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Oprah requesting changing my songs is fascism and the SS allowing it is too..

Field Definitions

Sabotage of this page would be Oprah Winfrey and her unlawful police machines





The Craziness

Lancer's World

simply put is communists in control of the First Amendment"...

It means "No real", but you can read the rest of this for greater understanding.

President Reagan's word for stupid, crazy, lazy, mean, awful, dumb, people who stalk your every move and expect you to obey their demands, commands and ALT. Mental. A fantasy world where meanness of might makes right and succeeds over the law, honor and righteousness" Hell-la-lay. Fascism Aka "Steve" They employ our weapon system to force the good peoples (unsuspecting republics) of the world to abide by their bullshit designs for our lives and the press that embellishes fraud. They are remaking the world into their image. The darker races of the world migrating to white areas is part of that remaking. They try to run entire countries by creating incidents and blaming the ones they can't control.

It's a monster version of the CIA and DOD fornicating with the violence of the least evolved races. They're against the Kingdom's of God and Christianity. They teach good is bad and bad is good. They will make you believe the news is true, when it's a big fat lie. I won't name names here. They make news for themselves by toppling headstones. This isn't government. It's subversion and deceits to make our minds slaves to bullshit they created. Latest headline should be: Condi Rice decides for every white child created, to be born, it will cost a member of the family's life. For more of their inventions go to Easyaspie.

Make up your minds: One minute she's a crazy woman, a tart and a joke and then in the next moment, you monsters call her a terrorist, scaring you with her signs. These people are being bribed to mouth off to police officers. Get a grip. Most of them have lasers on her.. Shouldn't she be given the benefit of the doubt, since she has the most to lose?


RED words are webpages in this site.

Underlined words are found on this page. Throughout this website, same thing"


When military personnel use its technology to get their way outside of the law.

Most common tactics are espionage, terror and vandalism to secure the ends they have proposed on those they hold captive with such technology.

A punk in high places stalking people with military hard and software"

2 Fingers: FU Placed by the opposite shoulder is a gang symbol for same disguised.

2: in front of a word or number means no! See #9

8: Cruel and unusual

9: Means no before another group of words or numbers

12: Female anatomy vulgar

11: Same as number 9

14: Condi Rice

20: Cipher for White House and also same as "12"

21: Though communist perverts like to say this means "no one" in their freemasonry, we say it means "the two shall be one flesh." It comes from Genesis 2.24 and Matthew19.6. Some extend this concept to mean "out of many, one."

22: Real

25: No stopping petty black troublemakers stalking you. Also means no communism" See the word fist . Sometimes means no Judges 5.12 Example of stalking:: BF in yellow means I own the oriental. This is a stalking charge. When someone else is wearing yellow in the vicinity of a BF making trouble, they will be charged as an accomplice.

In our freemasonry, it stands for the letter Y as in Wyoming, which is on the Texas page"

29: Oprah Winfrey. Generally a bad luck number I avoid as much as possible, including dates"

34 or March 4: The date in 1952 Ronnie and Nancy were married. The Craziness uses it to say no monogamy

82: Aiding & Abetting from the INDEX-12 chart. Pretending not to see a crime while encouraging a criminal to commit crime e.g. reverse speaking, like calling someone names to entice a criminal satellite with a laser (e.g.OWC) to get even for you" A new sketch of "Strangers on a Train."

An accessory keeps their mouth shut about a crime.

63: The age of my mother when she was killed at a family member's request. Used to mean "YOU ARE DEAD!"

89: Retaliation See a list on INDEX, Section 12. Retaliation is a form of Intimidation.

222: Comes from Revelations 22.2 and is translated as an error by Elizabeth. Hers says it means menustration and we say "bearing fruit" means gestations. It could be a metaphor for the Virgin Mary's or literally for people born in winter the lunar or solar Year of the Rabbit/Hare. Almanacs arrange Civil Rights achievements according to this 12 year cycle. Here again, it's an attempt to poison verse 12 in Judges 5. [That one can't be trusted. Don't put her name in]"

225: Refers to Genesis 2.25 by the monsters and also 2 Timothy 2.5 mostly by us. Without the mindset of Hebrews 5.25, it probably won't work. Men not allowed to be men are subversives"

612: George Bush Sr.

666: Found in Ezra 2.13 and Revelation 13.18. We think it means all levels of one's life will be controlled by communists. Those levels being spiritual or social, mental and moral and physical as financial also.


3 Fingers: Third Reich/black tyranny or "W" as the leader of Black communism or Black Germany. Update: new administration Go to Hell"

4 Fingers: Balfour or British Parliament engineering with Ultra, aka Adolf Hitler

5: Means fist when used in a sentence See Oh

5 Fingers spread apart: Black tyranny will smash us if I proceed. A reason to refuse. Be careful, we're being stalked. If done by a black female it means she is going to destroy you. and all members of your family.


5 o'clock: Judges 5.12

6 o'clock: George Bush Sr. (6-12-24)

55: Corruption

7th book, 5th chapter, 12th verse: Why Oprah can say my husband and I together are a threat to her fist. In actuality, we're together in that one verse only and that was the $20 bill's idea.

A1S10P4: Article 1, Section 10, Paragraph 4 U.S. Constitution - The infamous "keeping troops" or keeping people happy, so they'll riot (or whatever, See Bones) for you. e.g. Caravans south of border

Abduction: Prevented from a normal life until you manage to escape tyranny and terror. Often times several people will make a false report on you in an attempt to have you arrested or taken to a funny farm until you decide to cooperate with their agenda(s). In the former Soviet Union, it was called Re-Education. Often members of the police are in on it, as well as the FBI, depending on how powerful the high crank is. If you are not what they accuse you of, this is Terrellism. My Uncle Mackie would have never said okay"

Abortion: Can be found in the Holy Bible PARACLETE (Thank you)

Abracadabra: North Carolina #68

Addict: Person cannot function without a satellite telling them what to do and for their obedience magic

Adorables: Usu. a female that uses attractive features and poise to win at games. Homeboys love this one's cheeks in shorts. She is found on a scale somewhere between mole and shrinking violet. Only the very adept can uncover these phonies. In males, these cuties are vicious and malignant troublemakers.

Aiding & Abetting: See 82

Air: Racism

Airy: Means talks too much..

Alchemy: Turning sea water (something useless and plentiful) into gold (something valuable). This is cryptic"

Alex Jones: Male version of completely fake to lure a real victim/witness into a false sense of securities in hopes of turning him/her into a subversive also or at the very least neutralize that person. It's a trick. Tabitha is the female equivalent.

All I see is crazy: is Communism stalking someone. Often a cue word to trigger mayhem or obstructive devices a resistor they are threatened by

Alright: A LINGO prefix meaning "When you take that gun out of my back, I'm going to change my mind!

American: Oprah dislikes the use of this word because in her delusional mind it means "white people establishing the Constitution" She now targets everything for destruction or re-construction through violence/mayhem. The current target is our bail system.

Anarchy: Obstructing the law from protecting Debbie is Fist.

Answer to Short Term Response: If you think Debbie is to blame, you're an accomplice with the ones that killed you!. Debbie is a victim of meathooks, too.

Anti-biotic resistant bug: Has been exposed to microwave radiation which may include Wi-Fi

Antichrist: 1) Anyone who restricts or wrecks a marriage (outside the law, duh). 2) Someone who teaches lessons to others outside the law when it's none of their business aka a sadistic version of social engineering. 3) Creating sympathy for people who deliberately do what the Holy Bible says is wrong and encouraging such behaviors worldwide" This is in absence of Scriptures that help us evolve" Hence, there will be no scriptures that back up such a stance"

Aorta: Black females that give laser heart attacks.

Ass: An Oprah word for husbands (see above)

ATL: Against the law. Sometimes hidden in the word Atlanta.

Atonement: Racist retaliations without Due Process, aka as ET and Esther 8.11. And this is always without the consent of the victims or legal conviction(s).

Avenue: Fascist idea of creating avatars and making everyone voice Oprah Winfrey and lose their desire in life for self-expression.

Babes: Married ladies with faithful husbands

Tanqueray, Honey.

Babies: What stalkers call themselves

Baby: See the bottom of U.S. Secret Service page. 1) Describing oneself in this way is evasion and disqualification for a job. Don't act so surprised!

2) A human being that breathes air and is detached from the mother. Hence, no longer a parasite" Colloquialism doesn't fit here. Marvel not at it before birth.

Baby Celeste: Using one's child to get sympathy from the police so as to get away with crime(s). aka Lust

Babykins: My mother's word for my father. His initials cipher the War Department under FDR.

Babyocracy: "The silliest imaginable reasoning is validated over the mature, rational consideration" of norms and law. [Spiteful communism conditioning us to hysteria]. Term coined by Kyle Smith at the National Review

Baby Neptune: Black word for Oprah, a sadistic troublemakers with espionage all all

Bad Luck: Too much of it and/or many coincidences constitutes stalking.

Bank Accounts: The police need a warrant to discover something in here. Going through your things without a warrant is called terrorism if you hear their opinions about it!. If you come up short, see if the numbers means something to you.

Bad Baby: Restrictions

Bait & Switch: Leaking something good is about to happen and then letting something very bad happen. Misleading people" See Bam!

Balance: Defense extortion and also reparation terrorism/cheating/racketeering to force people to give up their lives and ideals in order to cater to the dreams of others! Has resorted to kidnapping and murder. In short, retaliation. Also called "share"

Balfour: A British Prime Minister and Oprah calsl it a plan: Subversion, Conversion, Mind control and Conquered. All depends on espionage, gall and cowardice that steps aside for them. Read CIA. In the final analysis, balance is retaliation(s).

BAM!: 1) A pooh word meaning SMASH those who stand in your way. Originally meant Condi Rice was the perpetrator of a violence or restriction. It comes from the word Alabama, where she was born. 2) A word meaning intimidation.

Bambi: Created by the UK to smash Debbie and means Condi Rice. My name in Hebrew means Bee. How many times does the word "be" come up missing in these sentences?Condi Rice was born in AlaBAMa.

B&O: Bush and Oprah controlled tyranny" This includes a wide range of troublemakers and tactics with the objective to own America.. Some go as far as saying B&O means subversive un-American activities

Barabbas: Sick, racist trash stalking Debbie with vulgar messages.

Basks: Black for bastards. Short for eggs in the basket. Notice I didn't say bread in the oven!

Bates: Means mind control, comes from Bates Motel movie called Psycho

Beast: Anyone who says and then forces on another sex is for pro-creation purposes only. PCO

BECKLEY: The street Lee Harvey Oswald lived on during the assisted suicide of JFK. Stands for the presidents that would stand for the British rebuttal to FDR's choice of Debbie for high office before a black, as if there was a line. Ley, stands for House of Lyon's fist, not Tudor. B=George Herbert Walker Bush, E=Dwight David Eisenhower, C=James Carter and K=John Fitzgerald Kennedy. For more information on ciphers and markers read this page, AVODAT ELOHIM and OSWALD which will soon be updated" Sending and breaking secret messages is called cryptography and is used by the government, foreign leaders, freemasons, Illuminati and Cub Scouts"

Bee: What Deborah means in Hebrew. A phrase or words containing two B's means no Debbie"

Beefstroke: Giving a man a stroke during marital sex. Never done to fornicators. Most everything Bush says is adopted by Oprah.

Beer: People who hear the Bureau. Words used by black tyranny to make us look bad.

Behaviorism: Ulterior motives

Belief systems: If you can't work within a legal framework, move on, see a psychiatrist or start a group discussion. Of course you have the right to peacefully assembly, but not to stalk people based on espionage"

Beltway: The interstate (I495) that encircles Washington D.C.

Bentley: Someone who has bent over for the British and took it in the ... rather than be ruined.

Ben Vareen: Oprah word for my husband/InKwon and Ben Carson

Bevils: FBI devils that stalk your computer and stop things from being saved - electronic harassment/sabotage. Most often stops things from being saved and erases things from contextual work and databases.

BFF: Black females first in commercials, photos, scenery, sequences and/or the center of attention on all issues. All stalking charges for terrorizing Debbie" Federal level hate crimes" And no protection by the Secret Service: esteem building is not our job. Out job is to uphold the law!."

BIF: Bully FBI working for the Deep State and commonly referred to as bones. Can easily be crushed by the law

Bigalow: A plastics factory in upstate Massachusetts. Concept of making people plastic so they can be used to get at others they are affiliated with"

Big Fat Loser: All people who attack us according to Oprah's espionage. aka 89.

A person who doesn't have the courage to tell other losers No!

Bigot!: Oprah and/or Bush disguising vulger terminology: Big-ot

Bird Brain: Someone in the federal government, usu the Secret Service, who hears Oprah or her agenda. Often means No to whatever Debbie is doing.

Black: Politics, not family as established; group identity/tyranny, of not self-reliant. Our national symbol is an eagle, not goose. Identity with a group isn't self-determination nor intiative. Boot straps is the only sure way" So there with your movie and stop confusing the issues with rhetorical hype"" You're terrible for carrying on like that. Leave the guy alone.

Black Hand: Laser torture of women; terror with lasers until obedience is secured.

Black & Tan: Soldiers from England sent to put down the Sinn Fein rebellion of 1919-21. Blacks show up in these colors to say they are putting Christians out of vogue.

Black Lives Matter: Bush and Oprah racketeering against law enforcement to gear-up to disturb election year jitters. Consists of MKULTRA and lying to move blacks against whites and lies about how things happen to blacks. See EASYASPIE Blacks always throw fits when they don't get their way.. and it amounts to tyranny. "It is also an attempt to terrorize Debbie." Depends on racketeering to make their theater effective while still fake.

Black magic: Sabotage

Black politics: Divine Right of Kings,, fascism" ARN has been at it for a long time.

Black power: The Divine Right of Kings violating the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th amendments" with a satellite.

Black protection: If you agree to intimidate or intrude on another's life, you will be protected by the NAACP from prosecutions or tyranny from other groups. Racketeering"

Blasphemy: Calling something that isn't evil, evil and calling something that is evil, good.

Bledsoe: Past president of NAACP, state of Texas level, also believed in violence and games to move things along for blacks" Used as a cipher for NAACP.

Blessing one's enemies: Do not seek revenge. Refrain from getting them back for hurting you. That's what the law is for. Forgiving someone before they repent is a foolish action. This gives other and future enemies the idea that mocking God is okay. Rebuking sin is allowed and is not considered as revenge. The Bible teaches us anger is okay as long as you keep it in check and don't hold a grudge like many of them do. However, caution when the enemy is upon you, isn't a grudge if vicious was part of their enemy action.

Blinking of the eyes: Name of a concentration camp in WW II: Treblinka: I am being stalked"

Bones: Communist teeth"

Bo-Peep: Refer to EXTREME #21 for Oprah's version of her tactics or read mine. Blacks engineer a black female to marry into a white family or business group and then decide everything it can and cannot do. This female has exclusive rights to the all white group and if in a family, decides who can come to events and who cannot"" She becomes the Supreme Being in the group and is never questioned about any of her behaviors "without consequences" said Robinson" 1252 hrs 3/7/19 This is called fist and it's very illegal and treasonous"

BOR: Short for Bush-Oprah-Rice doing super-subversive activities on a person resisting to join their "war on Christianity".

BOS: Black observation satellites operating outside the law making you do things you wish you could kill them for. See Bentley for a type of victim.

Bottle caps: What I started collecting while looking for drugs in the streets and alleys. ) Children don't need to see these things. I don't have the stomach to bag and tag used rubbers.

Brain: Telling someone what to do.

Brain Freeze: Not allowing the optical nerve to register new, incoming date in the brain on the conscious level

"Brain her": How to get Cocksure.

Brainwashing: Government in the insinuation business. Tattling on Debbie builds a case out of insinuations and espionage that frightens. You should be wary of every assumption without evidence. Relies on Echelon to make the contacts.

Bratt: Term not often used meaning people who use DoD to get their ways" (terrorism)

Bread: Oprah's word for Roman Catholic

Breath: Biblical word for Spirit of God or soul. It may mean personality in modern times. It has been accused of being contagious, poison and enthusiasm that attracts followers

Bribe: Someone who is for sale, such as my landlord. Some say the city of Dallas Texas takes bribes from Oprah all the time!

British Fist: Illegal: No showing off one's powers, no doing evil with power or access"

Brothers & Sisters: Black males and females planning how to overthrow of America with espionage and MKULTRA

Bruce Lee: Originally and still a cipher for Debbie's husband, InKwon Song. However, in 2019, a shift took place and now the name is associated with Debbie's work on the streets and in the cities of America protecting our citizens and police officers from stalkings and the UnAmerican way" referred to as the craziness above" If you read this after the one below, you know how precise and quick she is against all enemies" Do not waste our time with games or retaliation".

Bugs Bunny: Oprah's word for Debbie Song or any member of my team

Bumbles: (Not allowed" at this time)

Burglar Bars: Breaking into homes, smashing windows and generally scaring a neighborhood to sell them something to keep them safe.

Burka: Muslim veil where face is completely covered and only slits for seeing are visible. See Nigab.

Bush & Oprah: Matriarchal dictatorship

Bush: Cipher for NAACP, the cruel side

Butterball: Any word related to turkeys

By the end of the year: A deceptive way of saying Never! [Black version}: When Inkwon stops listening to blacks echelon.

Bybee: Oprah's word for James Comey.

Byun-zo: Korean word for bathroom, meaning center of the room or cipher for marriage. Comes from Lisa Byun of Yellow Springs, WV and what was done to her (confidential)

C3PO: Colin Powell and Oprah are using the third amendment/NSA satellites to aid their overthrow of America on all things white"

Cahoots: Never ending story of violence

Cake: Something nice to look at but smooshes easily and never makes a noise about it. Currently refers to Orientals. Most cake wants to follow us!

Calgon Moment (Knight): Feeling sorry for oneself or being defensive aka the luxury of self-indulgence/pity; do not confuse with slice of life. This plus echelon usu. leads to criminal activity"

Canada: If I can get away with doing something wrong or illegal, why not?? This is now a cipher for Ben Carson.

Car Blue: It's the color of the 2nd car I owned - a 1967 Ford Mustang rebuilt from a junkyard. (When gasoline was 25 cents a gallon).

Carnal Lust in Communism: Abuses power by torturing spouses against one another in adulterous or belittling ways. Pushes one or both into adultery"

Catatonia: A mental state where the mind completely shuts down and the body becomes rigid and practically immoveable. Occurs when the evil subconscious mind is realized as a fact by the conscious mind when forced to face that reality"

Cerebral Cortex: The last organ in the human fetus to be formed and at it's finish, labor is triggered automatically. This portion of the brain contains our mind, where thinking, feelings and memory are stored. So its time floating in the womb cannot be remembered because that capability hasn't been formed" So stop with the nonsense" and daydreaming"

Chain Link: When two or more cars roll a red light together - one right after the other as if connected by a chain"

Charles: 1) Son of Queen Elizabeth II, and future king of England. Has same DOB as Condi Rice. 2) A cipher often used for the crimes of Pence Carson.

Chatter: Multiple echoes or voices of people usu. griping about something you did. It usu. takes a trained ear to hear them" It will sound like a steady slipstream.

Cheap [a staggering amount of people]: 1) a filthy slut for sale 2) a lackey 3) a bargain worth fighting the frenzy for

Cheating: Espionage and sabotage: Various forms of physical and psychological terror [Aiding & Abetting]

Chemosh: Pagan idol worshipped by barbarians surrounding ancient Israel

Chickadee: Saboteur - 1) Someone who ruins things for others just to show who's the boss; 2) Someone who will ruin subversives' plans for us" 3) The fastest form is usu. illegal" My children do this to help me but fears punishment and ditches me"

Chicklits: Dumb troublemakers

Chimpanzee: A less adept version of Bentley" A lot of them live downtown" Usu. well meaning folks, but unable to help" until it comes time to vote"

Chi-Roh: The letter P and X on the priestly garb used by the Catholic Church. To hide Condi Rice's goal to destroy the Catholic Church/Christianity this is where her initials stemmed from. This was the Divine Right of Kings"

Chow-ma-nayo: "You're welcome"

Chu-ah: Korean word for "I am cold" or "It's cold" meaning violent cold-hearted activities are on my case right now" Real resistors will experience this one. Makes you a Bentley if you don't fight back or one of them, Mikey"

Chun-Ji: First test in Tae Kwon Do. Passing gets you the Orange Belt. Before Oprah saying all O's are hers, orange meant the brick color of government buildings" Thus, you have to obey the law, not the colors using technology.

Clash of the Titans: Who's the boss when direction adversely affects each other's objectives"? Ex Who wins if two chiefs of police differ in how to do something? Who wins? A state attorney general or a president? Sometimes, it's not about rank, but stalking these people will cause that one to lose, Oprah"

Clean or Cleaning Him: Brainwashing or erasing bad records of someone for the price of their soul. [Manchurian]

Clemency: Forgiveness as long as you can stay clean and walk the straight and narrow.

Clockwork Orange: Bush and the demonics on Sinister, Monsters, Evil and Goose coming together after one specific person day after day". On a grand scale echelon doing dominoes"

Close: No Open.

Clown: A substitution cipher for Colin Powell. See Plane Crashes

Cobra: Police officials that kill or harass citizens they don't like. They are usu black. See Rizzo

Cocksure: Espionage and terrorism applied to any situation enabling bloacks to get away with lying to the police. It's never a fair fight where espionage is applied.

Coincidence: Link two or more things together to find out what the subversives are trying to tell you. It will usu,. be racist.

Coliseum: Oprah et al will gather as many people working with Debbie to vote against her based on espionage of her private doings, so the former can torture, vandalize or steal from the latter. It's a thumbs down thing and very illegal. Will you please remember the law!

Colonialism: It helps to know who belonged/belongs to whom since 1492. That's right,, I only care about America. This doesn't make us racists, but it does make you lazy bums that refused to come out into the world like everyone else and struggle to carve out a life. The colonists came to America as volunteers,, as pioneers. They were looking for something better. They couldn't bask in the warm equator like blacks did all these centuries. That's evolution. There are people like the Africans in South America still basking and that's their choice" But let's not get hateful to the ones that got tired of swinging from tree to tree" and decided shoes and pavement were more fun"

Children are afraid of adults too. Babies shouldn't be allowed to judge anyone but their sick little selves"

Grow-up. You weren't there. It wasn't your time. Leave others alone. No, it doesn't cause you fear or pain" Lying dramatic trash - same as their "fear" of confederate memorials" Just an excuse to teardown whites' achievements" Hate crimes everyone of them!

Combat Zone: Where Debbie is most of the time.

Comfy Cozy: A state of bliss Oprah Winfrey demands from federal authorities etc for herself where she is never to be disturbed by anyone no matter how many laws are bent, broken even if she's upset about other lives she found out about illegally. All must be made to bend to her wishes at all times or face severe consequences! This state of bliss can be extended to anyone she chooses. Neutral behaviors are viewed by her as taking a side which benefits the person or activty she despises. In short, Oprah rules! Click on President Reagan #137 to the left and read Tarantula (1955). This is what we were afraid of!

Commando: Many doctors do this. Appears to be a sleeper until given a command and then carries it out no matter what gets in their way"

Communism: Never satisfied terrorism"

Communist ALT: Anything not listening to Debbie, e.g. Mozambique.

Communist play: Sadistic with Weaponry, petty, based on espionage, terrorism.

Communist Regime: Covers all the bases with our weapon system and especially good at retaliations"

Communists: Sadistic troublemakers. Not afraid to call the police and lie.

Company: British, Oprah or Bush Sr. who is a dreamer taking down the Master race for his girl, Oprah Winfrey, who is very much against marriage unless she arranges them"

Cones: Those orange things in the road that blocks or sends traffic into a certain direction.

Confederate Flag: Well this fits most of us now. It was a stand against the prevailing government who couldn't compete in other markets because the ones south didn't have labor costs. The slaves were wealth to them and those damn Yankees were trying to steal it from them" So be careful when you say to us Procreation only" because that's taking away from us too. Thus the flag stands for "Get your greedy hands off my stuff." Now it seems blacks want the government to do everything for them without living on a plantation. Think about it: Now they can get free cellphones. I'll have to check that out!

Also note the letter X is laying sideways which means "No lust" and within are 14 stars." He who has ears let him hear! Most people nowadays identify it with anti-communism.

Confidential: Official; not for play or we are not the people to play games with"

Conservative: Someone who trusts God in all matters and doesn't fear the private lives of others!.

Consort: Spouse of a king or queen without direct lineage to the throne, a wannabe? e.g. the mother and grandmother of the current queen of England and her husband, Prince Phillip.

Constable: A word dropped by Oprah Winfrey puppets meaning she will continue tyranny on your life constantly.

Coup d'etat: When the government can't do its job"

Coup d'scream: Establishment of communism, fascism and/or nihilism or whatever it takes to put black power in control of all of our lives using espionage and terrorism!. See the one above.

Corner and the people standing thereof: Black people use it to stand for all foreginers under our control" It means "I own your husband."

Correct: An Oprah word meaning sabotage.

Cow: An Oprah word meaning the cow that kicked over the lantern that burned Chicago down. The word contains her initials and it means See Oprah Winfrey. Don't be fooled by her lies! Obama wins!"

Cowards: Crooked with feelings, still.

Cowboys: We're burning daylight, guys!

Cracker: Makes noise when smooshed. Not quiet like cake. What blacks call whites.

Crane: Symbol for marriage in South Korea.

Crank: On Debbie, it's retaliation vigilantism.

Crazy: 1) What men become when they're chosen way of life is wrecked by espionage and terrorism they can't explain. Also see Thanks Be To God. 2) What subversives call Christians practicing in the open. 3) Effects they still deny

Crazy Lady: What Kellyanne and George tell the police/people what to call Debbie. If an email doesn't go through, you will be charged with subversive activities as espionage isn't legal" Don't even say No! when it's coming in. Kellyanne and George are obstruction with defamation.

Crazy woman: What they call women who don't play their sadistic games on others and/or who tell others what's going on. Calling names are part of their reprisals package" Misogyny

Creel: Someone who stoops to crime to achieve their goals.

Crew 41: Bush Sr.'s punitive police state controlling your life with spy satellites"

Cricket: Common term for having a conscience" and noisey in the dark about. Usu. Jewish. Not a puppet"

Crime: Not how we build self-esteem in the Americas.

Criminal: A joke on a career path; possessing a mentality for wrongdoing; an obession for troublemaking, not a nice person.

Criminal Espionage: Just what it says, Troublemaker with your private business at his disposal. What a crime! In the hands of cops, Gestapo,

Critter: Kellyanne - any person who hears Bush or Oprah and is willing to hurt someone

Cruel: Calls people, they don't like or whom they covet obedience from, names that don't fit and tries to make them stick.

Cryptic: Usu. customized to a victim's personal or private life and requires espionage to design. Sometimes several levels of messaging are used to get to someone and this is difficult to explain succinctly.

Critic: Isn't based on espionage, geared towards entrapment or intimidation as it's brains waving us goodbye" See Chickadee

Cxxt: A Bush Sr. word for a female that continues to break a law even when warned by a male supervisor or superior to stop. Lacey was told by the governor to stop stalking Debbie and she hasn't done so. Can be used to describe some males, said the White House" Kellyanne Conway fits this description also. There are others so described by men. These women are not sterile.

Cyclops: Oprah Winfrey and her crew using British Defense satellites on Americans.

Dangerous: A name for Oprah Winfrey

Dates: Find them in the STUDY HALL page

Deal: What Oprah or her team want that you have in exchange for something she'll never deliver.

Death: Northwest, Coup d'etat, social ills and pet peeves are cured by killing people. The solution is the Death mentality. If someone calls themselves Death, it means communism" working to end all social ills. Stop putting holes in my umbrellas.

Debra: Oprah espionage and intimidation" using a short version of my name.

Decaf: Not allowed by sick satellites stalking me. If I drink this one at night, lasers will keep me awake. This sabotages my normal life.

Deep State: Predominately NAACP requiring dumb down in all things, gun crimes, false flags, hype and dishonesty, control of jury pools and anarchy" Illegal use of military equipment to rule out whiteness and "all that Christian shit!" but, will take the side of pro-life - a testament to their hypocrisy" Sabotage of FDR. Mostly operating through DIA and NSA. Communism in sheep's clothing"

Delgado's Electrical Stimulation - Deep brain stimulation 1952 (Alien abductions were lies).

Delusional Communism: A belief that espionage and violence (crime) can solve all the problems facing Mankind. The Constitution will slowly and very quietly disappear as generations lose veterans who remember America well" Easyaspie is in full swing. You will never know what really happens unless you can read the markers like Indians read trails a long time ago.

Delusional Episodes: If accurate, such could be espionage accomplice. This is intimidation where other factors do not exist. This technology was top secret, but due to its abuse, this website hopes address, to some extent, what can be done.

Demolition: Falsely putting people in jail (72) to help black females get even and get yourself a prize for the making"" Enough of these are an overthrow!

Demonstrate: If someone says this word in a sentence, it means riot!

Devilry: Sadist"

Dirt: Someone who can bury communism

Dirty Dallas" : One or more of the following departments engaged in activities with Black tyranny (94) in violations of the law: Dallas Police, Dallas FBI or Irving Secret Service. It may soon involve the sheriff's, too, since Lupe Valdez left to run for governor.

"Disassociation Disease": Rumor started by Det. Regina Smith of the Dallas Police meaning senile. Often heard when Debbie works the street traffic or attends fesitvals around the county with the cart in tow.

Discouragement: What you do to him at the water cooler. Don't confuse with psychological terrorism or intimidations based on invasions of privacy.

Dishonesty: When MYOB doesn't make them go away. Will not be used in courtroom. See you there"

Divine Right of Kings: If practiced in America, treason. See Goose

Divine Spark: The presence of God in someone. Some of us can more deeply detect it than others.

Dizzy: Demented and desirous to overthrow the United States by creating a police force similar to the Gestapo and others similar to the SS. Often a state department partner.

DOA: What men better be if they come back to their wives after being isolated from them by Oprah - Dead on Arrival

Do Church: Deceit to conquer or to control those being imitated, aka pretending to be a Christian

Dog Whistle: Brainwashed by communists using espionage to break resolve. Sometimes called putting a person to sleep or "I own him" will be said. Using magic is a felony.

Donald: In front of a last name means takes money to hurt Debbie or falsify records to hurt Debbie. Money is what it would take for him or her to put Debbie in handcuffs.

Doubleminded troublemaker: Requests, wishes or demands something to be so, then undermines or sabotages it. Just games is their function.

Dougherty's: It was a Pharmacy located at the strip mall at Kiest & Polk. My little brother was choking on a lemondrop and I thought the pharmacist, because he wore a white coat, was a doctor and ran to him for help. He was in a car with my mother and siblings parked in front of the Piggly Wiggly grocery store. He was an Rh baby that barely lived, had to have transfusions and an eye operation. He was born in 1960 and I was assigned by Mom to be his guardian angel. I used to watch him like a hawk, walking beside him when he wanted to climb the patio wall, etc. I first displayed courage at 4 years old. Bravery

Drama: Engineered evens where deaths, injuries or destruction is accomplished. See Theater.

Dream: Having things your way through illegal means or causing death and destruction on another. Illegal implementations of "I Have A Dream." Granting wishes that are illegal, tears down whites! Engineering by DoD using MKULTRA.

Dreamers: Communism is not a natural winner, usu atheist and wants to have their slumber cake and eat it too at the expense of others not as dreamy. Usu. those pushed aside are more legal than the dreamers. It is not uncommon for Dreamers to resort to murder to get their ways!

Drive-way: The width of the connecting sidewalks and shouldn't have any cars in it when a pedestrian is there. Rolling towards said pedestrian is 87/intimidation with a motor vehicle. Failure to yield is another discrepancy. Index #12-87

Drugs: What black females (origin Oprah) call vitamin supplements.

Duke Mantee: Character in the Petrified Forest 1936

Dust: A communist waiting for the winds of Chicago to blow someone down

EASY AS PIE: 1)The fires of Molech Jeremiah 17.5 2) Suicides by cops as a way of generating lawsuits by their survivors. Misinterpretation of John 15.13 3) An urge to willfully defy police orders and then do something that can be mi as carrying a weapon. Defying a police order is evasion.

Easy Peasy: Used by DoD subversives protecting Oprah Winfrey and Condi Rice. It means they can subvert people easily with deceit as well as out and out lies. Espionage makes every crime easier for tyranny to succeed. See tactical in Slither.

Echelon: A very high radio (frequency) used for relay that can be heard by most people once their attention has been gained by several methods. Predominately black, but whites are also the voices of this delivery. Used predominately to terrorize and instruct others in the art of terrorism. It was originally used by the White House to make contact with cabinet officials in the field. Blacks quickly learned how to abuse it. That's why whites call them "feet in the head" or "in the head." Ephesians 2.2 See MKULTRA

Echelon induced psychosis: Everyone tells a lie to deceive someone" and then that person kills themselves upon realization they've been duped into something really, really bad. Some argue, they kill themselves because they want MKULTRA to remain a secret.

Echelon Package: Death on Debbie

Echo: A present from the White House - a technological advance that brings their actual voice right to your home or in your face based on espionage of your doings without them being actually there..

Edification: Lest ye be judged...what works for Debbie will work for you. Leaking to Christians. Be happy this isn't happening to you. If I defeat this bunch, all the better for you and the United States of Americans. Mind control is a bad thing and once Christianity is eliminated, ..... I dare not even speak this horror!

Eight Nine: Violent way of saying no to someone. Bully politics uses lasers instead of adult discussion. Home invasions with violent points of views is an "or else" stance. Tricky way of saying #89 on Index #12

ELD: Means God first or the Law is Torah"

Electronic Warfare: Using Echelon (Voice to Skull) technology to tell someone to hurt someone for reasons that may not be true, just to snuff that someone out" Also compromises any digital device, such as changing the amount of a deposit in the bank or erasing things entirely, changing results or showing desired results on a machine such as DNA analysis or any medical analysis including digital thermometers" It can say your cholesterol is high, when it isn't and say it's low, when it isn't!. They can hold up deliveries with bogus reports of where or when the merchandise arrived or not!. It can emit EMF rays as small as a single cellphone or as large as a city. It can deny you electronic entry into your home or car and just as quickly fry your electronic starters" Go to WEAPONRY for a greater list of laser technology. Also read applications in GOOSE, SINISTER,and SLITHER. Yes, it is true and happening" You need to tell us if they're on you". Two of the ways to tell if this is happening to you is the largeness of the retaliation (doesn't fit anything you did to anyone) and the constant presence of this machine on you"

Elites: Real monsters with unlawful opinions that put restriction in place without laws to support them. Usu. these monsters are very, very rich and can afford to bribe people into making things happen badly and sometimes goodly on anyone they want. Example: McCain, Bush Sr., Winfrey, Spielburg, the Vatican, Bill Cosby, the Royals...These people can override presidents, kings, the Constitution, etc.

Elmer Fudd: Oprah's word for Bush Sr." hunting for the Bugs Bunny

EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse

Empty: Manless, forced to go without a husband as punishment, the Abomination of Desolation.

Engineered: Pearl Harbor and Locking women in a warehouse fire in New York during the Taft Administration. Nowadays, it's artificially caused events which means pushed by MKULTRA and social engineering, usu. to get at American businesses or to advance gun control legislation.

Engineering: Not a natural occurrence. Manufactured by Mankind

Entrapment: Espionage used to set someone up with the police

Erin go bragh: Till Doomsday; America forever

Espionage: Illegal Access OR How troublemakers get at people

  • Entrapment
  • Sabotage
  • Communism
  • Violation of the free exercise clause
  • Extortion
  • Often out of context, mostly dishonest and illegal
  • Defamation
  • They're suppose to look for plots to assassinate the president and terrorism, not petty intrusions based on their "own" conclusions.
  • Often fantastical, abusive, obstructive entrapments and sabotage.
  • Some calling such ugliness" Pushes Target to commit suicide/murder to get revenge.
  • Helps thieves get at someone's stuff.
  • Unchecked, frightening 108 ganging up on an unsuspecting general population - Tyranny.
  • Creates suspicion and fuels sadistic fires furthering a political agenda not authorized by the government.
  • Mind Control or Anti-Life: Forces a person to reconstruct something because they want to "own"/possess a word, number or phrase.
  • Makes a people fearful."
  • Often gives way to social engineering which then exacerbates behaviors with unlawful and unqualified interventions.
  • Buries Blessed liberty.
  • Disruptive social engineering and leads to communism which is an overthrow!
  • Is not legal evidence and cannot be used against anyone in or out of court!
  • X208
  • Own up to it communist!
  • Stalking, stomping and a zero for being honest

Entrepeneurial Ecosytem: Black word for micromanagement of white businesses" We are being destroyed by these hyper-critical people" We'd rather make our own mistakes, Mam"

Ernie: Cipher for Debbie's nephew, son of sister Diane. Married to Peppermint Pattie.

Esther 8.11: How the blacks justify their crimes on us. This is the only book in the Bible that doesn't mention God. I wonder why? Jewish abuse of K567. And shooting at Phyliss McDonough - a hate crime. Ancient Israel's formula cannot be legally implemented on behalf of blacks.

ET: 1) Espionage and terrorism is communist fascism like the SS worked in Nazi Germany. Read Secret Service also. ET is unlawful fear and trepidation used by high officials to force the common people/citizenry of America to goose-step to their agenda. They will invade your privacy via satellites and circumvent the law screaming national security. They are stalkers.. Oprah and Bush Sr. commit subversive and unamerican crimes using space tech in Houston and Goddard, to name a few. They are very anti-religion, which is also pro-criminal to get their ways.

2) Anarchy: Anything done to another that is against the law as if you were the law!"

3) The Secret Service does not make people toe the mark for politicians.

4) You were "caught" because she set you up, which is entrapment" You will never be caught fairly because all "catching" starts with espionage" This is not a "joke" to victims"

5) Hate crimes: No privacy or sanctity in marriages. Vulgarism most applied here. Very hateful towards married people, as if trying to convince us to "stop that!"

Extortion: A piece of the action or no action. Share the wealth or no wealth. You must lose or give something to Oprah's to keep what you have. Taking something away to allow something else.

Evil: Every chance it gets! Troublemakers that can't live and let live which is an inability to mind one's own business" Constantly making trouble on someone or hurting them for no better than sadistic jollies"

Extortion: Sounds like "do what I say or I'll tell on you."

  • "I saw what you did (on satellite) and can protect you or make it all go away if you obey me."
  • "I can protect you, if you do me a favor."
  • Favors or obedience can be used instead of $
  • $ in the form of higher rents can be paid to another to get protection instead of directly to the extortionist
  • Anytime someone is forced to pay for something that is generally free, that's extortion.

Extreme II: This one was changed to BOLO on March 21, 2015.

Extremism: Steal from, kill and destroy a person's life or property of another race or culture.

Eyes: Satellites

Eyeteeth: X208 (EXTREME #208) Laser satellites

EZ (Easy): Terrorist. Comes from Ezekiel

EZ Eavesdropping: Hate crime

Fair: Communism getting its way.

Fake: A lie by the press where everyone acts as if it were real. FRAUD

False Flag: Did not happen at all though reported as real" This is then used to hold people down or to extort players into silence and ineffective government. They say this must be done to appease the blacks otherwise, they will engineer a real event to change the world" Blacks like to murder us". They like to butcher her with the lasers and ruin our careers.

Fam: Black slang for Family. Rhymes with Bam.

Fantasy: Waste and Fraud

Fascism: Always trying to get at someone not of your color or persuasion

Fascist: "Only mine"

Fascist communism: Fascism put in place by communist tactics, usu. espionage on our private lives and goings

Federal witness: Report persons who:

  • Break federal laws to get at people; or to get people to do really bad things!
  • Use of the federal government to scare people and force agendas down our throats that is presented to us in an unlawful (dirty tricks) manner, drama.
  • View the government as their personal weapon on the gullible population known as us!
  • Are being extorted and by whom. For what is their business.
  • Take heart: Our government is not for personal play or gratification and if it is, the taxpayers are watching fraud and waste on the television instead of real crime.
  • You may become the victim of a lot of trouble, but it's worth it to save our nation from the tyranny of spy satellites"
  • Do not lose heart, even unto your last breath.
  • We have protections in the law, but corruption isn't the law"

Fake: Easily extorted into submission.

Fake News: Theft

Feelings: Triggered by stimuli. [If labor isn't induced, partial birth abortion may be argued here as inhumane"] However, in the case of gross deformity, the option to abort shouldn't be infringed" See Cerebral Cortex

Feet: Standing troops See Foot

Felony Recognition: When someone looks at you or does something coincidental to you and both of you know what it means"

Ferguson: Misooki's showing off how easy it is to take white police down with rhetoric and terrorism. [I have been researching this since the 90's]; Munchasen

Fever: What people get when they like Debbie according to Oprah.

Fiduciary: A public servant that can be trusted not to lie, cheat or steal from the government or those he serves automatically" Not a crooked person" Easily entreated

Fire Department: "No love". BF troublemakers stalking people that get along to stop friendships, love affairs etc. Wordage will be related to this dept. Jewish word for it is Wedgie. Makes men homicidal.

First: The one(s) with evidence and probable cause shall be heard"

First Battalion 5th Marines: An illegal DoD experiment that to led to the deaths of all marines at the hands of the Viet Cong by denying them munitions and air support" Congress held a hearing on it!

First Responders: The lying scumbags that lie to other police officers, the press and dweebs that read press stories. May be any number of people you would imagine being there if it was a real crime scene. This is usu where the fake news reel starts" The question begs an answer: Is it better to suffer from a real event or fake it for the press and deceive everyone? I think lying isn't the solution, so neither is a legal option. Trying to change the government or the world by getting the tail to wag the dog is subversion.

Fist: Communist espionage, i.e. Cobra

Fifth: These people so described are against the promotion of marriage in the third

Flesh: Oprah calls this having a relationship with members of your family. In real terms, there has to be lust or crime for any relationship to be "flesh"

Flim Flam: Getting oneself in high places of government, so you can control, hurt or teach lessons to others. This is what has been going on.

FLO: Eleanor Roosevelt started this one up as a machine ever since. The Secret Service overriding the White House is a act of treason, unless the White House is engaged in subversive activities against our citizens" Means First Lady's Office. FL means FL means First Lady

FMO: First marriages only get protection from jealous troublemakers. Don't kid yourself; it's a lie! Second marriages are allowed only if brought on by a death. Annullments are not honored. Oprah is the AntiChrist that makes sure of this. That's what she calls "full-proof." After ruling out Foul Play, FMO is blasphemy implemented.

Foo: Oprah's word for Chinese/oriental male. Comes from Fu Man Chu character in the movies.

Foot: A cipher for troublemaker using espionage to sabotage. Usu. refers to a family member under Oprah's spell. Comes from the ancient Biblical word Phut" meaning Libya. In actuality it means MKULTRA using echelon to train and arm assassins such as the kids playing with cops in Easyaspie and serial killers in Oklahoma.

Foot-Locker: Cipher for BF FBI doing Index 12-94.

Foot Stool: An object used to comfort or elevate one's feet. The Scripture doesn't mean for you to use it to smash someone's head in. Don't let Oprah interpret the Bible.

Four: This is another multiple meaning cipher/word used by Goose. Some see it as "For" or "4" April - the fourth month begins with the letter A, thus it means first month!

FOP: Fraternal Order of Police is not a Bush Sr. machine. How dare you say that about us".

Frank: Fake

Free Exercise: Civilized white evolution put in the Constitution so we wouldn't have to fear you.

Frequency: Number of oscillations that move back and forth per cycle usu. refers to militarized technology used by blacks on us"

Freud: When a black female imitates what you're thinking without being told by you speaking it aloud. It's not a coincidence, but rather a laser spying on your brainwaves and translated into words. North Carolina #5 will explain the tech developed by Stanford University. When they do this thing, they are attempting to subvert you with espionage.. Some of us find it most intrusive"

Fright: Oprah Winfrey getting her way in your life using military satellite technology and you can't stop her steamrolling through your life.

Frog: Debbie's word for In Kwon meaning he's bowlegged from his mother carrying him on her back too much" Toady is not what I means, George.

FUBU: For us by us Term used is almost exclusively by the blacks" Aka self-inflicted for publicity's sake or gain of some kind.

Full Proof: Isaiah 54.17 - What blacks think they are on us. If they can lie to win, that's full proof or iron clad escapism. It is illegal to use a satellite to make people dependent on black tyranny"

Fur: 1) Protects someone from the bitter, tasteless, petty, cold-hearted communism called Oprah. 2) First. 3) Rule of law which isn't violations of the 4th"

Fury: Black tyranny aka coup on civilians by illegal use of the military etc. Often said by Black females to frighten whites 4) A fast moving zombie.

Gabe: A two-faced coward that doesn't let you win every time, even if you have the law on your side every time.

Galatians 2.4: Espionage, entrapment, intimidation, sabotage and terrorism using indecency

Games: Espionage and terrorism along the lines of nihilism (which isn't courage). Some people call it poo and others call it communism.

Game: An honor to serve with you , Mam. Someone who is available for assignment(s)"

Gam Zu L'Tovah: Is Hebrew for kick ass in her name.

Gang Stalking: Racketeering. Also see Communist Regime. The idea that more is better when it comes to stalking people. Organized crime fits them, too, except they're not Italians"

Gaps: Where the devilry gets in and creates doubts

Gargoyle: Lying about someone you love or like, while not in their presence, but to another, to protect that one from evil, perceived in the one you're talking to. Doesn't work in this day and age. Motion pictures shouldn't be your guide and this is called nominalism, which led many people to hate the Jews in Germany.

Gary Bussy: Cipher for Bush Sr. and it means I hate Bruce Lee because he's mixed married.

Genocide: LEGALLY DEFINED in Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the crime of Genocide (1948) as " any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethical, racial or religious group; as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, in whole or part;; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group." [OSAPG Analysis Framework"]

Gentle: The bad guys will always look like the good guy taking the good guy away.

George Jetson: FBI word for George Bush Sr.

Gestapo: Goose in a police uniform: A weapon for politicians that want to circumvent laws.

Gibberish: : What a stupid cop says to escape Oprah"

Give me some sugar.: 1) Take something away from Debbie to seal a deal. Hence, a hate crime to stop a hate crime. Usu. said by Oprah Winfrey.2) Do something evil to make blacks happy or entertained or feel validated. 3) Appeasement

Glam: Black slang for Glamour

Globalism: The path to world communism where all nations respond to echelon and all nations are put into places where they cannot act as individuals without messing up a scheme of things.

Golden Boy Communism: Helping someone illegally gain an advantage over the competition through trickery and espionage" Aka no real Someone who goes through the motions, after he or she is told what to do by observing someone who is being held down" Used to be called two-faced and doesn't stop Debbie from being pursued, obstructed, robbed and terrorized. e.g. Winston, Aziz, Carson ...

Gook: Oprah's word for Debbie's husband. During the Korean Conflict (1950-53), GI's called the North Koreans this. It comes from the Korean word for Korean - Hangook.

Goose: Punkery often found doing in Open and Fright. A mechanized army or electronic warfare. See Lynch Mob.

Got it!: Lingo of stalkers.

Grapevine: What Obama calls Oprah Winfrey's team snitching

Gray: L. Patrick Gray III became Acting Director of the FBI on May 12, 1972 following the funeral of J. Edgar Hoover keeping alive the desire to protect FDR's experiment known as Judges 5.12, an anti-communist solution to help America weather the storms of vicious politics" with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Judeo-Christianity" And he waqs a great witness".. [page 43, Fear Not #1 Bibliography]

Greedy of Gain: Control freakinitis and other invasions of privacy. Many of practitioners of this can be found on the Evil page.

Greek Sleep: Hypnosis. Thought Readers can do this without an implant. Implants are nopw used for identification and tracking"

Green Card: "Without this, they're wetbacks and Debbie's right."

Green straws in cellophane: Condi Rice (clear cellophane) is against "upward mobility" unless the holder of the straw joins them in lying to the police.

Gunk: "George Bush Sr.'s word for Debbie Song" I think he's trying to say something desperate.

Gutterball: George Bush's mouthpiece and tomfoolery. Often very illegal and untimely which can be nerve wrecking.

Habakkuk: 1) A book in the Old Testament 2) A word used by Oprah to say no habit with the gook.

Habit: 1) What blacks call monogamy in marriage and they associate it with a nun's clothing, which means religious thinking must be stopped. Once again, the relationship between man and woman as husband and wife is reduced to the physical to make it seem sick. This is a misapplication of words to abuse the definition of co-dependency. This works well on the uneducated to destroy relationships. 2) According to Oprah Winfrey, any behavior that is long-standing or routine, such as going to work or church, or home after work is called "just a habit." This in my world is a severe lack on her part of MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS"

Hair: Word used by blacks to disguise their usage of ULTRA as stated in Ephesians 2.2. It's roots are in the name Siegfried Sassoon.

Haiti: Lies about what having an earthquake to get funds to support its government.

Happy - No happiness: Sadism, 2) Psychosis

Happy Birthday: What Oprah says when she plans a punishment for you on the day of your birth in the month you're in, or the next month, if the day has passed.

Harassment: If satellites used to place persons on you, it's stalking.

Harpy: A woman who draws a man into her clutches by pleasing his biggest desire only to destroy all that made him what he is. Urban Dictionary: A cruel woman, predatory, rapacious monster that created storm winds in mythology. A woman that wants to rule over men.

Harvey Milk: Advance one's agenda through murder or mayhem. This man's name and demise means he was stalked into it by MKULTRA. Be careful. If they say you might die, don't go. We are willing to die for what we want is on the bottom of the JFK. page.

Hear: Doing business with espionage and stalking. If law enforcement is involved, violations of the 4th. You may hear someone say "Do you hear me?" It means I hear you and will get you for being in my way." They talk in reverse.

Heart: From Taber's 17: Beats 72 times per minute or 104,000 per day which is about 38 million times a year forcing with each beat 82 ml of blood through the body which is 8,193 liters per day.

Hear us or else: is tyranny not playful. Don't let wicked disarm you with flattery or reverse speaking.. Be careful. They are watching you with a satellite for the purpose of subversion. Yes, you are worthy it to them to be disposed of"

He Belongs to me: S/he has been subverted by stalking satellites and is now willing to obey on cue any of their demands" See Elmer Fudd

Hebrews 5.14: Blasphemers shouldn't be allowed to judge. AND telling the truth isn't racism or poison"

Helping: Blacks call this obeying the law where whites are trying to have a life

Highest Order of Wrong: Blocking the Tetragrammoton

Hoax: It's a felony to perpetuate a scam because it's subversive.

Hocus Pocus: a hate crime. When you first look, it isn't there and then upon second look, voila! This is dangerous because it terrorizes people. Very bad to do it with children.

Xole: Black male word for female, often used during criminals laser torture. 2) Nominalism; 3) Said by Oprah or other BF to get BMs to sabotage her. 4) A sickness"

Hollywood: What blacks call faking sweetness to deceive whites into trusting them so as to secure more access. See Do Church

Holy Bible: The name of an ancient collection of books that is maligned by those who do not read it"

Holy Spirit: A cipher used by black tyranny meaning Helter Skelter.

Homeland Security: Keeping the world safe for Oprah getting at Debbie. Clown apparatus.

Hopeful: Someone who works within the law to become president of the United States. Outside the law is tyranny"

Hospital: Where Oprah and Bush's Secret Service put people when they want to evade arrest. Then stigmatizes the abductee by snitching to everyone that "they're crazy." In the Soviet Union, before Reagan, the hospital was where re-edumacation took place. Bumbles

Hostile: In communism world, never satisfied people" Otherwise, your definition applies.

Hot Twxt: What Bush Sr. calls married women. 2) What unmarried black females call married white wopmen pracitcing monogamy with her husband. Very frightful occassions in our bedrooms like this.

HPM: High Power pulsed microwave. Intense, short bursts of microwave ranging in frequency from 1200 MHz-35ghz for use on humans.

Hugs: Plates with the first letters HGS

Hype: Lies, exaggerations or out of context: Intimidation. All stalls mean no relief.

Gamma Rays: Communism stalking

IC: An excuse often given to stall relief from communist plays It means satellites can see us, or I see what you mean.

I can get her in trouble with everything: Espioange, illegal search and seizures and snitching! Condi Rice on a hayride.

Ice: Cold-hearted laser retaliation in the form of torture which may permanently damage targeted areas

Ice cream: What a husband says to a wife when the kids are around... Even old fogeys talk like that!

Idolatry: "I do try to lay down for Oprah and her skanks before God and his commandments like most people." 1) The third book of Oprah extremism.

I got it: Stalking

"I heard...": Means Oprah echelon told me to say.... and such constitutes a stalking if obliged"

I heard her say...: Espionage and stalking and then snitching" The U.S. Secret Service helped me with those comments.

"I know your address": I'll make you homeless with RICO violations"; I'll tell people where you live." And then there's "I said no to you stressing me about my crimes in your life. This is payback for slavery. It helps my self-esteem to get away with harming others."

"I'll call her crazy" : Is a communist statement" that utilizes fist and hype.

Illegal: One who uses their location to break the law.

"...I'll get up": What's the opposite? I'll knock you down! (Talks in reverse so they can escape making a threat)

"I'll lower her rent" - It means treachery stalking me is going to take my freedom away. Example is another abduction with false police reports"

Incremental: Slowly markets hazardous ideas or options to us that are designed to deprive us of privacy now or in the future. This is Oprah Winfrey's New World Order

"I rule" : Communist dictatorship, Social engineering, Control freakingitis, monarchies and others hell-bent on taking our rights away like a witch doctor. Do no confuse such a statement coming from law enforcement officials or district attorneys who win in court.

Illuminati - 1) Playing both sides to manipulate outcomes in their favor without a church body present. 2) Making Debbie pay high prices is extortion - a twisted version of a common crime, 3) Making it harder on the police to unravel and stop crimes with false witnessing. 4) Know it all espionage

"I looked" : Espionage for the purpose of sabotage. The Secret Service on ordinary Americans.

I'm afraid: Evasions

Immigration Status: Besides being initials, this is a popular term among scaredy-cats in politics. This is the delusion Americans are living in fear of being labeled racist every time they call a wetback a wetback. This is a challenge of our sovereignty. Sullying whites' free speech is a hate crime and brainwashing, which creates the delusion that we can't be white anymore unless we have a hyphen in it. Fascists are racketeering with communists to throw white people to the sharks! Look at what they did to him in Irving and he legally immigrated here! [Ask me sometime what that's about!]

I merely forgot: Black female is first: Obey them or it's curtains for us!

"I'm in" - What a subversive says when she gains access to someone's mind for the purpose of control. Black tyranny tells the one being controlled, they can cut corners with espionage. If you hear me say it, it means I gained access to their online contact us field.

Immunity: When one is the perpetrator, judge, jury and executioner. Very illegal. Boss Hog

I'm not happy: Masonic for 1) I am a sadist. 2) I'm for the removal of all happiness from your life until you obey us. Most people take a bribe to help Extreme with this fantasy; 3) Ensure unwed mothers are kept happy at Debbie's expense and every thing she wants or works for give it to black females; 4) Hold Debbie down so "bitches" can get up in her oriental husband. Communists will always say: Don't fear that this is treason or hate crimes!

Impressive: A word used by subversives meaning Oprah's power to do evil is awesome! Yeah like Hitler bumping off 6 million Jews is admirable.

Inch by inch: Mind control is advanced through small increments or dosages, so you won't be alarmed. That's called getting hooked and only an expert knows if you're being strung ou

Infiltrate: Waiting for a chance to be violent. "Balmy" is detectable and scares employers. This ability to suspect ulterior motives is called racism by Liverpool.

Infintesimal: Extremely petty

Inku: Korean word for individualism.

Inkwon: Korean word for human rights. Second syllable of his name contains the Korean word for $. and first part inc. WO however means don't put Oprah Winfrey in power, but you know that wasn't heeded"

Insanity: One who goes to extremes to get even. It's like a death roll with them.. Some people say it's not being intelligent enough to say No"

In sickness and in health... - No sickness running over Debbie's life.

Inside: 1) Violations of privacy with a spy satellite 2) Copulation in marriage is the couple's business" "And if we want to do it for non-procreation reasons, that's our business"

I own....: Means I control his mind and movements...

"I thought she was Bush": The speaker of these words are confessing, h/she is being controlled/stalked by Bush" and they are resorting to cruel on you, the target, to keep from being a target themselves. Sometimes, the stalkings these people endure is because they took a bribe. Always be careful of any type of stalker.

Invasions of Privacy: Most often applied by Lynch Mobs and involves this sequencing: Unauthorized black satellites stalk white civilians and police officers and then reveals what they see and/or hear using Echelon technology to a receptive individual who then airs it in public to the Targeted Individuals, others and/or the police. This data is often played back on it's owner to extort, bribe, or intimidate. Often the "player" will be "interested" which seems as a coincidence to the Targeted one(s), who, if naïve, will fall into a trap... Many bad things can happen after that. Mind games using espionage (for that's what they're doing) is a felony. Always talk very little to any one you perceive to be a stalker. However, she may try to get you arrested. If you are a man, a female may flirt with you and then try to implement it against you. She will not be without a satellite that can take pictures and most probably she will also have that God-awful laser Weaponry. They will stand near you and threaten you with years of sabotage for not giving into their demands. Librarians do this one good. See 4th one in Gems.

  • Example: Librarian: "I told you she was white trash for explaining it that much." 4
  • And you think: Who the hell is she to barge in and call names! Believe me, babe, you're not alone. And they will go on and on with your business everywhere"
  • They analyze everything until you're afraid to talk
  • How many people do you see in a day? Imagine everyone of them saying something intrusive or threatening to you. That's what's driving people loony" See 2nd one in Gems
  • Loud witch on the stairs: "I have to bite you for telling on us." 1213-906 [That's a promise of torture sometime in the very near future].

Irish Patriot: Fighting for liberty long before blacks put on clothes.

Irving: Racist retaliation depot/Oprah doing social Darwinism by force with Condi Rice assisting" on my husband and his sibling families. Enemies of American freedom want to mind control the Asians as a type of Swastika, so to speak, on whites"

I said: A no Love dictatorship, aka Fascism.

Issues: Oprah word used to evade the feelings of others" and probe without empathy"

"I thought she was Bush": What Bush says to his victims during or after he crucifies.

It will cost: Oprah demanding payment to have something that is not illegal to have but for which she has illegal access to take from you as reparartions" Usu. comes in the form of millions of dollars, but for the poor, a death in the family or lost of health is usual. This demand of hers in found on the EXTREME page, item #71.

"I wanna see...": I wanna stalk

I want...: is fascism wihtout legal entry.

Jar Jar Binks: No putting satellites (Open) on blacks

Jelly: Jealous

Jellyfish: Whites that attack whites because they have no backbone.

Jethro: Black word for white kids that are afraid of blacks, like scared rabbits they are

Jihad: "My way or problems." See ET

JJE: Judge jury and executioner is warrantless spy satellites and subversive techs punishing people they mess up with constant harassment and torture. Usu includes Home invasions as violations of the third.

Jiminey: Conscience This removed by MKULTRA can produces the Manchurian Syndrome, avery untrusted individual and a life paralyzed by unrelieved fear or terror"

Johnny Come Lately: When you start to do something, someone jumps in front of you and makes you wait. If I am at the grocery store and there is only one person waiting, if I move towards that line, several people will appear with carts full of food items and race me to that line like jackasses, so I'll be forced to wait. It mostly never fails. This can happen anywhere, even in a public restroom. Here's another way: If you walk up to an employee to ask a question or directions and someone walk up behind you, the one behind you will be answered first as if they shouldn't be kept waiting. Huh? It this crap is dangerous on a street. So be careful, if you're a pedestrian. When you're about to do something, something gets in your way!

Joke: 1) What mental people call a crime to get you involved; 2) Lawbreaker 3) Using a Fist on someone living within the law. To disapprove someone, you have to have a warrant, and or do the disapproving legally. Your "say" depends on espionage and that's not within the law! Therefore, you're the joker still stalking Debbie" 4) Talking to someone who is not interested in your presence and has requested you leave them alone, is a fist. 5) Your unlawful or unwanted opinions while using a Fist. 6) Role Reversal. Malicious tricksters are Loki, saying they're a witness or the law while breaking it.

Jacking someone around: Blacks call this action "pacing someone out of self."

Japanee: Any reference to Japan means Oprah will do a sudden and deliberate attack on someone without due process to force behavioral changes. If she tells you to stop eating Hershey bars and you ignore her, you will be punished/kicked in the groin so to speak" This is called ET.

Jokes: Obstructions of Justice

Jungle: Might makes right(s) of way

Just: Refers to Spingarn, a branch of the NAACP - First one awarded this honor. It's an FMO reminder.

Just the Second: An Oprah Extreme command. Restricted in what and whom I can be near. I can only be called if needed to help someone. I am not to be a real member of the family. I will not be invited to anything: birthdays, weddings, holiday gatherings any joyful or sad occasions. I will not be allowed a relationship with grandchildren or son-inlaws etc. Contact will be made through one person and this person will never come for me quickly. This is a felony called racism. The second in this case is referring to the Second Amendment which means guns are to protect us only.

Just visiting: You'll never see that male again.

K or Kay: Korean word for dog (one subjected to behavioral modifications) In the vein of "dog" it means someone who likes sex without emotional attachments.

Kahuna: Hawaiian word for the big boss; leader of the pack; King Tut. Used to be Chief David Brown"

Kangaroo: The UK can easily subvert America because our people are not good.

Khobar: Kho means the red one just below. Barr stands for AG under Bush Sr. Together tit means, Oprah said No up for Debbie. Why everyone obeys this devil puzzles me. Are we outnumbered?

KIA: Killed in action, communist joke mail to me meaning Korean prostitutes killed your husband for NAACP bennies. Can't you get your own campaign without stalking me and mine?

Kidnapping: Keeping someone away from their normal life until someone pays a ransom or anything they deem valuable in exchange for that person.

Kmart: Sells out for a nickel or a dime, fifty cents for overtime. Aka junk"

Knock-Off: Compliments of MI-5 (British Secret Service)

In order of birth:




The 5th letter of each first name contains three letters from a 5 letter word.

They will used for an overthrow"

Knowing: Using espionage to find out another's private business; Using espionage as your guide

Ko: Korean word for Nose, used as a "No" word!.

Khobar: Does it remind you of towers? This word means No B or no doing things Debbie's way. Barr was Bush Sr's AG. Ko is the word for no (see above)" I dropped the H as a courtesy in Facebook. [I don't like murder].

Kosciusko: Subversives often use letters from their place of birth as ciphers to mark their dirty deeds! This one belongs to Oprah Winfrey and is very often played on me as Ko-Ko and SC.

Kosher: 1) The hard way aka limited government" and 2) Something or someone loved by humans

Lady: In England it means a female not having sex with a man. In America, it means a female not having sex with your man.

LARS: NAACP lasers. Comes from the "Mars" vessel

Laser: Star Wars

Laser Interferometry: Measures distances in space "with accuracy smaller than the width of a hair."

Lazy: Dedicated to the proposition that all men are not created equal... thus and since you can't make a difference, why try? aka Bones

Leak: An insider tip from a "witness" that is in too deep to come forward" Cops call them tipsters. A snitch will take money or require a favor. It won't be free for the protection of America

Leaker: May or may not be in it for themselves and may or may not be in on the deeds expressed" Reliable leakers can drop hearsay without much explanation

LEC: Telephone operator lingo for Local Exchange Code or the 3 numbers following the area code in a phone number. Always situated in the middle when advertised on TV.

Legion: The ones who come for Debbie" And they will be so bright, she will be dazzled by our love"

Letting ... win: Sadism

Lhasa Apso: A Pekinese that wants to stay the servant attack dog of Oprah"

Lick of Sense: If someone tells you something illegal, don't play on it. It's just FYI You sabotage yourselves if you play with espionage"

Light: Enthusiasm, satellite, religious spirit, enlightments/Illuminati Oprah version and especially the presence of God as spoken in John 1 and the Torah meaning fully God within the law of Tetramagrotton. [ If they go against the 10C, they're Rev two nine..]

Lightspeed: "Oprah's word for Cape Canaveral under the office of the Vice president, which is now Mike Pence. Most of them sell-out/racketeer/55 to get on the ticket. This is the place Ben Carson wants to be.

Little Jack Horner: A nursery rhyme based on a history of opportunism, fleecing the public and grabbing papal lands for their value.

Little Sister: Oprah Winfrey pushing centuries old philosophy on married couples"

Liverpool: A deadly game. What did Dr. Dean tell Mom and Dad what the microscope said? That was designed to break them up and put me out there with one parent.

Lois Lane: Deliberately (artificially) putting someone in danger, so you can be a hero. Make work" Making something bad happen so you have an opportunity to look good. On purpose Often used to push unpopular bills through state house"

Loki: A Scandinavian myth best known as a MALICIOUS TRICKSTER.

Look-See: Oprah's word for spy on people until you find something to destroy or use against them. Gives people heart attacks or terrorism

Losers: Debbie's word for family members that come for Oprah, the criminal slut of the world. And it they come over a long period of time or go WAY out into left field they become BIG FAT LOSERS! It's none of Oprah's business!!! 89-208 all of them.

Loud: Oprah's word for popular

Low Frequency Sound: Radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. Often between 3-30 hertz. Waves at a frequency of 3-300 can cause severe gastroenteritis. 700 waves per cycle can kill a person such as FDR or and my mother"

Lowering her rent: Sabotage, terrorism and usu. vandalisms and theft followed by false police reports and att'd lock-ups. It means lowering Debbie's status to that of a criminal\"

Lust: Tyranny: The ones who judge the private lives of those whom they stalk. These who have been caught red-handed are listed on the Evil page and their prescription for terror is found on the list of evil deeds demanded and listed on the Extreme page. If you find these things happening to you, let someone know.

Lust is not one's goals and aspirations or a desire to be with someone like a family member or spouse. Stop scaring him down with lies.

It is not seeking a college degree or something that will better your situation in life. It does compass anything to do with mind control or control of other lives, however, if illegal.

See the words Blasphemy and Poison.

Luxury of Self: Often thought as Poor little me, but it really the Spirit of Unbelief in Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" Are you having a Calgon Night?

Lying: Attempts to brainwash See Slither

Lynch Mob: When everybody knows your private business and you didn't tell them and are on your back in public everywhere telling you it's a no-go or else!

Machines: Group power politics - Often violent and extreme with plenty of exaggerations to go around.

MAD: Mutually assured destruction. If you hear this word in a sentence, it's threat! See Misooki.

  • Never has a warrant and don't ever try to get one or it's sky high!
  • If you get a transcript, remember it's sacred because privacy is a blessed civil right.
  • Illegal spy satellites stalking Debbie is a home invasion.
  • That means she's usu. in a crime scene as the victim.
  • 98% of the time communists use lasers on her.
  • As opinionated experts, they will try to get you to hurt Debbie with them
  • A criminal mind is a bully.
  • If you're being harassed, report it, and pray the lasers don't come your way.
  • In the meantime, don't break! Pray for us and/or think up a strategy to save us.
  • You are not qualified to judge anyone.

MAD attitude: Someone who is ready to kill or destroy a person over ever little thing perceived as a threat" Seen often in communist adherents. Relies on magic for everything, especially directions. They are sore about everything. It is against the law to act that way..

Madagascar 2: Cracka Lactin. PCO is a crack (lactose) Black men vote again"

Magic: Communism

Making people (do what you want): Requires espionage, which is against the law.

Manchurian: MKULTRA brainwashed and will turn on a cue into a monster on you!

Mandela Effect: Cipher for Bush pollution in your heads. And if you keep pushing that crap on me or others, you'll become a pathological liar and believe lies as truth" Then when someone challenges you about it, you'll skitz out and become violent to defend those lies" Now you're completely mental and will turn everyone nearby into a cahoot" It's like a contagious mental illness" Check out Fake Memory Syndrome Foundation at

is they lie like little mugs.

Manster: All whites must be shadowed by indecency: a Bush Sr. tactic to communize us. In my husband's case, it's called Misooki.

March 4th (34): The most famous monogamous relationship: The marital date of Ronnie and Nancy Reagan. Often used by communists to say no monogamy anymore.

Marian Anderson: Black female stalker that challenged the DAR after I was conceived by another set of parents in 1939 in an effort to block my success. However, I was born male and that set was scrubbed. As a result, blacks want access to white organizational wealth to benefit black.. This is considered "reparations for slavery." She didn't want to carry her cross where the DAR was concerned, so she made a stink and they were forced to let illegitimate black children in. That's Regis aka communism. Often spoken of using "MA" words

Marigold: "Self chosen cipher for Omarosa Manigault.

Mark 8: Fortells a world where spite makes right and communist espionage and crime makes things happen in a controlled by satellite and echelon environment. It's a world without "bread" because men thought Hitler's way was better in getting them sympathy than just the facts, Mam. And with sympathy comes financial gain and fame. EASYASPIE

Marriage: According to Condi Rice: "Using your twxt" and Oprah: "to hold on to a man" and yours will be wrecked. If this is happening to you, reading Gems #7 may help. Update: Oprah has just released her newest definition: Marriage is a woman bewitching a man with her pussy." For more filthy language from these two and others, go to Lynch Mobs and read those pages under Secret Service. 38

Married women: According to Oprah - Extreme - married women causes men to undress them and think of them as naked, which downgrades women to sexual objects. Only married women cause men to do this, she and Bush Sr. says!

Massa (Master) - The black female racketeering: Corruption

Matrix: It is based on the principle of Freddy Neitschze Kruger: God is dead. I am the superman" It establishes communism with endless mind games based on espionage. It is very much against the law to be in the matrix against America. If you have to be there, reject usage of the lasers and learn to fight them like Keneau Reeves' character in the movie" Don't buy into their lies. Try as much as possible not to break the law or your Mom's heart"

Mayhem: Constructed from the name of Queen Mary, the consort of George V and was used during the Kennedy suicide by Oswald as a warning to the world in the route he took: Her name + Houston, Elm and Main

Meathook: A usu. pretty woman who takes a man for all he's worth and when he refuses to give her more money dumps him. Some of them wait until they get into divorce courts" Pre-nuptials are suppose to prevent that"

Mecca: Cipher for Obama's

Mecha: Oprah turning Debbie's spouse into a robot that can only protect and whine for Condi Rice! Sickening fascism

Mechanized Army: Electronic warfare: People who come for Oprah Winfrey's echelon, MKULTRA and serve willingly for a reason.. See Goose or go to GOOSE page. Some refer to these people as "satellite soldiers" Also see "standing troops" in Ariticle 1, Section 10 U.S. Constitution

Mein Kampf: Oprah's (Misooki's) struggle against the Constitution, Christians and Consciences. Wants everything in the world to be engineered and the money markets fixed. [The original Mein Kampf was written by Adolf Hitler while in prison after WWI. It is German for "my Struggle"].

Mental: Blacks acting very bad to get their ways and then there's black females saying they're scared when whites have successful marriages or when husbands refuse to commit adultery for black favors. Sometimes, they keep the hubby from having sex for almost two decades to bring on adultery.

Meow (sound): Indicates someone as a chicken. Animal sounds usu. are what they seem to be. Except for turkey.

Metzger's Milk: Given a job to remain silent about wrongdoings and covering it up when told to without question.. Essentially, aiding and abetting FRAUD. See Milk and Weak

Mexican Amnesty: Weak

Mexican Cartel: Making grief in the lives of people anywhere south of the borders to move them into America permanently violates the Monroe Doctrine. England is to Europe what Japan is to Asia.

Milk: Hebrews 5.12-13 A tactic which requires a death to advance the group/machine . It's sorcery getting one to die for the others. Suicide bombers are milk. See Vegan. The quick easy way - Drama. Easyaspie

Milky Way: Espionage and violence to achieve success; sympathy for communists (club members) only. Always stay in color. No individual thinking. If it's not good for the group, don't want it. A fancy word for communism"

Militant Female communism: Woman griping all the time about something; Women with needs, needs, needs ... and damn loud about it! This is militancy"

Mind Control: Making themselves weapons for many crimes against others.

Mind Reading: Ulterior motives (and how)

Minus One (-1): You lose. I wannabe a monster!

Minutemen: Preserves our way of life from those who would destroy it. The other definition doesn't fit here, Ladies"

Misogyny: MONSTERS

Misooki: Communism [Name taken from Debbie's sister-in-law. Also born in 1952]. Aty Gen

Mistakes: If they find them anywhere, even if caused by them, you will be punished. 9 They can make trouble out of everything and hurt you with it" They are petty troublemakers calling themselves the Secret Service" Loretta Lynch is the first AG to go along with them!. You could forget to cross a T and be tortured alnight, or you could miss the trash can with a wad of paper. That's how petty they are!!!" They're evil"

Mixed: A racist trying to pass as a good guy! Someone who plays both sides of an issue which cannot be trusted" May be involved in entrapment and other types of schemes while pretending to be your friend" (encroachments). Some refer to this type of person as half real and half mind controlled by racist, subversive SOBs" A more correct description of this would be "Manster", hearing the host, kidnapping or "demonically possessed with dirty-minded crap."

MO: Method of operation or all the tactics a criminal uses to rob a bank which is the goal or "motive"

Moke, aka 1) Markitis: Adapted from Debbie's childhood to cipher Mark Sullivan, former director of the Secret Service. 2) A dumb white boy 3) Many Jesuits are mokes.

Mole: The sweetest little thing, likeable, helpful, smart and capable waiting for an opportunity to strike against someone illegally. These super brats" Right like Carson"

Rhoda in the Bad Seed

Mongoose: Primarily consists of a group of people organizing themselves into any situation one by one to overthrow a company, organization or person" Goose is not exactly the same thing, but close to it"

Monkey wrench: Anything unlawful which disrupts the lives (circumstances or plans) of another negatively" Anything that gums up the works

Monogamy: Experiencing God on every level in a relationship called Marriage" They bad-mouth everything Christian. That's why!

Monsters: All whites and some others must be shadowed by these until submissions to illegal demands (Fist) are secured..

Monster Code...: 1) Always make trouble; 2) Always hurt someone; 3) Always make sure it's the victim's fault; 4) Always deceive when normalcy is required.

Montana Civil Defense: An effort to protect the cities, towns and villages of a state; usu made up of non-combatant citizens from military attacks and unnatural disasters.

Morally Straight: Without deceit

More than once: An attempt to control something by constant complaining.

Motherboard: Deep in the heart of Texas, gangs up to harassing you with your privacy are racketeering their ways up a pyramid to hell. It's racist, cruel, borderline sadistic and causes insanity the higher you go with it. You have to learn to think in opposites. The persons behind it boils down to two loonies with everyone gang member fronting one of them" They hate God. They hate America. And they hate Christianity and most all things white privilege"

Mozambique 1: African female communistic machine

Mozambique 2: Oprah Winfrey and standing troops. One of the reasons she comes to Dallas, is to reward them.

Mozambique 3: MO stands for married black ladies. ZAM stands for the BAM from Alabama known as Condi Rice (unmarried with a child) and BEEK as Oprah Winfrey (never married, no children) with know-it-all, outspoken mouth in everyone's business.

Mugs: Criminals

Multiplication (sign): Lust

Mummy-Mouth: If you see this kind of facial expression -, report. It means racist and anarchist, racketeering with such to sabotage or subvert others and the police are not immune from such trash! Stop fighting the police, Mam. This expression may be at a crime scene. That's a tip-off" A cameraman may send it to Debbie or others like her.

My eyes: Espionage satellites that belong to Oprah. Galatians 2.4 Can she own government satellites or is that glam?

MYOB: Abbreviation for Mind Your Own Business.

Myles Standish: Bush Sr. in Defense advising Americans to obey Oprah Winfrey

Myo Kim: Oriental female that never gave Debbie her middle name as is custom with such names. Approached my family with her husband and two children in 1996 about fixing a store for them in Grand Prairie. Were living as a married couple on Townsend Street in Dallas. Has been used by Oprah and Bush Sr. since the fall of 1996 as a device to get him to commit adultery with. Husband's whereabouts unknown, but he had a mother in Houston that invited him to America. Byong Dong and Oprah both brainwash In Kwon with sex in color only. Oprah doesn't like husbands that wait until they marry to have sex and wants him to experience what another woman's body feels like under his. This is MK Ultra - two thirteen's secret weapons.

Mythomania: Consistently faces life by lying See Revelation 22.15 last six words, fake news stories. For help try

My Turn: Blacks are building a communist regime and all colors are expected/conditioned to help them. This is amnesty for the illegals, too. See Look-See.

N-word: Blacks who do communism on whites, especially" Don't fall for their sweet talk" Uses the DoD to get themselves what they want" and it's always outside the law"

Nancy: Cipher for all black NSA listening post in West Virginia

Nanny Goat: Everyone has to give up freedom and natural law to pay for and support animals that think it's their turn to run things by establishing communism" The strong will be oppressed with defense weaponry because weak needs time to evolve into stronger (is fascism). Oprah Winfrey and other sick monsters make threats to topple America if we don't comply with this tyranny (likes a monarchy they force edicts). See Treason

Natch: What black trash calls Debbie because they took her last name away which begins with "S". (I truly mean that's what they are).

Naughty: When the Zionists called European Jewry back to Israel, they, like the Congress and the American Confederacy said "No thanks we're all set up here and comfortable."

NCIC: It where they get the rap sheet on people

N'est pas: Sadistical bastards stalking us are Bush Sr.'s

Nietzsche: Atheist communism to force one's path or opinion on others through the violent trickery of the Superman. Making things happen and then making oneself the hero. Famous followers of this brand of action were Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. And now Oprah Winfrey and her followers. That's a strange thing to say, but it's true.

Nigab: Muslim veil where the eys and area around the eyes are uncovered.

Niles: Second son on the sitcom Fraser. A man that likes sex with the woman he loves.

No Catholic: Militant female communists demanding of our government and peoples to end the Roman Catholic Church. This bunch responds to Ezra 213 as a new world order and will often come up against traditional marriage by having billions of children out of wedlock. George Bush Sr. hangs out with this bunch of grabbers.

No close: Communism

No faith: Lust and vanity: Easily manipulated natures

No Happy Meal: Cipher meaning no happiness or it's opposite sadism. I am no happy. I am thus sad. Sad means sadism. Follow me?

No heart: Do not listen to your wife. Vulgar terms are used to slander Debbie to her husband.

No husband(s): Antichrist

Noise: What Oprah calls telling on her or teaching others.

Noisy: Oprah calling Debbie names again and often exaggerated. Making things slow where Debbie's name is used is 89.

No longer: Cryptic black lingo for no song in her (no marriage to InKwon).

No loud: Oppression and Home wrecking must continue so black tyranny can prevail at establishing communism in America.

No love: Bullies that start trouble so Oprah's satellites can get even on someone she's stalking" Has been referred to as Fright. This is a felony hate crime.

No luck: To further the gains of: hhtp:// See IDOLATRY #580

Non-Violent: Crimes classified as hateful and include sabotage, vandalism and theft as opposed to laser/microwave assaults, torture and murder

No real: In short, it means no Roosevelt. The remaking of America as payback for slavery by establishing a criminal network.. Deep State or communists in control of our government with the illegal use of our military arsenal" Mother Russia meaning undermining and criminal ways will have more protection AND favor than legal ones. This will help the communists corrupt us" The systematic destruction of the United States through espionage, trolls, false flags and colors screaming racism all the time" and using such to break in lines" Everything is ugly and bad unless it shines their shoes with your tongue.

No reverse (or reversing things): No stopping or undoing damages or damnation on white families if caused by black tyranny on their way up in government or societies" It doesn't matter if everything that was done to you is a crime. This is the law of Bush Sr, who gave them the laser portion of the weapon system to outdo President Carter who gave them satellites for black votes.

No sleep: Prison for all who play this" Stop doing the behavior while punishing people for the name. Calls for 83-Sleep dceprivation(s)

No teeth: is an overthrow" In order to get this done you have to lose your privacy to assure predators they are completely safe if you're allowed to live with them under tyranny" You will always have to live according to their will and dreams. Autonomy will not be allowed to assure the predator you have no intentions of ever hurting them though they hurt the shit out of you! What they do to you doesn't count, ever! Thus the predator's lust becomes the loss of your liberties - 1 Corinthians 10:29.

North Carolina #5: A device used illegally by the Secret Service to remove, spy on or erase short term memory or current objects one is thinking of. This too can be confiscated by a coup. It was discovered and developed by Stanford University Medicine.

Not @: No lawbreakers first

Not tonight: Cryptic for don't say no to Oprah.

Not without his hand: No advancements in your life without mind control, conpsiracies, fraud, manipulations and racketeering/arrangements of things"

That thing she calls "his hand" was forced on him"

Novel: 1) What Oprah Winfrey calls this website, yet Alex Jones and others have twice as much materials" If you use this term, you're hearing her echelon" In a sneaky way, she's calling me fiction. That's defamation. Novels don't have contacts" 2) Masonic message would mean "no loud" playing off the word bell as "Vel"

Now I'm not happy; or no happy: Means sadistic retaliations. Means I'm a sadist or do sadistic things to someone! This ndrive to harm someone is a psychosis.

Now watch: Racists getting up

No white girl up unless I say so: is Oprah Winfrey's $ subversing America with spy satellites/Affirmative Action"

Nuclear Physicist: Spoken by Condi Rice and means N-word fist; Bowes-Lyons fist, her creator

Numbering things: A way to make yourselves better than someone you're jealous of him"

NWO (New World Order):Blacks with lasers on white people making things go wrong all the time. Showboating: Gets caught for shoplifting to get on the news and then says something to scare Debbie, the targeted one.

NYPRO: A plastics factory in MA that does surgical equipment and must be free of contaminants"

OA: Found on Amazing: Means Adolph Hitler's pogrom for foreigners

Oahu: 94 with our weapon system at their disposal, to obstruct, harm and kill white people" Also known as the JFK administration"

Obey: Establishment of an unlawful communist regime

Obsession: Oprah on Debbie about everything and resorting to violence as payback.

Objective: An "OB" word meaning pro-Amazonian politics (pregnant unmarried cops). Listen to how they use it, double-speaking"

OCD: In clinical psychology, this means Obesessive Compulsive Disease, but in cyber world it should be COD or Chronic Opportunist Disease which makes it pretty much the same as OCD" This however, in my book, will not be allowed for evasion purposes"

Ocho: Usu. said witout sounding the last letter. Means cruel and unusual to get their ways. Spanish word for the number 8.

OCS: Officer Candidate School: Attention to details are taught to us because the enemy lurks everywhere to take our troops down. All personnel are taught this in basic training. Do not confuse this with brainwashing, which harasses people into obedience..

OF: In law enforcement and medicine, this means Oriental female, but in Oprah world it means Oprah first.

OH: Korean word for five, which is black lingo for fist.

Okay: Subversive meaning No! Reasoning: In freemasonry, the state of Oklahoma is north of Texas. This means they just used the toilet on your heads!

O-Kay: If said to you in passing, it means they are announcing they are Oprah's dog to scare the daylights out of you. That means they will do whatever she wants like it was the smartest thing to do in the whole wide world. X208"

Okhrana: Oprah's secret police: Most often black females that come for Oprah to do bad things to people under the disguise of government. Illegal use of access to sabotage or disturb someone Oprah (Okra) doesn't like!.

Old: Old Testement brimstone reality without due process; terrorism and torture as the solution for what ails society. Jack the Ripper and the Holocaust are main examples. Often used to describe Bush Sr.

OND: October, November and December meaning FMO or else. [A corruption of the word ONE meaning only first marriages will be respected and heard]. The 14th of every month will be against you if not practicing an FMO and is: Eisenhower's DoD/WH, Condi Rice's NAACP and State and Comey's FBI as the fist of tyranny. They were all born on the 14th of those months. Now don't look at me about this. I found it in a movie, but that movie cannot be leaked at this time. It is a machine against Christianity. ... Eisenhower is a substitution cipher for Eleanor Roosevelt or the current holder of office.

One and Only: Nothing shall outshine or compete with a tribal black in any field or else"

One hear: Hear only what blacks tell you. Properly translated it means "one ear" Be careful. They play these games on people all the time. They rely on assumptions to knock us down.

One: Marital unions

Only the Second: Protect British con-artists at all times. Front fascism. Take other people's property/family/spouse and use it against the owners [like what they did with my husband].

On the fly: Without evidence smashing someone's life because a troublemakers says so. Requires stalking and espionage. to ascertain the target's strengths.

Open: Oprah's prison yard on you leading to a loss of all your civil rights! Sabotage and terrorism on you all the time" Blacklisted for simply upsetting a stalker"

Open mouth wide: No privacy, as retaliation. You have been tagged for destruction. I cannot help you without putting myself also in same danger.

Oprah: Busybody crank stalking people who refuse to do things her way. FIST of choice: Espionage and terrorism in many forms.

Oprah Said: is a communist regime.

Oprah's Way Only: is a felony!

Oreo: A white cookie covered in chocolate, not Misooki (bitter). Even a sweet comment like this can have reprisals, because these turkeys are evil. N'est pas?

Orion: Oprah's tyranny rhode island from MLK's speech putting petty satellites on whites/us and that laser Weaponry.

Otis: White males who come for Oprah. Often granted illegal immunity by Bush Sr. or State. Often commits horrific crimes.

OW: 1) Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon - wife of King George VI and mother of Queen Elizabeth II. 2) Oprah Winfrey's initials"

OWC: Oprah Winfrey Club, a crime syndicate" that requires everyone give up their lives for it on demand"

Owl: Satanic symbol for espionage and usu. means Oprah Winfrey is all wise because she uses espionage on people.

Opinions: Don't belong in the workplace if based on espionage which often intimidates co-workers!

Orange: Used to mean and still does in government circles, government buidlings"

Orange Cars everywhere: Oprah saying "no freedom" to you in a showing off way!

Oxygen: Oprah doing Ephesians 2.2

P: Words that begin with this letter that come up missing means "the police belong to Oprah Winfrey." See X508

Pagan Brat: Listens to the military, not on conscience"

Paint: It means pain. Often comes in a rhyming word sequence such as rain. Recall, now, Adolf Hitler was a house painter in his youth.

Palo Alto: High stick in the vein of swastika: Makes trouble to see inside of a situation bypassing due process or how to use espionage to expose people" They'll poke around in search of ways they can scream racism into the face of whites. Like the straw that broke the camel's back" This is a pattern" Someone dies, someone sues, many riot and loot, many become famous... "Poor little people."

Panther-Tiger Panzers: Names of tanks Nazi Germany produced during the end of the war. In black lingo it means women are just parts and being with them is referred to "part-time" from this series of tanks! This is another marker that indicates Hitler's machine was British, from which the Black Movement6 on us now, sprung from!.

Paparazzi: Stampeding press that surrounds a person. Often locations are illegally leaked and creates a school of sharks on an unprotected person. Many of which are echelon trained at questioning a person/target.

Paparazzo: Freelance photographers that follow celebrities around.

Papoose: Protection from mass ridicule in exchange for submission of one's freewill and absolute obedience to the racketeers.

Paranoia: Destroy married couples (no pairs is read in reverse) and Christians (IA-first letter first word and first letter last word in the HB). The other word means no ID or closeness with others. Telling on her gets planes crashed. Please try to figure cryptics out on your own.

Paranoid: An Oprah word for people guarding themselves and others from Oprah intrusions.

Pardo: No devilry to stay on top: A message from Hoover's Treasury - Real victims of tribal warfare first was effective 1939.

Party Pooh: Communism isn't a real science. It's stalking and tyranny - jobs for troublemakers keeping all of us in sync with the Party Pooh.

PCO: King Henry 8th was a misogynist that introduced the world to secularism by saying sex in marriage or in general (for them) was to be for Procreation Only. The year of his terrors began in 1533. So if you hear: "That thing is for babies only" you heard misogyny. Women are not animals or factories.

Pekinese: Said by Oprah and it means your face will look like this little dog when she pushes her fist into it. You may see people suddnely driving around or walking this type of dog in your precence as a threat.

Pencil: Easily broken by stalkers" Quickly obeys unlawful commands; weak-willed, can be pushed the wrong way by subversives easily. Have learned to be "cooperative" even when you gut feeling says it's wrong"

Peppermint: Would flog a Christian for fun"

Peppermint Pattie: Oprah Winfrey's cipher for Ernie's wife, an enemy of Debbie. See Paranoid

Pet: A lap dog for Oprah; petty racist terrorism ready to attack on cues, See Fist.

Petty: Always finding something wrong with someone and complaining until it's stopped or taken away from that person. This has a hand signal that is often used to threaten people.

Pez (dispenser): A mouthpiece for Oprah

Pie Crust: A Bush cipher for Prince Charles. See Charles #1

Pill: Turn of the century term for people esp. women that gives you a headache to be around; a disagreeable person" In psychiatric circles, a help rejecting complainer

Pills: Vitamins and supplemental herbs

Pine Gap: Weapons to control or suppress peoples' actions and reactions.

Pins: Lasers making tiny puncture wounds in one's skin. It causes itching, redness, swelling that resembles mosquito bites and sometimes bleeding and swelling. They will usu. hit you in hard to get at places such as ankles, between fingers and toes and behind the knee. This is unauthorized laser. It's shameful I have to put this here. It is best to keep the area clean and get a tetnus shot once every ten years.

Pipsqueak: "Royal Air Force(d) that before radar used observers to watch for enemy planes. Evolved to present day, this is blacks stalking us with satellites looking for faults they can twist into accusations of racism"

Pisces: Oprah word for Queen Elizabeth II

Pistola(s): Persons who sabotage Debbie for Condi Rice, who is also stalking her"

Plagerist: Black lingo for playa distancing him or herself from what he/she is. Cloaking one's affiliations for the purpose of infiltrations.

Play: Stalking"

Playa or Player: Very available for foolish communism; See Feet

Playdoh: Someone who can be used for money on an innocent person which is usu. evil. Anotherwords, soul for sale.

Playful: Predator

Playful: Terror as in a cat playing with a mouse before they kill" A coy version of terrorism"

Penis: Fist (A black dictatorship, a vulgar play on the word). Some people call the Washington Monument and the County map of Los Angeles an erection. Manhattan and the state of Florida are impudent phallic symbols. Another cipher for Pentagon. Thanks George Jr.

Percy: Read the SINISTER page

Petty: Criminal self-love to the point of obstructions of free speech, marriage etc Predatorial

Plug: If heard, report. It means plugging a blood vessel to cause a ischemic stroke using the lasers..

Pochohantus: Oprah's word for harassing people into or out of acting. Obviously, this is not a new tactic.

Poison: Anything untruthful, includes lies, innuendo and deceit. SLITHER

Poisonous Rhetoric: Subversive and often followed by criminal acts of violence"

Police Officer: Sworn to tell the truth and report crime(s) of a subversive nature with all angles pending

Politically Correct: An Oprah dictatorship

Political Correctness: An excuse to bully

Pollution: From the word industry, a cipher for a person who is pro-sex in marriage and sterilization of the female after quota of children are born"

Pop: Cipher for George Bush Sr. (WH 41). If you hear this syllable in a word, they are probably talking about this one.

Poo: What quality calls Christians

Poof: The complete disappearance of someone or thing on cue.

Pong-goo: Pass gas loudly

"Poor Little Me": Fascism. See EASYASPIE

Po-Po: Korean word for "kiss me" was changed by Oprah and black rap to sabotage Debbie" This word also contains my husband's initials - I.S. His full Korean name is InKwon Song.

Pornographic Sex: Intercourse with one's spouse that isn't dull, quiet, rare or flat.

Possessive Entrapment: Putting guilt trips on people for slavery to get their obedience regarding a matter that is wanted by someone who was never a slave"" In some cultures, and even our own, parents lay a headtrip on a child that they owe their parent(s) for bringing them into the world, etc etc" Never should the concept "you owe me" be laid on someone's head unless it's a deal between consenting adults" (often spoken in jest). With lasers and satellites now in place and in the wrong hands, this is an ever increasing pastime of many individuals who were never slaves"

Posterity: Brings the principles of the past forward and never forgets where we've been. Respectful of the lives given to get us here and always grateful to those who died to make us free. President Reagan tips us.

Power Think: Black MKULTRA (Beck) or clandestine DoD.

Precious: Black female

Preemie: Super petty"

Presence of a letter Y where it shouldn't be: This must not be allowed because it helps her bring Christianity out in the open. [That's why my mother was made sick].

Presumptuous Sins: Until you read what Debbie wrote from a public source or hear Debbie's side in a legal way, all cues from Oprah are espionage designed to terrorize Debbie with your help.

Pretending: Fraud and false flags (1 Corinthians 8.12 and 1 Timothy 4.2)

Pretending to be dead is communism.

Pretzel: Shameless Vietnamese way of doing sexual intercourse. Terrorism if said in public as knowledge of ... is espionage. Quite often if you try something new, you'll hear about it soon in public. This is FRIGHT

Priest: Oprah's word for Debbie's husband as he wanted to be deacon in the Catholic religion. She also doesn't like the idea that Koreans tend t wait until married to have sex. She doesn't like the idea of virginity at all as evidenced by her command to DoD in eXtreme #211

Princess: Megan Markle, wife of Prince Harry who refers to me as "bullshit." She's very much against me being with my family"

Privacy: A place where I can be wrong without punishment or ridicule. - NAACP

Projection: Calling people what you are, so you can be in denial and escape accountability for what you are and also blaming others for what you did, so they can take the hit instead of you..

Psychotic: Owning other people illegally and using them to do bad things. Easily beset or stalled by situatuions most normal people never consider. Approaches life by playing mind games or refuses, abruptly, to enage life.

Public Relations: Doesn't leave his wife.

Public Works: Troublemaking (PU) works at getting things done criminally"; Forcing someone to do something with tyranny

Pumce: Surprise attack from the enemy in your life (their word). Sometimes causes mild shock, but don't try to feign it, because we're smart"

Punisher: "Liverpool"

Punishment: Extortion Always unlawful power establishing communism on all levels of your life to get even or force obedience"

Puppet: Petty sadists extended from the source of great evil. Also see recruiting

Purple Hand: The NAACP lusting for your spouse to the point of ruining your life in every way possible as if the circulation to your hand and fingers was cut-off... as in frostbite. A rather painful thing to experience" Located on #54 in INDEX Section 12"

Quaker Oatmeal: FBI word for FL Barbara Bush. No relationship to the Quaker religion or politicians/office holders of that religion.

Quality: Oprah's name for herself. It means men would rather have sex rarely than quantity. [How would she know?]

Quickly becomes: See Suddenly

QWave: Free Enterprise known as Islamic Burglar bars"

R2D2: No real way. All ways must be approved by blacks or risk sabotage.

RA: Means Regular Army. In Oprah, it means annulments do not count"

Racism: An action packed word (not an opinion or private thought or word) where hatred of someone's sex, color, ethnicity, religion sexual orientation or physical limitation is the ONLY factor when it comes to causing harm or death.. Telling the truth is called "free exercise." Examples: Dragging BM Byrd behind a truck until dead using two WMs to gain publicity was engineered by a BM Bush crew. All parties were selected based on how the press would see and play it. See Northwest, Goose and Sinister for more reading.

Racketeering is terrorism on Debbie.."Any dirty hand can help your dirty hand make more dirt!"

Ranting: Help rejecting complainers, fault finders, whiners, educated on subjects with echelon rather than taking the time to read and research matters. Big know-it-alls that bellow their endless demands for control over others" Need to pass away as soon as possible" I didn't say drop dead. So don't read into it"

Rat: Double-crossing liar or snitch. You have to be in the game to be a rat; not an innocent bystander or victim. A goal of protecting others is not a rat - that's a bystander.

Real: Americaninsm; bootstraps. Having the heart to go the distance without breaking the law or ganging up on another" No interference from outside troublemakers. Such apparatus is called "no real."

Recruiting: Cutting you down to a stranger in hopes they will take a bribe and hurt you for them" That's called stalking on the stranger, too. However most take the bribe, do the deed and never report they've been recruited"

Red and Yellow: No S (as in Superman's uniform), No civil rights, No husband and wife together in life, no Judges 5.12. This will be displayed by two black persons near Debbie or within her sight, usu. male and female. If they dress in these colors like a clown, or close to one, that's Oprah only. Don't put a picture of these colors in the newspaper sitting next to each other. They're playing you to get at me. Colors of the flag of China. Yellow first husband is an FMO message"

Red Texas: First because I'm famous is a BF comment

Religion: How to go

Reprisals: An Oprah word meaning retaliation for anything that upsets her and Winston causes them. See Oreo

Retaliation: When Oprah or her klan sees something with a satellite she doesn't like about your private life, you will be punished.

Retaliation Coupon: When Washington refused the blacks reparations for slavery, they decided to take matters in their own hands and retaliate on us using the weapon system and nuclear arsenal (laser) abounding in DoD. We are at war with them, now and it's a coup d'état as it prevents the government to operate smoothly and independent of black despots"

Revelations: Chipmuinks 31 days gestation, Ground Hog 31-32, Rabbit 31, Duck 28 and Skunk 31. China's astrological calendar recognizes rabbits.

Reversed Speaking: Accuses an innocent person of what they're doing to cause extra psychological terrorism. Ex: Calling Debbie a bad name, when she's the bad name. Also used in Lethal Tradecraft/MKULTRA brainwashing. Constant usage of this technique removes courage from the individual as they cannot tell on themselves anymore. Keep doing it and see where it gets you - paranoia. They're doing this to my family. Some people call this pacing truth out of them. Try not to let them scare you with vanities.

RFID: Radio Frequency Identification chips or bracelets On a n AM band radio dial, it would be found at 148.5-283.5 mhz. Still confused? This one is feared by Christians if implanted on them. It looks like a miniature TV tube. It's a tracking device, if anything, at this time. Tracking will eventually be used to control whomever is the target" CB Radio was operated at 2.1 kHz - 137.8 kHz worldwide. In 25 years, we've come a great distance"

Rhoda: Name of the child in the movie "the Bad Seed" about children who murder to succeed. Condi Rice and Oprah are like this one: So sweet....

Richard Spencer: A misunderstood white male that is maligned unashamedly by the liberal press and their MKULTRA mobs.

Ricky Lake: Talk show circuit: Leno, Conan, Oprah, The View, Today Show, Venus Williams, etc. Who remembers Jerry Springer? Sometimes Oprah uses it to mean "the press." Conjures up the feeling in people of 1) being examined by others about their private matters (due to availability of espionage); 2) fear of the craziness known as Bush's foot.

See Open

Riot: Why they scream to get their way. Usu. targets Korean communities so they can haul away stuff such as TVs and stereos. During the riots in 1992, the courthouse and KoreanTown were a train ride from each other, but that's okay. Even though Koreans had nothing to do with Rodney King, they are the ones most envied in the business communities of America by blacks. Who can stand against envy?

  • I know. Do you?

Ring: Martin Luther King's red solution for blacks is now a coup called black tyranny" 94 See Armageddon under #9 towards the front of her attacks" It's another way of saying Open. It means Rhode Island, as in petty. We call them Rhode Island Reds

  • Romans 8.28 (August 28th - I have a Dream speech Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Isaiah 11.6 (Mentioned in this speech)
  • N (Nazi - fascism is all blacks together against whites)
  • G (Germany - it's our turn to run the world. There are many of us)
  • S (8th word in Judges 5.12 - Orientals are black - My last name belongs to Monsters).
  • There was a movie made about people fighting over an object whose possession gave that person tremendous power. I am forbidden to mention it here).
  • They use DoD to make their dreams come true, no matter how illegal"
  • She tried to kill Capricorn.

Rizzo: Colin Powell

Rocky Road: Debbie Song

Room: Area(s) protected by the Privacy Act and access requires a warrant. Any other way is stalking and don't use the Patriot Act because she doesn't own a gun"

Rope-a-dope: Whites that fall for black deceit, lies and games/theatre, drama

Round: Christian

Sabotage: Troublemaking 2) Makes others look bad, so she'll look good.

SAC: Senate Appropriations Committee

Satchel: Cipher for George Bush Jr., but can also be applied to any dumb dog of a guy. Mokes are not as stupid. (I can't tell them those other two things).

Sadism: Damned if you do and damned if you don't enabling them to get at someone with those lasers. Also when putting pain in someone's life makes the perpetrator feel awesome about themselves. "I know. They're on me" Can you guess who we are?

Sandbox: "Bullshit out of control" Shithouse on a rampage. Apostate Jew moving Jews to Palestine by scaring them out of Europe in the 1930's by you know who"

San Saba: See the movie Nightwatch 1997.

Satanist: Takes the side of the one most advantages to his or herself.

SATNET: Upload satellite photograph of a subversive to the Secret Service and from there...

Say: Say what I say to you aloud right now. Repita.

Say, Say, Say: Is a communist game Debbie won't play! Telling someone to say it on a recorder when that individual has no privacy from stalkers, is a bear trap.

School Colors: A marker used in school shootings, too

Scoshee: It's Japanese for a small amount, a little bit of something or a tiny thing. In some circles, it means petty. Nova Scotia meant no petty, not no S.

Scream: Unlawful protest to illegally outlaw someone's private life usu. with the use of violence. A 94 tactic to force change on a corporation enabling them to get at Debbie through products"

Scrub: A piece of crap" that comes for Bush, similar to X208.

Scum: Proverbs 26.11, aka a bottom-feeder

Seamstress: Taking someone's privacy away by snitching on them. Hence censorship.. and fear of speaking.

Searcy: A classmate of mine that played the piano. His initials were the same as mine. They use it as a cipher for Condi Rice

Secret Service: Sturmabteilungen was formed in 1921 and referred to as "brown shirts". They used intimidation while troublemaking. They "pounced" on people in the streets. First leader was Ernst Rohm. By May 1934 they had 4 million members. Hitler was afraid of them. See SS.

Secret Service: Giving deadly weapons to Okhrana to use on civilians as they please is unbelieveably cruel and illegal. This website and the authors thereof are victims of these monsters. If you have evidcence of unexplained breakage or stoppage, please send it to the nearest FBI office wrapped up in a copy of this page. Make sure you get a receipt for it. Do not trust a politician with it under the level of Attorney General.

Secret Writing: If it seems odd, it's a leak undetectable, so as to avoid fault or punishments. Usu. these are constructed by presidentials"

Sedition: 1) Commits an intended act to overthrow, destroy, or alter the constitutional form of government ... by force or violence ... 2) Clear and present danger to the security of .... advocates, advise or teach a person to commit an act ...3) participates with knowledge b) is a felony. 1) $20,000 fine, 2) 1-20 years in prison, 3) or both, c) without probation and disqualified from ever holding public office or a position in the government.

See: Invasions

Self-Confidence: An attitude that comes from mastery of oneself in a given situation without resorting to crime or lowering one's character or the characters of others to get advantage. It doesn't depend on sycophancy ( everyone puckering up to your every whim).

Self-Esteem: Not built on the backs of those whom you can harm with immunity

Senator: Hears Oprah Winfrey and Condi Rice echelon

Sex: 1) Not allowed in marriage without her permission and only as a reward for good behavior. 2) What Oprah calls people friendly to each other. The word friends isn't allowed. And you're not allowed within the range of any black, to use the words associates either. Controlling speech is one of the things you will experience if you're being stalked by a satellite. 3) She can always identify "hers" easily this way. 4) and so can we...

Sexual intercourse: We say it's for "making babies" to decently speak of the subject. But if, you're married, the Bible refers to this attraction in Hebrews 13.4 and Jude 4. There is nothing shameful about marital love on the physical level" As long as we don't invade the privacy of others openly with speech or secretly in our minds, sex will be a sacred thing between God and his couples in wedlock" 1 Corinthians 7.4 in love

Share: Symbiosis with INDEX 12-94

Sharecropper: Black word for their machine forcing a family member to be their puppet. The true meaning of the word is cockeyed" Read Extreme and also ET and One weak.

Steve will tell you "share means give access to all that is yours to be used against you" (like that's a good thing")..

You will not be allowed to be close to anyone ever again..

Sharing: 1) In short, sabotage. Motive? What I have for good, the NAACP can use against us for bad is monopoly fascism. Terrorism on your situations to make it worse as retaliation is what your 2 cents does where it's not wanted" This assures blacks the soul of that person can never be Christian.2) Espionage to apply fascism"

Sheeple: Police chiefs that 12-4 with Bratts You have to learn this website to get in

Sheesh: Yankee expression for "I protest this action."

"She scares me" : Blacks bullshitting (poo) the police

  • Often looking for cruel and sadistic ways to obstruct the happiness or actualizations of whites
  • Often the blacks are screaming about something that's none of their business.
  • A tactic to use police for retaliation purposes.
  • In all cases, the screamer hasn't been put in any danger.
  • Often called "no first" or "no real" which are black demands not adhering to the law that expect obedience and amounts to hate crimes once unraveled.
  • Another tactic of X208. Armageddon

"She takes too many pictures." : Espionage and often exaggerated. Violates the 4th" See Too and means MKULTRA is used too much to make subversive females.

Shoe (Shoes): Civilized or domestication Ex: "Don't shoe me" means don't civilize me"

Short term realization: You'll be dead in ten seconds from a wound given to you by a black girl who wants to send Debbie, a white girl, hatemail. If you had 5 more seconds to live, who would you blame? 47 Answer above.

]Sabotage is a felony, Condi, even on a deathbed.

Showing me: Oprah accussing someone of showing her something she found out about using espionage of their private lives.

Showing off: Abuses of power, usu. excessively and when deemed full proof

Sideways: The Police leaking on the press: The forced training of us to take hits for false stories" That's Paula Jones"

Sifted: The government listens for subversive language where a VIP is or may go. A dictatorship is a mental illness. It sifts for words that are non-offensive and then puts stalkers on them" Not to be used by private citizens to force whims on us which is what is happening now! That's why we play jeopardy on the weekly webpage

Signature of the Beast: Voiceprint(s) of you agreeing with black tyranny on any of their goals. See Lingo for words to say to get in with the devilry. We strongly suggest you do not do this! This is not a joke. These people expect you to be there for them and any reservations or resistance. Laser targets are numbered in Index #12. These are often assigned to evil speakers.

Sion: Southwest central Switzerland. Zion is spelled this way in the New Testament

Silver, the color: Second place to a Christian and Jesus Christ in a sequence. Olympics pre-dates England.

Sinner's Game: Shady capitalist deals between two or more people with lawyers usu. in place. Any impropriety that the press can catch you at if you become or are famous.

Skull & Bones: Treasonous and subversive" Revelation 22.15 They love to make up and tell/spread lies. Illuminati

Skyn: Short for Sky Nazi which is anyone who uses weapons of mass destruction for a private agenda based on global dominance by their group of goons. Usu. this term means satellite technicians who also do those persons' bidding" Others go so far as to say it means hair, bones, skin and teeth, but not a soul. There is a page named after this term. Go to TOC.

Slave, I was a: The problem with that premise is, Oprah Winfrey was never a slave" You cannot claim a reaction to cruel behavior via transference over a distance of hundreds of years. A mentally ill individual" that wants to play games at everyone's expense"

Slice of Life: Journalistic term meaning giving a reader a piece of life to familiarize/ educate them with/about that particular style of living, e.g. what's it's like to be a convicted felon by actually putting the reader there. If you stand back and judge, you missed the point!

Slowly: Subvert, imitate and destroy the original, aka where and when Debbie is concerned" or no quick actions to save her

Smartie Pants: "Smarter than the average bear, original cipher for Dir. Freeh.

Smooth: Ruling over others' with Obstruction and espionage.

Snatch: What you say is what you are!

Snitch: In it for themselves. Many leakers fit this category

Social Engineering: Forcing peoples and countries to give up their way(s) of doing things by using force of any kind often masked as violence.

Soda: Extremely thin-skinned or petty psyhcopaths looking for an excuse to go bonkers or mean-spirited and make a scene or send a very obvious and hateful message through all satellites. This is a criminal attempt to look and feel important. Does Home Invasions. This person loses self-control and blames the wrong person in petty ways. May be assaultive. Will find something wrong with everything to make a scene.

Sorcery: Mind control via mind games by using espionage, bribery, malevolent stalkings, dishonesty and general mischief, often with a disarming smile. A mistake to think such can replace Christianity with their tricks! Soreheads anonymous strutting ET to get their ways"

Soup: Darkness" where mentally excitable troops reside" and others hide or are stuck in

Sparkle: Oprah's word for cricket/conscience. She doesn't like this one in people and works against it until it's removed by her games"

Spencer's Mountain: What the devil aims to destroy with espionage (spy satellites) and violations of the third (sabotage of our private lives)

Spiritually Discerned: Only a practicing Christian can interpret or apply the holy verses to a given situation. No charlatans pushing us around" Some scriptures may need others to confirm an interpretation. Oprah can't do this"

Sports: Racketeering

Spy: Finding out things about another through the illegal use of technology [unauthorized espionage] that is sought to extort or sabotage the target""

SS: Schutzstaffeln was run by Heinrich Himmler and used to "root out dishonesty" in the Nazi Party. It began in 1929. Party menmbers around 50K and referred to as "state police." Extreme violence was used and considered an excellent way to achieve their goals: a pure German Nation. They built cases around people with these tactics: 1/2 truths, innuendo, smears and manfactured "evidence." They also kept at Nazi Party leaders until they gave in to their screams. Excellent reading on the subject is found in Bibliography #41 on the page Fear Not. See ET.

Stacey & Bremmer: Hangil's Zerestzung

Stalking: On someone 24/7 looking for ways to make trouble. 2) Throwing a fit about someone's private life (esp. when that life isn't breaking the law or hurting anyone)..

Standing Troops: 1) Found in Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution. Subversives have re-defined this to mean any number of people ready to do harm to another at the sound of a cue from a dictator, whether Echo or echelon transmitted over the radio airwaves or cellphones. 2) Every city in America with a ghetto, bigger or smaller than Harlem is a hostage to their easily triggered whims and grievances. Mexicans are believed to be able to do this too. That's the trade with them for amnesty like DACA etc. 3) This is why every aspect of American society must have a black in it. Just in case.... 4) This is why we have a deficit. Troops want things to make trouble on us" e.g. Stasi

Star Wars: Free Electron Laser on civilians or genocide of whites on the sly.

Stasi: East German Secret Police Also spelled Stazi. See Zerestzung

Stereo: A word used by Bush and us meaning more than one meanie vying for a person's attention. Echelon is inside the head and Echo is outside, often bellowing" Both are auditory, although some would argue No for the first one. I have found standing close to running water such as a waterfall can block the messenger" The 8th cranial nerve responsible for our hearing and equilibrium. It's called vestibulocochlear nerve. It can be subverted to know you off balance or keep your from navigating yourself" 54 This part of your ear is in your head"

Steve (Rexar): Secret Service agent that comes for Oprah or anyone of her brood [X208]and does illegal, cruel things to unsuspecting, innocent humans and animals!. They love to use lasers on our bodies. Weaponry

Stick (short for swastika): What Cyclops uses to sniff out racism. Highly controversial detective work because espionage and terrorism are usu. involved, instead of warrants and evidence.

Stink: Trouble or troublemakers. Exploitation is what follows

Stinky: Blacks use this to remind us they will sabotage. Many of their words are poorly conjugated on purpose.

Streets: Traffic

Stretch: Harassment in the form of violence until they get what they want when it's usu. none of their business. Also known as troublemaking in the form of lynch mobery. "It means to give someone hell until the hell-raiser gets their way. Always illegal."

Strings Attached: Something is only released to the proper owner if it can be taken away again.

Stripes, the wearing of or carrying on oneself: I have the power to make you stop with lasers.

Strong: Lawful, courageous and loveable: A real McCoy.

Strychnine: A deadly poison called nux vomica

Studebaker: Student, someone who wants to learn something. In hell, they call this rookie"

Subversive Activities: Communism, cowards and corruption dancing us all into graveyards by spying! It's a crime to look Debbie's way with ulterior motives!

Suddenly: Classically conditioned individuals will respond and cause discomfort or harm to a victim almost overnight. Everything bad they could cause a person is acceptable, even death" See what the child says in Poltergeist in PR#309. [This is a very elaborate system they built]. One of the things said to trigger violence or payback is the word noise.

Superfly: Blacks that use DoD/DIA to get their way unlawfully Often seen as drama using the police as their accomplicing

Sweetheart: Someone who can be trusted by Debbie

Sylvia: Someone against fraud, deceit and trickery for $

Taliban: Bush Sr.'s craziness on America and it passes onto each subsequent administration like a toy.

Tall: Shapes of countries, states, buildings or heights of people. Usu. means England. See penis

Tapes: Sequence of events or chronological order of crimes on Debbie.

Tarmac: A lie from the start of the story, as in "the plane that crashed" never left the tarmac"

Teeth: Oprah's word for laser assault. It wasn't built for use on civilians. The term "teeth of the law" is called racism by blacks. Oprah running and/or ruining everything is fascism.

Temper: What Oprah throws when she doesn't get her way and usu. the lasers will be used in a deadly way.

Tenth: Refers to the Ten Commandments which was given to the Jews by their God on Mt. Sinai as follows:

  1. I am to be your only God
  2. Do not make, worship or serve idols
  3. Do not misuse My Name
  4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy
  5. Honor your Father and Mother
  6. Do not commit murder
  7. Keep your marriage promises
  8. Do not steal
  9. Do not lie in a way that would hurt another"
  10. Do not want what others have and this includes mind control/crime to get it away from them"

Terrorism: People getting into your business with espionage.

Thank God: Clinton-Reagan-Alpha-Omega-Yankees with courage, not sewage

Thank you: West Virginia: Never forget I am not alone and everything you say and do is being watched by police" Just look up and smile because being mean to me is Misooki.

That one: Hillary Clinton (however this changes from time to time).

Teardrop: "I was wrong" - T.D. Jakes

Theater: Engineered event where no one dies, but everyone things it was accomplished.

The Law: Could you defend your actions before a judge who listens to facts only? Remember espionage doesn't count and can get you in bad trouble as it's a felony" Bad people call the law "poison" so they can get you to do bad things"

Thing: Malignment of the word in Proverbs 18.22. Oprah Winfrey and Bush Sr.'s word for marriage. ex: "Controlling a man with your thing."

Third String or Third Reisch: Means I can mess someone up by violations of the third, hence "Open" with MKULTA: Trained in black ops to hurt or destroy someone against blacks overthrowing the Americans.

Thought Readers: Implants not used for this anymore. Brain activity can be translated from 14 mhz. Stanford University developed the tech"

Thought Reform: Brainwashing

Tibia or Mr. Tibbs: Character played by Sidney Poitier in the movie In The Heat of the Night. Famous line in the movie is: "They call me Mr. Tibbs." to Carroll O'Connor playing the sheriff of a southern town" Ben Carson is not Sidney who has never been a meanie to me" Other greats are: "Lillies of the Field, Guess Whose Coming to Dinner, The Defiant Ones, A Patch of Blue, Goodbye My Lady"

Tickle: Black male word for female anatomy during foreplay

Tighty-Whitey: Oprah's term for white people getting along with each other. She watches out for this using a criminal satellite and intends to sabotage it with wedgies every time she sees or hears of it!

Timmy: 1 Timothy 4.1: Those hypocrites that make sure they get first pick of donations in this land. Says they're Christians when they're just fakers to get in or get something, usu. knowing about it ahead of time so as to get the best parts if they didn't create it up themselves. Thanks for reminding me"

Tit: What blacks call a person who helps another get over a difficulty or discomfort. Sayings like "A friend in need is a friend indeed" is now called "Titties." The use of vulgar terms is to make us cringe or shun that activity" It's a form of brainwashing"

Titoism: Communists pretending they're against communism

Titsy Fly: I have to lie on documentations etc. to get along with BF satellites stalking us.

Toady: Two faced butt-kisser" (more like a back-stabber, Bush says).

Tomato: During WWII era, it meant female.

Tommy: Wayward (Tay-mon-han-sa-ram) Defense; the trash behind 9-Eleven" and black tyranny. A good wind that would blow out the state of New York"

Tomorrow: Never help whites that won't obey blacks!

Tone Deaf: Do not hear your spouse; or ignore your spouse's pleas for help, if it comes to that! British in origin

Too: Often a judgment call to defame and often based on espionage which is stalking" Why would you believe someone who stalks? Better for everyone if you play within the law"

Too Loud: Too many people are finding out about Oprah Winfrey's coup d'état, methods of operation against law abiding citizens. She doesn't want people to know how fake and criminal she is, therefore you're too loud.

Topf: Gas chamber manufacturer in Nazi Germany Aslo spelled Toph & Sohne

Top Secret: "Means you don't know about it either and shouldn't invade or breach securities about it.

Torah: First 5 books in the Old Testement of the Holy Bible. This is where the Ten Commandments are located. My name Deborah L. Song contains all 5 of these books" This name can be found in Judges 5.12. That was like that long before we came to America. Let's learn the Hebrew alphabet"

Totem: Secret black word meaning savages only no matter which way you hear it" It means no Christians on the third.

Trash (Black version): Whites with ulterior motives

Treason: Stalking people into crime and then making them out to be guilty (which they are in most cases, but they didn't act alone, just because you can't see the cahoots in radiowaves -MKULTRA), then without Due Process labeling those people is British Common Law. Espionage isn't discovery of eveidence" Access with spy satellites isn't license.

Tree: Black female lingo for treachery

Treason: Stalking people into crimes with MKULTRA and then labeling them as guilty denying them due process. Espionage isn't discovery. Access to our lives with military devices isn't license. Choosing someone you don't like and then trying to engineer situations or delusions on them so as to "catch" them isn't the American way" Guilty before proven innocent may be cheaper, but it's unconstitutional. It's British" This one's number on this website is 103. See X208 Don't run to that billionaire in Hollywood that did ET.

Tribal Law: Unconstitutional dictatorship form of government seeking domination of whites and their Christianity via espionage, terrorism and re-defining truth as racism.. Deliberate genocidal politics incorporating hedonism, fascism, nihilism and communism. Often demands everything be explained to it, when they knew all along just to obstruct justice by slowing the whole process down. No PARANOIDs.

Tribal Warfare: Laser [I was 18 months into legal and alone resistance of tribal law when they resorted to this].

Triffid(s): When people or children turn their heads slowly to stare you down all at the same time. Their heads turning resembles the turret gun on a tank turning to point at you" If this doesn't creep you out, you're one of them. Sometimes, it will continue all through out the day, several people here and one or two there. Often Mongoose is made up of total strangers, or people who you thought were normal"

This is a version of Gang Stalking" Some might bear their teeth, or make a mummy mouth"

No to be confused with Formations or Roll Call.

Trigger words: Just what it says - cues the brainwashed into illegal action without fear of consequence

Trolls: Demands $ or something of value you don't want to part with from everyone trying to cross a free bridge. X71 Bribing someone to leave you alone. Another form of paying for one's protection"

Troublemaker: Saboteur; someone always in someone else's business. Debbie taking stands against home invasions is not troublemaking. Are you all that hard up? Are you all that stupid, to call the victims of harassment and intimidations, the troublemaker??

Truth: A police action.

Tulia: Satellite espionage sabotaging police operations

Turkey: Wins by terrorizing someone

Tweenie: BF LINGO for petty female

Two Thirteen: No FBI, declared by the NAACP who will make a solution to racism by breeding bastards to overthrow America. Comes from Ezra for Balfour. Though, black men do not prefer marriage to fornication, that's white of them.. Comes from Ezra 2.13 Notice the number 666.

Tyranny: Suspensions of the law. Fascism and communism are both tyranny. Affiliated with the United Kingdom, it means violations of the Treaty of Ghent...the War of 1812.

Underground: Those of us who resist[ed] tyranny, communism and fascism and continues to seek out subversive technology, scams and individuals" calling themselves politicians and other professional commerce that aims to undermine the Constitution and peoples of the United States with specialized, violent crimes like espionage, lying and sabotage" These are the people who come up with the evidence.. for which most people would be helpless against without their expertise". See Bruce Lee

Ulterior motives: Not happy thoughts, always thinking of personal gain in every angle, unAmerican manipulation of illegally gained information, criminal applications of things found. Planning a stink on someone without legal tender.

Uncle: United Nations

Unclear: Is Bush/Zumalt's way of saying "I'll get you for that"

Undercover: So deep she couldn't wear a PD hat" and no one could find outabout her

Undocumented immigrant: A communist saying this one is Oprah's puppet.

"Until you do it my way" : Communist overthrow

Up: Elevation from poverty or isolation through fame or regonition. Oprah's version: What she'll do to knock you down.

Us: When said by Oprah means lust or the theater from hell/MKULTRA (See bottom of every page).

Vague way: Specifics attracts nitpickers or worse, sabotage.

Vegan: No longer used as a cipher"

Vegetarian: A person that gives up eating flesh.

Vahalla: Primitive white male warrior's word for Heaven

Venting: In a psychotherapy session, crying over split milk" Not to be confused with someone in a crime scene spouting epithets and warnings at an intruder"

Vicious: Extremely dangerous, vandalism and invasions of privacy. 2) Another cipher/Common word for Oprah Winfrey.

Victim: What blacks say they are while beating up someone which is the same as two oars in the water on the same side of the boat.

Virgil: A beast name for a beast (and don't throw a fit about it!).

Wildebeast: Black male word for Oprah and her kind. How's that for quality?

Violence: Not a tool to build one's self-esteem unless it's to resist it.

Violation of the 10th: Control freaks; Getting at or controlling your stuff for their benefit not yours.

Vocabulary: How BFs talk about Orientals. Hidden words meaning physical descriptions.

VO3: Violations of the third amendment and amounts to illegal containment or confinements. 55-62

VO4: Violations of the 4th and so on.

VT51: Aviator Squadron Bush Sr. flew with in W out of Norfolk, VA. Imbedded in the city's name is a masonic message from Oprah Winfrey meaning "no real first amendment anymore." Her target is our sovereign teeth) She wants to destroy the Constitution and set up espionage as a dictatorship" with DoD satellites (weapon system technology)

Wacky: Communists refuse to shoulder the truth, thus for her safety, the U.S. Marshal says do not pull it altogether on this website"

Wafer: Dan Quayle's word for Holy Communion or Catholic.

Wait: On communists to engineer hate mail to you usu in a body bag.

Wavelength: Distance between one wave and the next

Wedgie: A Paul Newman word for homewrecker"

Weak: Prone to criminality as a solution and without hesitation on an innocent victim. Ignores the law in most instances and carries out punishments on persons they deprive of due process. As it in England, you are guilty until proven innocent. These cannot be trusted. That's why no Los Angeles: Everyone has a fever for Oprah.

Weapon System: Gems #4 (Spy satellites stalking, lasers punishing, breaking and crashing and echelon deluding us into believing the more there are on you the more you better go along. Self-destructive if abused.

Weird: Using a "W" word to mean tot, a vulgar word

Wetback: Texan word for a foreigner that gets wet crossing the border with Mexico into America. Without a visa, he/she is a line breaker, a disease carrier because Mexico doesn't vaccinate their peoples, a communist overthrow in color, and persons expecting others to carry the load for them.. How come bleeding heart liberalism never bleeds for Americans? Read Arizona all the way down to the trailer

Wet Goose: Obstinate trash drunk on power (aka unauthorized access or one ignoring persons afflicted by it); just darkness" Many psychiatrists can be found in this category" After the first time cleared, they shouldn't have kept trying" All stalking charges)

What does it mean? :A sentence spoken by racketeers to probe.

White about it: This British saying disturbs blacks, I am told. It means as an individual, not as a member of any race, I will uphold the highest standards of conduct for whatever position I am in. Mr. Obama approves of this. The opposite isn't legal" Romans 2.11

Whim: Everything a stalker can find wrong with a Target. (And you thought you were all alone in that cabin).

Whistleblower: Don't scream foul play if you didn't find out about this in the course of your workload.

White about it: Someone who desires to do things the legal way; above board, not crooked, cruel or criminal"

White Privilege: Stay out of my kitchen! Leviticus

White Strongholds: Oprah defines and targets our associations and organizations as this. Some of them are DAR, BSA, NRA - all of them under attack to forsake their ideals"

White Teeth: Black word for the law.

White Trash: A semi-racist word.

Whore(s) of Babylon: From Revelations 17 - racist troublemakers and the backstabbing two-faced losers who do buisness for them outside the law! Outstanding features are usu. arrogant petty dictorial/despotic stands in violence while not minding their own business.

Wild: Uncivilized Atheism; Above the law, outside the law and whatever works for those who don't give a flip about you" or the law" See Open

Wild 2: Making something domesticated go wild is sadism. Saying who can be a citizen of the U.S. is fascism. Give her a tissue. I don't want to hear from the sickness stalking our witness and her husband"

Wild Kingdom: Psychotic communism using espionage to deprive and/or sabotage whites and calling such activity subversive reparations for slavery. Easyaspie uses tech to kill their children and sue cities.

Willy: British word for male equipment.

Winston: Name of a satellite technician that stalks Debbie since the nineties and has vulgarly berated, tortured, raped, psychologically terrorizes, vandalized and engineered crimes on her. Read more on him on Evil page. He comes for everyone against her. And the list is long.

Wire: A laser that picks up voices as part of an investigation. Illegal if used to terrorize or stalk.

Wisdom: How one applies knowledge to a situation and how accurately and legally it fits the situation" Matthew 10.16, 1 Samuel 2.3

Wishbone: Being heard by the Secret Service wishing someone dead or wishing harm on someone as payback. This then occurs, engineered by the eavesdroppers" Most people know what they are doing after the first surprise.

Without provocation: From Oprah's blacklist through his racketeers to your doorstep"

Work: A habit we struggle with every morning"

Worm: Fascism

X24: Squash the successes of Debbie to make Carson and other blacks look better than they are because there is no real competition Can be found on the Extreme page of this site.

X208: Coming for Oprah is found on the Extreme page, item #208. All this requires espionage on the victim and cues to the players which are like unto standing troops. Wealth makes this one as high as it goes, but others can talk her into going along with them.

X266: is a felony and now you haven't got a prayer for stalking us"

X words: Go to TOC for where these numbers are located. Found in the pages Extreme, Bolo or Idolatry. This is Oprah Winfrey's plans for the New World Order or WWIII as some call it. Defense and NASA technology will make sure you're doing accordingly or else"

X71: First of all it is against the law to hear the extortive demands of Oprah Winfrey without working to put her behind bars" It is against the law for her to demand something to allow something to occur which would occur regardless if she weren't involved" To oblige her makes the player an accomplice" She's nothing but a dirty racist and you should have filed against her by now"

Yobo: Korean word for sweetheart, usu. spoken by spouses to one another

Yul Hursey: Individuals with mental retardation. Used as cipher by Bush Sr. to describe George Bush Jr.

Z-12: Might makes right...Scrub the Constitution...Hurt people until they obey....Exterminate the protestant/Christian work ethic. Genocide. Zechariah 4.6 in the wrong hands is Zechariah 12 thinking she's God.

Zerestzung: Psychological warfare techniques that undermines political dissent with false reports. Common era East German Police during the Berlin Wall era. Political scientist will play political games. Keep this in mind. Their college degrees are often their MO. They were called Stazi or staci.

Zero: What black males call themselves - Japanese ar plan that terrorize innocent people on trains. Common comment: "I can miscarriage if you don't obey." First Ladies have this power too

Zeus-like: Must be obeyed and revered at all times. Self-esteem is communism at other people's expense. If it comes from allowing you to break the law on someone, you're building a war machine, not self-esteem.

Zig Zag: "What whites do in the presence of blacks who stalk them."

Zionism: Believes the British mandate called the Balfour Declaration re-establishes the nation of Israel in the Middle East on November 2, 1917

Zoom: Oprah Winfrey using Defense on us"

Zumalt: Blacks in high places or with badges that plan out ways to get at people who do not kowtow to their insults; aka not Westcliff Mall No stalking Debbie's equipment"

towns and villages of a state; usu made up of non-combatant citizens from military attacks and unnatural disasters.

March 10, 2010

October 25, 2017 updating