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  • You will be defamed, slandered and called a lot of bad names. It would be most helpful, if you would report these entities. Thank you.

  • I was arrested 11 times on illegal warrants and landed in jail 5 times! And there was more than that number who tried! This is where being a federal witness can lead, but it wasn't always that way! 

On the third attempt, God let me happen*.

  • This upset the wife of England's George VI and then his daughter, Elizabeth II. The Royals said to our government, more than two attempts is lust. The government of the United States, in those days, however, was not listening. And so my parents met each other and were married on July 22, 1950. [Please leave her alone and let us do our work!] To continue on this subject, go to AVODAT ELOHIM.

  • * The third attempt landed me in the lunar year 1951 under a star - the flag of Texas. Some people refer to another star as the 51st one and it can be found on the Great Seal of the United States of America. That's why Mr. Hoover paid for another attempt with his life.

  • My father was born in California in 1922 and was a logger in Washington State. His bloodline ( contains his arrival in Massachusetts in 1630 and his move from Vermont into Nebraska when his kin was commissioned by President Lincoln to build the Union Pacific Railroad. He had a small part in a movie called Indian Paint.
  • My mother was born in 1924 in New York on the day before my birthday. Her life story belongs to the New York Times, who chose her for this great honor only to be destroyed by ugly theatre! Her bloodline traces back to Ireland and dairy farms in upstate New York. Because she was Irish Catholic, every loser in the government, aka "Misooki" is trying to stop me and this website!.

  • In 1967, Alford J. Wagner, my step grandfather and a SeaB in WWII gave me pictures of the Holocaust. They were stolen from Watervaliet. For a list of those things, go to COMMUNISM.
  • Demetrius Havanas was my Tae Kwon Do teacher prior to my enlistment. He was killed in a plane crash and is NORTH CAROLINA #81. He had a wife and two children and lived on Clinton Street in Oak Cliff. I found out some years after my father died that a diary my mother had of her Dad.
  • My grandfather's home of record was Clinton Street and it can be verified by his military record in WWI. This diary and his Honorable Discharge certificate were stolen from me at Watervaliet.

  • I was a Military Police officer in Fort Hood and South Korea after asking for a transfer from Fort Bragg, NC due to my mother's terminal illness.







can you do this?

The FBI stalking her life was/is a felony"

  • I graduated from college in 1980 on the G.I. Bill. My 3 children are all adults now and whereabouts unknown or cannot be reached. I have been married to the same man for 40+ years, 20 + of which he's been in Irving philandering in fear of flushes. [Koo-jee-mah Mein Kampf" - That's why all this death in America"]
  • My college diploma, signed by Dr. Criswell was stolen from me and cannot be replaced"" My Honorable Discharge certificate was stolen too.
  • I was in graduate school, part of the Texas Woman's University at Parkland Hospirtal District, when Devilry showed its ugly head.
  • [It was probably going on in Korea, but everything in the Army can be a snafu, so I didn't notice it].
  • My grandparents had Wagner's School of Obedience when I was a child. They trained and bred German Shepherds. She used to advertise at Westcliff Mall on the big sign facing east and west.. The whole Mall has been torn down and rebuilt.
  • I could shoot 21+ skeet with a 410.
  • I passed a Civil Service test for the position of Police Officer in Irving, Texas and was asked to come back and run the mile. I couldn't do it because of a service-connected disability in the specified time. And that's what kept me out of law enforcement. Too bad they couldn't use me as a Radio Operator. This was after I graduated from college.
  • At that time, I didn't know I was being stalked by the Anti-Christ since birth"

  • On June 15, 1952, I was baptized in a Catholic Church on Davis in West Oak Cliff. My baptismal record and birth certificates have been stolen. I managed to replace the birth certificate with the junk on SUBVERSION, but it has deleted the time I was born, the address I lived at, my parents' birthdays and places of birth. And it does not have my parent's fingerprints on it!
  • This church was struck by lightening and burned down.
  • The writing below is my name in the Korean language.

  • The already famous Dodge Sisters play Mac Farlin Auditorium for a JFK Memorial benefit in 1964.
  • Miss America's Miss Dallas Talent Winner of 1970.
  • In Reagan's first term, I gave a speech at the White House Conferance for the Family at Skyline High School. My firstborn was with me.
  • Then there was that Board of Education-At Large seat in Rockville, MD - 1991. The Washington Post said I received 11% of the votes in Montgomery County. That was my first and only time out. There was a picture of me and all the other candidates, but it was also stolen.
  • The purpose of all these thefts and erasures from public records (unless entrapment) is to protect blacks, like Condi Rice, from any competition. That means I am prevented from exercising the liberty clause in the 5th amendment"

  • I became a Whistleblower in Washington, D.C. from 1990-92 on Georgetown University, DHHS, the Department of Education and the District of Columbia because a patient had come up dead where kickbacks were abounding
  • Also in this year, I was chipped in a dental office in Rockville. This was meant for my destruction", but the Justice Department won't let it happen.

  • I quit smoking on Mother's Day 1992 cold turkey. Maybe this will help you: and
  • I landed a Treasury job in 1993 and it was upset by a two troublemakers, both in violation of federal law.
  • I worked as a Prayer Counselor for the 700 Club in the early nineties when it was operating in Dallas.
  • I was the firstborn of five children - checking in at 1130 hrs on a Friday in January. My siblings are: Donna (54), Warren (56), Diane (57) and Brother X (60). All of them live in Texas, except the one in Massachusetts. Oops!
  • In 1956, I saved my mother's life!
  • In 1964, I saved my brother's life!
  • In 1971, I saved a soldier's life! [Thank you] and three more in 1974 during the floods at Fort Saint Hood.
  • In Pohang, Korea 1980, I saved a child from choking to death.
  • In 1983, I saved a Korean's life from an armed robber.
  • And in 1993, I saved a nephew's life!
  • I am pictured in Woman's World Weekly 1986 Easter Edition on page 37 under a name I used in fear of creditors. I have been stalked for a very long time. That's why the shuttle was crashed 73 seconds into flight.
  • LifeLog is something similar to me.
  • I had two, maybe three pets registered with the AKC - Two German shepherds and an Afghan Hound!. The coonhounds were registered somewhere else!.
  • Yes, I went on a real coon hunt in the swamps of Georgia.
  • I was sterilized at Parkland Memorial Hospital on May 31, 1979. It's the safest form of birth control.

  • My mother was given a lethal dose of Hepatitis C virus the day after I was born. She fought it for the rest of her life. It killed her on June 27, 1988.

[email protected] is to be contacted only if you have problems with federals. I heard about it. They need written information. You cannot rely on my tech-access only. I hope this website helps you identify and report them" 


This is my take on May we both go to Heaven in a little blue oceanliner.

Mueller used Echelon to talk to passengers in the Pittsburg plane to "crash it" in that field if they couldn't subdue the hijackers. Everyone that dies on that fateful day were pre-selected (or brainwahsed or howver you want to put it) and never believed they were to be terminated. We verified laser wasn't involved. Blacks are too-thin skinned and need to give-up! Yes, Bush Sr., aka Bones, was one of the culprits that engineered the whole thing for Condi Rice to send Debbie hate mail. (Two buildings on the left side of Lady Liberty is sexual terrorism magnified). Right, videos are manufactured by Hillary's. We saw that in the Haitian quake and 2004 tsunami.

The "Bank" was not part of this plot. It is as always, hatemail from the above female entities. There are now seven others with her participating in these games of tyranny. They are against me having been chosen by Hoover and FDR to overcome Ghent-Paris. False reports in my neck of the woods are to convince the police that liars are right by much speaking against something. And devilry constantly re-assures me they will raise a rogue to "take her down" eventually. Such abounds in Evil, as well as noble men who resist.

"The 911 attacks and related" details are designed to confuse and demoralize us when New World Order (NWO) trash and other thumb suckers attack and counter-attack using espionage on all our stands. That's "ad nauseum" quite disturbed and a filthy carnal cheaters' game. These lunatics (not ethusiasts) psycho-analyze everything in their pursuits to micro-manage us on every level of existence! The more you know about us and this webpage, the more you'll be able to see these moving against our "very capable hands." 12/27/11

 Tah Dah!

Rev. 13.5, 2 Timothy 2.14, 15

Stalking husbands with intent to ruin marriages 27-89" Condi Rice and Oprah Winfrey!

How they send messages can be read on PRESIDENT REAGAN and AVODAT ELOHIM. When you find the leaks, notice how it was done. In all probability, you will see that technique again.*

I won't always be able to give you the answers, so put your thinking caps on. However, if you're with the sicko doing these things, they should be able to tell you. If you are a member of the police, you can always go to DOJ and they'll tell you" unless you're in good with LAPD"

I still answer emails. So there's another way. Troublemaking on TV will get you reported!

This is me without make-up.

Below find a picture of my mom after she got sick from the 1-26-52 tragedy in her body. My Dad is on Mr. Wayne's right and I am sporting funky sunglasses. This was 1969.

I still answer emails, if they get to us.


Jackie Lacey, the District Attorney of Los Angeles County said: "Be careful, I can take that frame out." 2/17/15. That would be sabotage to defame me"

Troublemaking on Debbie is a felony!


September 18, 2009

June 2, 2017