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If it's red, it's another webpage.

Number in brackets is the webpage it pertains to"

1993: Boston's Hale & Dorr: Most of the news is racketeering. [363]

RFK: The NAACP and Great Britain still says: "No Christianizing the Asian." This is fascism destroying his wife to get magical assistance 55 for Orientals, esp. those of the female persuasion. Every time he's mean to Debbie/his wife, an oriental gets their dream granted by Oprah et al. [366]

OWN: Yes and no. It means she dresses up like a little birdie and tells stories the rest of us call espionage. Situation awareness is Oprah Winfrey too.. Everyone opinionating on an Oprah cue is a lynching. [367]

367 Secret Service": Six words at the top. Count six dots down. You know it wasn't Debbie [368]

Bully Tracks: Armageddon on the Bunny trail. [369]

Richardson Police: We used to look for bullies in artists' work for RPD. We do it in FB and Ft Worth. "Jelly" is everywhere because he's Asian and parents should know their children are being used to harbor criminals. Liars are lynch mobs and I told Mueller and Defenbaugh Richardson is a nice place, but obstruction is a bad thing. The governor wanted me to attend the Chinese New Year celebration in February, but cronies had a fit which often triggers fascists on me. They're getting costly, now, with the vandalism, again. I am not sure if my health can handle all their torture for much longer. "Screaming about Debbie's private business is a felony and leaking her location is terrorism!

WRONG to use this police car to 74 me on McMillan in East Dallas, south of SMU on 6/4/14.

Communism: Using DoD to engineer events for or against a position is a dangerous proposition. Others engineering artificial events on our citizenry are the NAACP, Rainbow Coalition, LGBT, SLC and Bones (dirty politicians past and present)! [370]

"Debbie will try to get up if Bush attacks her with 94/espionage and this will put many cowards in a bad light"

Defiance: They might hit Aunt Diane again. You know what poops they are" You may be sabotaged electronically or mechanically making your cars a juicy target. Oprah "requires privacy" and that means, to her, she can sabotage us whenever she wants!! [371]

Two PCs at CiCi Pizza and one between the school and Senior Center was a stalking by the one receiving stolen property to get even in a racially, perverted way. Their "hunches" are espionage, therefore fake. Them wanting verifications is intimidation of all parties. Do you deem other websites a joke? Above stance matched reckless driver on Northwest Highway & Lemmon in a white car on April 3rd." I didn't see the police there or was that him at Albert Hall north of this scene? And what was that stunt at 7-11 about criminal mischief having immunity in California and Texas? Can you answer these questions without echelon telling you what to say? Mouthing off about echelon's espionage puts subversive activities/attacks on Debbie.. Without an injunction communists sabotaged her access to this website to protect lust, while lust continues to steal with immunity to "train teeth" and then receive the stolen property as deprivation retaliation. That's a "screamer" nobody wants on them for doing a good job with Debbie"


Theft: Middle item on invoice is their perverted sexual hatemail using a Korean female employee of my residence to rub in that Evil can lust and lust and lust for my stuff (violations 10th commandment) without end.

Camp Casey: You know what has to happen for doing Oprah's 89 on Debbie for the Dog Handler [Bus 532-April 11-during laser 92-11]. Just tell the truth. Next stop Albuquerque. Did you think "Camp Castle" was going to make it okay like those witches in the downtown library in 2005 [and since] clapping their hands and whooping it up with matters they had not personally witnessed with their own two eyes and ears. All you're doing is getting innocent stupid people in trouble with espionage. Is that what police officers do in LA? And where's the money that's missing from my bank? Didn't you say something about it being corrected last month and still it hasn't happened? Calling Debbie "crazy" is an attempt to delude other people into unlawfulness. POLICE THAT STALK POLICE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!. [372]

Voices: Her private life is not subject to perusal or objections, only protection if need be" Anything more than keeping track of her whereabouts is communism! [373]

Arbitrary: Lene is disguised in the city of Coeur D'Alene on D-4 which means if he's not your first husband, you can't be Mrs. with him. This is an illegal stand against marriage we will not tolerate. Kimberly is M-4. [374]

Infiltrations: You don't have to believe in Jesus Christ, but you better have the gospel in you or you'll never be trusted again, because that mug you're exhibiting is that of a thief, a deceiver and a traitor that will cut our throats for a nickel or a dime.... We suspect kin that says (for Oprah, the origin of that comment): "I can only be her friend" as terrorists in disguise.

Implantations: AG Eric Holder caught Lust in the making of this crime in Kaufman County and tries to derail it as Mueller succeeded with the Pittsburgh plane enroute to the White House on 9-11. He implanted secretly Rice and she in turn told Williams to do the same to a friend of Toby Shook, who was a familiar player in Debbie's field of experience. Hint! Hint! Debbie finding that is the power of God with us. If God calls you a ...., you're a ...."

Corruption: "Did you read Watchman Nee? Then why do you have a g..d.. opinion about it? Get her for doing that to Debbie's thumbnail. The terrorist xitch! That'll require surgery...Be quiet! The communist overthrow of China was dangerous to a lot of us!"

Departments: The Atlas is listed on Fear Not page in bibliography, so stop accusing her of making up things we found there! [375]

#20: The FBI reimbursed me of $32.45. The BFs said they didn't approve of this to be done and so they're stealing it out of my bank account as a way of making me pay. That's 94. [377]

Colorado State: Sexual imagery is stalking and it doesn't matter what their creepy messages are"

MA Murders: They destroy spouses to hurt the descendants of the American Revolution. That's my mother, the one they poisoned in the hospital the second day of my life on earth. MA stands for Marian Anderson which was a stalking on the DAR, nine months before I was suppose to be born in 1940. That's why she killed a police officer in 2009 to prevent Debbie from Romney who is living in MA. That's why Debbie quit the race - they murder too many people.. This is Black tyranny, preventing white lives.. [378]

B&E: Taking things from Debbie, besides the obvious, is terrorism.

DPS: Ask him if presidents should be immune from charges of criminal mischief before and after they're in office. And this immunity, never applied to anyone else" [379]

Kim: Did you know this name/word means spy in England? The one most famous for it defected to the Soviets in 1963. ... Maybe that explains why there are so many on me! British plants, aka spy satellites and the 79 from hell poisons environments against American targets!

Dallas Police: Of course, I am talking to you, but they can't catch me if I say Dallas. No matter what they do, devils still call me pooh. "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see."

Family: My nephew lost his leg in a car accident recently after he called his sister-in-law a racist for making trouble in his family against me, his aunt. Little does he know she threatened to kill me in 2005 while sitting in the backseat of his mother's car following an Easter event in East Texas. She later robbed me of a beautiful round ornament sent through a family member from President Clinton in 2000 that my sister had been holding for me (after a BF in the VA hospital tried to steal it from my locker). They better not try to get to him either or I'll request a congressional on that in the Secret Service. Tell them I can get as far as Rowlett on a train. Does this help? "SACRED BLACKS ARE FASCISM." I don't remember that date but it was after 1998 when she put her hand in an empty orfice while working at Ci Ci's Pizza in Cedar Hill, TX meaning the South Korean is her hand. The FBI hates her for that! Then to make matters worse, the USMC moved her spouse to Irving, TX as a recruiter, so she could sexually harass/"train" Debbie's husband to always obey BFs. She knows more about In Kwon than his wife does and that's rubbed into Debbie, too. I was told she says: "I taught him to hop for me!"

Kill: Black female (BF) spy satellite used echo technology to share Oprah's voice: "I have one aimed at your heart. No Holy Bible." 1925 hrs, 6/6/13 [380] Did I tell you the time they did that with my father's voice long after he died? [380]

How does your career stack up against her life free of torture and terrorism and death being threatened now?

Kidnapping: This was about integration, not comm

How does your carrer stack up against her lifeunist mind games.[381]

Sabotaged by Dallas FBI

Goose: Both my grandfathers were drowned by an NAACP fist as murderous hatemail I would recognize in the future. That's why JFK and his brother were shot - both disapproved of that sick, bully thing called Mongoose: an electronic, portable Dachau. [382]

F...: This word/acronym came about in 1533 to censor the Catholic Church's stand against adultery, grounds for divorce and fornication. It literally means King Henry the 8th proclaims: Fornication Under the Command of the King is no longer a sin to turn populations against the Church for wanting us to wait until married. Well, how it relates to Joshua High School [Texas] is that most all the attention coming from our schools is the problems caused by fornicators, guns and drugs while a more profitable way is being shut out. Too bad the whole graduating class couldn't hear him! Bravo young man, for remembering the Supreme Court forbade teachers from reading scriptures to students, not the students' free exercise rights!

Bread Basket Games: Jodie Laubenburg is Bush hatemail in her name to comfort Oprah who wishes to advance Ezra 2.13. Babies are brought into the world to be in a family, not to play games or get favorable treatments for the "sacred wombs" that carry them, which by the way, is blasphemy!

Scream: Balancing her life with that of Oprah's agenda is a felony and very illegal. [383]

Ezra 2:13: It's against the law to obstruct a rebuttal to 94 misquoting the Scriptures. After all, none of these troublemakers graduated from a Baptist University or worked for the 700 Club. [384] And she stood up to Georgetown University for looking the other way as blacks subverted the MHMR clinic with illegal hires she worked at when BCS wanted whites to review those cases!

Dear Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post: The secret about "crackers" in black circles is that blacks can easily crush whites with espionage and lies, like they did to mine, Kathleen. In 13A-70113 the second and last two in your article were Skull & Bones, but the third and first had to do with whites not being able to cope with something like the sight of blood. That isn't racism. Now, racism SEEMS TO occur every time someone says no to one of these little dears. THIS has gotten way out of control and is belligerent and now we fear something more. That's why the balcony. THAT'S WHY THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT! Please don't buy into what the NAACP says about color, because the majority of us are not like that and never were. [384]

Some people say this is a terrible thing to say, but I believe it's better this than saying people are hated because of the color of their skin. Making "skin" the object of hate puts the focus on the wrong thing and how can we help people if we are afraid to name it? That's why so many people are hateful to whites - they're pretending it was color when it wasn't! They can do something about that and the government is helping. DON'T say BLACKS are victims of crazy people against the color black ANYMORE. How we can be considerate of each other if one is accusing the other of a lie and looking around for ways to make trouble because they want us to believe in lies? Now do you understand? It's one thing to have a problem and a whole other thing to twist it and take out after people saying it's something else! And then that attitude gets miffed everywhere and what was just a simple thing is now a militant circus on everyone for the least thing [What has evolved since 384] "In her bedroom for any reason is a felony." Bush troublemaking is a tragedy, as is Oprah on someone deluded by reasonable doubt.*



Pierson: Debbie should be comforted, not the stalkers. Look at all these years she suffered and you want to help those devils again? Go to hell and take Comey with you!."

Dallas Police: In all these years, Condi Rice, Oprah Winfrey and Bush have never kept up with their end. They're always lies. Everything from them is troublemaking. I have never seen it to fail when they try to make a deal that deprives Debbie of something"

July 12, 2013: Bush will probably call me a h..e for putting this one in here and I may even be raped, but here goes for those like myself. Today is 38 years of monogamy of which 16.6 years have been celibacy due to retaliatory separations for EEOC. [385]

Deprived: As a rule of thumb, never intervene where due process is deprived.

Sabotage: Snitching on Debbie is illegal. Giving me her pin number was against the law.

Racism: Smith, a robbery detective, trying to take deposits from your bank account is appalling behavior for a police officer and was illegal from the beginning. What's it to her the Dallas Police fronting LAPD? Sabotage is a felony. Finding out people's private business from espionage isn't legal. And how does "fireworks" threaten Mozambique? What do you mean you'll "give heart attacks" for disobedience? They're making everyone tow the mark using espionage satellites and military equipment.

Doubt: DH at 1349 hrs 7/16/13 has just commented as a clone of Oprah that she is going to play the word doubt to make trouble on the DA and force my website to be deleted. 33 The Secret Service Director breaking Debbie's tape recorder to cause escalations of crimes on her is a felony and amounts to entrapments because two police officers are involved who have been restricted from working any of Debbie's cases. Helping criminals escape accountability is also practicing law without a license in the state of Texas! I'll send you another part they broke on the recorder. She is also making it hard for me to buy from the internet a replacement. She lied when she would let it work! In plain English, the SS is making it easier for stalkers to get at Debbie and then escape prosecutions as a way to protect Condi Rice's unofficial run for the vice-presidency.

Everything: I think what you do to people is worse than what they call you for doing it!" [386]

469: And she's sick for trying to own him.

Blessing: 2043 hrs July 18 Oprah Winfrey says: "Oh! Good now I can kill him." 47, 44 I can't do or say anything without that treachery threatening me or others. [So, it's not about pay, is it??]

Resisting Arrest/Matthew 5.25: "Until you're frisked, you're my enemy and polishing the hood of my police car with your ass is troublemaking "out of control." [387]

The Goose called Comey: Cruel and unusual punishments on someone by Vicious until compliance is always without Due Process. Hitting her with that laser is communism. Not letting her rule over her own life is stalking" You will not escape what you did on the bus!. I guarantee it" Thanks, Mueller. I don't know what part of "I don't want to play" he doesn't understand? It's like he's a power-hungry chimpanzee. I'm not going to change my mind. Stay away! He's always hitting me. They're causing another infection on me. He's hitting me with 33 and 34. He won't leave me alone. He cripples me with that laser. He needs to be restrained. Get the senators that put him on me out of office!. 28 elbow is Oprah refusing to stop stalking me. Most of them have the laser on me. At 0516 this morning, Winston announced he would kill me within two weeks with that black laser. He's always snitching me out to 94.. A monopoly, where due process is denied, is communism"

Pucker-up: This position can be seen on Plate #106 as ritual kiss to Satan on page 72 in the 1971 Dover Publications Devils, Demons Death and Damnation, NY

Everyone has to kiss her ass is a dictatorship. Her name is below in bold. [388]

Robert Mueller Forever: "Don't let them get at her! Violation of the 4th amendment is worse than anything someone could say to another in private."

They think they can get loud on me for this one - Rehab: "Poor little me" (especially with a bastard) is extortion. Always getting off the hook for crimes committed while in rehab makes the pogrom a scam. If they have orange juice, automatic expulsions.

"Stop putting troublemakers on Debbie!."

Oprah Winfrey: "I want no close to her or I'll get up!" 1516-808 74 [389]

Associate Attorney General: Debbie, Mike Reagan and myself are Republicans being tortured by that godless laser on just about anyone's request. [390]

Duplication: Yes, perhaps millions of times, our dead have risen in Jesus Christ. [392]

Remind them: Calling Debbie those awful names and describing marriage in vulgar terms are felonies. Cueing her family or even total strangers on the street to turn on her is fascism" NO UP IN ESPIONAGE!!!! has been said a jillion times. In this country, we do things by the law, Mam!"..

Judge: He gave Debbie permission to board without a ticket because he said he didn't have time to watch her buy it from the machine. The sheriff's deputy was standing right there. End of story - Trinity Mills" Debbie's not a joke" [Espionage, while she's under oath is a felony. "I wanna see" has been sifted. Timing has you all for RICO violations and that's why 87 cities were blacked out! If you're not watching this site legally, you cannot scream intimidation!] Lewisville 1599

Irving 1919

Mack: Second son of my grandmother; born in February 1928 and died in same 1978. J. Rankin was the first woman permitted in a Cabinet - FDR" References to my uncle as cipher for my husband is due to his being the second born male and he was a Korean War veteran in country that helped me bring In Kwon to America as a co-signer.

Police Scenes: [396]

Cancer: Then blame black female tyranny in Dallas FBI stalking me and erasing text as soon as I paste it in! She also refuses to let me size my pictures on Fridays, moves the cursor when I get ready to type something in and has echo to curse at me.. I'm tired of Steve terrorizing me and calling it "fair." I'm tired of sadists running my show" Everywhere they go, there's trouble on people. [399]

Homewrecker: Espionage is not a legal investigation. Debbie has proof she is controlling traffic. Condi Rice and Oprah Winfrey are unfriendlys stalking the government and stalking her on the bus to say those things about plans with Obamacare means the system cannot be trusted where they're allowed echelon! [400]

Youtube: She likes to spoil things for Debbie because she's jealous! 89 DART track Convention Center 10/21 occurred while Debbie was enroute on the Blue train north at 1708 hrs from Ledbetter Station! We doubt authenticity of subversives in our business!

Criminal mentalities: Espionage is not a good way to do business" It teaches us to lean on subversives for evidence which may be tainted. That's why Debbie keeps us in the dark. She tried to catch them cleanly. That's why there are so many problems - they don't want to be caught.

.: Every citizen [402] Sabotaged by Dallas FBI and Comey's

Defamation: Dan Quayle and Oprah Winfrey planned the death of N. Smith after getting permission from his wife by using Condi Rice. Smith is a black female and the widow of a white male. This is the classical way of stalking that would (and does) make Malcolm X's "teeth" proud. Mislabeling of anything Debbie is fascism. [He didn't qualify for the Cop Killer page]. "Her poison continues to shame his memory as a police officer and as long as black presences cost, she can go straight to hell! Regarding accusations being made about others, they will not be on this list where the same threats have been made." Is that "gentle" enough for you? [404]

Initials: Terrorists don't care how it's spelled. Kerry could be curry. KR used to be Khmer Rouge and Krushev. Your basic training variety of British subversiveness in world geo-politics. Phonetically it's CRA (CR first). If we changed the C to S in her name, her nickname would be Sondi or Son Di meaning he dies for his kin, not wife and children, which cuts out the "Mick" the British have hated since 1533! Is that the same fate as her or can it get more sinister? You know the letter C can be the sound of K and S. Shall we explore this some more? Go to Fistand stay informed about our history"

Immigrants: Calling illegals this word is brainwashing using the media.

Lucille: That's the end of Oprah setting Debbie up with espionage. [405]

OND: is the last 3 months of the year and is played as an FMO gram changing the E for a letter D" That's terrorism responding to my webpages using the press illegally as dupes. Imitation of these are stalkers on Debbie. More in Definitions.

America: Hobby Lobby to block health care monopoly which usu. amounts to tyranny. Currently being denied access with threats of sabotage on my personal life.

To My Family, re: Lasers: Black female tyranny is almost a constant presence on me "building self-esteem" by improving their games against us. If you weren't there, please don't judge according to a voice in your heads. Looking for points leads to violence. Don't boast on what you can find. Better, you pray for me to survive these cruelties. [406]

Fast Food: This demand discourages winning by excelling/by more effort. [Some kids just do their homework, whereas others do that, extra projections, study at the library and are always raising their hands to answer teachers' questions. Which one should be the class valedictorian?]

Mr. Tibbs: Chi is Korean for an "R" word, thus a cipher for "real" and "E" means fist. Chosan (chosen) is the ancient Hebrew word for Korea). Ha! Ha! That makes anyone who obeys this lead, pre-meditation, Mr. Tipps! More on these names in Oswald.

Dots: Be nice and maybe I'll show you more of the second picture. [408]

Aurora-Arapahoe: I know you weren't the ones who did Columbine, but Adolf Hitler hasn't free exercise rights and neither does the heat half-cocked on Bush"

Mayors Against Guns was Oprah Winfrey's echelon, long after she engineered the Korean known as Virginia Tech. Mother's Against Guns was George Bush Sr.'s baby. So you don't get confused, I wrote it down. Well, yeah, I guess you could say I am keeping it from the police, sorta kinda. 27 Oprah the 57 on what she reads into my website.

Mexicans: Being allowed to stay is British Homeland Security appeasing Israel by making America a hostile place for whites.. So there! [409]

Director Names: Sullivan was the name of a family of four brothers who were killed in action while serving in the navy on the same vessel during WWII. That's the same number of family members I'm missing.

FLO: Making your mother deathly afraid to do her own thing was cheating and will not be held against Debbie!

The Tibbett-Tippet Affair: The battle of Lee-ship occurred on November 22, 1776. Go OSWALD if you like or KFJ. However, it won't change anything"

Failure: The initials MD means criminal lust, the games played by minorities on whites, especially BFs or females of any race on Debbie. To put the product on the shelf again after the witness loses something, or something is broken is payment and evidence of racketeering" Investigate Aldi for terrorism. [410]

Attn Dallas Police: What Debbie puts on Dearly Beloved is her business..

Bill in Congress: Not all parents and or spouses give permission to kill their family members. Some of us are caught completely off guard! [411]

17 words: In 2 Tim 2.5 it means lawfully and this is a cipher for Genesis 2.25. Thus if "17" is taken away [EWIG] from an equation, it means unlawful and no husband is permissible under this regime's dictators. No husband could mean no partner in life! And she will use tech to keep you alone forever if you fail to obey them in everything" Re: Treasury Check VA not rounded off like previous years" [412]

Racist Veeps: Read Deuteronomy 5.21. They want control of everything."

Everyone: Coming for Oprah always amounts to crime on Debbie. Containing good citizens with Goose is fascist hate crimes and terror" [413]

OMB: Page 1 of 3 was not included with this mailing. 74 Do not make trades with these people. They never really comply. They corrupt good government" Telling entities where to look is stalking" Spy satellites are not authorized to violate the 4th amendment without the Attorney General's written approval"

Stalking people based on assumptions is tyranny: 21 years, 7 months, 15 days I am 62 years old today.

Reprisals: It doesn't prove anything because you're using espionage.

  • And be careful about calling her a liar. She could be leaking vital information that could sabotage investigations" Remember she has no privacy when you speak to her.
  • Trying to get her to leak is a felony.
  • And it doesn't matter what she did, with him behind closed doors. No itching ears in the police for a witness's private married life.
  • Looking for things to complain about is 70/50. And if you used Oprah to think for you, you killed yourself.
  • Subversives don't tell the truth. Why am I not surprised?

Evasion: What was that about giving heart attacks? [418]

Loki: So don't say you didn't know. [419]

DEMONICS for more for imp explanations.

Oatmeal Pies: Everytime she turns around, devils are stalking her.

EMPLOYEES: Brainwashing InKwon to trust Oprah echelon is racism turning him against Debbie. And stop taking the wheels off the cart. Not letting Debbie train her own family is a sickness. Oprah wants to be an idol and I said no.

Is he wearing an FMO coat?

Dictionary: Oprah won't let me talk to my family in private. She says it scares her for me to have pets, children, siblings and a spouse. The only way to rebuke their criminality is on this website. That's shameful. She always says that if someone gets too close to me, it may undo all the brainwashing she's done to them. Don't you think I should be at least a little ticked off about this? How would you handle not being allowed to talk to someone unless Oprah gave you permission after forcing you to pretend she was some kind of judge and you were just a lawyer presenting a case to her? "Calling her crazy while they or you are breaking the law is terrorism." [420]

Malaysia Airlines: Oprah said: "I still own (control) your husband's mind." My son! My son!" on 9A-325 was seen in county, too. Prison for Ms. Lacey" [422]

Spying: Not everything you hear on the television is truth. Sadism is something you tell a psychiatrist or a lawyer; otherwise, it's intimidation. [423]

Listening to Bush: Calling her crazy is a sore loser/46"

Obediences: Saying "knock her down" without due process is communism, too.

J. Lacey: "I'll put her in the hospital if she doesn't obey." 1255 hrs, 4-3-14, 94-74", Loki Oprah.

Police are criminal: X208 is racist and unlawful.

Connor Corum (96 Name): Take this fake down as it allows Secret Service to torture real people. "Heaven is Real" as told by Loki Bush in a hospitalized child is fake. His father was in on it" [425]

Fist on my body: Torture has become worse since recorders stopped. They sound like the 

Bad Seeds demanding: "TAKE MYO KIM OFF!" New 92-26"

Americanize: Up in tyranny to get at her is subversion and don't say No while standing on American soil. Indecency, these devils on married couples. How many times is the word "acts" found in Judges 5.11. Go ahead and reverse it in Judges. NEW YORK is in IRVING due to torture and crooked police. [426]

Entrapment: The varying ways bully espionage lynching us.

Wasn't always: Everything is a donnybrook with Oprah.

Unlawful Entry: Letting blacks up illegally is hate on all of us. Oprah Winfrey's response at 1452 hrs, 4/24/14: "I want [to end marriage] to disturb the police." Then on 4/25: "I said agina until she obeys..."

Integrity: .... [427]

Diplodocus: Law books 1986

Pierson: Hate mail on FP-501 and Katie E. King. Communists rub in vulgar silver one/FMO. Communists always want another chance and always have no feelings where the victims are concerned unless faked. "They told me law-abiding witnesses and victims win every time or we're communists!. No more criminals' turns. Tell Debbie ...."

Website: When you can contact Debbie and you go to the police, that's stalking. That was fn wrong"

Beast: How dare you try to make us in the image of England" It's against the law to pretend, also.

Prurient: Are you interested? [428]

Audi: Assault & Battery using that laser on her.

Weimar: No mixed marriages as if this doesn't occur in the real world. I wish these people would get their heads out of the Cottom Bowl or is it the Kennedy Bowl we see in the leak in PR-Father is a Bachelor

Niggler: First response was Oprah with the laser on 4 and a male on terminal #JE05 saying: "We can't put things back like before (with you and your family)." Is this not the fixin's of another Holocaust?

Barbour & Co: Remember the first couple had many experiences before child rearing began. They even had a re-location. The corruption of Debbie's spouse was Marian Anderson.. a desire to own Asia, a desire to prevent Debbie's family (who entered America in MA) from getting him. By preventing her from marriage to one Korean, these sick, crazy for power blacks prevent her life in many other ways too. [430]

Krypton: The difference between these two dates is 101 years. In reek, it means he who violates the 10th commandment wins. Thus enslavement of the masses begins, which is what a satellite and laser can do!

Dog Leader: Troublemaking slxts have opinions about everything" About 0330 hrs this morning, I was attacked by lasers sent by District Attorney Jackie Lacey for something I was writing in my room. That's the Secret Service at the instant call of blacks practicing communism and looking for ways to stop white culture from proceeding. If you hear someone say: "She could sabotaged by Dallas FBI

Darkness/MA: The first and last letters in Judges 5.12, the Scripture that contains my full name, are AM which means do all things in daylight, not espionage. The reverse of these letters is MA, Marian Anderson and her sisters, Oprah (Mississippi) and Rice (Alabama) were put on me to stop successes as presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan intended. Hence, this is evidence I am being stalked" If I am anti-communist, they will be communist! If I am Christian, they will be anti-christian and so on. See SLITHER. [433]

All shot to hell: 24 years ago on this day, 6/20/90, blacks started this war on me and then my family. This website is my stand against their tyranny in the hope, it can prevent the same from happening to others. [434]

First Line: "Stay away from those devils and I'll protect you. Assertive free speech will not be restricted, nor will reporting jealousy to us. What she does at those street corners is my pen." [435]

Hats: Over, above and beyond the original consent is meant here. Dialogue between her and them is no one's business. You're not suppose to be on her like that. She doesn't owe subversive satellites anything. No X71 (RICO) communists looking for tribute.

Arrogant, petty, lying troublemakers on her is illegal"

Venting: "MYOB!"

Renegade: All they do is challenge us and assault. They don't have permission to approach us" The White House can't give you supply. You're the poisonous ones for twisting what she says"

Tripping: Forcing us to write things Bush's (sadistic) way violates RICO.

Sweetness: 1) Get at her for what? 2) My family is privileged in information in this manner because of lasers (2nd line above) on us. If you break the law with any info from me, that's a crime and immunity cannot be extended. Besides, I didn't see any streets out of control. [437]

Her marriage: Who do you think you are punishing Debbie for having memories, comments/thoughts or dreams about him? 93-27 (1 Tin 4.1) If cruel society thinks they're going to make the rules on us, they better think again! We never traded with her and we're not going to begin that crap now!!!

Criminology: Who the heck told Bush he could get up and push Debbie around with laser torture? It's none of your business how she writes things! [440]

Dennison: Using a tape recorder isn't illegal. The word is Tan.

Principles: Is that all South Korea could think of for him? Thus came Oprah Winfrey: "All you have to do is say 'I did it with Myo Kim' to her and I'll let you go home." That's racist.. [441]

Big Blue Box: Don't ask me any questions after an incident unless immediately after. Without the recorder in place, my impressions aren't on tape and therefore accessible. 46 is terrorism and 88 gets the police called on me and 84 is the opinionated ones with lasers which that's what he had on me last night" [It's against the law not to give her a copy]. [443]

Bell: DART shouldn't have taken the city name off that train stop. I think it is hate mail.

Arnhem: Panther, Tiger Panzer: No real is Sping! ) How close is this to the Davids of MA moving into the Springer home on Watervaliet and stealing the lawn mower?

Food Trucks: Though I didn't go to Swiss Ave's block party, about 100 feet of wire I used on my cart has been stolen. So, Mr. President, they don't hold fast to the deals they make.

Sping: Psalm 107.18 shouldn't have access!

Her Husband Can't be himself: Because Affirmative Action is stalking..[445]

eXtreme 208: When you hear this devil or any member of her team: Esinstazgrubben gets up and beats Debbie down. They're circumventing the Constitution with technology and bully lynch mobs without uniforms. I will scan a picture in Nebraska soon. My keyboard is disabled as 89. [446]

Black America: Lacey also said if I do it again she gets to own him with her police state and control his reactions to me. This, as we all know, is punishment in the form of a police state" I wanted to tell about our climbing the Statute of Liberty. Yes, my dear children I was up in her crown overlooking the world. [447]

Round Rock: We have it on tape. She asked for help and DCTA's employee refused to give her 30 seconds of his time. That's mean to obey black tyranny. You shouldn't mess with her $ at the ticket place. That's another attempt at homelessness. That's what happens when they access bank accounts without warrants. (They're dirty pub). The Patriot Act is abused" Everything costs for them to allow you life. Even a courtroom. See PETTY for that problem. Thanks DART.

Hayes: In the movie the Wolf Man (2009), the father werewolf played by Anthony Hopkins (initials AH again) wasn't wearing a shirt. [449]

Free Exercise & Religion: One is common sense and the other is teaching the name of a Deity that can disqualify you from having a full life. The government builds shrines, so to speak, when they force private property owners to protect endangered bugs, birds and plants at the individual's expense, all the while they teach children evolution's theory in school. This is the craziness - overthrowing white on every level he/she chooses to live or expand."

X266: Punishing Debbie is a felony. [450]

Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers: No matter how cruel, distorted, distasteful or racist black opinions of white lives may be, it will still be the norm as a substitution for the law, over and above, the will and intent of white victims - and lawmakers to enable blacks to accumulate power, having been slaves and all! What do you think "no real" and "no first" means? Simply put, whites are dead unless blacks have a use for them. [452]

Quickly: The press needs their stomach pumped.. [456]

Viral: That's why - it's a fake dream.

Shorter than her: No crank Nietzsche addressing what God gave Debbie to do. Holding her and her spouse down is hate crimes first place, which is racism not resolving racism. Spare us deceit!"

Salem: Deliberately raising black females because Debbie's on the way was, and still is agin the law." And making her wait is also a felony. [457]

John 8.6: The pious ones say the law is first, not opinions! You want to accuse when you snitch on Debbie's privacy, but what if we opened you? Here's one of them now: Oprah Winfrey: "You're not going to get to get him" which means Misooki will kill him before she lets him go home and be a real boy again with his wife, children and grandchildren. [460]

Inadmissible: She wants to own the Asian because your name is in the Holy Bible, so whatever mean thing she can say about Debbie assures her she's in control of another's life. That's what the Secret Service is doing to many Christians. It's the Moslem's turn and no matter how many times I scream 27, they keep on coming worse and worse and worse!

Stalking everything Debbie does: "Turn in everyone you see and hear" is predator. [462]

Warrants come before abracadabra. Only time you could enter someone's private residence is when the cops are chasing you with a pocket full of drugs. Debbie was right about the ATF stalking the Branch Davidians" [464]

Behavior Modifications is espionage and marriages are their prime target sicne FDR died. Capitol One Bank won't get away with that black fascist demand veiled in that letter from Houston! Calling you a joke in public is defamation of all of us!.[465]

Aiding: They're crazy on whites to aid Condi Rice (the Divine Right of Kings imitation of what FDR was doing with Debbie) with espionage and terrorism in the Secret Service. Most of the lynchings of the 1930's were engineered by the NAACP to get the White House's attention. EASYASPIE was all engineering. They give people problems they don't like and they call it punishment. That's racist communism stalking us"

Venting: If you read Bush into any of these pages, you're a demented coward racist like Bush Sr. I've had it with bully coward politics.

Every time she does something: It shouldn't cost Debbie at all when blacks are breaking the law to get at her. How dare you punish victim's of black crime to convince Lust it's okay to hurt people if they're white or mixed married? [468]

92-29, 92-41: Torturing Debbie is Sharia Law.

Mohammed was Jim Jones. [477]

Oprah's dictatorship: 1 Timothy 2.12 isn't Acts 1.13,14" Confusing these is jealousy - the might of devils. Putting that one in, usurped the FBI Director. [481]

Baltimore death of Freddie Gray: Engineering death on civilians so nearby blacks can be rich or famous playing with it, is communism. And I don't want to hear "we killed one of our own." Until you rule out the lasers, you're communists" All the markers are hate mail to Debbie.

Filth: Him in Irving with Myo Kim is sacrilegious or what blacks call blasphemy. Isaiah 5.20, Matthew 12.31 leading us into the darkness of Rev.18.13. It's dangerous to rebel and dangerous not to rebel.. In the world, but not of it! [483]

Moving Children: Three of the four Israeli tribes in my name were sons of Jacob and slave girls. They are Gad/Guatamala, Asher/Honduras, and Dan/El Salvador. It's against the law to deliberately make trouble so they can stay here and or to tell stories that are untrue to make things seems as if their survivals are miraculous. [487]

Bribery: Because I am being tortured in the left leg right now, I am going to say besides the bribery, what was done to Warren's Warren (lost an eye) and Diane's Warren (lost a leg) may have been traumatic enough to make them desert the United States where I am concerned. [488]

Darth Vader's Sword: Is it a coincidence Darth Vader and Fallsadoom were the same actor? And what was that about Luke Skywalker being half black? I knew Oprah would say that, but that which she says is to cover their messages to each other about the coup d'etat they're pulling off to advance each other! [496] 92-9

Cloaking: Any games on Debbie is a felony; therefore, no games. [497]

Racist and Criminal: Oprah says my last name is hers and she doesn't care what the law says.

Everything has to be shared is poo: The craziness stalking everyone is terrorism. You do not make laws in this country or treason.

Public sabotage: No jealous communists stalking us with satellites. Warrants are still the law of the land.

Police chiefs: Read Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China (minus the honor of Kung Fu) by Robert J. Lifton, W.W. Norton & Co., Inc. New York, 1961.

No feelings: Tough sticks it out and doesn't run off. Without feelings we're on drugs, insane or evil" [499]

That corner: Used Walmart cashier #170244-4010 Defenbaugh's: I'll put him in prison myself!" No getting away with Oprah"

Human Weaponry: Oprah is a dictator.. She's always running her mouth (most recent can be found in NEVER) and hurting someone.[500]

Leukemia: This was the disease of JFK and the reason he made such a bold and loud statement on behave of Black Americans with his assassination.

Girlfriends: Condi is a crank. [503]

Dismissed: Then taken to court and beaten to death by the FBI!

The Caribbean: Slaves were brought to the Caribbean and then America to be workers. This is not a racist remark nor demeaning. You're petty bastards and a curse wherever you go, You lust to spoil our great country with your bitter jealousy. End this communism on us - Names games also, both of them" [509]

Keobunk: "Mean spirited and/or hostile atheism has no place in the White House. They are easily persuaded GOOSE. How dare they quote anything Reagan taking a swipe at her for that!? How do you know what God wants to teach the world? Your stubborn asses are too hostile. That's why Debbie's a mugwamp.[510]

Harry's Dream: Sphere 1997 and what was that about 6 and 27 on page 87? [524]

AL MU'MINUN: "...Abstain from sex except with those joined to them in the marriage bond..." and "Again, on the Day of Judgment, will ye be raised up??" [527]

Winston: Blacks look for angst in all our families and offers their assistance to force change or punish the one unloved, most often the spouse. However, sometimes, the child is then used to kill and commit suicide or just disappear. [532]

Donna: Make her sister Debbie homeless because she's pro-choice is part of her hatefulness in NORTHWEST. Aided and abetted Bush Sr.'s retaliations for EEOC. Pro-life is an antichrist machine. Phyllis Schlafly and Ryan's recent hate mail to Debbie (7A-4/13/16) is a communist overthrow gussied up with out of context scriptures aimed at the privacy of others. It's not a "baby" until disconnected from the host. That's Exodus. Get in touch with reality. [535]

EEOC: She's a female (vulgar word used) married to an oriental male and we don't recognize annulments of first marriages. They look for ways to align themselves with others as support in their illegal endeavors. Taking her speech and writings out of context is a domineering stance that creates the attitude of Osama bin Laden in the minds of the disgruntled Mayans. OHIO

Matching dates games: 6-27 My mother killed/6-27 Classified born in Long Beach, CA

1-6-50 Louie Freeh born/1-6-09 Police officer shot during a negligent mishap

1-24-24 My mother was born/4-12-45 FDR died in Warm Springs, GA.

12-21-75 My Korean wedding anniversary/12-21-45 General Patton dies after being hit with a car in Heidelberg, Germany

12-9-45 Patton hit by a car/1-29-54 Oprah Winfrey is born in MS

Then there are these kinds of coincidences:

5-21-54 My sister is born

5-21-57 Loretta Lynch is born

1-25-52 I am born.


No Relationships with Debbie: That's why people are mean to you - to further the grasp/gains of communists using mind control and presents" [546]

Binah: "Gam-Zu-L'Tovah" may not be the right answer for all of us. [547]

The Scripture: The Obamas polluting that scripture with communism is an abomination!" [552]

Kidnapping: We just let her have him because the blacks' wouldn't leave him alone and were violent when not allowed to win unlawfully. WMD is a monopoly with them. This is not numchuks, knives and guns on one another" They then brainwash people to do bad" [555]

Kay Oliphant: "Damn! [557]

Chicago says no protections (teeth) under the law: "Only because black terrorism/94 prevents a trial with racketeering and terrorist threats to murder with laser key personnel. See how they stop us with our laws. [558]

Finger: Winston et al: "I want no fever for her thing" is the making of Peeta Mellark again which is GEMS #4. If you want to read more vulgar terrorism on married couples see the pages listed under U.S. Secret Service listed on the Lynch Mobs page"

Republicans: "Attaching meanings to words, sentence structure and sequencing is Bush-Oprah freemasonry and should not be applied to this. You mess up a lot because you're reading it wrong to your own detriments" They're stuff/hatemail can be read this way, but not ours.

Crimson Peak: A skull (CP, a military man) with a lightening bolt (E) coming out of it's eye socket (I) will hit you if you don't obey black tyranny is fascism.. Lema vs Lima

Breakfast is a place. Cereal is spelled with an S. Try to figure it out" because it's not safe to leak" Snow cone is cryptic for no husband/spouse. Putting No before a cryptic term means not going along with you on that" [562]

Punches: It's against the law to engineer elections by violently attacking other candidates. How dare you covet this power!

Landlords: Debbie never used Korean to hurt, steal, obstruct or terrorize people. That's why the NAACP took them away from her in a loud way with the LA Riots in 1992. Before that and up to 1997, they were robbed, murdered and boycotted by jealous black tyranny" Especially vulnerable businesses were liquor stores in Washington, D.C. [564]

The Ladies in Red: "It means they have our weapon system and will use it against us if they don't get their way. Essentially, it means "my way or else!." The problems they can cause can range from a stubborn stopped up toilet to a fatal heart attack X450 (BOLO 450). For further reading look up EXTREME 234,9,62,55,121, 151,208 (screen control) and BOLO 281,357,271. Always yield to one of them in red as they have a satellite on you for retaliation purposes and it gets real petty out here" [569]

Cellphones: If your phone is not charging or charging very slowly, a spy satellite may be crimping your cord with the lasers. This is a home invasion" [577]

Librarian at Park Forest continues to speak out using espionage and says "Block her access. (to WiFi) and "Okay, pain!" 1/25/17 Laser her: Adolf Hitler was a painter." They defy everyone and they don't give one iota for the law" [578]

5 of the 12: You can do whatever you want with your names. You just can't do it as well as me" [579] Guess whose name contains the King Pig?

Mean: Sabotage [584]

Old webpages online and the snitches game:

1. Deliberate insertion of typos or absurd alignments of text is an attempt to defame our witness. Calling such "getting along with Oprah" is delusional..

2. No control of the keyboard when she's typing or backspacing.

3. And no removing items she sends to the printer.

4. Spread your wings and do things the God honest American way. No corruption to beat the other guy to the faucet. [600]

Obstruction of Justice": Bybee must let her proceed with contacting the police and not interfere in any of her business, including that of her family. Attorney General Jeff Sessions" [602] "And I like her better than you".

Mental midgets: MKULTRA makes petty troublemakers out of us. [609]

Protect & Service: You embarrassed us with that heel. I'm surprised how quickly you forgot him" That malarkey in your head is subversive, but you leaned into it anyhow" You know the law. Why the flagrant abuse of it? Does power taste hat good? If it does, you're a sadist" And don't call it weak" Out of sequence is Oprah Winfrey stalking them..

Debbie is not a racist. We just can't see as far as she does and that's evolution. She can't reveal things to us because it'll make us into losers. I don't want to be making a deal to hurt her. Thanks Google" And I told her to put it in Monsters.

Storm: "Racial superiority" has often been spoken in error to mislabel a group of people as racist when, if looked at objectively" it's an evolutionary path establishment of the bumps and bruises of one's learned evolution that one has had.

  • It appears racial as heretofore, races of men have been geographical. Whites are trying to preserve their evolution, as the alternatives have always been a loss of liberty through centuries of monarchial and marauder rule. The concept of liberty, though not limited to, is ancient Hebrew trying to succeed in what is now called the Constitution through earlier forms like the Magna Carta Liberatum 1215 and English Bill of Rights 1689. This is white's climb to self-actualization without clawing each other to death"
  • Because blacks and others have no millennial historical battleground (what we call recorded history) for the establishment of their most cherished precepts, they are viewed with fear as "inferior." In this fear, White sees a possible loss of liberty, privacy and autonomy as the result ofa stupid selfish grab for power by less earned populations looking for recognition without the historical sweat whites spilled to get the same. Without this sweat, White believes freedom can be used incorrectly and become enslaved by pride and a feeling of entitlement" [Privileges without sweat becomes a sense of entitlement and then superiority becomes an Adel]. Confederate statues reminds whites of an era when men feared losses, too, and took up arms to protect it" To say that was wrong and must not be remembered is to erase white evolution which is racism, too"" They have a right to have a history without fear of judgment and destructiveness long after the fact of that stand"
  • Blacks acting out is infantile fascism and a mean display of brawn. Because statues of iron and bronze do not shed tears, some siesmologists believe the concept of "standing against big gubmint" is bad. The temporary thrill of belching, a society strung out on power tripping shouldn't have precedence beyond free speech and think-tank discussions" No one should be bullied into taking a side containing furious troublemaking. No one should promote racism at either side"
  • Tearing things "white" down is seen as a threat because representative government didn't pass a law regarding destruction of statues. A vote is not due process where a lynch mob is king and in some ways racketeering" That's why "Blacks" are viewed as heathen - they want their whims to succeed and the law to follow them! This then becomes great terrorism because the law clearly states the dominance of destroyers over the rest of us is not legal. And so echelon communism proceeds to terrorize us through the psyche of opposing teams of protesters, where violence is given heed over the lawful way - to kowtow to more violence which isn't legal. It's just a quick, appeasing solution"
  • For instance, recently black tyranny (DoD satellite echelon relay) announced that emails I was sending out using the term "1000-1230 hrs CT" scared them because it meant, to them, Justice Clarence Thomas is on my side. They totally and consciously took Central Time out of context and made an inconvenience for me. This is tyrannical" [610]
  • [Note from Justice Clarence Thomas: "Thank you, Mam."]
  • George Bush Jr. running around like a little boy saying "cuckoo" is illegal"
  • "No one wants to be responsible for Debbie, out of fear of tyranny".. It's a felony stalking us for trying to help her" And presidential powers shouldn't get in the way, Mr. Bush.


: "If you try to get up, I'll make [your husband] sick. We're well established' was said to by a busdriver's trainer named B. Calloway for the NAACP in her head. The another: "Marriage isn't holy unless you're talking about a thing" is deliberate Oprah sabotaging my marriage with hateful rhetoric - - and still those statues said nothing. [611]

Active Isotopes: If Debbie were in China on the day of her birth, she was born in 1951 still. That would make her a hare/rabbit. That's where the challenge Maddy Murray O'Hare came from Now add the numerical values of the first letters of these words: In-Amen-Hare-Dragon. You should know by now where all these letters/words came from. It should come up 22, which is the number of verses in the last chapter of the Bible. There is a date hidden in this numerology which is also in the last group of verses on the PARACLETE's page.

Sabotage and rape: "I see or she dies" is a weapon on all of us. Oodles, the champion of terorrrists' rights, is at it again.

Confederacy: There's hatemail an d intimidation in the details of taking those statues and names down or away. No deals with lying scumbags such as the one calling herself Oprah. It's also a felony using any form of Debbie's name to serve yourself. FDR didn't choose a black female and that's it. Now we know why!!! [613]

Neo-Nazi: Contact Sidney Judge Fitzwater and tell him the blacks failed to demonstrate how the statues were hurting them. Their wild talk and accusations not based in reality is for the psychiatrist's couch or it's Adolf Hitler running at the mouth against those Jews in the thirties. Swift, loud unrelated rhetoric terrorized millions of people. [This is what's dangerous, not beautiful statues standing in a park]" [614]

Charlottesville was faked: An example of the press playing games to serve the hype in this world was seen during the Civil War's camp hospitals. Techniques surgeons learned about amputations and wound care was not reported by the zealot press, which told stories not based entirely on the truth about "butchery." Had the press looked closer, they would have been able to spread the good news what docs had discovered and many lives would've been saved. What they called kicking and screaming during amputation was the patient's anxiety over losing a limb, not from the pain itself as all were given ether or chloroform. [615]

Paul Newman: It's good to know He died for us and we rejected Our Lord's love. That's one tiny chard. This Jew isn't going to miss heaven and neither will Paul. We didn't think [wee] should be forced back to Israel. Thanks for doing our homework and teaching us. Who knows, Castile, you may be one of us. [620]

Mental Retardation: Individuals with mental retardation is the politically correct way to say "retarded people." I am in no condition to take laser beatings for saying it the normal way.[627]

Whores in Space: I thought you said, George, not to let people think I'm awesome. Isn't that why you and Lynch hit me in the heart all the time? And don't threaten me with the heteros, either. Wanting power to harm others is a sickness. Besides, you are watching me on a screen, and without a warrant, you're communist terrorism bossing me around, as usual. ou should see them come up and attack me when Magic Espionage calls. And don't say "whores" means Negroes. That's racist" I see other colors in on this too. When is the last time you rode on a bus? Oh! And Magic Espionage doesn't mean Mother England" His response was 7 in the eye meaning No! real free speech"

You know George, the law requires you to shut up and stop stalking me. I didn't start that one. It was told to me and based on the threats and harm I receive, I would say why not, they're everywhere" So, the law requires you a warrant and me Due Process. And this website is about facts, not feelings. And facts are truth. I guess you haven't stood in line for a bed at a homeless shelter and watched a woman drive her whore sister up to the curb and let her and that thing from his penis walk up to the door and get first preferances. What a scam" They're not keeping the fetus because they love children. They do it to obstruct those of us who earned our way up. This, is then good for you and your criminal tactics, isn't it? All you have to do is abuse your powers, which I think having such now is way over the line, and make good evil and evil good, which now means I won't be able to get a bed.

Did you miss the article in the Dallas Observer about the whores sticking the penis with child support. Get a load of that! They're tying up the courts without marriage license in place. She names the Daddy and voila, he's stuck with $800 test to get himself free. Sounds like stalking to me" Poor guy thought it was mutual consent. Not anymore, buddy-boy" We discouraged this behavior in whites. That's why they're not in the majority. Nevertheless, I think it racist for you to say "whores" is synonymous with black" [628]

The Personhood Bill should help nefarious causes tremendously."

And Carson saying no streets is a felony" X261..

You cannot restrict Christian free speech. End of story.

Bedbugs, ants, lice and fleas: They threaten worse than the first although the first two have already been carried out. Now, its the latter ones I keep hearing about. They're teratology of the brain. This is mongoose. Loretta Lynch comes in my room using Echo and tortures me with a pitchfork-like laser - the transporter beam the same that brings in inserts and small anuimal dung! She screams ugliness at me such as "no heart" as demented version or a stretched version of Queen Elizabeth I as in the video synopsis on NOVA SCOTIA.[646]

Official Website: The following Goose Hideouts are not substitutes for an official websites for one's city or department" Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Road Police, USACOPS, Homefront, FourSquare, Manta, Yelp, YelowPages, WhitePages, Government City, IBEGIN, Chambers of Commerce, HoursGuide, P.O. Hours, MapQuest, GoogleMaps, PoliceOne, CountyOffice, Nixle, SuperPages, Hometown Locator, EPODUNK, Word Prfess, Church Angel, Churches Near Me, ChurchFinder, LinkedIn, to name a few. [656]

March For Our Lives: So what if my partner tells me the outcome or response to an email I send. [658]

Mindthink: When you have one million minds thinking her way, what is that called? I said no and we're not even going to write it in! [665]

Stalking: Other charges may apply, such as intimidation, accomplicing hate crimes etc. [680]

92 (Torture): They said this will occur until I obey them without hesitation" [692]

EASYASPIE: The song for this page means riding a horse into Darkness. [703]

Richard Thornburgh: "Hate crime communism in this country. Stop putting heathens on us."

 They won't let me put this one on the first page. I wanted you to know this has been tried.

And the double-entandras purr