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This was moved to a second location on Feb. 20, 2015


X102 if anything is messed up on this website!




251. I said no human and no McDonough [Irish Catholics].

  • She's stretching you without a warrant.
  • In all second engaged things, her initials will pop up and you can't stop her!
  • The ages of my mother and uncles at time of death add up to the reasons they were bumped off. Their ages were: 42,50 and 63.

252. Stalks the candidates with her version of twisted terrorism.

  • Bases their attacks or stalkings on satellite espionage. They look for fears, anxiety/goals, and relationships with family and spouse.
  • They especially like to disturb marital sexual affection.
  • Plays on vanity

253. Every time Debbie talks good about a product or service, destroy it!

  • Confidence in me only is no America.

254. "All I see is crazy" triggers obstruction and violence on me as 89. This is a trigger phrase.

255. I'll say you made it all up!


  • "I said no in her whole or I'll get up." 5/5/12
  • This is what she calls his wife since 1993.
  • Think of the possibilities:
  • (Digital and electrical operated systems are like twigs to them. Imagine the Mojave Desert as a place to play")
  • It's well-known she repeats herself to be heeded. Dont fall for their tricks and repeat something when you know she'll take iy away from you! I.e. tablet

!!!! The picture above is Loretta Lynch's pals saying she wins against me with Goose Drama.

257. Ignore her!

Evasions will continue.

258. Make everything painful (in her body when used) until she stops [contacting the police departments in America]. 84-89

  • Compliance with this one is a felony where Debbie is concerned!
  • "is retaliation for telling on us"
  • Hurt us by revealing so many willing to commit treason

259. "Misooki (OF) gets in his mind or I'll get up." 18 [Bush with this witch is endless tyranny"]

  • Disregard Myo Kim is the answer. or ..


261. I said never respect her. 70813 thru BF on JA2 1825 hrs with 53 laser

  • "I said no out on the streets (to help the police). 92-29, 92-13.
  • X126 fits here too.
  • Disrespects me to the police without legal knowledge
  • Tells the cops where I am on the streets.
  • They're both afraid of each other is mutually assured destruction which she would probably survive"

262. I want no comfort. $23.19 has been stolen from my bank

  • A common practice.
  • They constantly look for ways to terrorize people"

263. I want no happiness for her until she obeys me.

  • "Your husband is not coming back until you obey me."
  • Infers #463 and is an extension of #208
  • Uses Debbie's children for these purposes, too - To stop progress from happening in their mother's favor
  • SABOTAGED THIS PAGE AFTER 362. It does not end at 416.
  • Kamala Harris and Ben Carson Secret Service agents are the saboteurs to make me look bad. Candy Carson's agents shouldnt still be active.

264. I said "just once" with Myo Kim/adultery or no home. [Still saying this since May 1997].

  • This is punishment for going to EEOC in 1990 at the advice of a supervisor
  • after the whole thing was set up on me as a subterfuge to obstruct FDR' Oval Office""
265. Refuse access to her website in Dallas libraries. [Condi Rice said it too].
  • Thank you.

266. "No two of anything" is fascism! Condi Rice enjoins her, here.

  • "Or I'll steal."
  • Charge or WiFi
  • Charge or usage of the cell
  • Charge in one room only, no others
  • If two people see what I am looking at (% of battery), only the black one can have his way, meaning I lose battery power.
  • Broke one of my cellphone batteries, saying only one in my possession. Then a few days later took away that one too. Her scream was: Stop reporting the crime they commit on me and endure it.
  • If I try to get back into this website builder after closing it out, she won't let me back in because that's twice in one day.
  • Has led to the breakage/vandalism of shoes, rice cookers, etc.
  • UGLINESS for more
  • This includes ink pens that replace used up ones.
  • "They're fcking insane breaking things all the time." 50, see X17
  • This is a psychotic line of thinking"
  • I was raped by her Secret Service for watching Ip Man 2.
  • Oprah Winfrey is a psychopath demanding rules like this be kept. That's against the law.
  • She also said:"I can kill Chinese with Korea."
  • "You can't have both TV cable and a DVD. One has to be broken." X537 because she's doing harm on these two now.
  • This bitch is theomania.
  • This is a laser on your headphones: Just one side will work or the switch that turns them on-off will be broken. Sometimes, the whole thing is broken.
  • Psychological terrorisms to force me to change my life and make it more to Oprah's taste.
  • Latest meaness: "No stereo headphones." 2017
  • It's wrong for this one to rule over my life!
  • Matthew 22.39 : She deletes this one for me
  • Was X72

267. No happy thoughts. Make her miserable. X17 enhanced on UGLINESS

  • Easily dead.
  • "It's against the law to spy on people's minds."
  • Cemetery scene on TV: "I want you in misery like this." 92-16 is Oprah referring to what Regina Smith did to her husband Norman prior to his death for Condi Rice.
  • Breaks all her other rules.
  • The Dallas Police removes $ from my bank account and is mind control to force her to see them as enemies"

268. Marriage without sex is love" is Oprah Winfrey's version of what it better be or else!

269. "I want no more sexy" was said again!

  • "I tell men when they're looking or thinking about a sexy or beautiful woman: "She's just an ugly h...." and spoil things for them."
  • Hate crime.
  • "Now I'll start aging her."
  • In brief, do mean things to Debbie with the lasers to make her appearance ugly, or unattractive, so no one will care about what she says or does"
  • Teaches men using mental telepathy (Echelon) how to tear their spouse' heart out!

270. "No thrift store shoes or sabotage."

  • Often times she restricts me from these places with police.
  • Or just removes the shoes that would fit my feet.

271. "No spirit. You must lie to get along with us." 1/12/14

Creates an environment conducive to mind control and sweats whites into obedience.

  • Boy, is this played to the hilt which can create a climate for suicide
  • Least negative result is demoralization.
  • Violations of the 9th commandment is sin..

272. Using BF in Apt. 350: "I'll open the door [if I report their crimes on me]" is a threat to assist with laser keys a thief to enter my room and steal for them as retaliation. 1/13/14

273. "I'll use Danny to stop her." 84-55

"No famous"

Holding Debbie down: Aiding & Abetting a coup, kidnapping and Obstructions!


Very against the law to come for someone stalking another person!

274. No family heritage. No past. In 100 years, whites were never here.

Raised my rent $100. in 7 months (10/15 - 5/16) so I couldn't eat out, work the streets and afford vitamins etc.

End white rule in America by setting whites up with entrapment and harassment.

"Make sure she's dead for telling on me."

"End whites from having privacy under the law."

"She has too many [falsified] tickets to be the police."

275. You don't need him.

276. You're fake if I can knock you down. I said no wealth! The second one is a hate crime.

277. No weighing less than 134.

278. "You're too Alf."

Alf Joint is the stunt coordinator in the movie The Omen 1976

Due to the number of times the landlords have stolen from Debbie (since 1998), everytime something is moved otr missing by them or the lasers, a fearful reaction from prolonged racist terrorism is triggered in her. To punish these natural reactions, that have been caused by Oprah et al and the satellites from hell called fascism, she is always punished again.

279. "I said no crazy play."

Oprah determines what is sane and so does her little friend Officer Smith of Dallas Police.

Cruel and unusual is "crazy play."

Without consent or a license you are stalkers.

Mong's 2P/B 5/2 27

Did they see Facebook's 4/23?

Regina Smith cipher?? 55-99

I answer not to hers.

"You better be a corpse, Babe. I'm ... I made it impossible for him to get up without me. I said no Facebook. I want him ugliness, a thief. No Matthew."

"I'll come for pie crust (Prince Charles cipher) He can only come home if he steals from her. I want no teeth."

Tells people Debbie is a "crazy woman" and there is a penalty for playing with her.

Neither of those statements are true, but people continue to believe what she says and carries out her directives. This is fascism..

280. "I'm dangerous."

No shade from my up."

I'm upper [teeth]."


"All I have to do is call her psychotic and they'll obey me" is mind control of the police et al.

Lies to render attempts to disprove her hate

et al... because attempts to disprove her lies are always obstructed

Dangerous should be vicious.

281. "You can't go against Condi Rice without facing us."

See #580. This isn't legal.

Aiding & Abetting a coup

"Bush Sr. hears me, thus I can kill [is GOP]."

See #156.

282. "I want Mitt Romney. I don't like her in my way."

This one was removed too without consent is Bush again.

Black FBI stalking you is a felony.

Sabotage is a felony in this country.

No "playing" the Oprah way!

Romney had no business for doing that to Mueller"

That was racism, to do her that way!

Stalks candidates.

283. "He loses his head when he's in her thing."

How do you know, Nazi?

Hate crime every filthmonger on married.

284. "You won't like my hype."

Who does??

285. "You're too horney around him." [#157 at it again]

"You're a snatch because I can get anyone to do anything for [me]. You're the hottest puke down there."

"You're just a piece."

"I said no silver purse."

Then what is Myo Kim?

286. "I have to break you for Bent Tree."

"I have to book you for Bent Tree."

287. "It's my vagina (color) first."

"I made it totally impossible for you to get him."

"He wants to feel Misooki's thing, but doesn't know how to tell you."

"No!" says the Fraternal Order of Police

288. "If I see you getting up, I have to knock you down."

You knock me down because you want to.

"I'm going to get you arrested."

False arrests are often engineered. BRAVERY

Issue is blown out of proportion and

No one will hear your side.

289. "Make sure she stinks, so I can get away." (see #75)

"I am going to stink your thing."

"Alright, I'll murder."

And then Channing Tatum said: "Once" 10

Rev 2.9's mouthpiece.

"You shouldn't have told them (about Amazing)."

290. "I want no hot tw--."

There must not be any pleasure in your life until you obey me.

The above it what she calls marriage. How do you like that? Watching married couples and talking about it in public!

Some men are very afraid of that!. See 127 for how he grew up!

291. "It's international [in your] privy, if you want him."

292. "She's against people of color."

Said by someone who never read my website to a police officer.

Mind control (#284)

This is an attempt to make her word gospel.

293. "You'll never knock me down for what I say."

"I think she's nothing but trash."

"Now I'll give heart attacks." 7/5/16

294. No husband.

"It's just physical" meaning the marriage bed isn't sacred.

No accomplices is how she sees it by removing a spouse

But you see it as removing a witness to back you up and a companion for you. This is I-105.

You will always be alone when they play games on you and they will try to get you arrested falsely.

Brings K8's "Fornication Under the Command of the King" forward. This edict cancelled the Vatican saying it was a sin in 1533 to turn commoners against the Church.

"He can see her on her deathbed."

"Flirt!" when I say.

No poppycock in us, too.

295. I want to follow the British. Children only (PCO) or it's a hole.

Then, what are you doing with Stedman?

We're tired of troublemakers on Debbie!

Debbie's reality checks are in the annals of evolution, law, medicine, and outer space.

296. Debbie bores me with the law.

Does it bore you how Israel became so famous after WWII?

297. I said cruel and unusual until she's dead!

"I said no total eclipse of the heart or I'll give heart attacks."

298. I don't like her skin (color).

299. You can't have my [husband].

300. I'll let everyone in except her [means block me from seeing my website as it really is].

301. What does it mean?

Crazy troublemakers have spoken"

302. Give me the names of the MHMR workers and I'll put the tapes back on the shelf.

I reported his wife said she'd kill him if he took my side as a presidential, nevertheless the White House came to my aid.

Thank you.

303. No Yonkers.

304. I'll cut her spleen.

AMA said we could do that thing to your heart because you're just a piece.

I said no more pretty hair. I can make it all fall out.

"I'll examine her again" is a felony.

305. I can arson.

Wow! That's not new!

Fax to Dallas Fire Department 1999 about pattern of fires occurring stop said fires.


306. The police don't have to know [about crimes that are committed in undetectable ways]..

307. "I never liked your family."

308. "You're crazy if you don't play my game." 2

I wanna make you look crazy, so my soup can win.

I don't want a witness on me.

Enter LAPD #118

And I will take that hat away from you.


309. "No Beck" 4, 29 [See #102]

310. "She takes too many pictures" is a felony!

Without warrants, their comments are subversive"

Oprah never shuts up when somebody's business is Open to crucifixion.

311. "Now" is an Oprah cue word meaning quicksand, boobytrapped and punji sticks hidden in all future actions that may occur.

Be careful using that word in a sentence around me.

Example: "I'll hear you now."

I'll help you now."

They make you afraid of a word. (That's why Debbie writes funny sometimes).

National Organization of Women is an Oprah machine and may be a veiled threat because of its Index-105 stance. They pulled a stunt in Texas in 2013 to promote Wendy Davis that looked like Pro-Life won!

312. "You must share all things with me" or else... prevents professionalism. Other aspects of their illegal entries are:

Scarecrow (Oprah's comfort always comes before the law)

Every time a friend, family member or associate does something friendly or awesome, they must do something mean, bad or cruel (often illegal) to assure Condi Rice and other blacks bonding will not occur. This is then:

A classroom of sorts for teaching terrorism

It may be termed "It costs"

It creates "love-hate" scenarios

It sabotages "Love one another"

It may come to you "must have relations with other women" to prevent success in marriage with Debbie

It prevents "real" from taking hold of your courage

Fascism gives black free reign with mind control.

Black tyranny/94 stalks white relationships is a coup d'├ętat.

Either or is never both"

"Moo-moo here and a moo-moo there"

Black men call this "very delightful."

313. "Debbie better learn humility to my fist. That's right, you guessed it - gastroenteritis."

"No Fort Worth" was 27.

314. "See! See! She's a spendthrift."

Who's the jerk listening to this thieving vandal?

A racist intrusion just cost me $4.30 in faxes and for what?

Thank you.

I couldn't use my own phone, because these racist turned it off on 10-6-12 in exchange for someone's life!

Reverse speaking?

Lying to me and others

Lies perpetuate Oprah's delusion that she and blacks can be gods brfeaking the law ad infintum without prosecutions.

315. "I pushed him out of commissioner with my foot."

316. "You're not going to get him [InKwon] by telling the truth."

317. "She's out of touch." (Usu. #93) but always 55/racketeering

318. "I said no free whites. All must be monitored by us."

"This is a form of slavery. Your life depends on her opinion and that opinion may not be screened and relies on another's opinion..."

319. "Stop her website. It's all bullshit."

And up came Pierson.

Pierson: "Make her fake." 57-55 with government access and up came Dallas FBI.

She's always hitting me with a 9 and 33 laser.

Pierson's FLO, not the White House! She's the "purple police!"

Dallas Police: "No communism!"


"We've had with them holding you down to make themselves seem better than you."

320. I said no working on Saturday.

Matches X261

How prevented or punished:



Attempted vandalism, sometimes successful


Stalkers with comments: "No Hayseus."

Sleep deprivation is she knows abvout it ahead of time.

321. "Your twxt is teeth on me. They have to go."

Espionage will always be used to plan your life by her or others!. If it violates the 4th, so what? #208 is their motto


Endless delays so she can remove capped teeth with laser.

322. "I don't want any significance given to Debbie."

Psychotic dictatorship


"Don't make a big deal out of what I do to Debbie." 48

323. No chewing gum. 25-92

Home invasions 48

324. "No tapes makes you poo."

Helping devilry get up is a felony.

Having tape recorders isn't a felony.

I am not Waco. You cannot tell me how many I can own.

She stops my credit cards from working. Evidence has been sent.

Pierson threatens me for this one. That's fraud to use government $ to protect Oprah.

Breaking Debbie's things is a felony. Why is the Secret Service obeying Oprah?

350 escalating her comments as are many others.

Everybody knows. Why is it wrong for me to say anything?

It's against the law to tell a person what they can or cannot do with themselves in this country.

325. She tells the Secret Service to darken my TV screen and take the cable away.

They shouldn't grant her her wishes if it infringes on another's right to life, liberty or pursuits.

Blacks shouldn't be grantyed any wish if it's against the law.

They are doing the same thing to my computer screen now. Changing colors of the screen and from dark to light. The TV comes on black and slowly turns normal.

I tried to capture this on film.

326. "I'll show her wild" and then esculates an alreadfy intolerable situation with her on Debbie.

They are so drunk on power!

Bus 535: She caught my chain in the seat and the busdriver had a very hard time of cutting it loose! How it got stuck like that cannot be explained by just sitting down.

"Black first" no matter who's right or wrong is a hate crime. 94

327. " I said no Howard Keel."

328. No power. (27)

329. "No sosh if you try to get him back with your thing."

330. "A cop now wherever you spit" is vulgar terrorism using bad police officers"

SNITCHES violate the Constitution

"I SAID NO WHITE ON THAT ORIENTAL" thus comes Danny with the hooskow for subversive black FBI stalking Debbie"

331. "I want no private conversations."

Lacey, Condi Rice and that one will regret stalking Debbie and Robert Mueller"

And so risesSNITCHES

332." I said no sound effects."

And look at Michelle Obama use the Secret Service to make things happen for Oprah in my life!.

"Make sure there is no pleasure in her life with that thing (website construction)." 27

Condi Rice is racketeering with Oprah"

Muzzles everyone

333. " I want her empty for the rest of her life for telling on the queen."

Queen Elizabeth's voice is in the whirlwind.

"You're crazy, that's how I can kill you with my coup."

"No Christian husband or I'll [knock you down] get up!"

See X126 Gaping hole torture

#331 makes you the snitch!

334. "Always remember I have the laser and can use it any time I want."

"Full-proof" is a dictatorship first.

"No redeeming her bank points anymore.

Take Valerian Root off store shelves. I don't like it she has help staying cool, calm and collected.

No more lust for plates.

No popular in Texas."

"She's so fcking petty its pathetic."

92-29, 92-13 and other parts of my legs when I work the streets (X261)

335. "You're just an imitation!"

"She's just jealous you were trained in that occupation."

336. "She has too many pictures in her website. Make it stop" means restrict her access to scanner in Denton.

"If you think so, too, complain."

You can only protect her from me once. If I attack her again, you better laydown" is fascism..

Now it's Gallery transfers

Prevents emails to the police using the Bush White House as her authority.

337. "I said no ruggedness" is Misooki getting up in dishonesty and violence.X336. "She's had my penis between her legs for too many years"

All colors are not the property of blacks..

Somebody catch this dog and put it to sleep!

Eventually, Oprah will turn America into Auschwitz

Fits X261

Vulgar terrorism is her not me.

338. "No making a hero out of her for telling on black plastic."

RESTRICTIONS is a blacklist for telling on black fascism.

What she calls telling on her is what the police would call "during a home invasion."

Sabotages everything I do to make me look bad. (See below 340-356)

She calls sabotage "play" to make it sound harmless when in actuality every time they make me "look crazy" I get assaulted more often.

339. "No eating English walnuts, dairy (ice cream) and bread or I'll cause constipation.

340. I want no character built into anyone.

341. "I said no true love." 48

342. "I said erase!" people's minds with lasers.

343. "No using her vagina to hold a husband or I'll kill her son" is

a hate crime.

Obviously putting a woman in a man's vacated seat, isn't going to make things better"

And who was that egging on Burger Island?

344. "Everything must be locked up twice or I can steal it."

345. " I know how to make men mental.."

And also vulgar abput other women to their wives"


346. "That'll cost a [another] tooth."

347. Real photographs on my website or posted to social media "hurts me" says Oprah, but she's really talking about her machine.

They broke my blue phone so many times, I lost count.

And the last time was for a stupid reason just so she could block

Best phone camera I had.

My credibility subverts her and makes me worthy of death"e

348. Block her emails from gong out"

349. "No medical care unless a life and death situation."

350. "I'll blow out his ear [drums]."

351. Announces her plans to turn my grandson into a troublemaker who will vehmently hate his grandmother.

Dont change the subject.

Mind control is a terrible waste"

352. Subverting communism will not be allowed.

353. "If you let her up, there's goung to be a bloodbath."

354. "Only firat marriages can explain the Holy Bible.'

It's firstborns that have favor in God''s eyes not first marriages

355. Mixed marriages are with black only"

Hate crime

356. "You're not auppose to be seen."

357. "BAM! if you don't obey me."

Comes crom the word Alabama, Condi Rice's hometown.

Also played in the word Mozmabique as Zam.

358. No first and no Vatican ruling over us"

370. I said no dentists. I don't care if I am ruined.

See #121-Things haven't changed!

"I'm going to gurney your O.R."

392. No coveniences - apps etc.

393. No downloading songs onto dyour cellphone..

394. The little babies belong to me."

395. Silence!

396. "I know how to give bad dreams."

397. No emotional device.

398. "I am a Leo and there are no other gods before me."

Bowes-Lyon is a Leo, not you Oprah!

399. Money is the solution, not religion.

EASYASPIE is suicides by police that pays off big time!

BLACKLIVESMATTER makes the engineers seem innocent or nob-existant


400. Scalds me in the shower.

401. "Debbie is always last."

Case in point

402. "Make the illegals comfy cozy."

Welcome to the People's Repubic of California

403. "No Louie Freeh."

404. "No more indivisible. You have to share everything with me.


405. "No Facebook page" was obstructed in 2017

406. Repeats #14

407. "Hit her feet."

Usu. Severe itching



410. "Ignore the president."



413. "Only blacks [satellites] watch him."

414. "Myo Kim is a hole I stuck him in."


417. "I'll take her down."




421. "No breath of her hole in my men."

422. "No faith.'


424. Deals with atheism.



427. "I want a tooth."



430. "I owm the military."

Similar to #34

431. "I'm going to take over the government.""

And do whatever I damn well please!"




435. "No him believing in Jesus."





440. "I own everything."

441. "I found a doctor" that will misdiagnosis you for me.


442. "You lose that cellphone for being with Condi Rice's police."

#17 the homewrecking crew

443. "Condi Rice is Booth on anyone that raises Debbie."


445. "No tighty whitey."



448. "I protect Myo Kim with murder."

#459 Another she protects"

449. Choose your weapon. The FBI or police?




453. Brags about killing Uncle Mack with the laser in 1978

And "No touch Houston" was added.




457. "No Christmas Day."

Means Christianity is darkness" and can never be celebrated in the light'


459. "I did Kimmie [Robinson] to push you out [of your family]."

460. "I said no coming for her a second time."


462. "No famous."

494 Prevents people like Debbie from running for public office.

463. "We kill everything that doesnt obey us."

464. "I can kill your Church."

465. "No old h-le."



468. "I'll call Taylor."

Her kitten word for the police.

"Only protect her once from me."

469. "I'll turn everything you say around [on you] and call you a racist."


471. "Lose your composure, so I can take you away."

Was said by Kamala Harris

Is this their excuse for terrorism?






477. "No foreigners in the White House before me."

How dare you say that about him when he's a naturalized citizen!