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 I will report the spread of communism every time I see it, even if it's packaged in fascism!

The group of names began their list in 1915. They have been played on my family past and present.



This list is incomplete.

This is from the Key 1958:

Cmdr Ross W88, Room 77: In 14 years Hoover will die at the age of 77..

This is William Holden's character.

Mom was killed in 1988, 30 years after this movie and 16 years after J. Edgar Hoover's. She was 63 years old.

2009 Julian Bond

  • See President Reagan #443

2006 Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

1986 Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks

1962 Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

  • Benjamin is a tribe in Israel. It's abbreviation is in my name.
  • Instead of LEE we have LES
  • 662 is 622

1999 Earl G. Graves, Sr.

  • Oprah pokes me with this one: "Graveyard if you try to have sex with the husband."
  • Is the Dixie Chick's song related?
  • In Don't Turn 'em Loose (1936) there is a building called "Graves Construction". What is the difference between 1999 and 1936?
  • What was my father's occupational industry?

1992 Barbara Jordan

  • Name of my brother's second wife's son. He was born in Israel in the eighties.

1988 Frederick D. Patterson

  • Year my mother was killed and since she was chosen by FDR, well, you can see the resemblance

1974 Damon Keith

  • Damon Seale - student in high school that was a terrific piano player like Rice
  • Notice the S and K again.

1977 Alex Haley

  • Another cipher for Adolf Hitler's initials - or what J. Edgar Hoover said in many movies would happen if he died at age 77.
  • Judges is the 7th book in the Holy Bible.

1967 Edward W. Brooke, III

  • Take away the E and put in an S and you have the name of the police officer who helped me escape (with RESTRICTIONS put on by) the SMU police on 4-24-01.

1962 Robert C. Weaver

  • 1992 Ruby Ridge, Idaho engineered on a white family. OM FBI sniper kills Mrs. Weaver. How many years is this? 30 years from above

1961 Kenneth B. Clark

  • Name of first and now annulled marriage. What year was that?
  • Year JFK elected 35th president and year of birth of 44th president.
  • Virginia Williams worked for Georgetown's Child Development Center Mother may I?
  • Fired Debbie in 1991 by refusing to give her resignation back that was submitted under duress.
  • North Wind, south of Saarbruken 1 January 1945 was whose birthday?

1958 Daisy Bates and the Little Rock Nine

  • Random Harvest 1942: How many years?
  • SeeFIST #48 and #126: Whose date of birth is shared here?
  • "You are My Daisy" was sung in the above movie 16 years before Daisy heard communist echelon and took her stand.
  • And also Bette Davis' of Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, MA
  • Her initials reversed are my father-in-law's. See PARANOID
  • What family member died recently in this town? 1812
  • See 1939's initials.

1954 Theodore K. Lawless

  • Fits those born in 1954 on theEVIL page"

1950 Charles H. Houston

  • Houston route of JFK in downtown Dallas was a northern direction for him and a two-way street for us"
  • This was the year my husband was born"
  • Midderground won the Kentucky Derby and his jockey was W. Boland. This name shows up in MA in a congressman I was working with in 1987 and in the Lockerbie crash of 1988 in a student. (12-21 was one of my anniversaries)
  • Miss America was not chosen this year.
  • Sam Snead won the PGA tournament.
  • Jim Kunstonty was chosen Baseball's MVA.
  • The Nobel for physics went to Cecil F. Powell of the UK
  • "Song of the Swallows" won the Caldecott contest.
  • Wimbleton was won by Budge Patty and Louise Braugh
  • Hill Prince was chosen "Horse of the Year" and may be a cipher for "Hyde Park" whom they hated for choosing Debbie first. Proximity won the Harness Racing competition.
  • Kae Yong Ham of South Korea won the Boston Marathon"
  • You deci9de if they're related.

1947 Percy Julian

  • Name seen again in 1987
  • Name of John Lennon's son

1944 Charles R. Drew, M.D.

  • Is too close to a match of the Republican nominee's name of same year - Thomas E. Dewey and
  • John Dewey who preached learning by doing.
  • He forgot to mention skipping Evolution shouldn't be permitted"
  • Everyone knows barbarian genes are worked out of the systems when a culture evolves out of barbarianism. When one of these beasts show up, we call them a "throwback." Of course that might not pertain to blacks, because they are chosen and not subject to evolution and it's benefits.
  • More about this in #48 FIST.

1939 Marian Anderson

  • Attacked the DAR because my family was one of its members.
  • This attack occurred the momment spies determined the 2nd family had conceived.
  • 1630 was the year my family came to America. They landed in MA near Plymouth Rock.
  • That's why these numbers re-occur. Someone, black is saying no white in mean, secretive ways.

1934 William Taylor Burwell Williams

  • What my grandfather had before he was drowned in the forties.
  • Virginia Williams from Georgetown University Child Development Center 89-91
  • This name occurs again in 1953 and 1998. Between this date and 1953 is 19 years and from 1953 and 1998 it's 45 years.
  • FDR's presidency was from 1933-1945.
  • The difference between 1934 and 1998 is 64 years. See 1956.

1928 Charles W. Chesnutt

  • Name of a street I lived on in MA.
  • One T is missing
  • 800 block of a street in the movie Bullitt (Close enough)

1927 Anthony Overton

  • Adolf Hitler's AO machine for dealing with foreigners can be found onAMAZING
  • Street upon which my grandparents trained German Shepherds and other breeds
  • talked about an irreversable situation called "the Overton deal."
  • What's the difference in these years?

1926 Carter G. Woodson

  • Wood is Janet Reno's middle name.
  • Carter was the neighbor I grew up with on the right side of Watervaliet.
  • President Carter was in which branch of the military?

1924 Roland Hayes

  • Rutherford B. Hayes was the 19th president [Judges 5.12 contains 19 words]
  • Charles Devens of MA, AG Grant 1877 (I was stationed at Fort Devens)
  • Name of a soldier I knew at Camp Carroll
  • Name of a lawyer I tried to engage whose office is on LBJ
  • Year of my mother's and Bush Sr.'s birth.

1922 Mary A. Talbert

  • This is a common name used in the movies, but first it was used as Tolbert for Lon Chaney Jr's Werewolf victim.
  • 22 is also the date of his birth and the last chapter in the Holy Bible.
  • Larry Tolbert came out in 1941 Wolfman movies.
  • The misspelled name is also used in Mrs. Parkington 1944 (PR#105)and has a reference to
  • This concept continues in more places than just here.
  • Ned Talbert Beatty as in Warren of Ireland: MOK-SAH-NIM
  • Difference in A & O is seen perhaps in AO Nazi Germany in 1933 which is in AMAZING.
  • This spelling is different, but it is related. Talbot invented the Half-tone Engraving machine in 1892.

1923 George V. Carver (that laser)

1920 William Edwards Burghardt (W.E.B) DuBois

  • Name of a psychology professor I had at Dallas Baptist University
  • Name of a soldier I knew in Taegu, Korea.

1919 Archibald H. Grimke

  • Archibald Mitchell Palmer was President Wilson's AG. His house on DuPont Circle was bombed on 6-2-1919 by "the communists."
  • The Asst. Secretary to the Navy FDR lived across the street.
  • J. Edgar Hoover died on 5-2-72. The difference between these dates (1972-1919) is 53 years.
  • The difference between the dates 6/2 and 5/2 would be 10 in masonic circles. Add that to 53 and what do you get?
  • It also means communism is the lust to control all aspects of life -Psalm 140.3
  • Where did Myo Kim establish a business when my husband disappeared? Grand Prairie.

1915 Ernest E. Just

  • Name of Tom Hanks in the movie Saving Private Ryan 1998
  • "Just the 2nd husband" is Oprah stomping In Kwon

Oprah is racketeering with Freegal and sabotages everything I try to put in. This is 89.. You will not see Addams Family or Huckleberry Hound here!

The three Benjamins listed in 1962, 1986 and 2006 have initials that are: E, L, and S.

These spell things in masonry and is used by these to send messages or hatemail.

  • Possible meanings are:
  • Make her husband a fist for us: LES changes middle name to LEE
  • ELS means we're gods, too as in Gen 21.16, 17 and 3.5
  • The numbers ending in their years of awards is 662, which can be masonically turned into 622, my husband's date of birth. 266 also means "no real."
  • It could be they're claiming my husband belongs to England (like them) because it's close to China. That's taking license.
  • SLE could mean Savings & Loan's fist or a reference to the stock market.
  • Benjamin is a tribe of Israel and its abbreviated name is in my name.
  • President Bush wanting to control all foreigners is communism"