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Harlan C. Starnes was 260th MP Cmdr. Camp Weagwan, South Korea 1975.

Harlan Fiske Stone was the 52nd Attorney General as of April 7, 1924. He appointed J. Edgar Hoover to the Directorship of the FBI in that year. On February 5, 1925 he made it to the Supreme Court and by June 27, 1941 he was elevated to the 12th Chief Justice.

Major John Fisk was an orthopedic surgeon at 121 Army Hospital in Korea, aka the new and improved former M*A*S*H seen on TV"

This is the beginning of the end of "Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" and the hating of God in this country. I cannot give you the answers, only their methodology. If you read this enough and keep your ears open and eyes peeled, you'll be able to figure it out.

Look at these two: John V. Miller was Truman's choice for next Attorney General. Justin F. Kimball was my high school and in there was a Coach and biology teacher named Harlan. Then, we had a mayor named Laura Miller. And it keeps on and on...

Charles I became king of England in 1625. The Korean War was triggered by echelon on June 25, 1950. And prior to this, Virginia became a state in 1788. This is also a hint in that it was named after Elizabeth I - the "virgin queen." They're making our world according to their history from generation to generation while we slumber. Enter Kangaroo"

What was Justice Douglas and H.R. Halderman doing on June 25, 1970?

On May 2, 1972, J. Edgar Hoover passed away with his shirt off on the floor beside the bed in the place where he was born - Washington, D.C. He was 77 years old. Michael Chertoff was born in Elizabeth, N.J. on 11-28-53. He is the chief of Homeland Security- an outfit whose initials are the reverse of the above Stone-Hoover, one of the teams that worked to bring me into existence.

Look for initials NJ for this scam artist. I can't list them all, but use your imagination from what you have read here. MC belongs to somebody else, already!

When chosen by Hoover, it can be very dangerous 1/24/24.

What's it to you how many times they tried?

4-12-81 54 hours, 21 seconds - First space shuttle's length in space is an atheist ultimatum referred to as Columbia STS-1. The one that exploded in 1986, was up for 73 seconds. That's the reverse of Page 37 in Woman's World Weekly published on Easter in 1986 with a short story about my husband and I in Korea. [This picture story has been stolen].

1-16-03 STS 107 Another shuttle was taken down by these monsters as the crew members names sent us hatemail, also! "Rick Husband" - obvious" and William Coolidge.... H.R. 538 to demoralize us for continuing ....

January 25, 1813 - Dolphin Squadron

December 21, 1945 - William S. Halsey, Jr. promoted to Fleet Admiral, U.S. Navy

December 21, 1940 - John Connally, governor of Texas marries Nellie"

December 21, 1948 - Ireland leaves England and declares itself a Republic.

December 21, 1960 - Muslim opposes French Catholic colonialism with the help of NAACP

December 21, 1975 - Debbie & InKwon are formally married in Waegwan, SK"

December 21, 1988 - Lockerbie, Scotland North Carolina #111

December 21, 2012 - Date of World's Destruction in movie "2012"

April 12, 1866 Irish attempt capture of Campobello Island near Canada.

April 19, 1775 - British win the Battle at Lexington, but the Americans won at Concord 74 dood British"

April 19, 1839 - Belgium stands apart from the others

April 19, 1882 - Charles Darwin passed away

April 19, 1897 - First Boston Murderthon

April 19, 1933 - U.S. goes off the Gold Standard

April 19, 1968 - Read Ralph Plaisted

April 19, 1995 - OKC bombed

February 5, 1952 - She killed him because he was like us"

June 22, 1808 - Spain bombards Santiago

June 22, 1813 - Battle for Craney Island

June 22, 1868 - Arkansas Re-admitted to the Republic

June 22, 1915 - Nazis take Lemberg

June 22, 1916 - Turks capture Mecca

June 22, 1922 - Coal strike leaves 21 dead

June 22, 1930 - Charles Lindbergh's child's birthday - a very sad story

June 22, 1941 - Hitler invades Russia

June 22, 1943 - Detroit race riots leave 23 dead

June 22, 1944 - FDR signs into law the G.I. Bill of Rights

June 22, 1945 - 6th Army takes Okinawa

June 22, 1950 - My husband is born in Inchon, South Korea

June 22, 1962 - Air France crashes, 113 dead

June 22, 1964 - 3 Civil Rights workers disappear in Mississippi

June 22, 1972 - Hurricane Agnes leaves 118 dead

June 22, 2000 - Mars Global sends hatemail to us"

June 22, 2001 - Railroad Disaster in Cochin, India leaves 64 dead

June 22, 2003 - Railroad Disaster in Rajapur, India and 33 die

April 7, 1776 - Battle for Glasgow

April 7, 1789 - War Department created

April 7, 1798 - Mississippi territory recognized

April 7, 1862 - Battle for Pittsburgh Landing ends

April 7, 1864 - Battle for the Red River commences

April 7, 1933 - Prohibition ends

April 7, 1940 - Eclipse of the sun

April 7, 1943 - General Patton joins the British 8th Army in Africa

April 7, 1956 - My brother Warren is born

April 7, 1989 - Soviet submarine sinks and 42 die

April 7, 1990 - Fire in Skagerrak, Norway leaves 110 dead

April 7, 2007 - First Malaysian in space

On 1-26-52 my mother was given a fatal disease by injection. What has occurred on this day also?

1813 - Battle of Union-Iris: Great Britain won

1837 - Michigan became the 26th state

1861 - Louisiana leaves the Union

1870 - Virginia re-admitted to the Union

1924 - Hirohito marries Princess Nagako (They have 7 children)

1944 - Angela Davis born

1946 - Meat packers go on strike

1986 - Super Bowl XX

1993 - Havel new leader of Czech Republic

1996 - Salt II approved by Congress

2004 - Congo River ferry fire kills 200

2005 - Condoleezza Rice becomes first BF to head the State Dept.

2005 - Glendale, CA Railroad accident kills 11

To see more dates like this in a better sense, read Study Hall.


Great grandmother's name - Brown

Great grandfather's name - Biggs

Grandmother's name - Ortiz

Grandfather's name - McDonough

Great grandmother's (in Ireland) name - Warren

May 21, 1863 - Gum Swamp

August 17, 1862 - The Confederacy won at London, KY

January 29, 1954 - Guess who? (This is played in a sequence of two as mentioned in Goose). This is the Queen's first daughter in America and she's well paid for it!"

Sabotaging 1st or 2nd things was started by Oprah and continues to this day in every place I go.





The very basic systems.

It can get much harder than this and totally exhaust you.

1. Sequencing of streets in your personal life: Order of

Watervaliet: Allen, Benson, Carney, Carter, Cole, Cope, Connor, Drennan, Harding, Geter, Mann, Oswald, Phillips, Reeves, Sargeant, The Springers and Tobowlosky (?spelling)

Champagne: Koster, Sousa and Vandergriff

Nokomis: Campagna, Hopkins

Cripple Creek: Foster, Gleason, Smith, Young and Lorhman

Remember the order of these streets.

2. Morse Coding can be found in Webster's dictionary: Not often used

A .- B -... C -.-. D -.. E . F..-. G--. H .... I .. J .--- K -.- M -- N -. O ---

P .--. Q --.- R .-. S ... T - U ..- V ...- W .-- X -..- Y-.-- Z --..

3. Any version of counting something

A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, - O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21, V-22, W-23, X-24, Y-25, Z-26

  • Recognizing first things: 1, April, red, 16, the first letter of one's name
  • Recognizing second things: 2, February, white, roman numeral for 2, etc.
  • Recognizing last things: More below

4. Calendar Messenging:









9-September, 10-October, 11-November, 12-December

  • Combinations of any of these sends a message known only to a few. If you are not familiar with this method, it's best to keep your nose out of us and espionage is a sin.
  • Another meanings can be learned about these as time progresses
  • What do these months mean to you?
  • More numbers below

5. A Senator's Method of Coding still in use:

Sunday: Roman Catholic

Monday: NSA

Tuesday: The Queen of England (or another bad word)

Wednesday: Protestant

Thursday: Mothers who henpeck their sons (Cling-ons)

Friday: Terrorism via bully espionage"

Saturday: Judaism

  • You might hear: "He's Thursday (can't be trusted)" or "He's got a Thursday problem."
  • Most of it has to be committed to memory.

6. Have a sense of direction. This is played a lot:

North = No (not Oliver)

South = Things in the south means success or the letter S as in Song

West = Things in the west are "real"

East = Things in the east are Fist as in "Fist in your face" threat of violence on someone"

  • Common use of Letters as ciphers in a message:

7. Assigning values

E or 5 = Fist See bottom of JFK for usage of this number.

M = FBI Director

I = Unreasonable Trash with a satellite on you (eye)

F = First

B = No of whatever it precedes, Bee/Debbie

BF = Black female

C = See, corrupt

Y = Amen!

P = Procreation sex only (Abomination and a hate crime)

T = God is dead

OF = Oriental female

OB = Pregnant out of wedlock

  • Pushes themselves on everyone and wants to be first
  • Look for words containing these letters

W = Bush Jr (which is used as a name cipher for Debbie's husband also)

  • WH 41 = Bush Sr. Administration
  • WH 36 = LBJ's
  • Got it?

Q = Queen Elizabeth II of England

  • A list of prime ministers are listed at the bottom of CONGRESSIONAL
  • Put it on your cellphone who ran DoD, DOJ and DOT from Teddy Roosevelt to current president. This will help you keep up with the president they're talking about!
  • Who was MacNamara's? What department did he head? Did he do it more than once?
  • This kind of knowledge is the culture you will be receiving messages about.

A = First or one

S = White culture" because it's the 19th letter

X = Violence or Divorced, Lust

Y = 25 and the position means NO!

17=The law or lawfully

19= Debbie

21 = Marriage

22 = Real (All R words means real)

24 = Bush Sr.

IA = First and last words (first letters) of the Holy Bible, the other is police business.

IN = First and last words (first and last letters) of the Holy Bible, stupid ass.

4 = First

44 = Doubles means No regarding that item [no first]

AH (many of these) = Adolf Hitler and things so associated

TB = Disease

  • "Don't confuse it with a bus number or a phone number!" However they may play these in.

ME=Mother England, Mount Everest (very cold and treacherous at the very top)

123 = Jesus Christ

213 = Sheer numbers will takeover this country

630 = Faith my dear

111 = Jews and Christians with you

8. Directions of travel:

Oklahoma means No! because it is north of Dallas

  • Hence this type of message is relative.

Scotland: North of England

Minnesota: George Bush Sr. because 612 (dob) is the area code there.

  • My anniversary is 712 and its area code is in INdiana (Keep reading)

9. Other forms of assigning values or meanings:

MA= See Definitions for Marian Anderson which is often played out in Mississippi (Oprah Winfrey pob, 1-129-54) and Alabama (Condi Rice's pob, 11-14-54). Bush Sr. was born in MA and Romney was it's governor after moving from MI where his father was governor.

  • or who is guilty of what crime.
  • Scriptures are also popular

MD= Luke 13.4 and means color first Character will always be chunked for it. This cipher comes up in the psychiatric department and names such as Minnie Davids.

DR= Luke 4.18

ME=Mother England and Medgar Evans (Not the current one)

HM=His Majesty the King and now Her Majesty, Harvey Milk, and so on and so on. SG=No husband

  • Goose
  • This one remembers what you said and you may hear it play back to you.

DH=D.H. Lawrence of British Law or Lady Chatterly's Lover=MK-Chatter.

OW=Oprah Winfrey and is found in King Henry VI's consort's bio: Bowes-Lyon

Often spoken of in words containing "ow"

AH=Adolf Hitler or things pertaining to European in origins. If the deceased has these initials, it means who was behind the death, usu.

KR=Khmer Rouge or now Condi Rice and is British in origin.

BP=Either Buckingham Palace or Black Panther. Blacks often use it to symbolize the term "blood pressure" meaning they pressure people into compliance ot their demands with espionage satellites""

SC=South Carolina, not, but relates to Bowes-Lyon again and is found in the city Oprah Winfrey was born in further enhancing the mystery of her power in America.

10. Partials of words said in one syllables means no: Huh means no husband

11. Repeating sounds by imitations

Sounds spoken by regular players.

  • If someone says "uh uh" in a grunting way to you, it means Oprah says no. That's how you become familiar with the most awnery players.

13. Initials are the names of players.

  • SC, KR/CR, ER, OW, MO (opposite OM, which Debbie married), LB and AH are some others used as markers.
  • See above list for most heavily used ones.

14. Products may also send messages in their packaging.

15. Alignments of letters and words in first place, in paragraphs etc.

You have to know the subject to receive a coded message.

16. Meanings inside of names:

What government agency is in my name?


  • Most often now means Condi Rice. It used to mean Oliver North.

Warren=several, try DoD/War dept. and rabbit hutch, some even stretch the two R's into Secret Service"

Diane=Defense Intelligence Agency

  • This doesn't make you that entity.

17. Any word meaning a past tense is speaking about the enemy. This can be changed for only one reason, but that's classified.

You'll get the hang of it, the more you do it.

18. Name games are used and based on Latin/Roman, Greek and Hebrew meanings of names.

  • Then there is the trauma associated with a name as a cipher.

Deborah is Hebrew for Bee"

Bee then becomes a substitution cipher when someone says near you: "I'm going to kill that bee."

  • He/she may say any word related to "bee" or "bees" and get their threats across.

Erica Badu is not her real name, but it is the name of a game with black and white pieces in Korea. When she pops up, it is a reminder that there are no brown, red or yellow pieces on the board. It means these colors are either black or white sided.

Jah Rule is a rapper. It means blacks in the place of God rules this planet with espionage. Jah is a name for God in the Old Testement..

50 Cent is another rapper name means no S. That was simple wasn't it.

  • This is used in Hollywood a lot.
  • Other terms are in DEFINITIONS

19. Word associatiion games:

Did you recall a cartoon named "The Abominable Snowman"? He was named Bumbles. Things like that are called concepts in words or analogies. They bring to mind emotions and memories to transfer messages. And makes the message somethimes more terrifying.

  • This is a Bush Sr. cipher.
  • Some of the least liked of messengers transmit in body bags and plane crashes. When something is ended by death or destruction, it means we don't want that concept or person famous in the world anymore!

20. Double lettering,

such as PP or FF means no to the thing after the double letters.

21. At the movies:

There may be combinations of everything I listed here, so stay awake!

  • In the movie, "Imitation of Life" (1959) what did she do to the lamb? Also note the color of the dress she wore with the daisies on it. In the movie, Random Harvest, there's a song: "She's My Daisy". This is a leak about "Silence of the Lambs" on the horizon and who will be piggybacking it into the White House!.
  • How many times has the word "Daisy" come up in movies and history?
  • What color is a daisy?

22. State Mottos are often used verbally to express something

Eureka! Luke 15.5 (State of California) Do you know someone there?

  • Sometimes, the sequence of union entrance is significant. Maybe the number before you is a state based sequence of entry
  • If you figure this out on your own, they may let you in! But, if you rely on this, you will probably never make it.
  • Know your audience. Are they military, police, politicians, movie buffs etc.
  • You can create your own set of ciphers, thus starting your own take on any subject. If you go this way, you must get the list to as many people as possible and those people do not have to be friends. Example: I sent mine to governors, the press and friends. Maybe a hundred or more through the fax machine, also. It is known in the field as the "States" or "99 List."
  • You have to obtain this list. I was told to put it in here and refused. This would be the only way for you to break this code: New Jersey Utah is what I say to Bush every night!

23. Spanish and Foreign Language ciphers:

This will be using letters in another language to spell hatemail to the receivers if you are not an expert in that language!. To everyone else, what you see will seem meaningless. That's how they get away!"

"Debbie's language familiarity is Spanish and Korean."

24. Know about the people you contact or who are in the circle of masonic messaging. That way you and they will be able to spot the ciphers.

  • Know what degrees people have: Whether they be science or arts.
  • Have any of these names been played into your life experience? They are all connected to the White House. You may not be related to them, but they may want to get close to you for some reason, which is usu. connected to the message.
  • Allison, Appleton, Armistead, Axson, Baines, Ball, Ballou, Bassett, Birchard, Boggs, Bolling, Bouvier, Boylston, Bullock, Carmichael, Carow, Cassidy, Childress, Christian, Conway, Curtis, Dandridge, Delano, Dent, DeWolfe, Dickerson, Donelson, Doud, Dunham, Fitzgerald, Folsom, Gardiner, Gardner, Gordy, Goudhue, Hanks, Hathaway, Herndon, Henry, Herron, Hoes, Hutchinson, Irwin, Johnson, Kendrick, Kermit, King, Kling, Knox, Kortright, Lee, Lewis, Lord Dimmick (The Exorcizer), Mackall, McCordie, McDonough, McIntosh, Means, Milhous, Millard, Minthorn, Moor, Neal, Payne, Pierce, Powers, Randall, Randolph, Robbins, Robinson, Rodham, Roosevelt, Rudolph, Ruggles, Ryan, Saxton, Scott, Skelton, Simpson, Smith, Speer, Stone, Stover, Strother, Symmes, Taylor, Todd, Torrey, Tuthill, Walker, Wallace, Ware, Warren, Wayles, Webb, Welch, Wilson, Woodrow, Wymann, Young.
  • The re-occurrence of these names means something, too.

25. Shapes, sizes and lengths

Now, we're getting Jewish. Maybe another day I will fill this in.

  • It is a much more advanced category of messenging"
  • Slanted lines (usu sticks or grass reeds) = Crooked
  • Direction they want you to explore
  • Square = Obvious. A masonic term mean make more of this
  • Rectangular = Wreck this thing
  • If found on the north side of a room = do not wreck
  • You have to ask yourself, does it mean white?
  • What else in the area or line of vision is associated with it?
  • Look carefully.

26. Rhyming word games

Pail means Qualye, not Palin

Cat means Catholic

Chicken = Coward

27. Opposites attract, etc.

Weak = strong

28. First and last letters of words, sentences, paragraphs...

29. Trash in a gutter along a route you regulary walk. Keep your eyes on it.

  • Walkers get more messages than drivers

30. Elements chart

Iron = the eyes of Reagan's pagans are on you.

Tin = Heartless

Copper = The cops

  • Pieces of this means collect scraps because poverty is all Oprah will allow you.

Brass = crucifixion unless someone locally has a name that rhymes

Gold = first place

Silver = No or second place anything

Titanium = Cannot be broken forever, British owes you a favor

Salt = One who stands against tyranny

Sugar =- Someone who is not good for you to associate with

And so on and so on

31. Colors - You will have to make your own chart.

I threw mine away many years ago and it's still being played.

9 (no)= Yellow




Green = The British saying no and the Irish saying yes

  • My list was about 21 colors and I based it on colors of cars
  • This page is just to give you the gist of what's going on out here.

32. Acronyms or something like that:

Heal Wheel means I tell the White House what to do.

  • Yes, it gets arrogant out here!

33. Punctuation marks: Classified

  • Mainly I think it's because they don't have many they can re-assign if compromised.

34. Double Negative: Name a shampoo

  • Sham +Poo = 2 words related to a scam
  • If a family member uses a certain brand, such as Pert, this means that person, not the double above.

Beware of Deceit: That's on SLITHER.


1- First

2- No, Second in a sequence, Vice President

3- Third Amendment

4-Balfour's, Parliament, Animals first

5-Fist, Judges 5.12, separations of family members

6-Real (but is often 9-Eleven as a solution), Jewish"

7-Debbie Song

8-Cruel, infinity


10-Lust though the Scripture says thou shalt not...


12-Vulgar words, chicken, coward


14-Condi Rice

15-First Battalion, 5th Marines -Stand, when all else fails

16-Sitting president/White House, current

17-The lawful way

18- Police Officer

19-Judges 5.12

20-Oprah Winfrey, the high mighty 12




24-George Bush Sr.

25 Debbie Song"

26-Queen Elizabeth II

27-No Christianity or Christians/SOS

28- MYOB

29-Synagogue of Satan's, Oprah Winfrey





34-A famous couple



37- a Page number coinciding with an explosion

38-John 3.8

39-Psycho on MKULTRA, a White House

40-The Real McCoy, President Reagan

41-Bush Sr. Administration


43-Bush Jr.

50 Communism


45-Big guns

737-Small lie

747-Big Lie

We could go on forever....

More numbers can be found on Index #12 section

35. Playing with the hands of a clock:

Persons associated with the number 12, which is the long arm of a clock.

  • 4 o'clock: FDR's date of death 4-12-45. Usu. means something to do with this 4 time elected president.
  • 2 o'clock: Varies but always has something to do with New York City" (212 area code is the connection)
  • 3 o'clock: Area code 312 usu means Oprah Winfrey, but there are others born in that city. It may also mean those born on that date, etc.
  • 5 o'clock: Judges 5.12 paralyzes the enemy and refers to me and our team"
  • 6 o' clock: Bush Sr as he was born on 6-12-24
  • 7 o'clock: Refers to marriage" Not mentioned very often.
  • 8 o'clock: The number eight means cruel and unusual most of the time. You won't hear this much either"
  • 9 o'clock: Oprah Winfrey's birthday, 1-29-54, is scrambled in here and also the number 9 means no ...
  • 10 o'clock: Christian America, date Christians discovered us"


Demands made by foreign states followed or enforced on the citizens of America, are considered treason. I am suffering from this.

"This, my dear, is a gift from God."

D E B O R A H S O N G*

1. In most word games, all letters have property. So remember that one!

2. In my name are 5 Chinese astrological signs and two of which match my date of birth in the year 1952 solar and 1951 lunar. Hare, Dragon, Dog, Horse and Boar. I was born under two of them.

3. H.S. means no husband in world plays since this was found. It comes from the Abomination of Desolation often mentioned as a precursor to the end of days! Notice where these letters are in the name above! The blacks call HS "holy spirit" but it means something else!

4. H.G. means Husband as is written in Scripture and in this name it includes the word "Son." Some people refer to this as Holy Ghost.

5. Can you see the battle going on in my name?

6. I could only be born once every 12 years and only where solar and lunar New Years come together. This only happens between the 20th of January and somewhere in February. This overlap under the Aquarian sign involves two countries: Lunar is Chinese and Solar is American"

7. My sister's name is not in the Holy Bible: Donna Sakkinen. [ AtyGen] What signs can you find here? Try it with your friends' names.

8. The year she was born doesn't coincide with that sign, however, her sign is in my name.

She's the only one in mine of my siblings like this.

9. There are 19 words in that verse containing my name. What is the 9th and 10th commandments??


10. Since it took three attempts to get God's choice for them in me, we can look to Luke the third Gospel for more guidance. He was a physician, thus DR or MD may fit here. See how this works? Luke 4.18 (DR). [Thou shalt not bear false witness to control people is the meaning on #9].

11. The enemies of God and his Triune nature are playing Luke 13.4, so they can put "OF" in the first p[lace and with bribery and other forms of trickery disparage us and our values in Asian languages.

12. Notice in the above Scripture the number 18 as being killed by a falling tower. Is that from 4.18? The highest concentration of Koreans on us are in Irving, where he is being kept by Congress.

13. My first and last name is in one scripture and my middle name is hidden (meaning not in the open, like privacy is suppose to guarantee) in the middle of the Bible.

14. Some of you may have noticed Great Britain is also playing this information into the world.

15. The miscarriage of Justice going on in my life for at least a half century has taken place because #11 couldn't find the letter L among the 88 letters in Judges 5.12.

16. The word containing my middle name also contains the old abbreviation for the state of Nevada.

17. The first and last words in the Holy Bible, or Alpha-Omega, are God's message to men and women regarding the blessings of marriage.

18. These two words' initials are the modern abbreviation for the state of Iowa. All together these spell "NINE" with leftover letters being the abbreviation for Massachusetts.

Is it all coming together for you?

19. We choose to see "9" as the 9th commandment, and the state as port of entry for my maiden name in the 1630's. Into this group came Molly Ritter of Lunenburg, MA and her beloved Joseph from Shirley. Their many children brought us the chief engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad during the Lincoln Administration and my grandfather's and father's branch of my maiden name.

Way above, Honey.

20. Judges 6.11 and 8.27 contains the date my Yankee mother was killed by the laser in 1988. [We believe they had it in the 70's]. See how closely Isaiah 11.6 and Romans 8.28 (initials of teensy weensy Rhode Island) are to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s march.

21. In my name - DEBORAH SONG - three Democrat names are visible: Reno, Gore and Bader (as in Ginsburg of the Supreme Court). That's all three branches. If the letter A could be played twice, a Democrat turned Republican named Reagan could join us.

]She's right behind me with the laser and comments!

22. The Hebrew word for Oracle is Debir, not Harlem. Putting black woman as the "oracle" in the Matrix movies were hate crimes.

23. The Royal second daughter of King George VI thought #18 could be played as "No Deborah Song" and as "No Holy Bible" by telling with echelon Marian Anderson to approach the D.A.R. when it was known the 2nd chosen set of parents had conceived. The rest of that is brutal history taking the matter out of context.

24. Slavery is part of their evolution and should never have crept into my life. My entire family is from the North, except for a grandmother named Consuelo Ortiz.

25. The decision to move the 3rd couple who were chosen to be my parents out of New York state (to a warmer climate and not super far away) was leaked to the NAACP by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. From that date on,, her Secret Service passed the virus to the person who injected my mother with it on the 2nd day of my life in 1952. President Truman was most pissed off that presidents were being sabotaged by the FL's Office.

26. My husband's first name was found in the last word, Abinoam, which we translated it to mean, in marriage to Debbie, he's one of us.*

27. 16.11 yrs Monogamous relationship prevented as retaliation for EEOC

The blacks saw only color and enacts Luke 13.4, the oriental female games, usu. in the for of mother, sister and companion as replacements for Debbie. They saw the 18th word in Judges 5.12 as a enabler of the third in 13.4 and the 7th as 9-Eleven: their No! to marriage. The two towers erected to the left of Our Lady Liberty would crush the governments in pursuit of truth in 4.18, the federal way without Condi Rice stalking Debbie Song.

28. The letters LAPD stands for MYOB or you'll be AWOL for awhile in a TXDC facility" And we all said AMEN to privacy first (which means you can spy on us all you want, NSA, but no sabotage, lookers with attitudes, or Lynch Mobs forcing changes one us!)..

30. And unto the Jews, the Lord saith from this holiest of books, the 28th word in 2 Kings 25.27 spells Acts 20.28 on the basis of the first word in the Holy Bible. And if based on the second, Acts 28.20 which would fit the 2nd word in Luke 4.18!

You are not real enough to make that demand!

31. Luke was the author of the third gospel and the Book of Acts, too. He and we are not the craziness on Debbie.

32. Idolatry ended on December 19th, 2013 at 1253 hrs. CT.

33. Everybody hates President Bush Sr. for making In Kwon into a cold-hearted, unfeeling pervert racist troublemaking mean-spirited, bully lap dog [see scripture from the Bible on bottom of Aty Gen page] who wanted to be MAD (as in DEFINITIONS) into a weapon on his wife for petty whores of Babylon on cue" all of which is against the law!.


26. Condi Rice and Oprah Winfrey torture me and say: "No making him a Catholic" as their excuse for keeping my husband and I separate. Then they and others hit me and brag how they can get him to obey them without resistance. How pathetic their racism.

Be mindful of places you lived, also:

1. Conceived and confirmed in Yonkers

2. Walter Drive Dallas

3. Falls Drive

4. Watervaliet Drive

5. Tyler Junior College Dormitory

6. Back to Watervaliet

7. Oak Street Mineral Wells

8. Lumpkin Road Augusta GA

9. Main St. off the rotary Ayer MA

10. Salerno Circle Fort Devens

11. Beach Street Seaside CA

12. Velasco Street Fort Ord

13. Back to Watervaliet

14. Fort Jackson Columbia SC

15. Fort Gordon GA

16. Fort Hood Killeen Texas

17. Youngsan South Korea 8th Army HQ Seoul

  • Camp Carroll Army Depot

18. Camp Walker Henry Taegu re-assigned

  • Request for Camp Casey near the DMZ denied

19. Reassigned to CCAD

20. Back to Watervaliet

21. Suck Chon Dong outskirts of Waegwan Korea

22. Back to Watervaliet

23. Andrews Street

24. Rolling Meadows

25. Botany Bay

  • Vacation in South Korea

26. Driftwood Street

27. Pioneer Road Irving

28. Irby Street

29. Another Pioneer

30. Living on grandmother's property on Barstow

  • He left us in 1986.

31. Moved to Massachusetts and lived with relatives

  • Went homeless under the Water Street Bridge Fitchburg to work night and day factory

32. Middle Street

33. Route 7 Falls Church VA

34. St. Barnabas Road Temple Hills MD

35. Greene Street Suitland

36. Wembrough Street Silver Spring

  • The enemy suggested I go to EEOC - 1990

37. Back to relatives in MA

38. Chestnut Street Gardner

39. Route 2A Fitchburg

40. Camp Wisdom & Interstate 35 while waiting to go back to Watervaliet

  • Accusing me of being "crazy" started on 2-19-95. It was overturned in court, but the devils never stopped pursuing me trying different ways to nail me with it or something closely related to it. It's very common for me to hear total strangers using the C-word on me or in public. [There are 19 words in Judges 5.12]
  • Another way they try to get at me is through false police reports (after troublemaking on me) which started in 1997 officially.
  • He left again in 1997 and never returned.

41. Visited homeless shelters in OKC

42. Homeless Shelter Arlington TX

43. Homeless Shelter Fort Worth

44. Back to Watervaliet

45. Rock Island Road Irving

  • Laser torture began after command on 1-10-99

46. Back to Barstow property

  • Motel Epicenter OKC one more time
  • Bought a tape recorder on 7-17-99

47. Motel Hwy 67 & Camp Wisdom

48. Park Lane

  • Restricted from SMU on 4-24-01 for no reason.

49. Motel 6 Forest & LBJ

50. Homeless behind Sonic Greenville Ave.

51. Homeless in thicket near Medallion Ctr Loop 12

52. Homeless in thicket behind Carnival near RR Abrams

53. Homeless under bridge near Fina Skillman

  • Until the first flood came (White Rock basin)

54. With Barbara Marriott on Skillman

55. Homeless in thicket overpass Loop 12 & Skillman

  • Abducted by the police on the way to the movies 2003

56. Group Home on Gillette Street

57. Homeless same area under the bridge because Defenbaugh took all my stuff.

58. Motel 6 LBJ/Skillman Station

59. Reiger Street

60. Dennis Road

Judges 5.12



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