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Several times in the history of the world getting rid of the elderly has been tried. Now, imagine a world where people over 65, who are not rich, were viewed as a financial burden to society. Someone says let's experiment on their brain tissue and call it "All Times Up." When this proved to be a way to make them confused, lost in their minds and frightened, and then sometimes hostile, the US Marshal used the media to churn out stories of putting them in homes and institutions. As time surely proved, the humane thing would be to end their suffering with a lethal injection. A mass hypnosis* would be unleashed on their family members seeking consent to "put them out of their misery." If this took too long or proved ineffective, Oscar the Cat, in theory, would welcome the abandoned to their eternal sleep. A nurse's aid could put a bubble in an IV, or other injection, such as a vitamin supplement. Smothering pillows have also been known to work. Sonar from Defense or a Death Ray from NASA can give heart attacks and strokes if families refuse to cooperate.. Imagine again how much $ the nations could save, but we won't say that at all. None would be the wiser as they died while in hospital care.


Imagine this: A world where not even failures are ignored. Students who failed Medical school or persons just fascinated by medicine and the workings of our bodies gather together and form a "think tank" to figure out how to amass wealth. So, they invent new diseases and ailments for mankind to combat by renaming the old ones. None would be the wiser once others understood how wealth could help their research, too. Now we have more $ for cancer cure development, but before the ink is dry for Zuka funding, the cardio-vascular researchers would scream" what about us?" Then, we start to hear cries for help from Hep C and AIDS hospital winjgs. Sickle cell anemia, an inherited gene, complains abou8t carcinoma getting more than they. Scoliosis and Spina Bifida droll out their rhetoric of the poor little ones suffering and Diabetes tries to get louder. Now, we are right back where we started from.

Imagine this flux filtering though the halls of medicine just under the public's nose. The press is not interested as they think it a good cause, in theory, just fraud. Then, CDC starts to think in enterprising terms and whips up a new virus or airborne infection in a petri dish. This time they won't call it "Demon Ayers" They split the DNA molecules like hairs and invent new names for old germs spliced in. That takes fraud out of the picture and everyone sighs with relief.


Some cultures exist amongst us that believe they have life for a while, but also have Death for a greater service. Mass hypnosis and news chatter encourages stricken parent(s). There are many old names for this one, but what is new is getting the parties involved, to agree on one's demise for this purpose. The sacrifice, in effect, causes his/her death in many ways by exploiting a situation easily triggered, which sometimes can amount to being in the wrong place at the right time. Someone will be listening to a police band radio. The darker it is outside, the better, they share with each other" And so, it becomes second nature to kids to save their families. Afterall, it might feel good to be famous for a brief time even if they die at the end. Everybody dies, you know, they rationalize. You could be laying down your life to spare others from the same fate in the future. Your struggle to be fruitful will end - the ultimate job security.

Sometimes a parent wishes a child into the cornfield. This gives the hypnotist creative ways to stage a child's demise. Often, a man with a gun can be frightened into shooting a ki9d in the right place at the wrong time, so long as the behavior isn't ordinary" But there are many ways to trick* young minds into the boldness it will require to bring such horrific results! Some of them are:

The "I was taught to talk shit" loud chatterbox

The pretend reach

The swerve around and stand

The refusal to obey

The wrestle

The wiggle-wiggle

The grab for it

The lunge

The get one in for the Gipper punch

The dash, the sprint, the flee

The taunting

The blaze of glory smash up

The second thought bendover

The up and down twitches

Friends (other chatterboxes) you have hung around with can start a commotion in your name, and you may hear some of them screaming (in the distance) and before you know it, innocent people will suffer, too. The press and TV cameras will flash your picture for all to see what will never be known about this - what a hero you are to your parent(s) and community...."

The 10 minute wait for incompacitated loss of air roll where lightening strikes may not seem like an eternity. Few speak of the dream they're in to save others. But it is still against the law, Tisha"


For the squeamish, a stint in prison may work wonders for the career you'd never have otherwise; however, this may be impossible, now. 10-20 years for a crime one didn't commit isn't a roll. No longer a burden to your families or self, you get a college education, free medical and dental, closely supervised occupational experience, a buddy to talk to about girls and swift discipline for behavior problems you need to address. There's church without the suit and tie gig, free toiletries, a-round the clock suicide prevention team, group gatherings for sharing, visits with family who pay for the expense to see you, care packages from well-meaning people on the outside, recreation and time to get squared away. Before DNA and in some places, where such tech isn't considered (and there a lot of them), at a time appointed, you will be released and they'll be guilty for false imprisonments. With enough press and commotion, this could translate into millions even though $100K could buy you happiness.


The UFO stories have not been cleared for publication, but this is clearly fraud.


Imagine poor countries who can't take care of themselves despite the decades of help from other republics. Someone could hypnotize them into a Manchurian size Jim Jones mass suicide, but that's will never get done. Who would initiate such a dastardly act? Who would keep quiet about it? Then, along came this idea: Let's fake earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and tornadoes and famines and diseases that go with it. Instead of reporting it was a 2.0, we'll say it was 8.5....and aid will come pouring in. The press has many unpublished photos from past disasters in a folder called File. First responders could keep people at bay. We could stage something horrible looking with a bulldozer. FEMA (Homeland Security) could teach our children to lie to television cameras with their parents at their sides. A few shoes on a beach is a tsunami. If it's in the news at six and ten, viewers will believe and send $" Christian organizations will mobilize care packages. What a feast it will be! Dummying up guys to look like military wouldn't be difficult. Jeeps and fatigues are easy to come up with" Lazy bums of the world will unite. Soon, struggling to survive countries near bankruptcy will stop worrying and get in on the festivities - a year round Halloween dress-up play. Thus we now wait until dusk and speak carefully to one another: "Has anyone sent aid to us yet? NEW YORK SAID NO! AND TELL KANSAS: "DON'T TRY THAT AGAIN!"


The people of the United States are against being the tit of immigrants, people of the lie, looking for an easier life in America illegally. They don't care if there's seven million undocumented here lusting for more access to $ or in the same breath the news changes it to eleven million. They want these people to be responsible for themselves and stop expecting Americans to take care of them" Imagine now someone could make you believe there is such a crisis in the world that immigrant children have walked all the way from Central America to cross into America. Ah! How desperate, how pathetic, poor little tings! Now at about the same time, people from other countries start making another direction exodus due to unrest in their nations and it seems to be in vogue everyone of these refugees are being moved in the direction of European countries, (upward mobility) the U.S. being one of them" This is hypnosis* not a natural occurance of anything"

If they're really trying to escape, there are plenty of other countries on those continents. There are also islands. Why not go to Haiti and help them? And if you cite a treaty with the Common Market, you give yourselves away" Sorry, Michelle, that's a lunge.


What if you could make two parallel worlds exist? What would occur if one of those worlds wanted to consume the other? Would there be a war? Or would one be so sneaky and cruel, the other wouldn't dare resist?


What if the people who run for office could implement their views on subjects before they are nominated? You know, just to test them out. Soon enough, we'd find ourselves in #8, because this one is in progress now.

Shallow Grave

10/18/16 Started


Hypnosis is part of the technique at the bottom of every page in this website" Essentially they frighten you into a kind of fearless blindness or numbness and you will have the look of being in a trance.