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Forcing change on Debbie without a warrant is a hate crime.

You may write a letter to the Texas Attorney General about any of these things and mail it to 300 W. 15th Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

1. Plano ISD allowed the ACLU and Channel 11 News to use echelon on students to produce hatemail to Debbie regarding the recent distribution of the Holy Bible by the Gideons. "The Jew" that was allegedly harassed was not a true story, according to the Dallas Morning News!

Action taken revealed using Echelon on minors contributes to delinquency of said students. This was never mentioned in the news broadcast. This then, is a signature crime. Distribution of the Bibles are Free Exercise and they should not be made to tow the mark for devil stuntery/Goose.Small town America shouldn't be used for games like these!" It reminds me of a STALKING!10/09 #6064-5

2. Did the Boys from Brazil bring Hitler back? Does Julius Robert Oppenheimer know about the laser?

     A. It's not against the law to tell the truth and

    B. If you don't like the truth, move on and let us be free of intrusions and obstructions!"

"Klara" bell was Hitler's" (They lied to me) Brookhaven and Argonne were two new labs associated with Los Alamos. "Everything must change" was a famous Nazi slogan. Anna Schlickgruber was Hitler's paternal grandmother and I worked with a clinician by the name of Gruber at Georgetown" Hitler was 14 years old when his Pop died in 1903 at the age of 52. His wife's name was Eva Braun, which is a syllable from his place of birth - Braunau, Austria on the German border. This sounds so British, doesn't it! Did you know Rudolf Hess was from Egypt, a colony of England? 

The German word for Auschwitz was Birkenau. Oh! There it is again? Do you see it? 110,000 people were in attendance at the XI th Olympics in Berlin (1936). And guess who was born in Birmingham? Do you think it's a coincidence that the X and I in Mexico on the borders is white? This is the Roman numeral for eleven which in British freemasonry means NO." Thus, white/Christians may be the next race targeted for extermination.

In the movie mentioned above, was Gregory Peck a pre-cursor for the adulterous play in Grand Prairie that still didn't go down?

911 was blitzkrieg or what in Germany the Nazis called "Blitzzartig Schnell" an attempt to overthrow the United States with lies about the origins of the plan to put so-and-so in the White House... More on this later!

AO means Auslandorganisation or Nazi Party's Foreign Organization. Well, now it's time to sing "Horst-Wessel-Lied!" Just to be on the safe side, when you're watching movies and are looking for things: (1955's It Came From Beneath the Sea, Astoria, Oregon, Dialogue accompaniment: Husband Wife and 3 children gone. Whoa! What a pre-med"!...

[ the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity...]


In the rarely seen movie, The Decks Ran Red (1958) it was leaked in the names of the men killed in the engine room that Marguerite was raising a BF with the initials CR like she promised in Random Harvest those initals and the date of 11-14-20 were her markers in the forties. This person with the initials CR was to stop what FDR-Hoover were planning to do with me. Look for a movie called Onionheads and No Time for Sargeants (1955). All 4 of these have connectors. The more the British can connect things the more she can scare Hoover et al into compliance with their communist agenda..for the world" Therefore, adios"

3. Everyone wearing dark purple in a sequence is a felony!"


She can't save money because all the Germans do is obstruct, sabotage, destroy and terrorize her. So don't complain!". They took her husband away. Sheesh, it's enough to break even. "It's a miracle she has accomplished this much!"

4. Even the City of Dallas City Council Calendar sends hatemail. If you don't need the $, why didn't you just put it in an interest bearing account? Why use it to sprinkle me with hateful reminders of "Rosa Parks" owning my husband with ther lasers and extortion? We call this rubbing it in..

5. TCU shirted child, alleged Swine Flu survivor and her mother sitting on a bench...Mother turns to child and says "No!" obviously indicating Christianity is no longer in vogue, so people can lie to win!...Then Zachery Thompson came on the screen and said: "I think she's stink" which in backwards world means Swine Flu is a goose-step."

6. Michelle Wei - is rigged golf! Her name is Chinese and she says she's Korean! She's online because she's a hottie they use to harass me with in Korean newspapers. The name origniates from a war in China. "Wei Hai Wei Nieuchang" Chinese-Japanese War in 1894. This small place was leased to Great Britain in 1900 to control the gulf opposite Port Arthur near Peking. Oprah says "Debbie's just jealous." But, truly what clicks for them is stalking to married women and women in mixed marriages!"

Let's go a little further: Have you noticed the Pei Wei Chinese Restaurants? Well, think of Pee We Herman. Remember him? It means petty will come out and enforce British rule over American marriages if I try to own "her man" or Her Majesty's" people. And then, we must NEVER FORGET the ambitions of a resident of Weimar Republic - the infamous Adolf Hitler.

Skylab Orbital Assembly during 5/25-6/22* 1973 space flight was the first one to be staffed. Crew members were Conrad, Kerwin and Weitz. *Ephesians 5.25 and my husband's Dob..

Satanists reverse things to send messages!" So reverse Orbital Assembly and look under the first picture" They terrorized him out of God's love! and made it a scarey cruel thing!

"It wasn't LBJ. It was the NAACP and Mueller's little buddy, Queen Elizabeth's mum. Thanks for catching that one! You're right, he wanted both of you to love his God!"

Do you think Abwehr, the German (Nazi) Espionage Service is part of this game?

7. I found: Bausman, Bird in the Hand, Bloomigdale, Centerville, Conestona, East Petersburg, Eden, Glen Moore, Hessdale, Homeland, Kenwick Village, Landis Valley, Landisville, Lampeter, Lyndon, Manor Ridge, Martic Forge, Marticville, Millersville, Neffsville, New Danville, New Providence, Overlook, Pequea, Rawlinsville, Refton, Safe Harbor & Dam, School Lane Hills, Smithville, Smoketown, West Lancaster, W. Willow, Willow Street. (From Molested map reading on my grandmother's birthplace).

8. The ACLU ought to leave Christmas amd Christianity alone and pick on echelon. I will fight them to the end of days regarding free exercise in America without dangerous poop slinging it at us called state first and no others!!! They're too extreme and and I'm sure she's waiting for me!

The ACLU was inspired in 1920. In 1925, troubles were stirred up in Dayton, TN against the state legislature to force change of curriculum on school children against the will of the voters who elected those persons who chose NOT to teach evolution. This is how it's done: frenzied press and loudmouth lawyers bellowing against the will of the people and it was called The Scopes Monkey Trail. This same type of crap was leveled against the will of the people in the state of ARIZONA. Our state legislators are suppose to represent the will of the people in making laws, if the central government in Washington can call the will of the voters this or that, we have no free states and no will of the people. It means Jazzercise can replace free exercise of a state full of people!

9. Black female went too far with these sexually petty games on In Kwon because he enjoyed Debbie as his wife. "J. Edgar Hoover wanted Mr. & Mrs. Song to be kept together, not separated like this. That's what 77 means -

No communism!

And he gave his life to protect us"

They like to break the 9th Commandment which is deception and blasphemy.

A. When I put Robinson on number 9, the stalker in the computer kept putting her in again and again! So I put it in 10 to stop the repetitions and making mountains out of molehills like they often do.. 9 The librarian is starting on me again. 1623 hrs. 1-5-10."All I have to say is, she's white trash and they'll take her away again" to another librarian. "I know how to hurt you with that thing..."

B. Kim Robinson - A stalker from Cedar Hill that married into Debbie's family embodies a statement made by to Debbie about two decades ago. It went like this: "No more famous mixed marriages to white females, as black females are under-represented."

C. Engineering BFs into white families to get at certain white members is pathetic terrorism"" Engineering these women into the minds of WMs is a hate crime/stalking,, terrorism and communism"



It's amazing how Debbie is not allowed to be mixed married,

but these can flaunt it everywhere! It's a hate crime to prevent her and then rub it in her face everywhere!


Mixed marriages are BFs with any male, not a WF with other than BM


1. Halle Berry's Monster and continued intrusive works"

2. E.Harmony advertising

Note: They made another one in addition to this. 36" They're like Percy on the mouse in the Green Mile

3. Lakeview Terrace

4. Lincoln Heights

5. Archer (January 1-14-10) There's that 14 again.

6. Ninja Assassin

7. LG Chocolate

8. Romeo Must Die (Jet Li's debut)

a). Did she tell you how InKwon and I did sex? You complied, didn't you?

b). Compliances leads to assaults on me

c). "Stabbing Debie in the private parts for being faithful to him is sick"

9. Are white males marrying the natives in Sudan?

10. Oprah Winfrey is stalking Debbie on Lifetime.

11. Hostile White male at Fantastic Donuts on San Jacinto & Lamar started a fight with Debbie in the sight of a BF stalker in colors on Debbie New Year's Day. This is another reminder that WM must be seen "busting her chops so to speak" for anything just to show allegiance to a BF.. [They create horror on Debbie just about everywhere!]

12. Southland TV Police Show )The husband worked for Southland Corporation as a forklift driver. Two white males portrayed with a BF in the middle!!! She's in My Hero

"These up in her family life is a hate crime!"

13. "Spoiling things is a felony. See 40 Questions" 1-11-10, incoming"

Note: These same females said it was racism for white males to take Debbie's side regarding the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth and for her husband to take her side because she's white!.]

]"Even in the police department"

14. Things We Lost in the Fire )Pentagon's #6159: No sublimnal plantations to marry black" Another movie depicting a white male/David Duchovny with a black female/Halle Berry kissing twice in the promo..

At the Golden Globe Awards, these were some of the comments related to the above report which I had not seen yet.

a)Drew Barrymore: "No Michael for the press and paralysis. Never again a kiss. I will never run. I won't rat on you."

b)Toni Collette: "It means we killed your kiss."


Note: Extreme makes rules for my life and then prevents it, while she uses black females to break those very rules!. That's duress.

15. Aquafresh White Trays is a commercial that is now sporting a WM with a BF. The bad thing about it is they have weapons and takle things away from me.

16. 28 Days Later, a movie

17. And the U.S. Census coming to her door!

18. True Jackson VP: BF's with WMs are 74 premeditations recorded threats and sabotage to make clear to Debbie BF/espionage/spies rule over her life after she went to EEOC for redress of grievances in 1990"

19. Bless your is Oprah rubbing it in

20. Sonic's Footlong Hotdog: BF-WM in same collor clothing

21. BF-WM in the bedroom together in White Collar, another FBI series.

She shouldn't have said to Debbie while in Washington, D.C.: Hold her down until I make these kinds of marriages with electronic espionage. And I still say NO! to rigging people's lives especially where marriages are concerned.

22. Quick 9/16/10 page 6E BF hugging OM "Live it" and Grapevine Bar pix p. 12 BF-WM 74

23. BF-WM drinking tea on Hellcats/Ch.33: "I packaged him without your cxxx." Next scene showed a field clock posting 6:22 minutes left to play.

24. Law & Order 10/13 BF with DA does subversive body poses"

25. Justified's 2nd season is sporting a BF in colors and poses!.

26.Sin City (G4 2/4/11) If you have to be seen with a BF, that's racism"

27. Disturbia - They use espionage to trap people!!

28. Lee Jeans

29. Cheaters

30. Coca Cola

31. Law & Order 10/13: Subversive body poses is espionage

32. Prevacid

33. Kindle-Amazon

34. Limitless

35. Pringles

36. The Fighter

37. Tina Adovasio's husband shows up on TV news with a BF

38. Crank

39. Doing it on the bus now and flaunting it to me with comments: BF-OM

40. Verizon Wireless

41. Shenaniganz Bar & Grill

42. Revlon Colorstay

43. AT&T 4G (Basketball-Couple facing north)

44. Hawthorne 74

45. Gray Goose Vodka

46. Franklin & Bash

47. The Terminal, 2004

48. Characters Welcome - USA Channel 74 BF-WM Dubbed agitator

"She's stalking you."

49. Columbiana 70

50. G Series Fit: BF-OM

51. War of the Worlds BF-WM

52. JC Penney Band Stairway

53. Vistaprint is carrying BF-WM pix in archives under "Dresses"

54. IKEA - There may be a connection with "Yellow Tail" related to #2 on 40 Questions (no longer on this website due to abuse by the public)

55. Budweiser 55 Select

56. Scrubs

57. Night at the Museum II

58. Old Navy

59. Outback Steakhouse - Trying to heal Debbie without a warrant is tyranny"

60. Jennifer Hudson's "Where you at?" edition

61. Characters Welcome - Agitator dubbed

62. Trojan Bare Skin

63. Joyful Noise - 2012

Esculation of Noise is violence!

64. Axe Anarchy

65. Spring Revival at the Holy Land Experience in Florida. [email protected]

It's amazing how many people challenge us""

66. The Hard Corps

67. Get Hooked

68. Everyone thinks it funny BFs are controlling Debbie's husband

69. Dallas FBI Director Robert Casey reported on 4/3/12 through a librarian: "I thought I could make her look crazy by esculating this." This requires espionage to achieve.

70. Star Trek

71. McDoanld's OM-BF 36-27-54-14E (There are three versions of this one). The WF he turns from is hatemail to Debbie"

Her family treats her like a stranger to get along with those against WF-OM mixed marriages.

72. Final Destination 3

73. No KIA Lumina 900

74. Subway has joined the "it's okay to mind control Debbie's husband" with their Bar-B-Q Chicken sandwich: BF-WM

75. Death at a Funeral is showing off/74 2007

76. Boston University "bus crash" in New Zealand was on Channel 7 in New York showing BF Cheryl worried about her WM boyfriend Stephen Houseman: This is a hate crime to use the press to send hatemail to Debbie" Oprah says and everybody does, is a felony! 5/18/12

77. BF-WM

78. How I Met Your Mother BF-WM

79. EHarmony BF-WM

80. Quest Chat BF-70-WM

81. Vista, California website BF-WM

82. The Words BF-WM 27 because of Debbie and InKwon's names in Judges 5.12" not allowed to be together since January 1997 without boogers.

83. BF-OM in Devotion segment of This appeared on screen after DAV magazine disappeared and the last one, May-June issue has a real estate commercial on the back page second box. This is a psychotic witch stalking Debbie and you're all accomplicing it.

84. Cloud Atlas (2012) 55

85. Skyfall (2012) BF-WM

86. Heroes - BF "Simone" - WM

87. Lives Go Forth BF-WM (Engineered combinations to be famous is what the NYSE told Oprah to stop doing).

88. How High (2001) BF-WM

89. BF-WM

90. McDonald's CBO BF-WM: "Treemendous" 27

91. Ford Focus BF-WM 27

92. Children of the Corn BF-WM and she's wearing colors

93. Remy Martin

94. Taco Bell's XXL Steak

95. "Visit Dallas 2012" Official Publication

96. American Horror Story: BF-WM

97. Californication BF-WM exhibitionism

98. Hershey's Milk Chocolate BF-WM

99. Surface Pro BF-OM


101. Heineken Beer

102. General Insurance BF-WM is 55 China Oprah Red & yellow themes.

103. Surface Pro BF-OM

104. Directv BF-WM

105. HMS BF-MM

106. Rhapsody 2BF-2WM 27

107. Home Depot: "Deck over" Behr Paint BF-WM dancing claw 27

108. Redds Ale 55

109. Dunkin Donuts BF-WM

110. BET 2100 hrs-822 BF-WM in bed together

112. Rollerball (1975) Bf-WM

113. Hershey's BF-WM

114. Archer 2014 (filth tv) BF-WM making out on the screen

115. Crest Mouthwash BF-MM

116. Trojan Bare Skin Condoms BF-WM

117. Parenthood BF-WM 27

119. Mr & Mrs. Smith of a Dallas Protective Agency (BF-WM)

120. Peachtree BF-OM "438"

122. 21 Jump Street 2012 BF-OM in the middle

123. Persecuted 2014 BF-WM

124. The Strain 2014 TV Movie series BF-OM stewardesses, laser and female dubbed

125. Lays Potato Chips is based in Irving not far from where my inlaws are BF-WM "chopsticks" and ginger 27-55

126. Another Tide Detergent BF-MM

127. Spartacus: War of the Damned movie. BF-WM entwined, she says: "Kill many Romans and their blood all over you..."

128. Old Spice: "My boy is a man" BF-WM 27

129. Star Trek: Zoe makes out with young Spock

130. Chevrolet Colorado: Black females romantically evaluating white males

131. Movie Spawn BF-WM

132. Killjoys, a new TV series BF-WM

133. The Watch 2012 BF-WM

134. 21 Jump Street 2012 BFs-WMs

135. Criminals Minds BF named "Hayden" with MM FBI Asst. Director

136. 2 1/2 Men Sweepstakes BF-WMs dancing No public office for persons who stalk Debbie"

137. Being Flynn 2012

138. The Words

139. Guess Who? WM-BF

140. Final Approach 2007 WM-BF WMD was used on me as 89.

141. Citadel 2012 Aggressive BF-WM

142. Prince Harry has asked a BF to marry him and she knows all about me and mine" and is not afraid to flaunt it" (May 2018)

It is not approved for Bush to stalk you.

 10. "Fort Hood was not a true story as it was reported to the people/press!

11. Fax machine turned off for this amount of time) Nov. 2009 = Censorship

12. If you're a librarian see CALIFASCISM.

13. Raising her rent - Retaliation both times. Living on a fixed income should prevent rent increases like this! Do your homework!

14. Restricting access to the internet at the Garland Library on Austin Street is a hate crime since Debbie's reporting crimes committed with military weaponry. They let blacks harass Debbie. Same thing Plano on Coit. They never "see" blacks or Mexicans harassing her, because most of them do it, too.

15. Turning the phones off all three times- Hate crimes!.

16. Condi Rice desecured Debbie's wire in 2002 after President Clinton took it from Bush Sr. as he was abusing it. As it it to this day!.

17. "Just once" is a hate crime - a communist game to discourage loyalty to the one under attack.

A. My husband came home in February 1997, but then he left again and the devils say "Just once." They took himn away from me more than once, but that's okay when they don't add up"

Black female: "The Chinese said I could play with your bed." is treason, a UN game with echelon espionage against Americans!. 5/10/12

B. Judge Cone ruled in my favor once, but only half of the way the second time. The landlord left the door open so thieves could get at my stuff and the District Attorney had to get involved to protect me.

C. Turner Classic Movies sent me the October 2009 issue when I reported it not coming in September, but that was the last time they did that, because "Just once" is in my life and if anyone crosses her invisible lines, it's harassment until the day you die. They ignored my other reports, so I gave up and had to find another way to get that information. Anyhow, my subscription is paid up through April 2011.

D. My family celebrated one Thanksgiving with me and one Easter and one Birthday. There must be a code in these dates.

E. They sold Watervaliet instead of Barstow because she said only one house could be sold. So I was thrown in the streets following vandalism instead of Warren vacating the premesis left to me next in my grandmother's will; even though all of them heard my father leave his to me also.

F. Secret Service removal of carts from Walgreen's

G. Spouse attened my junior college graduation, but not under-graduate school commencement ceremoy. That's just once. That was May 1981.

18. "No other cases reported." It's here.

19. "The number of tapes is her business, not that of a stalker!"

20. Showing Debbie nostrils is a felony. It means no swan in family men. Participants: Tide Detergent, this carrier,

21. The Dallas City Hall calendar that excluded the Easter holiday was a hate crime.

22. Opening sealed mail to her children or family and/or removing anything is a felony and puttiung manipulators on delivery - 27. Watch those days it comes in!

23. Changing the names of streets to send cruel or threatening mail to Debbie occurred when they took down the Industiral Blvd signs that turns into Irving Blvd if travelling west friom Continental.

24. The new candidate for Dallas County Constable resembles the Nurse Rachet's Asst. from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This is obviously hatemail from someone who has beeen stalking me for a long time" The one running for public office in Dallas is a stern and more mature version of that actress!.

25. Anyone caught "testing" mixed marriages with a BF-WM combination will be jailed"

27. Go to EASY AS PIE to help us stop this.

Stop telling me where to put things.

December 2, 2009