Annadale, VA


Age 29

Another Bush Sr. jerk"

Deceased approached a police cruiser and it was perceived he was having a medical emergency of some sort"

The hospital later released him and put him at a bus stop to proceed home.

Then a call came in he was threatening people there.

Deputies arrived to see him swinging a metal sign post.

He went at one of them, but was said to have stepped back.

When ordered to put the post down, BAM! when he refused.

This time, he didn't come out of the hospital alive.

Still under investigation.

Lars didn't escape that one"

Juan Gabriel Torres-Las Cruses, NM


Age 36

Police called in about a truck theft and robbery

Dashcam and body cam ruled the shooting justifiable by DA


Suspect armed with a large hunting knife...

Bush should get credit for this one"

Juan Reynaldo Duran-Artesia, NM


Age 36

PD called in on "shots fired."

Found this boy holding two handguns.

He was shot by one of the officers.

New Mexico State Police investigating Misooki"

Junior Prosper-North Miami, FL


Ran from a crashed cab (his). The cops in pursuit.

When he hit the cop....

Left behind an expectant wife and 3 kids


Kajieme Powell-St. Louis


Keith Childress-Las Vegas


Keith Lamont Scott-Charlotte, NC


Age 43


Who steps out of a car holding a book?

Raykia Scott: "Don't you do it, Keith" is eluding to the $ for him doing suicide by cop"

Looting going on second day is communism"

Any relationship with Charlotte Oppenheim, Mam?

Keith McLeod-Reistertown, MD

9/23/15 (74)

Trying to get drugs with a fake prescriptions

When the police arrived, he was in the parking lot

74 that reach in the back and around the front"

Kelley Brandon Forte-Hamilton, OH


Age 34

Walked into a Walgreens and put a knife to the

pharmacist's throat demanding drugs and $.

Terrorized a woman nearby

Shot by the police for charging them with knife on video.

Looks like a suicide to me and 74/FMO.

Kendra McDade-Pasadena, CA


Shot 7 times

Kenneth Chamberlain-White Plains, NY: $21*


96: I said no Judges 5.12 twice in 1997"

Kenneth - FMO"

Kenneth Harding-San Francisco



Kenny Watkins- Los Angeles, CA


Age 18

Passenger came out of a green Honda and was shot.

Drive, pulled over by motorcycle police in south LA, on Century Blvd.,

took off running.

Two handguns recovered.

Teacher said: "They broke him having fun."

Kerryn Gaines-Randallstown, MD


Age 23

Raising a 5 year old child, but refused to be served.

Said so with a shotgun. Talk about postal....

Kevin Bajoie-Baton Rouge, LA


Age 31

Two men fighting was probably staged.

The laser got him at a nearby hospital after taser.

Kevin Judson-McMinnville, OR


24 year old surprised when killed trying to flee in a police car he tried to steal. See how easy that was!

Kevin Matthews-Dearborn, MI

12-23-15 [A no! message]

Also found 12-20-15

Parents said after the fact he was schizophrenic

Kimani Gray-New York

3-17-13, 3-9-13 and 3-19-13

L. Patrick Gray was Irish From 1972-73 he was the FBI director following Hoover's death at age 77. He was sworn in on 5-12-72"

Shot 11 times

King Soupers - Boulder, CO


Didn't happen like they said"


FMO with Atlanta crap"

Kiwane Carrington-Champaign, IL: $424 thousand*


Date my father died in 1994.

Kris Jackson-South Lake Tahoe, CA


Age 22

Police called to the home of a domestic disturbance.

Shot while trying to escape through a window.

The female caller may have set him up for fame.

Kyam Livingston-Brooklyn

Dyann McDonough describes her

7-21-12 [Lec of my inlaws in Irving]

Lacy Pickens III-Asheville, NC


Age 27


2305 hrs

Died on 7-12-06

Shot once by police fearing a second charge/ram with his vehicle.

See Pedro, CA below when it comes to hitting people with trucks etc.

Is it a coincidence, Lacey became DA of Los Angeles County and sabotaged me in 2014?

Lafayette Evans-Fort Madison, IA


Age 37

Couldn't find this one in LA

Running from a bank robbery with cash,

This one shoots at approaching Nashville, TN PD, hits their car.

And so....

74 the fake ones: The day before, Sherman Evans in DC

LaShonda Ruth Belk-West End, NC

Age 25

Written as if this was a guy.

Ran from a traffic stop in vehicle. Cops hot on her heels.

She loses control and hits a tree killing self and passenger, Gregory Harris.

Lamontez Jones-San Diego, CA


Caused a disturbance and then aimed a toy gun at police ...

Another gam looking for $

LaToya Denise James - Woodbine, GA


See Breonna Taylor

Leslie Sapp III-Knoxville, PA


Marshals try to execute a warrant that may have been false:

A Pittsburg 5th grader alleges she was seduced and raped by Leslie.

Age 47

He was shot and killed for pointing a gun.

74: Redlyn Street address scene of the event: 4 gunshot wounds: Means possibly set up by the girl.

Leroy Browning-Palmdale, CA


Stopped for DUIand fled

Bear hugged deputies and went for their gun...

That never ends nicely!

Levonia "Daddyman" Riggins-Tampa, FL


Age 22


Refused to comply during a narcotics warrant.

Caleb Johnson shot him when found in a bedroom

after telling him to leave the house"

Loronzo Hayes-Spokane, WA


Tried to kick his way out of a police car while handcuffed.

Using his back feet he tried to escape thru back window.

Died in booking area, after uncuffed, he resisted again.

Not a successful lawsuit game.

M'A Khia Bryant - Columbus OH


16 year old with a knife lunging

Most of players wearing pink

Ciphers and personal markers

Bryant's is a common one as is the initials MK


Malcolm Ferguson-New York: $10.5*

3-7-00 and 3-1-00

Manuel Loggins Jr.-Orange County, CA: $4.4*


This date means no 7-12

Mario Martinez Torres-Wapoto, WA

8-1-16 and 7-21-16**

Age 38

2015 hrs. Police respond to girlfriend calling them.

Scuffle with bad boy and two officers in the bathroom got the boyfriend popped

when pushing and shoving turned into grabbing for his gun.

DOJ looking into this one, but it appears to be fakes to me. NG and 74

Markell Lamarr Bivins-Cedar Rapids, IA


Age 25


Bush violated the 3rd - best case scenerio is bull"

History of violence in family.

Baby's Daddy stabbed Baby's Mommy, who is expected to live.

Police called for domestic disturbance

Markus Clark-Fort Lauderdale, FL

5-21-15 [Whose birthday?]

Police called to robbery at Exxon gas station.

Seen fighting with a clerk

Deputies jumped into the scuffle.

He died at the hospital"

He will not be allowed to sue this city"

Martin Scott III - Collin County TX


Died in Space

26 year old

Arrested for marjuana poss. misdemeanor

Matthew Ajibade-Savannah, GA


Girlfriend calls police to have bipolar Matt taken away.

Should have called county.

Thus, he was arrested and placed in a restraining chair,

where he died for struggling.

Deputies Kenny & Evans convicted of cruelty to an in, public records fraud and 3 counts of perjury "for killing him."

Kenny sentenced to 1 year in jail served on weekends and 3 years probation. Evans rec'd 6 years probation.


McKenzie Cochran-Southfield, MI

1-30-14 and 1-28-14

[FDR was born on this date and it was he who said let's do Judges 5.12 with me and an oriental male].

Michael Brown-Ferguson, MO


Michael Cordero-NYC Harlem

26 year old

Shot in the hip pulling out wallet as if a gun:

Not a normal position to take.

Giving an impression is 70

So, you're mad he didn't get killed?

Michael Lee Marshall-Denver, CO

Died after being restrained by 3 officers

Gee! That happened to me in Irving 1998.

(2 men and 1 woman)


Michael Sabbie-Texarkana, TX


Sprayed with a chemical while in jail.


Under investigation

Miguel Espinoza-Yonkers, NY


NGs with city = My Fist is these games with these people"

During traffic stop, ran away

Brother's name Justin Juble is NG

Michelle Lee Shirley/WV-Torrence, CA



Age 39

Refused to stop and then rammed police cars.

See Abraham Ortiz-99 this match"

Moses Ruben-Ennis, TX


Age 36

Driving without a license and warrants outstanding

Crashed his vehicle into a patrol car fleeing a traffic stop.

Under investigation by Texas Rangers


Naeschylus Vinzant-Aurora, CO


This man was in violation of parole.

SWAT attempted to arrest him.

That's when things went bad"

But, hey! Not a real story!

Natasha McKenna-Fairfax, VA


Stun gun used on this lady who was determined schizophrenic and "refused to comply" and resisted transport to Alexandria to face charges.

Grooming in picture doesn't appear schizo-affected.

Nathan DeSai-Texas


Age 46

Native of India

Neo-nazi freak was Oprah's hate mail to Debbie"


Visted his father before shooting spree.

I think lawyer's woes created by the DoD to trigger this"


9-17-16 Another foreigner stabbed 17 at a mall in Minnesota: What's the difference?

Nathaniel Pickett-Barstow, CA

11-19-15 NG


Nehemiah Lazar Dillard-Alachua County, FL


Nicholas Glenn-Philadelphia, PA


Age 25

Troubled youth taken in by a foster parent.

Drug-related arrests was found in an alley with a note

In his pocket saying "doomed people."


Killed one woman, wounded three and shot two police officers

with a Ruger before they shot him back.

All toll, he fired at people with intent to "hurt" 51 times

This one triggered by AG Loretta Lynch.

Nicholas Thomas-Atlanta, GA


Worked as a mechanic, but the police there disturbed him.

Rightly so, they had come to serve a warrant on him.

So, he hops in a car hoping not to be noticed and drives around and around the business.

The cops shoot him for trying to escape..


Noel Palanco-New York: $2.5*


Norman Cooper-San Antonio, TX


Police called to family disturbance.

Norman appears to be on a narcotic.

Uncooperative" got him taser.

He pulled the probes out and was taser again.

Didn't immediately die. There was a short space of time.

Died at the scene.

Family suing"

Nuwnah LaRoche-Ridgefield, NJ


Age 35

Her and her boyfriend killed by police cruiser is timing.

She's from Queens. He's from Brooklyn.

His pix 74

Costco Truck in vicinity is hatemail"

That's why pedestrians are forbidden on highways & turnpikes

Omar Gonzales-Los Angeles, CA


Age 36 (Suspicious)


Atwood, Atwell, Lee Atwater"

Stealing cars is a dangerous line of work, despite the thrill"

Omar Ismail Ali- Unable to find


Age 27

Oscar Grant-Oakland: $2.8*


Orlando Barlow-Las Vegas



Orville Edwards-Brooklyn, NY


Age 39

Police called about a burglary, not a home invasion?

This criminal escaped through a third floor window and down the fire escape,

hopping over a fence and right into more police gathering around the area.

One of them tried to knock the gun from his hand, but quick draw came

at him in the next breath when the gun didn't fly from grasp"

Assisted by another quick draw also there"

Ousmane Zongo-New York: $3.0*


Matching numbers means No! real/22"

Paul O" Neal-Chicago, IL


Age 18

This one was fake.. Just a leak to someone in the field"

Patrick Dorismond-New York: $2.25*


Grabbed policeman's gun and shot self

Oops! I bet he was trying to shoot the cop"

Quintoniola LaGrier -Chicago

2015, Age 19

No wonder he killed himself

Officer will not be charged says the FBI, Illinois State Police and County agency investigating him.

Paterson Brown-Richmond, VA


Tried to steal a police officer's car at a car wash.

When police identified himself and said exit the vehicle, this

sweetie made a sudden movement and ....

Pedro Erik Villanova - Fullerton, CA


Age 19

Have you been hit by a truck going less than a mile?

And I was in a crosswalk, too!

He was in the middle lane, not the right one.

All the traffic had stopped when I entered the road at the crosswalk.

Att'd to charge CHP in an unmarked vehicle during truck games in a parking lot"

Pedro Montanez-Indio, CA


Age 71

Under investigation

Police called about a man wielding a knife at people

He must have gotten fed up and was looking for a way out..

because that's what he got!

Philando Castile (NG) - Minneapolis, MN

Geronimo Yanez, was acquitted.

Stop reaching, Boyfirends!

Philip White-Vineland, NJ


When cops approach this screaming meme, they have no idea

what his problem is.

He goes unconscious when they captured him and he gets what he wanted.

The NAACP gets to them first.

Prince Jones-Fairfax County, VA: $3.7*


Raheim Brown-Oakland: $995 thousand*

1-22-11 [Jack Kennedy's machine wins]

$ is the solution, after the violence

Ramarley Graham-New York

2-2-12 [Another way to say "no husband" in spilled blood]

Raul Saavedra-Vargas-Reno, NV


Age 24


This bad boy was bound and determined to ram his minivan into a Wing Fest

(wing fist/white female) in "Reno" after hitting a vehicle with 2 people inside.

Shot by a police officer trying to stop. After the first one failed too

From Morgan Hill, CA is also relevant to his murderers.

Right! Bush Sr's The date also means sex in marriage is lust"

It's PCO hatemail/in blood.

Ravon Veal-New Orleans, LA


Age 22

0845 hrs

Pregnant girl and boyfriend argue in a vehicle.

Baby's father throws her 3 year old out of the car.

Victim goes to check on him and boyfriend runs her over,

rolls back on her a second time, and then shoots her 4-5 times.

Police found the suspect's vehicle, but not the lowlife"

Raymond Allen-Galveston, TX

2-27-12 [Real 7-12 will be the death of him"]

Rayshaun Cole-Chula Vista, CA


Shot dead by Custom's Agent girlfriend

Was his mother in on it?


Reginald Doucet-Los Angeles

1-14-11 [Means no together]

Reginald Moore-Greenville, MS


His parents are proud of him for trying to make a go of it with her.

Bitch was charged - End of story.

Reginald Thomas, Jr. - Pasadena, CA


Age 36

PD called twice to this man's home on Fair Oaks Ave.

Second call said man had a knife and fire extinguisher as weapons


Struggles with 6 police officers in front of pregnant girlfriend

Tased twice with little effect

Finally restrained and taken into custody.

Stops breathing is a laser hit"

Families said he was bipolar/mentally ill after the fact"

You're wasting civilians, George" for the lawsuit money.

Rekia Boyd-Chicago: Chicago $4.5*

3-21-12 [Calling my family MKULTRA-12-21-75]

She cut us off from being together just shy of this one's age.

Reynaldo Cuevas-Ozone Park: $25

7-7-12 [Another version of saying "no husband" in blood]

Ricardo Tenario-West Memphis, AR


Age 32

Killed at a Day's Inn during an attempt to take him in

on a homicide warrant.


Proof is in the details.

Richard Gregory Davis-Rochester, NY


A man looking for $

Richard Perkins-Oakland, CA


Points a toy gun for attention.

Got it!

Ronald Beasley-Dillwood, MO


Small time hustler"


Ronald Madison-New Orleans


Six days after Hurricane Katrina

Age 40, NG

Killed on Danziger Bridge [Byong Dong reversed]

Roy Lee Richards-Little Rock, AR


Age 46

0045 hrs


Roy Nelson-Hayward, CA

12-19-15 [Look familiar?]

Tried to escape a psych eval.

Not dead"

Rumain Brisbon-Phoenix, AZ

Real first only with the "Ox..." pill bottle is Oprah in his head


1-24 is my mother's DoB

Letters in the names send common hatemail

Robert Carmillo-Phoenix, AZ


Age 32


Pal in crime, Penis-imani Ika arrested


Ross Anthony-

6-9-15 [Misooki's Dob]

Taser killed him when he was trying to get killed

They die from taser. They die from chokehold. What gives?

Sadiq Bishara-Abaker Idris-Wyoming, MI


Age 25 Sudanese immigrant

Location 74

Police called in about stolen pistol from gun store.

Thief fled on a bike.

When cops found the bike, he said he has a gun in his pocket.

He pulled it out and pointed it at the police.

(Obviously not a veteran: We were taught to point and shoot).

Quick Draw's didn't hesitate!

Samuel DuBose - Cinncinati, OH

University's Ray Tensing charged with murder.


Age 43


Many persons involved in this case are NG

Tensing is a version of Lust Song or Song is lust.

Santa Ono is related to South Carolina's initials"

If you lust and the satellite sees it, you can be set up for theater

Saheed Vassell - Brooklyn NY

34 year old kitten

Killed on 4-4-18

Diagnosed Bipolar.

911 call reported "a man with a gun."

Father says he was a "welder that collected pipes."

My father was a bricklayer, but he didn't thrust bricks at people

Obviously, Mozambique wants money. Check out atty NG Robinson Iglesis

Salvado Ellsworth - Plantation, FL

Felon struck a police officer and shook off the laser.

Then died.


Sam Debos - Cincinnatti, OH

Ray Tensing (NG) has yet to be convicted.

Doing this over and over again is cruel & unusual

Samson Fleurant-Port St. Lucie, FL


Age 25

1500 hrs


Sandra Bland-Waller County, TX $1.9*


Age 28 and ready to die.

Blaming the police for her behavior during a traffic stop is negligent,

but that's the "gravy train."


Why didn't she do Matthew 5.39?


This is their instructions: Give the authorities a hard time and the laser will take care of the rest"

Brian Encenio cleared of charges. 2017

Sean Bell-Queens, NY: $3.25*

11-25-6 [No real Debbie Song]

Sharmel Edwards - Las Vegas

4-21-12 [means Koreans/color first]


Shem Walker-Brooklyn: Brooklyn $2.25*

I was stationed at Camp Walker 1974-75.

It's located in South Korea near Taegu.

7-11-09 [Hatemail regarding what took place at 7-11 in Irving in 1997].

Sherman Evans-Washington, DC


Age 63


PD called about "man with a gun"

Bodycam confirms he pointed a gun at police officer

After talking to him failed.

Man's daughter said he had been depressed by death of girlfriend and

Had reason to commit "suicide by cop."

Oprah Winfrey echelon talked him into it.

Hindsighted opinions cannot replace the moments before"

Simon Gomez-Grand Junction, CO was set up"

His booking number was 54381


Police responded to another domestic disturbance call from wife.


Drunk and on speed that knife to the kids' throats didn't sit to well

with responding officers.

I don't think they should play with people's minds: Oprah echelon"

She was stalking him.

Stephen Toomson-Birmingham, AL


McCain's engineering? No, it was Oprah Winfrey"

A police car crashed into him: Looks like timing (Bicycle)


Steven Del Rio-Phoenix, AZ


Age 31

Driver of a getaway vehicle used in an armed robbery of a Credit Union, Bank


Where's the palm tree?

Killed the first chance the police got"

His prison record didn't make him look like a smart enough guy to recognize his situation, Mam.

Steven Eugene Washington $950 thousand*

3-20-10 [FMO]

Sylville K. Smith-Milwaukee, WI Family plans on sueing


Age 23

"Young, bored and full of shit" is ONI!

First came the traffic stop, then the foot chase,

then the body cam on the police shows Mr. Smith

with a gun charging the Mick"

Oh. well, another pencil bites the dust.

Bush got to trigger violence against innocent businesses that were trashed...

Were they Korean?

Police officer acquitted, but fired over an unrelated sexual assault case in Oct. 2016

Tamar Clark-Minn, MO


Made a nuisance of self during an emergency

though handcuffed until shot"

What a little devil to get prone"

Tamir Rice-Cleveland: $2*

[This was reported again receiving $6 million more]


This one was a felony.

This was a hate crime Condi Rice played on Debbie.

Tarika Wilson-Lima, OH: $22.5*


Boyfriends are drug dealers.

Shot during an attempt to take him.

Age 26 shouldn't have been paid.

Tawon Boyd-Middle River, MD


Age 21


This dude appears to be trying to escape the two bitches in his life

trying to set him up for a suicide by cop.

They pushed his buttons and he tries to escape"

The cops took his flight as a fantasy called paranoia"

In fact, I'll bet that's what the screaming was about, when they arrived.

His fee-ansay called the police"

He was "on marijuana and alcohol" which should have mellowed him"

Why would he run to a neighbor's and try to get into police cars? Huh?

Well, huh?

Terrance Crutcher-Tulsa, OK (The Bible Belt)



This one was pre-med (pix from family)

Unarmed is always after the fact: The fact being they are misleading the police with

body movements, hand plays and gestures suggesting they are armed!

Age 40

This one same thing, but why a stun gun and bullet?

I'll try to find out. News video of police blocked by DoD: Winfrey" 9/20/16

He ignored a police officer's commands. That's evasion.


Police responded to a call about a stalled vehicle.

Ben Carson-Crump says the window was closed, but that was an enhanced photo and hindsight.

Tiffany gave the press a photo that is hateful.. And this kind of hate is often worth a number of people being put to death"

Echo Oprah Winfrey/satellite: "You lose." 1436 hrs, 9/24/16

Police officer charged with first degree manslaughter 9/30/16 Next court date 11/29/16

Officer Betty Jo Shelby ruled Justified on 5/12/17. Civil suits against her not allowed on 3/1/19 ruling"

Terrance Moxley-Mansfield, OH


This man exhibited "violent behavior" at a community center.

Police arrived and tasered him.

He got free of it and they hit him again.

Distressed by it, he was taken to the hospital and died.

Sounds like a pattern? Yes""

Terry Lee Chatman-Houston, TX


On his bike and struck from behind.

He was heading south on MLK.


Terry Price-Tulsa, OK


Restricted from a casino, but returned anyhow.

Casino security called the sheriff.

Attempts to remove him led to him to flee.

When he returned to the casino, deputies were still there

And so, he fleed into the woods where he was tased.

He collapsed and died.

This one was echelon instructed.

Thomas Allen, Jr.-Wellston, MO


During a traffic stop, this backseat Moke drove away.

Registered as a "non-compliant sex offender", he was was shot by police trying to gain control of the vehicle.

The crash didn't cause any fatalities.

Died the next day without asking about the child in the car"

Bush Sr. knows how to trigger these wild reactions!

Tiano Meton-Sierra Blanca, TX


Used a toy gun to get himself shot dead:

End of dreaming"


Tiara Thomas-Portage, IN


Mother of three.

Shot by policeman boyfriend over $

Kevin Campbell charged. and then sentenced on 4/16/18 to 55 years in prison.

Timothy Stansbury-New York: $2*

[Means get rid of Ray Kelly]

1-24-04 [My mother's birthday and they got rid of her, too]

Rooftop door-74

Timothy Thomas-Cinncinatti, OH

4-7-01 [My brother's DoB]

Running away from 19 warrants


Tony Robinson-Madison, WI


This man's aggressive and erractic behavior caused friends to call the police.

He was shot seven times.

8-2-15 Lawsuit filed.


Torrance Kellon-Detroit, MI


20 year old already wanted by ICE who sent the police.

Provoke a suicide to get $ for next generation of bastards.

Debbie's family in Torrance, CA didn't do things that way!

Travis Sarreshteh - San Diego, CA


32 years old

9mm ghost gun

Name games

What a Twinkie"

Tray Robinson - Decatur, GA


Fled a traffic stop.

Foot pursuit game got him tasered.

This caused him to loose his balance and fall from an 8' wall he was using to escape"

Died from the fall.

Trayvon Chadwell -


18 year old said to have ADHD after the fact

Purple backpack

Shot a security guard and a police officer.

Guard in the head and police in the shoulder


Place and Avenue - DoD cipher

Tyree Crawford-Newark, NJ

[Ben Carson's engineering for $ the un-American way]


Timing: Hit by a police car where he stood after a carjacking

he was involved in.


Tyree King-Columbus, OH


Age 13

Shot by police for presenting a BB gun.

They wanted to detain him for a reported armed robbery.

Can't they even ask you a question without you going wacko?

Tyree Woodson-Baltimore

Vachal Howard-Los Angeles, CA $2.85m*


Age 56

Arrested for DUI

Officer Romero given 22 days suspension.

74 video tape of police station means he's a player"

Play edited out of tape on 8-19-12 by Angie Crouch/NBC4 News

James DeSimone, atty for the family said: "The police treated

him as if his life didn't matter."

Well, he did that to himself: DUI and cocaine in blood sent that message..

Press: Aiding & Abetting Oprah Winfrey"

Tyrone Reado-South Monroe, LA


Age 50


Girlfriend called PD after drunk boy pulls a gun.

She throws him out, but is still afraid.

Witnesses confirm he pulled the same gun on two deputies and caused his own death"

Victor Larosa-Jacksonville, FL



Shot and killed when "reaching"

Too many problems at home. Had to find $

---------------------- another story

Tripped and fell fleeing officers following a drug dealer sting

Dear reached into waistband, shot and killed.

After-the-fact, revealed unarmed sounds like a plan"

Victor Steen-Pensacola: $500 thousand*


Victor Vida Sigala- Covina, CA


Age 19

Details on this are as follows.

Father of his girlfriend's one month old baby

"asked" to use an off-duty p.o.'s cellphone and was shot.

Hmmm! San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Victor White III-Iberia Parish, LA (name games)

3-2-14 1122 pm is a reminder from Rice"

Also found 3-22-14 Self inflicted

These two dates spell Communists are violating the 3rde to make more wickedness in the world"

Vinson Ramos-Bell, CA


Age 36

0820 hrs


Got into a fight with his pregnant girlfriends

When it got too loud and scarey, PD called

Responders waited outside and called him to put away the knife.

He told them to kill him and ran towards them. POW!

[Breakfast are cereal killers]


Walter Scott-New Charleston: $6.5*

4-14-15** 4-4-15

Office Michael Slager charged with murder for shooting Scott for running away from a minor traffic violation stop.

The taser was ineffective..


Wayne Wheeler-Lathrop, MI


Jumped over a fence into a police officers' yard

When told to leave, a scuffle and he fell.

Laser or real?

Wendall Allen-New Orleans

3-7-12 [Leaking without a warrant]

Also found 3-7-13 same dude

William Chapman-Portsmouth, VA


Another Moke"

Walmart security calls police about shoplifter (Carson's)

Moke runs into the parking lot waiting to jihad Officer Stephen Rankin, who was later charged for shooting him.

William took off his shirt and stood ready for a lunge/fight

Officer claimed taser knocked out of his hand during a tussle.

74: Shoplifter should have been long gone!

Yvens Seide-Big Cypress, FL


Hit by a police truck-Timing (Bicyle)

Yvette Smith-Bastrop County, TX: $5


Versions of 6-12 (Bush's DoB)

Zamiel Crawford-McAllah, AL


Age 21

This darling rammed into a sheriff's car during a pursuit.

When tasered, died.

Sounds like a plan. And so young"

$* Denotes successful wrongful death lawsuit for this amount.

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Attmepts to get more names - BM cued satellite on me. Obstructions of Justice"

Tried several times to get this far in!.

Stalk me all you want, Devil.


Black male unarmed is the initial of that s​pells the first name of Myo Kim's husband, Bum of Korea. This is the couple my husband was with when he disappeared in 1997.

 First of all, an unarmed black male is not undangerous. Many of the angry ones I have come across are more than willing to "tear your shit up" in a heartbeat. I have been threatened in loud shouting more than once and it is a very scary thing to see them go off for such a small offence or no offence at all. Sadly, goes for the Black females, too. I have been assaulted on more than one occasion. These are hostile people when they don't get what they want and they can want some petty things.

"Unarmed" doesn't mean diddly-squat to whites" It just means you'll be beaten to death instead of shot.

When I worked at St. E's in Washington D.C. parents of these adult children expressed how trying it is to raise these types of children. What if someone (DOD-NSA) shows them a safe and lucrative way out?

"Easy as pie..."


Date was difficult to obtain or unattainable and I'm not sure of this one"



Roger Lytle $142

Gordon Savage $1

She can take you down in a heartbeat. Don't listen to her!