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interesting concept*

Murder yourselves and let your murderers send the message for you.

Starting to see this in Easy As Pie"

FDR should have told me: "All the world will be your enemy. If they catch you, they'll kill you. But first they must catch you, so you'll be listener, runner, and prince with a swift warning. Be cunning and your people will...."


Lee is my father's and my middle name.

It's also a famous Oriental's last name.

Harvey was the name of a rabbit in a movie that was foreshadowing echelon.

Oswald was a neighbor of mine - An old couple on the left side of our house near my parents and my bedroom.

The presidency is considered first in power.

Can you figure it out, now?


Garnets are the birthstone of January.

Change the T to D and make room for Ed Gar.

Another one they want to die.

If left alone Gar is a fish and NT is the New Testement"

And they don't want it to have a fist/E.

That's why he died slowly in jail.

SIRHAN SIRHAN: a Jordanian immigrant*

Two S's in masonry means No S, which would be my last name in 1975.

It is the 19th letter in our alphabet, and in Judges 5.12 (FDR and Hoover's project). it's the 33rd letter.

Who came into world power in 1933?

Adolf Hitler

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor

King George VI

Some people consider, the AG second in power, as the president's attorney, instead of the Vice President, which is his replacement in the even he can't discharge his duties"

[In 1533, the Catholic Church stood and lost against King Henry VIII of England on the subject of misogyny].

Using 1968 film footage of RFK's speeches and walks in public, I was able to ascertain, he was either being stalked by blacks or using them to send me terrible hatemails"

Anytime a speech is given there are certain lists within each sentence. If I teach you how to do this, no one will be safe and it can be abused. So I won't do this. However I will share how this works" in reverse as is the ways of Black freemasonry"

MLK: "no one, by one man, in cold blood, swagger..."

MX: "no matter, a gang, in passion, bluster...."

"Tear at the fabric" is now "Tear them apart"!

Read X101 pages listed on LYNCH MOBS

How many of these things have been taken from me, by invisible powers?

"...threatens your freedom, job, home, family..."

This was taken care of and is described in PARANOID.

How many of his speeches are being checked off as completed by black entities or persons and who might be responsible for getting things completed can be ascertained in hindsight.

John F. Kennedy (11-22-63)

Malcolm X (2-21-65)*

Martin Luther King, Jr. (4-4-68)

Robert F. Kennedy (6-6-68)

The message in these dates indicate Blacks screaming "no husband" if he's not your first marriage/FMO, is 666. Is there a sinister plot behind the killing of all these people?

There is additional hidden knowledge here, but at this time hasn't been cleared for public consumption". Try reading the pages, CIA, JFK and OSWALD, which are similar to this one in character. There is a link on SINISTER's page to help you gain more insight in the powers that be.


Footage and speeches can be seen in the 2006 movie, Bobby. You can also view his messages to the British on President Reagan's page, PR#5. This is a common way the internationals communicate with one another".

Interesting how his assassin's date is the reverse of the Monroe Doctrine's date - 12-2-1823. It looks as if they have plans. ARIZONA can be connected here" Another interesting thing about this individual, is he was born close to the city where my grandfather, Alson Dodge, was born and then moved, in 1941, at the age of 16, to an area where my mother grew up, New York City.

24 years old when he assassinated Kennedy's brother in a Los Angeles Hotel. In 1969, he was sentenced to death in the gas chamber, but it was commuted to life in prison in 1972.


Don't be stupid. These people aren't

Started on 10/10/16

Last touched 10/15/16