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These are my Irish Triplets (10-18 months apart) They're being stalked and blacklisted, too""


 Steven Song, Jr. 9-12-76*

Virgo Dragon born on a Sunday

Born: Parkland Memorial Hospital

Baptised: St. Elizabeth of Hungary Catholic Church on Westmoreland

Communion: St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church in College Park, MD

Snatched by Echelon in 1990: Age 13

Goals & Aspirations: Military Intelligence - Fluent in Japanese

Musical Instrument: Saxophone

Hobby: Skateboarding and doing stuff with my brother

Last seen: October 1999

Last spoke to on the phone: September 2005

Never rec'd an email from him!

Location: North Texas is what I heard

Status: Allowed to get GED and may have more than one child by an illegal alien put on him from El Salvador

Nickname: "Bookie Boy"

# of children: 1

Capability: Bush echelon relay and Oprah lasers""

Witnessed his sister being molested by a paternal uncle and heard Oprah Winfrey sexually intimidate his mother with his father's disappearance.

Pix: They're both mine. Steven is on the left.

Deborah L. Song, Jr. 2-5-78

Aquarius Horse born on a Sunday

Born: Parkland Memorial Hospital

Baptised: St. Luke's Catholic Church in Irving

Communion: St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church in College Park, MD

Snatched by echelon in 1990: Age 12

(Left) Marjorie Robinson, daughter of Douglas Gene Robinson and my daughter Debbie Jr. were born exactly one year apart" Marjorie's Dad was a bricklayer and Debbie's was a brick and stone mason that also did repair work. Don't be too gleeful, Oprah, it was your crowd that engineered it"

Goals & Aspirations: A) Law school; B) TV Journalist in South Korea

Musical Instrument: Flute

Hobby: Won awards for reading

Last seen: 7-4-14 Thanks for saying I am "no benefit to you." Does that give you more points with Oprah's? Genocide is Oprah's game focus.. Stalking me for them is a felony.

Location: Unknown

Status: Allowed to graduate from MacArthur's in Irving, TX. Has 3 children by the same father named Kim from South Korea. Has been seen with male friend from Vietnam.

Nickname: "Linkers"

# of Children: 3*

Capabilities: "Echelon laser from Bush Sr and FL Club. Often protected by Janet Reno"

The one on the right is my daughter. The girl on the left is her cousin, born one year later on the same day.

Michael Warren Song 4-3-79

Aires Goat born on a Tuesday

Your lifestyle vs my lifestyle should not be up for grabs.

You want to see me tell me where and I'll contact you back.

Do not force me down to see you. That's paddy wagon on you"

I love you and be safe, but strength is your best weapon.

Never step on me to get something. It's the road to death for all of us"

Send me your phone number.

Yes, I have a new one'

Never compromise for communists" NEVER!

Give me you phone number and we'll coordinate something. If you want to hear that witch, don't call me. She wants to kill me and this country"

Don't make a "no mother" deal with her"

Her in your life is communism, a felony"

Resist her.

Give up (mentally) what she dangles in front of you.

Keep saying NO!

I need all your support to stop her on us. Laying down and making deals sends everyone backwards"

It's not just me out here"

She's threatening me now through the BF librarian" (Bachman)

Bush Sr. started this witch machine on us"

She wants all my children, siblings and spouse to be her slaves"

Born: St. Paul Catholic Hospital, Dallas TX

Baptized: St. Luke's Catholic Church in Irving

Communion: (Not allowed, but I let him do it anyhow)

Snatched by echelon in 1989: Age 10

Goals & Aspirations: Be a game tester for Nintendo in Redmond, WA

Hobby: Drawing

Last seen: Veteran's Day 2010

Last spoke to on a phone: July 4, 2014

Location: A jail in California

Never contacted me by email

Status: Single, not allowed GED or high school diploma though I fought his case to the MD Board of Education's state level of appeal

Nickname: "Mickey Mido"

# of Children: None

Capabilities: White House echelon relay, Observation satellite 24/7 - Everyone is photographed. All phones are tapped. May God be with you"

Mind Controlling: May 18, 2012 Oprah Winfrey used him and Condi Rice comes and goes on him. Oprah declared she was on him since puberty.

This picture on the front cover was judged inappropriate and dangerous for me and my son. 

In Kwon Song 6-22-50

Cancer Tiger born on a Thursday

Born: Home birth Inchon, South Korea

Korean village custom married: July 13, 1975

Embassy for Approval of Immigration Visa: November 12, 1975

Public Vows Ceremony: December 21, 1975

Came to America: February 7, 1976

Port of Entry: Honolulu

Married in the Catholic Church:

Citizenship acquired: Novmeber 20, 1979

Changed Name to: "Steven" for business reasons

Trade: Masonry repair and construction

Former Employers: Earl Cox, Builder Los Colinas Estates

Sweetheart Cup Company as a Forklift Operator

Date of Family Entry: January 31, 1981

Location of Family: Irving, TX, Chicago and Korea

Where did he lose the Granada? Arlington, TX

Met Myo Kim: March 1996

Purpose of relationship: Construction on business property in Grand Prairie, TX; was later asked to help kill Mr. Kim for Myo who wanted to be famous playing games with Oprah

Divorce Papers floating Around are fake: Issued to calm his money-grubbing parents and they were not to be shown to any others!.

Her last known address: Townsend Street, Dallas"

Last seen: 15 years ago

Last heard him on the phone: November 2000 (Holly Hill & Greenville 7-11)

Date Echelon's controlled him: Hard to say maybe as far back as 1983

Mind Controlled by: Oprah Winfrey and Condi Rice are the most active ones. Then Bush, Sr. and his dopes...

Byong Dong

Capricorn Boar born on a Thursday


Yong Im

Taurus Rabbit


In Ho


In Kirl



In Ku



Misook Park

Gemini Dragon


In Kab

Capricorn Snake born on a Wednesday


 Notice to my children: You are being led astray by persons wanting revenge on me. Please try to stay awake and remember what we taught you about passion outside of marriage and crime. No bribe is worth your souls"

I met your father the first time in November 1974 on Camp Carroll Army Depot without an introduction and then again in June 1975 with an introduction. Things moved quickly after that.*

There is no need for echelon relay: 972-243-6363 and I know you have my email addresses.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III: "Calling your children 'teeth' - Hate crime."

* I had this in mind for you.

There is another map in Patriots.

Because my charts have been stolen, I must do this by memory:

Grandfather b. 7/25/22, d. 10/9/94

Leo Dog born on a Tuesday

His father was born in Morse Bluff, NE in 1800's

His mother was born in New Mexico same time frame.

You can trace your grandfather's lineage back to the American Revolution. They came to America in 1629 or 31 and settled all over Massachusetts.

Grandmother b. 1/24/24, d. 6/27/88

Aquarius Rat born on a Thursday

Her mother was born in Strausburg, PA, b. 1/27/907, d. 1992

Her father was from New York and he was a veteran of WWI

Going further back, his mother's name was Warren from Ireland and that's where she went when your great-grandmother was pregnant with your grandmother (my mother) in 1923.

Her mother's mother was from upstate New York named Brown and they owned a dairy farm.

Don't let them take your American heritages away.

Your grandparents were married on July 22, 1950 in New York.

2. Donna Lynn Sakkinen, 5-21-54

Gemini Horse was born on a Friday like her older sister

Living in Massachusetts

Widowed in December 2008

Education Level: High School graduate

Red hair, brown eyes

A. Blake, 8-22-83

B. Misty

3. Warren Lee Dodge, Jr., 4-7-56

Aries Monkey was born on Saturday

Living in Southwest Dallas County

Education Level: High school graduate

Tradecraft: Brick Mason

Red hair, blue eyes

A. Kimberly

B. Warren III

C. Nathan Lane


4. Diane Sandra Welch, 6-26-57

Cancer Rooster was born on Wednesday

Living in East Texas somewhere

Education Level: High School graduate

Brownish black hair, brown eyes

A. Marjorie M. Robinson 2-5-79

B. Doug Robinson Jr.

C. The Twins: Warren and Stanley Robinson

E. Ronnie Beard Jr.

F. Joseph "Joey" Beard

5. Alson J. "Mark" Dodge, 8-17-60

Leo Rat was born on Wednesday

Somewhere in Texas

Education Level: High Schol graduate

Main occupation: Car mechanic and Brick mason

Strawberry Blonde hair, blue eyes

A. Courtney Dodge

Here's something you may try to de-code for fun. In the year I was born, the top selling non-fiction book was the Holy Bible. Ditto in 1954. In '56, it was Arthritis and Common Sense. Kids Say the Darndest Things by Art Linikletter took first place in 1957 and Folk Medicine in 1960..

I urge my family to read this document:

This one is 271 words long, I was told. Please remember, your father and I vowed our love to one another on July 12, 1975. If you're called an "imitation" make sure it's a worthwhile member of a nation you're a copy of. NORTH CAROLINA #133 boasts of a doctor online

_Well done. Thank you.


That: Because communists can't let go of the past, I must reveal dates of these here. To get the names, you'll have to go to someone in charge, like Mr. Mueller" 12-5-47 and 1-31-53. This is all I remember and that's all she can play with. This life was annulled by the Catholic Church, but that is not being recognized by the NAACP and British Crown especially since your father broke his 1975 promise regarding marrying me in the Church.

Note to Friends: You'll have to send me pictures if you want an update. You know I am being burglarized. I have to travel 40 miles one way to scan things. I don't mind if my privacy is respected. Stalkers upset me and I am suffering from terrorism.

To Members of my family: Please send me a copy of the genealogical record our uncles prepared for us regarding the Dodge Family. Some of my records were stolen from Watervaliet and the other confiscated by the District Attorney for safekeeping. This is going to be fright to go this way:

A contributor asked me to send you this message. Always remember that if we all light a candle, what a bright world this would be. View video #42 in North Carolina in conjunction with opening picture.

This is how my parents got to Texas from New York"

This is Mom with Uncle Mack

This is Uncle Mack's son.

Here I am in South Korea, on an island called Cheju-do. 

This is all I have.

Here's where I was in 1997 and the beginning of trying to understand and cope with the craziness constantly on me. This was what I wrote/drew to a satellite I did not know much about!

It is not simply "Catholic" but Jewish and protestant, and the further I go with stealing without relief from thieves, I think I am turning into a Muslim, too. Not just your fingers and toes, but your hands and feet.

This is simply where I was when they kidnapped my family and began they're hateful rhetoric against me"

You will find 6 languages here: English, Latin, Korean, Hebrew and Spanish.

If you are not a member of my family, you are a stalker.

Make sure before you report things!

The History Behind Your Grandparents

Hey, look! We're not alone!

Take a hit, George!

January 11, 2011

November 25, 2014: Legally only! And I will put teeth in INS, so the families hosting immigrants are not busted by the racism of the holders of alien green cards. These guys did not die in vain and you are not going to make a mockery of our people with illegals playing games. Money spent holding your lust at bay could be used in many other places that benefit the American people"

1-24-18 updated

Publication date removed also


A picture I wanted to put in here has been taken away without permission.

* Be prepared: Your girls' names send very hateful mail to me from Oprah Winfrey and George Bush, both communists. I'll give you a hint. How many inches are in a yard?

Every black person has been told about it. What was that, George? When was Donna a win?

Were you disappointed when I made it to 64?

Jerry's will tell you the rest.

Thanks Mom for giving birth to me in front of the whole world!