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NOTICE: If any of this language sounds familiar to you, please record it.

Oprah Winfrey: "You're going to learn to do things my way" is war. 28, 33R and this one in particular is insane! Marriage is a habit with a man."

FOP: "How could you volunteer to go out with your foot like that?"

Will Smith: "I pay no pains go."

Racist in the hall: "I don't want you loud that way." 92-16, 47

Oprah Winfrey: "I said no physical fitness or I'll Jack-O-Bee. If you go down there [Lake Cliff Music Festival], I can put you in jail."

Smith: "I think your website is excessive." 42, 16

Racist: "I think I'm sober for wanting to beat you up."

Ben Mankiewicz: "No writing. You're too risky." 33B "Bitch! I know your address." 33

Relay: "Did you say that to the Jews before WWII?"

Oprah Winfrey: "You'll never take this laser from me!" 92-33L&R, 16

Bush Sr.: "We have to knock the vanilla out of you" is antichrist stalking her. 16, 28

Rizzoli: "I said no case."

Black female: "I'll bang her if she tries to get up without me [my permission]." This is fascim stalking Debbie"

Oprah Winfrey: "It's a statesman to talk about doing [adultery] with Myo Kim."

Mueller: "The hell it is!"

Black female FBI: "I'm just a period if he wants her thing."

Bush Sr.: "Okay, we can't stop your things, but we can stop your thing."

Burt Lancaster: "He made his life excrement because he walked with them."

Mayor of Dallas: "She ought to be arrested for that and all this hubris."

Black female with a baby in her arms: "You'll never be bank rolled because I'll throw a fit."

Bush Sr.: "I thought [aloud to the police], she's Bo-Peep on the police, that why I told them to give you dirty looks."

BF at St.Paul Station: "Just mine or I'll call Misooki."

BM Busdriver: "I said no booty ass for her thing. Okay, no thing! .... you have to visit them once a month." 99s This one tried to kill her by slamming on his brakes real hard and throwing her forward.

Oprah Winfrey: "I gave her an F today."

Condi Rice: 89-92-2, 47, 33, 92-33, 92-47

Mitt Romney: "Keep torturing her until I'm done." 92-47, 92-33 "Alright, I'll call the police on her."

Oriental male: "...I don't want you in my race..."

Stephen King: "No big or I'll stain you. I WANT YOU THE LIVING DEAD!"

Condi Rice: "The cops said that makes you look a little better."

Oprah Winfrey: "I want him [Debbie's husband] to be my behind."

Lucy Lui: "It's not over until I get his sex."

Smith: "I can put a stash on her if you want me to. I said she's venting." 28, 13

FOP: "People don't vent in a crime scene. They scream like hell."

Ann Romney: "I don't want her marriage up here." 18

Bush Sr.: "Alright, I'll shoot you in the whole." 10

Oprah Winfrey: "We'd rather have Harry Potter [MKULTRA]. That's why we're killing your thing."

Mitt Romney: "We're white Russian." 18, 3, 18

Ann Romney: "Keep [harassing] Los Angeles until it crashes because you're nuts." 33R, 42

BF actress in Children of the Corn: "I meant no heat forever!"

Oprah Winfrey: "I'll make him spic and span, but you have to obey me."

BF: "I do the will of Condi Rice."

BM: "We're no power for them [the Catholic Church]", but this all changes when someone needs charity, doesn't it??

Korean male by west window: "Uh!" 70-74/84-Oprah"", 28

Oprah Winfrey: "I said still no Texas or I'll kill you. You're just Chert here!"

Bush: "I said no more sparkle in them [the police]."

Oprah: "Or I'll kill New York!"

Bush: "We think red lobster is the best craft."

Oprah: "Still no inside [marriage with them is not the best craft] or I'll kill quee [queer]." 33L

WM on the bus on ther way to Albertson's: "I want her to get used to my bite [lasers]. Jacob/England is going back up."

Janet Reno: "$125K is a symbol for Debbie."

Bush: "I teach him how to play."


Oprah Winfrey: "No creel." 29, 9, 53, 35 "You're never going to use your txot again. Just get used to it." 53, 29

Condi Rice: "Today, I make you nothing, txot."


FOP: "Calling free speech a fist is tyranny!"

Rob Portman: "We're going to let the police win and put you down..."

Megyn Kelly: "You're crazy. No more lust [marriage]. I can't let you vent. I'll put out their breath, but you'll have to give in. Alright, I'll go to rape [Winston]." 74-73 Oprah and Rice" "It has to be a physical clip."

Oprah Winfrey: "Oh, she'll go. Now, I'll no police."

Robert Gibbs: "I said no helping her economy [continue blacklist]. I think she's a lit tit."

Karl Rove: "You're a h-. I'm hard because she's against my machine.

Oprah: "I don't want you menacing him with your c-."

Judge Thomas: "Only burlesque theater ..."

Relay: "One minute he's saying 'I want to be with Debbie, but if I feel like sex or romance with her, [Condi Rice or Oprah] will make me leave again.' And then it's: 'I'd rather kill and destroy people [for 94] than be an immigrant with Debbie.' This is called obedience to Oprah or back stabbing yourself to get things illegal ways!"

Danny Defenbaugh: "It goes on all the time like this."

Bush Sr.: "You were a kind of a tit to him."

Condi Rice: "She's a public nuisance."

Oprah Winfrey: "She needs to be in [jail] for 18 months for saying she's ... You're too hot for his head" is public ownership of marriage/94.

Rachel Maddow: "No Sonny [No Bruce Lee/OM-WF marriage]. I thought you were sick about Florida." 33

Rob Marciano: "We don't need your stink." 92-16, 92-28.

Piers Morgan: "You need a doc to say 64 [Diane Harris's death in Texas]."

FBI: "She gets too much punched out by the lasers. That's why she stays home."

Booker Bipartisan America: "I can't restore you to Justice. You gotta learn to play or I'll breath in you."

Susan Bash: "I'll have an issue with you." 16

Korean male by my front door: "Uh!"

Ann Romney: "I'm going to beat her to a pulp for lying about that thing [Amazing page's Balloon Festival]."

Debbie: "When did she ask me about it?"

OM Landlord: "I don't want you anymore." 6, 6

Robert Mueller: "Why would Debbie want to talk to Romney when he tortures her? Oprah shouldn't be over there starting trouble with them. Condi Rice is insane for terrorizing people with your website. Calling this a novel is subversive jealousy at work!"

Short WM at Victory Station: "No pope."

Condi Rice (Scorpio Horse): "George Bush gave me INKwon and I'm not going to give him up. And I'm taking the garlic away and you won't find that either."

Bush Sr.: "I said he could go home if he did it once [adultery] with Myo Kim and he said no."

Professor Condi Rice: "I said no Jesus Christ in him."

Robert Mueller: "No Romney on Debbie which means Ope, too."

WM Mucca Lucca in a wheelchair: "Out or me!" voice: "You're all alone and I'm Condi Rice." 16, 6, 28

InKwon: "They said I loved Debbie too much and had to balance it with Myo Kim and [like a mucca lucca] I said okay." 28 "I hope you tell on me, so I can tell my mother. My mother (Taurus Rabbit) can kill you for telling on me."

The Vatican: "May your mental a-- burn in h---."

Oprah Winfrey: "Now we get him because he says he doesn't want to get h- o- for you." 18, 33

Winston: "Steve [Rexar] says Debbie will be thrown out if she uses bad language again. That's why I had to take the tickle away - just in case."

Bush Sr.: "I said no real for telling on us."

Relay: "He says no real when we don't tell on him!."

Debbie: "He used Mozambique to kick me out of the internet. He wants to be powerful like the trash stalking me. Mueller censors me. Leave it alone! Stop trying to get me killed for that sick s--- in your head!."


Condi Rice: "I don't want him bringing Debbie any happiness for going to EEOC. Okay, you can write me up, but you can't have him."

Relay: "Happy Birthday, roach."

Mitt Romney: "I don't want her going to the police."

Mueller: "Why? Do you have something to hide?"

Oprah Winfrey: "He has to obey me" is the sickness in the world. 28, 47 "Now I own him" is by illegal means! Some people fall for crap. That's why it's like this! 28, 33L, 16, 20 For more purple, go to Extreme.

Debbie Demon: Thanks for helping us knock her down." 55 "I think she's too gabby, too." If she heard the tapes, someone is in big trouble!.

Oprah Winfrey: "I said flog [her]. If your son came, it would bring you pleasure [to see the kids] and I said no pleasure. It's iffy if Debbie can win now I said no inside." 15 "I should go limp if you try to make me go inside again. I did that [29-crippling her left leg] for the Dallas Police" was not requested by the Dallas Police which in most cases the ones she says she is doing something for is not requesting anything from her. It's just her sick presumptiopus imagination we're suppose to believe in. "No Bud [2nd born uncle like him]. I want no on to help Misooki up. You're no vicious" and so is most states!

Richard Gere: "No immortal and no in the sack."

BF in 350: "Denang! Denang!"

BM 350: Hellll-o." Triggers lasers cued to action/dialigue on TV.

Paul Ryan: "I said another six months (of torture/92) for going to the police."

Winston: "Listen to us, H-." 13, 35

Jennifer Lopez: "Don't make Debbie dangerous or I'll snatch.... I have to get her back for the Jew [Charlie Sheen.]."

Charlie Sheen: "What?"

BF 350: "I hope me having sex bothers you."

Mitt Romney: "George Bush made me a bast- [immune to prosecution] and so did the ... "

Bush Sr.: "I got him [on Debbie's case] with the q- word [even though he heard the famous attorney general tell Debbie what to do. Be glad I didn't shoot you in the p-. No babes with mental diseases running men. I don't like what she did to Swarzenegger," but killing his wife's mother was okay?

Danny: "And so it goes."

Bush Sr.: "....I killed Hawkins for that!"


Oprah Winfrey: "I'll take her to a hospital" is a problem called 99 "I said no O [means 5 in the Korean language, thus no Judges 5.12]. 28, 92-16, 42, 28 "I want nasty." 42, 64, 18 "No special your thing" [to Debbie's husband is fascism, a proud thing]. ...I'm still ion top of the police and I'll kill your p- for this - making me open mine." 74 "No Christian" is violence running the world. "That's why I won't lwet him come" .... "that's why I said no California..." 2 "It's your funeral if you tell on my stuff. Wolf brand chili is the favorite of toothless Texas" 2, 2, 33L, is sadistic troublemaker talking!

Condi Rice: "No yellow hands" during the yellow car scene in the movie Smokey and the Bandit. [Yellow gloves were seen in the movie Plymouth Adventure].

Vampire movie: "What can be broken must be broken. When a man meets a force he cannot destroy, he destroys himself."

Susan Rice: "I heard you were malicious. I'll get .... [a former attorney general's name]."

Bolton: "Alright, we're playing games."

Debbie: "I think Israel should go back to New York!."


OF H-Mart looked to the north when I signed my name. 74 Then spoke: "Why don't you try to learn German so I can come home. All they're going to do is try to arrest him." Thanks, Mr. Bush, we don't need any of your subversive crap on her life!.

Dallas Police: "Taking two of anything away from Debbie is a hate crime. Him using snitches on you will cost him dearly!."

Debbie: "It's dangerous for me to teach you what to say and do if approached by a jerky piece of trash from hell invading your privacy. Don't disparage me or they'll torture me with the lasers. When someone speaks to you about something I spoke on in my room to only the police, that's terrorism! You should immediately tell them to "go to hell" or to "drop dead" in your mind by shaking your head no and saying something like: "That's against the law to know my business. You are a subversive stalking me. Why are you picking on me? Cause I'm a Korean?" If they talk about your height or anything personal and they are not a friend of yours, that's terror and it needs to be reported. Try shaking your head and pointing to them. That might help. Remember it's against the law for someone to know your private business and I am part of that business! Have a happy turkey day. I report them. They're on the #12 on Index page. Learn to take a hit/discomfort from crazy Bush. It'll make a man out of you. Don't be such a wimp! The females are the most treacherous liars known to mankind" You know when you are being invaded. You know those intimidating recognition looks. Shake your head near them and maybe they'll hit you with the laser. Mueller says he'll drop a wire to you if you want to squeal, otherwise they'll figure it out from where they are! Always tell the truth and don't punch anyone out no matter how mad they make you. Love Mom."

Ban Ki-Moon: Essentially I don't want you in him. Try not to do us fast or I'll use my earls [coxes]. No us. I'm tu-tu. I know how to arrange a rukus. I'm total war. I got my house off your scots. I suggest you sit down. I don't care about your census/sense [?]."

Dallas Police Department: "Condi Rice using blacks to get you back for EEOC is racism. How can crime be played fair? You cannot get up in her private business without breaking the law."


Kim Robinson: "You can call me anytime, day or night and I'll come over and we can have sex. You can use my xussy to forget about Debbie. I don't believe in Jesus Christ. Do you? [She teaches Debbie's husband what things mean, as his sponsor replacing Debbie. She relies on espionage to discover masonic meanings/what Debbie could do]. That bitch! That bitch!" 4 "I'll kill that bitch! ............................."

[This one gets close to Debbie's husband because her husband is stationed in Irving, Texas.

That's illegal using the military..and so is Iraq-Afghanistan!]

OMs by the window: "Always one more time for telling on us."

Oprah Winfrey: "Chin up! Don't worry. I'll find a way to get rid of Debbie...." is Titus 1.11. "I get to punish her for telling on me" is espionage.. 16

Jack Black: "I'm the real body."

Bush Sr., who often bails: "We must not stop trying to kill Debbie. Are you with me, Sister?"

BF Progressive Insurance: "I just press it and white out!" 47

American Red Cross voice, BF on a corner: "I don't need your knee." 47, 47 Who's offering it to you?

Oprah Winfrey during the second showing of a movie on FX: 92-47

Paul Ryan: "Tell Debbie to always remember" 27 "We're not going to do things her way again." 33

Relay: "Her way is no espionage, above board and legal."

Debbie: "Number one, it's against the law"

BF conductor of TRE eastbound after sexual body language on Debbie: "I try to learn all her applications and subverse her."

Officer Smith: "Now, I can't get uip in her zipper, but I'm not ruined like [her]."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'll kill her. That's the only solution." 24, 92-16, 92-42

Best Buy voice for Romney: "This will get worse until you stop telling on Oprah." 92-28, 92-16 usu. close together"

Hugh Jackson: "No close." 16

OF Asst.-Landlord: "That card [Karate Kid] is my man. I put people in this room [350] because I don't want to share him."

OF on the bus: "You're not going to make me lose face with her. ... I made him a strange[r]."

Dallas Police Department: "Police officers and FBI agents that react to espionage (what snitches say and do) is conspiracy and a hate crime."

Oprah reaction for someone: 17-89, 57 keyboard

John Hurley: "He wants to come [home], but they [black tyranny/terrorism that comes for people that hear Oprah] says No! [And then there is the other bunch who doesn't want him to get at Debbie]."

BF in the area/JA12 (1704 hrs): "Misooki said I'm 51. You can't use him.... I couldn't get the Service, but I got the cranial (Defense)."

Ruler of the Free World: "Well, they're dead, too, for scaring Obama... Where's the film, George?"

Bush Sr.: "You're still too tall [taller than the husband]."

Debbie: "He knew that when he married me in Korea way back in 1975."


Oprah Winfrey: "Shoot her full of thorazine" creates a false image of me and therefore begins your training in mind control! "Brace yourself. I'm in command."

Tom Hanks: "This will teach you a lesson for taking advantage of us. I would prefer a lamb..."

TNT announcer on the NBA: "No mick."

Oprah Winfrey: "I pulled her stuff out of police storage (home videos) to make her meek. You're their ass. I said to bite her off at the cuticle."

Condi Rice: "We gave your home videos (from Watervaliet) to ....[Smith]. Me telling you this is suppose to make you insecure." 92-33

Police Chief of Hattisburg: "Rape her if she tells on us" is classic Oprah mind control.

Robert Mueller: "Not telling communists what they want to hear is not lying."

Debbie: "Thank you."

Ann Romney: "You're a mess." 92-28, 92-33, 27

Condi Rice: "I said no mate for crazy."

Misooki Park: "Never!" 28

Winston: "No white" 28

Lee Childs: "I wouldn't pass the nut nicely. She has too many dog issues. I don't want her on the premesis. We have war movies.... 55 I changed the words to reach her..."

Two Old Guys: "We need to get him away from those bitches before he gets to old too f..."

Denton Police: "Did you read the whole sign or are you just trying to start trouble?"


George Bush Sr.: "I want all your pleasure [due to Debbie] to go to Misooki. I don't care she had a tubal for him. I want him to serve Condi Rice." 47

BF "WN" in movie "Crazy for Christmas": "She'll never get intimidation on me."

Stacy Dash: "I said no a.. ."

Janet (BF camera person in movie above): "He's always mine" while holding up her pinky ring. 9

Regina Smith: "It means I own the South Korean." 9, 9 [Re: Regina King in Southland name games]. "I'm armed because you told on us."

Debbie: "How do you know what I did, Mam?"

Oprah Winfrey: "I can get a handgun to him and he can blow her away!"

Bush Sr.: "Everything Debbie does to get her husband [away from Mozmabique mind control and manipulation] must fail, so Condi Rice can control the orientals. I can't wait for you to shatter."

Misooki Park: "He was divorced" 47, 2, 47

Susan Rice: "I just wanted to know if he could hear me in his head."

Regina Smith: "I want no hundred (husband) here or I'll call a detective." 28, 53, 92-6

Oprah Winfrey: "I have to keep your husband on my side." 35, 6, 47

Ann Romney: "I'm not serious about the Bible." 33L

Oprah: "I'm going into your storage and steal stuff if you go to the Chinese."

Condi Rice: "I told them to take the melatonin away so I could see how [it affects your body]." 28

Oprah: "Now turn off the light and see what happens." 33, 47 "I think what Debbie is doing with the police is ridiculous."

Debbie: "Did anyone contact you about it? Then how do you know what I am doing?"

FOP: "Who told wuss Debbie's private business. And Dick Armey better shut his stupid mouth?"

Susan Palin: "You killed Marge Schott."

Robert Mueller: "Why do youes blame Debbie for what Oprah does in violations of the thrid and fourth?"

President Obama: "Thank you, Honey."

Oprah: "If she buys a blender, I'll break it the second time she turns it on" is what satellites are good for!

Regina Smith: "You leave him alone!" 33, 9, 70-99

Me: "All they do is harp on her!"


Joey Welch: "Debbie can't get up for telling on Kim." 27, 28

Debbie: "998 doesn't answer. Just because Bush says no e-mails shouldn't stop you. Be part of the "We The People" and tell fart face to go to the H word."

Dallas Police: "Not telling her who died in the family is a hate crime."

Ramona: "Is crazy coming?"

Condi Rice: "Ronnie had a heart attack. Where were you?"

LAPD: "Send her to us. We know how to use her."

Asst Landlord: "I wanted to see if you had money" as a reason for stealing.

Condi Rice regarding above: "We like to spoil things [relationships] for her."

Debbie: "Does he know it costs him his reputation/soul to have a job where I am? Obviously, he's dishonest for coming into my room and taking stuff. Mozambique calls this her mark on them."

K-terminal FB, BF: 47 "He's my hand. He's my kay (Korean word for dog). I said tomorrow. She said I was black by looking at my hand." 70-84

Debbie: "Is that Smith at it again?"

Mueller: "What happened in Carrollton was a mistake. Can you see the number or are you counting it? Real cops don't punish victims of sadistic torture and harassment."

Debbie: "I'm counting it while she's hitting me on the thigh, shoulder and arm. The little creep on ""J" is singing and he reminds me of Stanley saying things every so often of an intrusive nature. She could be a dark Mexican. They do that to me sometimes - just to challenge me as a witness, like stalking is permitted to accuse anyone of anything."

Justice Clarence Thomas, Bobblehead's instructor: "I don't want us strong anymore."


Jackie Chan: "Another month for not helping my chi." 92-47

BF Rekindle commercial: "I'm always weak (in character)."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'll get that hot t... No wolf and no twenty-eight [DoJ employment reg]. He's been trained to kill her [MKULTRA] if she threatens blacks. I don't want to murder a peep."

Bum Kim: "With Debbie is all pooh. That's why I killed her tissle."

BF Prostitute in the hallway: "I'm going to pop her in the kisser for telling on me." 27

Karen Sock: "You're suppose to laydown for me" is what the communists spy satellites say to our private lives."Sure, you'e a h..."

Muslim Child at Sandy Hook Memorial: "I'm no coffee [Roman Catholic] to win because you're a Jew. Why don't you just die."

Adult Muslim with him: "You're defamation. We're no women."

John Woodall: "I'm addicted (to MKULTRA)." 3

WF after him on stage: "You're worst."

Victoria Osteen: "I'm no real (a communist)!"

Dannel Malloy: "Alright, I'll see the evil."

Debbie: "And when might that be?"

Oprah Winfrey: "I told him you sent a letter to .... [a lie], so he could play with me [so she could murder again]."

Anderson Cooper: "They don't want your hero. Now, he'll put you to death for telling on him. Alright, I told on myself with cort [OR+CT is a referance to 60 minutes! aka Oprah controlling CNN or the press]. We're seriously no DeSoto [a city in Texas]. Okay, they're not dead! It's my night [55]. I didn't want your amen. You're not ..."

Bush Sr: "Debbie ought to protect them and use them."

Debbie: "I don't want to dirty my hands playing with Cop Killers/scumbag murderers."

Janet Vollmer: "Show me and I'll kill her. She shouldn't show the police. Okay, we're skanks." [This one's double was photographed by a satellite harassing Debbie previous to this telecast somewhere in Dallas County. This is called parallel communist - a fright weapon].

Brit Hume: "I hate to be glib (and he never read it), but you're not going to be greater [than Mozambique] for trying to be God. This is just a phase. We evade. We really don't want you. I'll kill Obama for those weapons. Misooki said you ought to be under investigation. We heard your things are fine."

Robert Mueller: "Debbie's about as wanted as the police at a pot party!"

Nina Easton: "He's not happy means he doesn't want to be with Misooki, not your thing. I'm a swan. It's hard to be neutral with you. Misooki's pissed. 2 Don't ask me to be part of it."

Bill Kristol: "I say no. Nobody's serious about your shit. You're h... Maybe your home interest. Misooki's kay is the fastest. He's Misooki's ass."

Don Lemon: "We're no natural." [Artificial violence to make headway].

WM Landlord: "That's why I split. ...." 92-33, 73-27 Room 350

BF in 350: "I won them. I'm not going to let your kind of freak up. I'm the baby. They better let me in [in people's minds for the purpose of controlling them into crime scenes such as Portland and Sandy Hook]."

Bush Sr.: "That's why I didn't want you up. You're crazy." 92,84, 88, 72, 99

Robert Mueller: "On her 24/7 isn't crazy. Stalking this page is a felony!"

Buckeye State: "Who said push her around until she dies?"

BF 350: "I barely hear him. Now, I'll put your foot in county. You'll never stop me from saying things [to telephones]. If I say adultree... He minds my h..."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'll roar about you getting up" is the voice of enemy using Ephesians 2.2 - The one that did Sandy Hook. This devilry on Debbie is a felony. This is what you get for stalking her!

FOP: Mueller is a trap. Don't ever forget it!"

OF librairan in Carrollton: "That's enough with my hand" in regards to emails being sent out like this:

Watch this! Brother in law lives on Besty Lane (cipher Bruce Lee). His daughter is named Sandy. He was born in 1954, which is a club of devils according to people on the Evil page.. Hurricane Sandy-Sandy Hook School will be discussed in #355 this Friday.

Her mouth on me is a hate crime because she doesn't know these people and that's hateful to say she does! I've had it with her hateful mouth stalking me! 70-OF Lib 12/28


Terrorism in BF Echo: "You're doing a good job, but I can't let them [emails] go through."

Ann: "I can smoosh you when you make a mistake even if I caused it." 28-74, 99 "No second one" and then removes things from the printer queque. Communists always think it's okay to do what they want in your life!

BF Echo DoD for Oprah: "I own Lenox."

Lenox Chief: "Sure, I'll make trouble for you."

Debbie: "Most of them just chunk me in the trash on her request! That's scarey."


Oprah Winfrey: "You better not hide things from me..." 92-53, 35, 28, 6 Alot of vulgar and threats making.

Craig Watkins: "I said no strong for Debbie. Capture." 94

Keneau Reeves: "I'll kill you for saying things." 47, 33

Bill Cinton: "It's better for kids to be kids than mean little puppets of Oprah/Sky Hook."

Queen Elizabeth: "I said no song! No believing in Jesus Christ."

Robert Mueller: "No King Eight."

Debbie: "No NASA on Dallas police cars..."

Condi Rice: "I can spy [on Debbie] until I see a badge."

Barbara Starr: "You're shot."

Bill Clitnon: "It's a secret blacks are communizing America."

Martin Luther King's son: "We want no armed conflict against the black man." Therefore gun crimes will be engineered on Americans!

Joey Jackson: "I won't argue you, but you will be sued said Janet."

Pat Caddell: "We'll strip your point."

Brandon Police Chief: "This one needs to be in the hospital" before hearing from Debbie.

Vicksburg, MS Police: "That was interesting but we dumped it!" Vicksburg is now a target for a spree.

John Barasso: "Nobody wants your pollution."

Rick Warren: "You're the sick ... We don't want your experience... I can get at her the most with my question (BF in Western Union commercial). I don't want them to believe. Misooki doesn't want them up... Misooki doesn't want you to get the credit...." 70

BF Super Poligrip: "I did the teachers with my mouth [ at Sky Hook]."

President Obama: "Absurd beating someone up because of what they had for dinner. Is that all they've got to do?"

Matthew Broderick: "I told him to say he doesn't want to smell your fish and he said okay..." Hate crime Mitt Romney on Debbie's husband, InKwon. 4, 28, 13, 33

Bill Clinton: "Kim is being real friendly because she's carrying out her threat on Debbie. If you were trying to get away with murder, would you want to be detected?"

Robert Mueller: "It's not called sanitching if she's the victim of a stalking."

Mr. Leung: "We did Misooki, too." Before or after the fire?

A Governor: "George Bush should stay out of other people's affairs."

Oprah Winfrey: "I had to give you something for Christmas."

Debbie: "Guess what it was. Broken glass hidden in the corners and under the baseboards of the bathroom waiting to be pulled out and put in places for me to walk on barefoot. That's how evil she is, holding glass back for almost 10 days."

Robert Mueller: "People say Debbie's not a real miracle but they don't understand the nature of real prayers being answered and the government finding a way for that to take place where we could believe it, too, if answered. I'm tired of people saying bad things about her. And yes, I told her to put Myo Kim [on that list]. She never once told him to stop playing games. She made herself available to him and plays too. I'm not going to get into the details of her chasing him in front of Debbie to get favors from black sartellites on them when he lived with his wife at Watervaliet. Debbie leads a lawfully religious life, not hype. Donna and Diane didn't tell the truth. That's why Debbie is alone every Christmas."

Janet Napolitano: "It shouldn't be top secret what they did at Sandy Hook Elementary."

Winston: "Listen to me and I won't hurt you." 92-33 "No police!" 84-89

Judge Scream: "You need to pay $10 more in rent." 89 She renages.

Relay: "That's too liberal, Mam, knowing without a warrant."

Totino's Voice: "Never Mrs."

Condi Rice: "I need to take one of your canine teeth..." Pulling her teeth out with that laser is terrorism..."

Elijah Wood: "Communist babies can't be masters. That's the road your mother's on."

Blair Herter: "We're not matrix people."

Heather Adams: "Don't do no Debbie."

Mike Song: "I'm like [Romney]. I don't want to be responsible for Mom. I don't like her perfume." 4 "She won't share with me." 33 "I don't want Mom up." 74 for Oprah, Romney and Rice tyranny on the kid!

Relay: "Conversion of her children to communism is 94."


Debbie: "This will probably hurt me because it already has since I wrote it down on 1/3." 74-89: Winston, Oprah and Rice. Vulgar language and laser assaults.

InKwon: "Misooki said I had a habit with Debbie."

Landlord: I don't want that [DAV] magazine here! I don't want them reminding me of that. If she wants that magazine, I don't want her here."


OF Josey Ranch Library: "...I'm three fifteen. We can ... because you .....Everybody can get loud about that thing." 3 She's wearing a pink turtleneck sweater" Please find her on January.


Megyn Kelly: "You better like my apray. She may hop. She may use high marks. He's watching her."

Condi Rice: "We can't get up all the way if white men have guns."


Anonymous: "True love has kicked in the door again."


Oprah Winfrey is a dictatorship: "I have to figure out how to punish you for not obeying us."


Oprah Winfrey: "I have to figure out how to punish you for not obeying us."

Aldi Cashier: "That's why you have to let me up" after making two noises with her hand. "I'll tell Misooki to never let you up if you don't let me rule (over you)."

Bush Sr.: "I don't want him getting a whiff of your ... again."

Kelly Michael: "I want no passion in marriage(s) unless it's with me" sounds like prostitution to me.


Oprah Winfrey: "You're just going to have to get used to me doing your things my way or else."

Relay: "Dead Heat has spoken."


Oprah Winfrey: "People are still interested in me even though I kill my children (to get rich and famous). You're not suppose to keep secrets from us! DON'T KEEP SECRETS FROM ME! 33 DON'T KEEPS SECRETS FROM ME! 2

Condi Rice: "When we take over that eagle has to be changed too. I might hear the Catholics and take down the Washington Monument."

Debbie: "She took what the Catholics said out of context. They said, after 911, it's hateful to destroy buildings with people in them. Go destroy that thing if you must destroy! The blacks listening in at that time, retorted with "we'll blow up the Statue of Liberty" voicing the British.

Bush Sr.: "I broke your cart because he called you an idiot."

Debbie: "Here we go again confusing what I said with Rice bragging. What I said constitutes self-defense and to use it against me violates the 4th. I can use your reactions to it against you because you're stalking me! Not the other way around, but alas, my sign looks delapidated now."

FOP: "Did you take pictures of what they did?"

Debbie: "Yes. Snap everyone in the library as also with the devil. I don't expect to have much luck on Oprah's birthday."


WM on the 486 bus: "See how big a pest I can be."

Debbie: "I gave him a card, but I can't answer questions about evidence."

Oprah Winfrey: "I'm World War III until I get my way! I don't like your address [means I don't want to be a virgin]. Virginity is a white man's game."

Mom: "Happy Birthday, Debbie. So you're 35 years old today. I have a Christmas present for you and a bag chocked full of stuff for you and the kids etc. since I last saw you on the 29th of January 2012. We can't be together all the time because I refused communism as a way of life! Tell your brothers, I didn't keep track of how many from May-October 2012. I just kept the worksheets, but didn't count how many. Now I am counting them and that's why the numbers are so large! Do you doubt your own mother? Also read the bottom of Reaganwins page. Always remember I am being stalked for refusing communism and not helping the regime thereof."

Regina Smith: "Now I can get [steal using espionage] her boxes again. Janet took him down for me."

Debbie: "Well, you'll have to wait until March to do that, Ms Dallas Police."


Ang Lee's new tactic for the trophy: "I said no Asian so I could get attention."

Michael Douglas: "You're sick. You better be my txot." 53

Ann Romney: "I want no her thing in him."

Mueller: "She's a klepto and a pyro."


Disgrubtled Librarian wouldn't let me in: "I said no publishing [c]her. She may be brainwashing us." 45, 45, 47

Debbie: "If they say 'I own the police', that's racketeering. The computer here acts like my camera, delayed snap. You may hear about that one at White Rock station in red and yellow with that hair like a lion staring me down after the crazy girl with the sparkle purse intimidated me like Oprah masonic simpori."

Gentle Ben 72 BF: "I don't want them hearing things like that (on the tapes)."

Debbie: "Beware of this kind of espionage!!!"


Oprah Winfrey: "She's just a snatch if she wants him. Don't give it to him."

The Spaniard on the train: "I wouldn't do that to my husband!"

Detective Cindy Beck: "I thought she was going to be something exciting. She can get to .... and ...... She's a racist......" 10, 25 "You can't have my husband. Saying you're sterile on that page makes you look like a slut."

Smith: "I said shoot her in the tissle."

Mueller: "She's stalking Debbie with laser technology for Rice and they haven't a warrant. Treasury saying Debbie is a racist is a lie and he will be investigated for aiding and abetting!."

Annonymous: "Cindy is a foot. What did you hear?"

Debbie: "Cops talk cops and the feds talk feds. Grow up! I reported my screen problems and sabotage to the Justice Dept in New York. Why do you want to know my connections? Homeland Security watches over me because of Smith making false accusations on many of us!."

Debbie: "I think it's inappropriate to talk about LA's problems. Too many women get involved with my stuff that are not entitled and communists use them against me and then everything is corrupted and sabotaged and like that cop killer Smith. Did you hear about this?"

Oprah to Smith: "It will hurt only a little bit when he gets killed, but then you will be ready to help us get Debbie."

Debbie: "I am being tortured again by another entity new on the scene. She asks too many questions similar to Oprah's new scum-old crime. If you hear Oprah or ask Oprah to tell you things about us, you will never be allowed to get to us for real. You'll only be a stalker with a laser - another piece of scum we throw in the communist, pervert, racist, troublemaker pile! She's not going to tell you the truth, so why bother with them? 18 Mark shouldn't have done that with The Bible. It looks too much like Bush Sr. and Oprah making a joke out of God's Word. Are we that hardup to do things like that to Him?"


Noel Galagher: "I wouldn't get sane for her thing. I called and she said no. I can't come home for your box."

Russel Brand: "I thought it was fun to fondle the other one. I'm a prostitute for leaving your foot."

Queen Elizabeth II: "Don't try to get up in Maryland like you did to her kid after she was named a witness in 1989 in another EEOC claim."

Oprah Winfrey: "You can't kill Rice [for the quake in DC]."

In red 5th one facing east in FB: "I'm the switch." Child is wearing yellow and red sleeping in her arms at the terminal. 18 "I'll disable her. I'm cream. I'll hold her if she goes to chusetts." 17

Mueller: "Why don't these people leave us alone. That's dishonest to sit over there and say those things and then ask the government for money."

The child just spoke: "I said no inside." 1706 hrs.

There's another one over here in black shirt (first one facing west): "Or I'll get up and scream."

Librarian made a comment about us, too.


OF in 353: "I own him" is usu. wearing stripes around me.

Bush Sr. as to why laswers asault Debbie: "She could take [my poisons] out of him with her th... Never let her pay les than retail." 92-16, 92-33, 92-28, Now 16-20 ["capitol gains is a bitch."]

Landlord: "I'm Rommel."

Oprah Winfrey: "Call AMA - She's out of control. She's throwing rocks."

Bush: "She has no license. Koreans can use her puss on him because of their the same color." 24, 16

Oprah Winfrey: "A mess had to be slow. Use any thugee that looks like him."

Condi Rice/Random Harvest]Reaganwins: "He can't come home because he might use his di.. to get in her th..."

Dallas Constable: "She shouldn't share what's said to her."

Dallas Police: "Who told youes about that website?"

Robert Redford: "By the end of the year." [This means privacy will continue to be invaded].

Debbie Reynolds: "I don't want him romancing her if he wants me. That'll teach her for using me.... Alright, I was all sore at him."

Oprah Winfrey: "He's foo [F-you]"

Robert Casey: "Stop saying the vacume cleaner is broke to prevent her from cleaning her room."

Debie Reynolds: "You're a Jew, not Legit for using me." 6

Bush: "Just say 'Saturday nights' and I'll lower her rent [terrorize her]."

Condi Rice: "All I have to say is 'she's sick' and they'll take her away for me."


Oprah Winfrey: "I said no more popular with the police. I'll tear your heart out..." 45


Oprah Winfrey: "I want everything to hurt you until you obey me. Nobody believes I'm a racist."

Cindy Beck: "Even Farmer's Branch [police] says she's crazy." 92-45

Secret Service: "Why is she checking out Debbie?"

FOP: "That one will lose his job for practicing rumor millitus. That's why we keep you with us. They're afraid of that prostitute."

Mueller: "Bush Sr. stalks our satellites and snitches on everyone who opposes communism as a solution to getting what they want the quick and easy way - extermination of privacy. And stop saying 'I have to get her back for the little babies' or I have to get her back for the homosexuals...' That's not true. Anti-abortionists are not out to get Debbie and neither are the others. You're lying to people to get sympathy and to evade arrests. Move on with your dogs and leave us alone. Write her for obstruction hear."



Robert Mueller: "Taking pictures out of the website, hate crimes."

Condi Rice: "I'll allow" is communism stalking Debbie. "I can use Los Angeles on her tis [vagina]." 92-11, 10

Crew Chief was on the green train giving us a mummy mouth!. 74 "I'll slash her for doing this to us." 47

Debbie: "Communism will never work because they're intrusive, petty bullies waving the flag of might makes right!"

Mueller: "You don't have a warrant to step on her property to look into her window. What part of it's none of your business do you not understand?"


Cindy Beck: "I thought I could play with her ass." 45

Bush Sr.: 13

6west 1451: "She's going to learn to obey my erections [troublemakers and terrorist]. All I need is George Bush [to attack]." 10

7west 1501: I'll tear her apart."


Oprah Winfrey on 5/9: "I want no feelings in her for him, not even to shit." 73 Diego Rodriguez 12, 46 streetwork

Robert Mueller: "When were you made king of the world, George?"

Condi Rice, a 73 of Bush Sr.: "I thought I could call her lazy" [by pinning me down with lasers that keep me awake alnight]!

Debbie: "Don't think for one second this means Condi in Mexicans will be approved. I still think the best answer to the "path to citizenship" is No!"

Queen Elizabeth: "I don't want her famous for being married to him."‚Äč

Debbie: "What else is available, Mam?"

John Burruss: "The Navy Shipyard was theater..."

President Obama: "I with Bush [Sr.] were dead." 9/7/13

Condi Rice: "I want no happiness and that includes happy thoughts." 10/13/13, 1223 hrs

Robert Mueller: "Science has gone too far. That's a violation of the 4th..."

Janet Reno's: Thank God, Honey, you told us."

NSA's "No ... playing God on us ever again."

U.S. Marshal: "Anyone who would break another person's teeth is a sickness."

Female from Cory De Pooter's family: "You're real sick." 0210 12/29/13 35 After a conversation with Condi Rice spying on me 12/27/13.

Oprah Winfrey: "No spirit. You must lie to get along with us. No two of anything or .... I'll steal." 1/12/14

Condi Rice: "I said no sleep [to Defenbaugh and Winston] if she wants to help the police." 1354 hrs 1/23/14

Oprah Winfrey: "I think it comical what my lust did to you. I made her toothless and no one did anything." 1243 hrs 1/23

InKwon: "I thought I could beat her up for reminding me of her whole." 1606, 1/25/14 27 X232, 256 Also 92 Turning him into a monster on cue is 89 for EEOC" Cue came from Oprah Winfrey and these are her words verbatum coming out of his mouth" 50-26, 22, 28/94-99s-70 him

Queen Elizabeth II: "You're a snitch if you tell on 911 flights 77 and 93."

Oprah Winfrey: "I give heart attacks to people who tell on me (NAACP stalking people into believing their crap over the truth!.)"

Mueller: "She's not a good girl, so Debbie has to suffer, is a felony!." 0xlgdh9ifJQ

Oprah Winfrey: "All I see is crazy."

Bush Sr.: "Is a felony to talk that way seeing how Oprah's the one controlling Debbie's website with espionage on us!. That's a deadly game she plays and then lies about who's the crazy one!."

Oprah Winfrey scoffs. This was her most recent response on Thursday, James Cagney's birthday: "I give heart attacks. I thought I could cure this by letting go of 1950.."

Debbie's rebuts: Blacks designing our lives is a felony. They use espionage and lasers to enslave us"

Oprah Winfrey again: "She was born without teeth and she will die without them." 47, 47 7/18/14

DART Brochure (374-062-614): "No monogamy as a way up in America."

Oprah Winfrey: "All I see is crazy. Okay, no Janet Reno." 8/23/14 "I want dirt on her."

Condi Rice: "I'm making it impossible for you."

Bill Clinton: "Blacks were never terrorized in poverty. That's a shame the way they treat her."

NAACP: Lacey is a comic book and ..."

Vicious, violent racism speaks too much! The Secret Service shouldn't give her access to all our lives as payback for slavery.. This is the one making out like a bandit from Number 28 in GEMS.

Continued on Violent Asquith.

You're a racist for taking the title away.


West End Station Bully Communism laughing all the way: "What does LAPD mean?"

FOP: "Put that in the internet."

Debbie: "Eat shit and die."

IACP: "Don't tell on me."

DALLAS POLICE: "Trying to get something on Debbie when she's got a police satellite on her is absurd."