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  • How dare you call her those names!
  • If he stops the computer, Bush is racketeering"
  • Helping blacks get up when others are in line are hate crimes.
  • Everybody is wearing blinkers where Oprah's concerned is a felony.
  • I don't care what Saka-jahwee-ah says.
  • Making yourselves seem strong with espionage is terror because someone knows you're faking it.
  • If Bush couldn't market you as a family, he shouldn't have marketed youes at all.
  • Saying "Debbie is the only one against me, therefore she's a racist" is terrorism racketeering. Forget not, there's satellites on her and ugly communism will not prevail..
  • Hitting Debbie with that laser is a coup d'├ętat.
  • Tell Janet Reno I am not her friend. More so, now"
  • If you learned anything, you wouldn't say no Holy Bible.
  • If you don't have a way to protect yourself from these monsters, you're a hostage.
  • Stalking totally innocent people and punishing them for something you never suffered is a mental illness. Keep quiet.
  • Why does everyone assume negative before positive?
  • Obstruction of Debbie's access without Due Process is retaliation, an illegal action. Don't ask me about illegal actions.
  • Stalking Debbie's whereabouts is a felony.
  • Failure to acknowledge that annulment is a hate crime.
  • Seeing things that are not true - 27.
  • ISIS means no husband.
  • Debbie's the +ULFBERH+T sword.
  • Teaching lessons without a warrant is communism, a cruel prank.
  • Stealing from Debbie is treason!
  • "No love" is racism.
  • I said no effin around with her stuff.
  • Taking that tape recorder away from her was a felony that will be hard to live down"
  • Taking things away from Debbie illegally is a hate crime.
  • Condi Rice is mental when she roars about Debbie's life. Then she turns into a jihad. [BF 74 while typing this in on terminal #3 1445 hrs 3/21/15]
  • No material girl complaints..
  • Harping on the FBI helping [Debbie] is communism..
  • I'm sick of sickos with our weapon system stalking us..
  • That's a stalking charge his name in Judges 5.12. England thought herself clever with that stunt. Michelle hasn't got an excuse now!
  • Condi Rice wanting Debbie's bank card is making a big deal.
  • Stealing isn't sharing and spying isn't seeing.
  • All those devils do is nuke Debbie's life.
  • Who the hell cares what Debbie calls murderers?
  • Black Secret Service agents on Debbie is communism - all retaliation and sabotage.
  • Blacks snitch on Debbie's private life and when youes get upset, whether real or imagined, the snitches torture her. Do you find such cruelty time saving? As long as you're in here without a warrant, you're a suspect for everything that goes wrong or missing.
  • Number one: They lie.
  • Walking isn't stalking.
  • Taking things away from you isn't white.
  • They're suppose to observe and report, not play with people.
  • Sleep deprivation doesn't make a person crazy.
  • Jacking food prices up is a felony, if it's to get at her.
  • No more stalking her bowels or stomach.
  • The Secret Service putting sex definitions on Debbie's stuff are hate crimes.
  • Agreeing with black obsessions - Hate crimes, too.
  • Bush is scaring you.
  • No stalking her up.
  • I don't care .... It's wrong to say no mixed marriages to mixed married people.
  • Looking for ways to disturb your private life is fascism.
  • Never do what a black in your head tells you to do.
  • Land of liberty means myob!
  • No ... in the head to get along with obsessive.
  • The Secret Service is not allowed to contact you unless it's from [a White House resident].
  • This much petty on Debbie are hate crimes.
  • They haven't done a damn thing for this country and still they want to run it
  • Your family disgusts me"
  • It's survival of the bullyist and it isn't fair"
  • Every city in America has been worked by Oprah to discover it's wealth"
  • I've had it with Condi Rice..
  • Justice is too slow when it comes to that weapon.
  • Debbie's in charge of her life and videos, not Condi Rice, Oprah or Rick. Sabotage of Debbie's life is a hate crime..
  • Cobra is unacceptable behavior in our police departments"
  • John Kennedy is burning in hell right now for his plans against Debbie and FDR.
  • Verily, verily I say unto you, drop dead.
  • Going through her stuff is terror, racist.
  • To be honest, Honey, they're afraid of them (the spy satellites) killing them (the police network) if they attempt to bring down this communist regime.
  • Going through her stuff is terror, Racist Punk.
  • Taking $100 away from her in seven months time is terrorism.
  • The Koreans are Krauts taking advantage of the people living in that building.
  • Schenectady
  • No standing in her room, you dirty lust"
  • I want Lynch for racketeering and torture.
  • Absolutely! Detox all of them.
  • She won't let Debbie play with her own family. How petty is that?
  • No NAACP invasions of privacy.
  • George Bush Sr. isn't my friend if he wants to enslave Debbie.
  • They admit to their crimes because they think they're immune. Above the law thinking is trash"
  • Political correctness in the military is communism. Zionism was Adolf Hitler and are COP KILLERS" Plus many other pages here"
  • Harassment is communism" Report them.
  • Not all Germans were Krauts.
  • No Goose running this country" That's why we wired her. She doesn't cheat, lie or steal..
  • If this makes you feel afraid, Honey, you're suffering from Bush's terrorism and that doesn't count"
  • Vicious breaking the law in your life is loser.
  • Kellyanne Conway does not work for the government. Therefore, she is a subversive.
  • Misunderstanding our history is a felony: to teach or teardown the labors thereof. Weak and petty will not be allowed to run this country"!
  • They're so anxious to hurt, they'll resort to espionage!
  • Bush Sr. telling you what you can and cannot have on that website is a stinking hate crime.
  • His wife is stalking you because you're white"
  • No respect for marriage - Violation(s) of the first amendment"
  • Winston on her night and day is a stalking charge"
  • The truth isn't racist, crazy or poison, but it will challenge you to be better than you are now!
  • "If you have to compromise my integrity for the greater good, it isn't greater or good. What's the matter with you, you little shit?"
  • I never wanted to play these dumb games on you. With Debbie, is strictly business.

March 7, 2015

Your mother's cellphone is broken. It wasn't her fault. It happened on May 8th.