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The Dart Police threatening you is a felony. Comprende?

Breaking her cart when that item isn't here, hate crime vandalism and terrorism!


Stalking charge for that one in the library"

The Secret Service "play" is communism"


Debbie began riding DART in 1997, after her Buick was destroyed by vandals.

Playing games with Debbie on the streets are felonies and espionage is retaliatory content.* Throwing her off the bus because she doesn't want to hear this thing is a felony"   

Royal Lane Gate - Misappropriations of Government $ to send hatemail using a contractor from South Korea is communism*

The NAACP made it against the law for Debbie to be with a Korean-born husband [89 EEOC]. Then they pop up everywhere with Koreans"

Dallas Library has less capability than other cities and I will keep trying. Keep them out of FB and Denton. I'll send it to someone so you know I have it.

PETTY is a list of drivers caught and being reported for inappropriate or retaliatory behavior(s) through this website" Only subversives know that lingo!!

Coming downtown? Where to park is listed at the bottom of this page.

This is the law:


Don't give me a hard time about it!

December 2009 Insider brochure: Look for "125" 2x and read letters left side of the columns for the vulgar hatemail from a former Bush Jr. cabinet member.. She's probably re-iterating the NAACP ultimatum from the 1940's to him!. I am keeping a record of this in FIDELITY!" Her black-colored legs shouldn't be in the second place, second picture. Do you see the frivolous hatemail (2-2 relates to her missing husband's birthday). Dates and dates of births can be found in ATY GEN and STUDY HALL.

1. If you call the DART Police when you start the trouble, that's entrapment.

2. Bus 185 from West End to near Farmer's Branch was changed after 10 years of faithful route service on the Interstate just to come for Misooki trying to get back at Debbie. That's death stalking her! It stops near Race Trac and calls it a rest in the middle, just south of the police sub-station on Harry Hines.

3. All re-routes put more troublemakers on the bus to get at Debbie

4. Once they change a schedule or route for a stalker, they never change it back, even when the stalker disappears!

5. Galatyn Park/Grand Prairie is not the Fountain of Youth" - Hate crime

6. Was Bus 76 reprimanded for driving by? Such behaviors classically condition fear in a patron when they should see the bus as a welcome sight!

7. Doesn't like to come on time when Debbie's waiting

8. Has kept bus schedules from her reach and withheld quarterly calendar of events from her also. "I don't want to hear it!"

9. When patrons assault Debbie and even knocked her down, pushing and crowding and pulling on her belongings, she had to call the Richardson Police as the DART didn't show.

10. We told you not to call it Arapaho Center.

11. Bus 409 from Fair Park to DFW Airport was another faithful route of service that was split in half when Debbie moved to Reiger. The 400 and 428 (Park Lane)were not broke up. The reasons for this is found in A. Colin Day Roget's Thesaurus of the Bible which corresponds with the regular line of intimidation: Me first or riot/anarchy"

   a. 428 means "Black"

   b. 400 means "Loudness"

12. Bus 486 was changed to obstruct her access to a street corner (Hillcrest & LBJ) and made a longer route. Bus 488 already goes to Brookhaven College and Bus 31 is a short walk from the college - a lot less than Debbie's had to walk!

13. Bus 44 added became another Harry Hines/Royal/Dennis bus choosing to replace the 185, to carry out threats made to us about locational stalkings! This addition hurt us tremendously" for it's "illegal use of federal $ for the purpose of terrorism." The other 44 bus continues on its regular route along Webb Chapel and Northwest Highway. Two 44 buses in cryptic black masonry means "No Law enforcement for the crimes needed to the remaking of America."

14. DART doesn't need high-powered, decked out police motorcycles. Dirt bikes would serve that purpose or tote a bike.

15. The DART Police have put up signs to stop Debbie from using a camera at City Place Station and yet has to address persons taking her picture with cellphones. Only troublemakers throw/stage a loud fit/scream. That shouldn't be catered to.

16. In 2009, bus schedules were changed 7 months apart from each other and December is still upon us.

17. DART Police officers of a certain persuasion have stalked Debbie about carrying a tape recorder and has yet to stop people with cellphones!" They all hear echelon!"

18. Bus schedules are changed to send Debbie hatemail. The Sunday times on the 486 lives up to threats made by the babies stalking her!

19. They start trouble and get on the news to spend $ providing the patrons services not needed.

20. Needs to fix all the meters at all the train stations that validates tickets with time-date-location, so I can verify my presence.

21. Attendants at the West End station never have anything nice to say to me and are always intrusive. Complaints get us nowhere. It's always, "they'll riot" as the proverbial excuse.

22. The DART Police came out of the blue for satellites on Debbie just to warn her about sitting on unused railroad tracks, that in 4 years will be used by DART! Testing 1-2-3 RR on Old Denton Drive & Willowbrook.

23. I have seen busdrivers stalked and busdrivers stalking.

24. Bus 161 is the one that disappears when it is suppose to be seen northbound on Polk St.

25. Busdrivers get her pokes in by jerking the bus when you stand up to get off and other games:

   a. Forgetting you pushed "stop requested."

   b. Pulls up to curb with an 18" gap between you and the bus step.

   c. Shows up when you walk away from the stop

   d. Splashes a clarinet

   e. Entertains others on the bus also engaged in illegal comments.

   f. Gives you the wrong ticket while a patron gives you a dirty look

   g. Puts up signs that make you fearful about their direction of travel

   h. All coming late to protect another driver's actions

   i. Refuses to stop between stops for a federal wtiness

   j. May join in the troublemaking already on the bus; or sticks up for their friends on the bus engaged in troublemaking

   k. Moving bus stop signs and leaving the holes behind

   l. Doesn't seem to realize Debbie's real and these games are felonies

   m. Plays the numbers game with buses, direction of travel and times

   n. The back door shouldn't be broken that often.

   o. Tells Debbie to be at the bus stop but nobody else has to stand on the exact spot to get the doors to open up.

   q. Moves the bus before you have fully boarded or while enroute to your seat

   r. Drives very fast and slams on the brakes to throw you forward. ("I'll report those dangerous cars that pull in front of you.")

   s. The lift slows me down too, but I can't afford the wear-and-tear.

   t. When another patron shakes her head no, everything in progress stops and everyone becomes an enemy automatcially. (Got one on me now that stopped the spellchecker!) They like to sit close to the drivers or where drivers can see them in the rearview mirrors. Sometimes they lift themselves from the bus seat several times or lean forward.

   v. Turns off the street name signs inside the bus so you have to look outside in the dark to find your stop Most people want the sound on, too.

   w. They change the signs to hint at many things not related to the route.

26. Busdriver of the 428 stalked Debbie to the 44 after route was changed. She's very rude, loud and complains about Debbie's sign. I suspect she is the cause of the DART Police going to a judge to incarcerate me! She does not have a court order to get into any records on me" and they are making trouble for me with illegal access in other federal areas. This is called showing me their "phut"/violence/intimidation and terrorism.

27. Bus 51 is driven extra slow south on Lemmon Ave. so terrorists (what they are in your undisclosed private life) can board and make comments while Debbie is assaulted by SDI.

28. Bus 44 and 486 like to appear when I am walking out of my area, but when I walk south, this doesn't occur near as often. In Goose world, it means "no husband until you kiss my behind." [22 Solar assault 47].

29. The DART Police phone off the hook or turning the fax off to prevent me from doing their request!

30. "You have to give them $ to get them off Debbie's back!"

31. And Dallas Police knows what we are talking about!.

32. They change the bay locations of the buses to send hatemail. Yet, in all the years, I have been riding buses, 428 is still in the upper left hand/NW corner of North Irving Station. See #11

33. Public bathroom availability disappeared and at many places and locks were put on the doors.

34. Parks in a boarding area to take a break and forces patrons to walk to a D for departure dock.

35. They start trouble on her for Goose $!"

36. If you take this out without a court order, you will be destroyed. 24 guard

37. Everyone at Pearl Street Station knows Debie and will hurt her for blacks/ Goose $. Rest assured, you've all been photographed and obviously you haven't ben on a dark corner near Meandering Way in the winter or rain. And that includes the kiddos at North Dallas High School that harass on Blackburn & Central. Truants anyone?!

38. No, I haven't been robbed by a train station machine, but my money has been denied access"

39. She has that sign on her so you can choose not to listen to that stalker in your head encouraging you to say or do something stupid". And to protect Debbie from dullards who need a spanking.

40. Actively pursues advertising that sends hatemails to Debie and then makes sure with espionage, she sees it being driven around"

41. They took the numbers off the inside of all the trains and some of the TRE's.

42. Family names and dates of births are forbidden. These numbers are associated with WMD when [putting them on Debbie]!

43. Busdrivers get more than $10. an hour in Dallas and the cockpits they sit in are state of the art.

44. It takes more natural gas buses to equal one gasoline bus. That isn't a savings to save the environment, because it means more buses have to be purchased to reach gasoline capacity and more drivers have to be hired.

45. The DART Police shouldn't let them get away with finding ways to get at Debbie!!. ]The DART Police wil be arrested if they talk to Debbie through another. ]

46. Espionage is not a win and the Patriot Act cannot be used to get at Debbie's records!. "WITHOUT A WARRANT IS TROUBLEMAKING FASCISM!"

47. Uncontrolled spending doesn't justify a rate hike to get at Debbie (was said all along) and don't call us until you do the reading!.

48. BFs have offered me their seat after they urinated there and that's evil! They will offer their seats only when they know you're getting off at the next stop!. Dirty looks and sweet words don't match!."

49. They play the crowd"

50. Never underestimate a person with espionage"

51. Sexual harassment more than one.

52. Drivers use advertising on sides and back of buses to say things for stalking satellites and the main echelon is Extreme, also on this site.

53. Deliberately comes late, so I'll miss the next bus.

54. In an EXTREME play, they're taking the first buses away!

55. Taking bus stops further away from her foot pasth is a felony you've been caught at!..

56. Busdrivers are given a choice between listening to what the DART Police has instructed them and BF echelon's comments in their heads when approaching Debbie trying to meet a schedule. Almost always go they with echelon's to make retaliation a reality to Debbie and there goes the neighborhood dispersing bribes" Alot of people pose near buses because of their colors. Don't be afraid if you see me taking a picture. She talks to me too. Most recent 89 was ther 44 northbound bus for "I have to teach you a lesson for the Caution sign." She drops names and says she has to get me back for so-in-so, which may not be true.

57. Oprah Winfrey invested heavily in natural gas buses.

58. Do not play to the queens of England with those buses.

59. Removing bus stop stations on the streets to send hatemail with buses and fees under the guise of Pet Smart is stalking. 9/9/10 Photographs of 74 99s lasers!.

  • Anyone who plays Pet Smart on Debbie is a felony and don't come up in those colors either"
  • No using Pet Smart to get your friends out of troubles. It was only a route to income/Secret Service.
  • "Every f***ing one of them subversives including that one that got into the Supreme Court"
  • No warrants - unlawful
  • He took off with that blank fee in his head on 5-27-97 and it's been extreme racism ever since"
  • And I don't want to hear from them anymore" 74

60. Sometimes the lift is needed not because the cart content is heavy, but because of laser torture to my legs which makes walking painful. That was a hate crime to ask him: "Was it heavy?" The length of the cart handle is to keep it away from my legs and feet. This helps prevent windy lasers from tripping and pushing me"

  • Did you every stop and think, heavy is different to a man as opposed to a woman?
  • And didn't you ever hear: "Never take a flag from a veteran?"
  • These wanted to be included: and
  • checks everything out to disturb the goodness in others!!!

Nevertheless, this is a welcome sight!

61. DART brochure entitled "Major Service Change: Green Line Opening 12/6/10" contains hatemail from Rice!.

  • Bus 51, 486, 535, 488
  • All requires espionage to make a hit on her

62. "Shopper Dropper" was a felony!.

63. Dart Police 27: For subversive placement of bus stops to benefit Mexican City! It also prevents making timely bus connections"

  • Obstruction/27
  • Mary K. Suhm involved is communism.
  • Knowing her movements is stalking"
  • Promotion of crime in our cities is an overthrow

64. A DART Police officer abused her powers and she's still employed. Why?

65. The signs in City Place against cameras with flashes is termite rigged in London to back up your cellphone charade to retaliation.

66. Spare me "Do you have enough to eat"? crap!!. I told you how you could help. You lied to me" ]"We like the people who xdrive by and give her stuff."

67. Popular these days is busdrivers disappearing when it comes to me riding it as the first one of the day. Some of them drive very roughly to make a point about this page" or my reports. The latter is espionage"

68. Electronic Conpsiracy Rice with your equipment - 57 They'll harass me with equipment until I miss the first train, if they can't get a busdriver to be late to make the connections.

69. Black females imitate others wait at train platforms make intrisive comments and sometimes lasers are used. They like to sdraw attention to themselves and I will promise you, BLACK FEMALES ALWAYS START TROUBLE ON ME FIRST.

70. Terrorism, should be on Evil!

71. Notice: Patrons/harass me with intrusive comments (84 espionage reliant), then when I prepare, they announce with a cell phone in hand, the 911 call they're going to make on me. That's 88 as 89" Ridicule is also a favorite tactic of theirs to. They will try to rile me up to take a picture. When I do that, they usu. simmer down and then call the police!.

72. Marriage isn't lust. Stop sending this message.

73. Coliseum is a felony.

74. Moving the bus when Debbie's tring to put change in is disrespectful and in her case, painful due to laser injuries. It could also be dangerous for her.

75. Don't argue with her about the lift. If she doesn't need it, she won't ask for it. If your girlfriends are present during an unjustified argument, it will be worse for you.

76. Condi Rice checking out what Debbie says is a hate crime because his ears are not that fax machine.

77. This kind of petty is terrorism and we don't like the way she grabs Debbie.

June 15, 2011

78. Making the line that goes to Irving Orange is hatemail to Debbie from Oprah. Notice it's shape coming out of the red line area.

79. They've removed the word "car" from the train station announcements. This has been corrected.

80. Yielding first to petty troublemakers in your head(s) or on that bus is accomplicing stalkers on Debbie. This is a felony. Don't "show" me anything"

81. Making complaints about that sign when she's not bothering you, is fascism.

82. This one wants double fare and won't take me anywhere in FB.

83. They finally gave me a DART day pass at Royal Lane Station on 11/25, but charged me double. The ticket didn't reflect that price. You will get it soon. I disputed it at the bank on 11/27/13.

84. I think a second train through downtown south of City Hall is unwarranted"


Content: The satellites on her should be given priority not the screaming troublemakers stalking her. That was wrong for him to make a big deal about the back of the bus when he comes by every hour. If she says she's being stalked you should give her the benefit of the doubt and not throw her off the bus" This only makes the problem worse on her in the streets.

Royal Lane: Debbie's got pictures and plate numbers. Don't complain.

And despite everything that can go wrong by stalkers, the buses and trains are always clean, safer and warm, a welcome feeling on a dreary night.



Arapaho in Richardson


Beltline in Irving


Bush Turnpike

Dallas Zoo

Downtown Carrollton

Downtown Garland

Farmer's Branch

Forest Jupiter

Forest Lane

Frankford/North Carrollton




Lake Highlands





Parker Road in Plano

Park Lane


Royal Lane

Trinity Mills

Walnut Hill/Denton


White Rock

City Place is the tunnel.

There is plenty of parking near the JFK Museum, at Pacific & Pearl south of the East End Transfer Station and south of the Perot Museum under Woodall Rogers at Field.

Petula Clark's Dowtown


This is the 4th time I tried to get this on. Devil said: I have to force him into divorce if you obey."

"If webpages don't come up, it's a felony" December 18, 2009