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The initials of Condi Rice has shown up forwards and backwards in movies dating back to the thirties and forties. Some of these are listed on FIST. We will ignore "KR" words such as Khmer Rouge and Kigali, Rwanada and distancing, as in Kurds, as the reversing reminds us of Robert Kennedy.

I wanted to delve into this more closely and we found England has been trying to destroy the Catholic Church for quite some time and came upon the idea of Ezra 2.13 after Ezra 2.22. If Debbie succeeds in Judges 5.12, the British and camouflaged imitation of FDR's choices for women in government would kick in and raise millions of bastards under the "Chi Roh" symbol when abortion is legalized. This, aided by EEOC would be a weapon they could use to severely curtail or abolish Judeo-Christianity in the United States of American.

These millions upon millions of out of wedlock children would be raised as non-Christians. Most of them will never be baptized because their mothers were/are MKULTRA chosen to bring upon our landscape a mechanized black army every twenty years demanding jobs in all levels of our government, media, associations and high levels of record keeping without warrants or clearances.

The Church, it was rightly figured, would assume bastards were precious and many other denominations would also adopt Buddhism trying to make it so in vitro. This "feel good", busybody, matriarchal, humanistic religion of clamor will be disguised as Christianity.. As the millions grew, their mothers would demand the stigma of bastard and slut/whore be removed, and though many were prostitutes or just wayward women they would prevail against persons not so afflicted, forcing us to move over, so to speak, so the former (often tempermental) and unattached could use child abuse to get into whites' checking accounts. * This reasoning created irresponsibility by putting it on the shoulders of others.. The whole world would become their stage and then playground for their infantile craziness. Now, by the sheer numbers of MKULTRA listeners, they remake the world they had not evolved in, to destroy the Catholic Church and bankrupt nations. Yes, now the ones which protected them from reality would not so be.

This has been working for decades. 9-Eleven was invented by blacks and Bush to provide an excuse to make war in the Middle East, a jobs program. (FUBU). Prolonging a fake war would give single mothers time to raise another generation without husbands and fathers. We could have had women in government without disparaging marriage and other ideals dearly regarded in our heritage by Christians"

With this wussy war, blacks in politics are using MKULTRA to trigger gun crimes on dozens of people and to taunt police officers to shoot "unarmed" suspicious, black men who evade arrests. They are also moving refugees and other whiners, such as the Mexican illegals to give their human weapon more non-Christians to aid their quest to push atheist quail on us. It's against the law in many ways to tell the truth and it's called "political correctness." Hitler, more or less, did the same thing to millions of Jews.

So we see the initials of Condi Rice has exhausted Chi Roh to the point it's soul is caught between the Scriptures and its tradition of caring for foundlings left to die during the Middle Ages.. But these infants weeping in the darkness were not accompanied by women blaspheming the Christ child exclaiming they're just like the Holy Family patting their protruding bellies. With Chi Roh down and over-extended, the other "CR", Condi Rice could move her people with espionage and terrorism against white Christians and cops, as she so desires. EASYASPIE

I was invented to prevent this unintelligent route.

England wasn't alone in her 1812 garment to rule over America in what they call "our foolishness" (liberty and all that good stuff). Eleanor Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and JFK were some of the great names that fueled the flame as FDR continued to fight oppression and tyranny/communism by raising people the family way. England gave us Bruce Lee and then took him away because the NAACP was too yellow to do it our way" As time progressed the marriage and family way (in that order) was abandoned and starlets rose on MKULTRA to dazzle us into the Zombiehood.. And so viciousness goes"

This website is the story of our struggle and awakening. The white man got it right and we're not taking it down.

The Bible defines the unborn as property in Exodus 21. There is a very good reason for this" We will not judge His wisdom"

The end result is this: What was precious in the eyes of Chi Roh became Molech and Baal, a doctrine of devils, all hypocrites establishing in her initials Communist Regime. Each and everyone of them communist regime/almighty criminal machine in individuals, seemingly, as fiefdoms ready to colace to be greater than "City Hall" at the flick of a switch.

Most, if not all, infamous gun crimes in the United States are MKULTRA engineered to abolish the truth and enable stupid, insane or vain individuals, who like Cagney in Public Enemy want to be "on top of the world!" GEMS #4

Now they're opening Cuba.


  • The bastard Revolution is the brainchild of winners of the Spingarn Medal and others in politics. It intrudes and retaliates as if they were the Divine Right of Kings". This is espionage. This is communism and it cut can cut your throat with one clean swoop.
  • 10-30-15 Moved from THE FBI page.
  • "Debbie is not a snitch - she was never part of your pogroms. She said no to MK from the very beginning. That's why that witch he ran off with has the initials MK."